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6:15 to the City

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6:15 to the CityJust another damn Monday morning as I struggle to roll over and reach the alarm clock. “shut the fuck up” as I smack the off button. Crap, I’m late again. I jump into the shower. The hot water feels so good. My body is waking up. I notice my boner that I woke up with. Damn! I need a piece of ass sometime soon. This jerking off shit is for the birds! No time this morning though. I chuckle as “it” simmers down. I lather up good, rinse, shave, throw the “uniform of business” on. Cinch up the red and white tie and out of the house I go. I stop off at the local deli and grab a cup of coffee. I don’t have time to eat the breakfast sandwich I’ve come to like a little bit too much! I drive over to the Amtrak station and make the 6:15 just in time. I’m already feeling like I’ve got my work out in for the day. I’ve already worked up a sweat as it was going to be another hot July day. My heart beat is like I just finished a 40-yard sprint. I finish the cup of coffee. The train car is packed. Its always standing room only. I thought there were no jobs? I wish that were the case so I could sit down. There are several more stops and an hour longer until I get to my office in NYC. The train stops once again. God! More people to pack in. I feel like I’m in a can of sardines. A few get on this way some shuffle that way. My shitty morning was about to change.This gorgeous blond moves in and is now standing right in front of me. My mind now races. “oh, excuse me, sorry to be bumping fethiye escort into you like this but I have nowhere else to stand”. She says this in such a lady like fashion. With an endearing British accent. No problem I reply back in my most thoughtful, polite voice. I’m surprised I could even utter a word. She had dirty blond hair, dressed conservatively. Her blouse had trouble restraining her large breasts. A button seemed to have been missed me a bird’s eye view of her cleavage. A magnificent pair of tits! Her dark gray skirt was tasteful (I’m sure she is too) and professional. At mid thigh I thought on the short side. It wasn’t her intention but she was squeezed up against me by the forces of this rolling human sardine can. Her massive firm tits were pressed up against my chest. My sense of humor got the best of me and unusual set of circumstances brought forth a chuckle. “Something funny” she asks? “Oh, no nothing at all” I replied. “then why did you laugh to your self, do you do that often?”. “No it’s just that well … you know”. Oh God now I’ve become a blubbering idiot. “I’m afraid I don’t Sir”. As she looks a bit miffed and turns around. Fuck! Now I pissed her off. Her disapproving action of turning around had little effect on my hard cock which had sprung to life. Yes, the very boner that I woke up with at full attention. The one that hadn’t seen any action for a few weeks. Her firm ass was now pushed up against it. Firm, but just “jiggly” enough that I could feel escort fethiye it shake as the train would go this way or that. She had nowhere else to go or stand and nothing to hold onto so I noticed she was using me as a human wall to lean against. Next stop a couple of more pack in now she is against my boner. She turns her head and gives me a dirty look. I guess she was feeling my rod. I found the situation amusing but not half as much as erotic.I couldn’t deal with my cum back up any longer. As discretely as possible I unzipped my fly and my boner welcomed the relief by springing free. I swear I heard her moan ever so quietly. In fact, she started to do a slow grinding on my cock. Maybe I’m still in bed dreaming? I thought to myself. I don’t think so as a rush of reality grabs me entirely. To my great surprise I feel her hand on my cock. She has reached around and is now slowly jerking it. With my left hand I raise her skirt. Pantiless!! (Hey why not, it’s my story). To my amazement every body else is standing there zombie-fied. Going about their automatic days like business robots. Empty suits, tools and office bitches. She stops jerking and fiddles with her purse. She is up to something as she does something then closes it. Again she reaches around. She must have used some hand lotion as now my cock is being milked with a lubed hand. OK, that’s enough of this jerk job. I can do this at home. I slowly remove her hand. Guiding it between her ass cheeks as a reference point. fethiye escort bayan I don’t have the time to work it into her ass as I’m apt to do so I lower my aim. I find her shaved quim. She ever so slowly bends forward. Just enough for me to insert it into her drenched pussy. Swear to God it slipped right in. I had 5 minutes to my stop. I worked it in and out slowly but fully. Her pussy was so fucking tight as it milked my cock. She was doing her part. The train bounced along which gave me the chance to ram it a bit harder. I started to pump harder and faster as she reached around and grabbed my ass for balance, pulling me in fully. Only one observant exec gave me a look. He didn’t approve but looked away disdainfully. I could give a fuck as my cum was on the rise. I was fixated thinking of her ass and tits. I caught the scent of her perfume and pussy. That was enough for me as I shot a load deep inside her. She pushed back hard and was quivering on it. Breathing hard. She held her head down as to cover up her “cum look”. Moments went by as she backed off my cock releasing it from the grasp of her minx like pussy. Her skirt came down much like a Broadway theater curtain. The show was over. Just in time too as the train rolled up to my stop. She exited too. We stood there on the platform. “I’m Victoria but call me Vicky”. With a huge grin and a satisfied cock I introduced myself in return. She gave me a quick kiss. “I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got to go. I’ll give you my number then” she quipped. And just like that she was gone. She vanished in the sea of the populace all rushing to make “it” on time. She made it into my life in time and now gives me a better reason to get my ass out of bed every morning.

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