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A Bad Fairy Tale

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In number thirteen, Pumpkin Spice Drive, lived a young vibrant, energetic yet charming woman. Everyone knew her simply as Ella but nobody knew her past. Yet, they loved her and her baking. Ella would wake early every morning and start her day with a cold shower followed by a steaming cup of coffee and a beautifully, hand rolled sativa joint to which she put her stereo on. With ZZ Top blasting Le Grange, Ella would start her working day. She loved routine, it kept her sane. The music kept her grounded. The cannabis kept her calm.

Ella had just slid the third tray of cookies into the oven when she heard a loud bang on her door. Before reaching the door she lowered her stereos volume.

“Hey Ella. How are you this fine morning?” asked Snow with her husband Prince Charming in tow. Ella smiled. She loved Snow and Prince, they were her regulars, her neighbours and her friends. Ella opened the door wider to let them in and wandered over to the kitchen island, filled the kettle and filled the mugs with coffee and sugar while the kettle boiled. Snow had been rambling on about the masquerade this weekend the whole week long. Ella couldn’t wait for this weekend to be over already. Snow had thought it would be an awesome idea for Ella to hook up with someone at the masquerade. Ella thought of everyone that would be there. No! Thanks!

Red came over not long after Snow and Prince left to collect her bread and a special batch of brownies. Who was followed by Pinocchio and his girlfriend Jay. Some new girl who moved into town a while back. While they were chatting, Rapunzel walks in with Robin, Rumples and B.B Wolf. Hoping she had baked enough already, Ella started packaging everyone’s orders. Ever since the town folk got together to vote for a leader, everything is running great. You sure can’t take the hood out of Hood, can you? Ella mused as she packed his bag with his two loaves and a space cake. She was really impressed that so many of them enjoyed her cannabis infused baked goodies and it was thanks to Hood who had helped promote her home-based bakery. At this rate she would have to rent out a place and get at least two more pairs of hands helping her.

Ella had turned her stereos volume a little louder, poured herself a glass of wine and was smoking a joint while cleaning her oven, too distracted to hear her front door opening.

“Do you have room there for one more?” a deep voice came from behind her. Luckily Ella didn’t scare so easily. She stood and turned to face Eric with a warm smile while handing the joint over to him. She hadn’t seen Ariel and Prince Eric for about a year now. She wondered what he was doing here. They hadn’t put an order in or anything. Ella could see Eric was not actually himself. He looked torn, tired and very unhappy.

“Ella, do you have a bed for me until I’m back on my feet?” Eric asks her. What the fuck? Eric must’ve seen her shock and explained that in short, Ariel became greedy and bitchy and took being Queen to heart, saying that Ariel dethroned him and he divorced her. Taking very little with him. Ella stood stunned. What happened to sweet Ariel to become like this? Ella wrapped her arms around Eric and pulled him over to the couch telling him to make himself comfortable as she went to go put the eryaman otele gelen escort kettle on. Ella saw Eric’s duffel on the floor next to the kitchen island as she turned to open the drawer for a teaspoon and instead went and carried Eric’s duffel to the spare bedroom and laid it on the foot of the bed before leaving to carry on making their coffee.

Eric was still on the couch just starring a hole into her wall. This man did not deserve that. He was not afraid of getting his hands dirty, in more than five ways from Monday. Passionate. Kind. Fierce. Pain like this did not look good on this handsome man. Ella placed two steaming mugs of coffee down before heading back to the kitchen to fetch her tray before sitting next to Eric and grinding her new strain.

“You can bake, right?” Ella asked as she started packing the bowl of her bamboo peace pipe to which Eric shook his head. Ella convinced him to try it out tomorrow with her. Together they sat, chatted about anything and everything while smoking her peace pipe for a few hours before Ella excused herself to lock up the house before going to bed.

“Good morning Ella,” said Eric the moment she walked into the kitchen. Before her lay a spread of food. Holly molly. Eric went onto saying that he could in fact bake and then some. Ella couldn’t wait, she took a plate and loaded some to try and almost missed the barstool as she bit into the apple pie. She sighed as Eric took the plate and helped her onto the barstool where she exclaimed that it was amazing. Before she knew it her plate was empty and a steaming mug was placed before her. She drew up the courage and asked Eric if he would like to go with her to the masquerade to which he said he would be happy to.

“That was more fun than I expected,” Ella told Eric as they got home from the masquerade the following evening. Eric walked over to her at the kitchen island where she had just turned the kettle on and kissed her. At first it seemed strange but as the kiss deepened she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Eric picked Ella up and sat her on his lap on the couch, still kissing. He untied her mask and flung it over the couch where his ended up too. Eric’s skilful hands unzipped Ella’s dress and pulled id down over her breasts before helping Ella up to let the dress pool around her feet before pulling her down, straddling him, feeling his erection against her now damp panties.

Eric was slow and attentive, stroking every live fibre in her body till her body felt hot and buzzed. Moaning, she shifted a little. Any more of this and she would implode. She lowered her head to kiss him and felt his hands on her hips, lifting her where she unzipped his pants. With a cheeky smile, she started pulling on his pants. Legs spread, standing over his lap, Eric lifted his hips and pushed his pants further down. Ella used a foot to push his pants further down, standing on them for Eric to free his feet. He took her by the hips and guided her down onto his lap, sheathing himself with her silky wet embrace. He breathed in her moan as he crushed his lips to hers. Savouring each other, they kept still kissing, caressing and loving the embrace of the other.

Ella started rocking her hips in small circular motions, loving sincan escort his groans as he nipped and sucked on the skin just below her ear. She took hold of his hands and pinned them on the edge of the back rest and starting rocking harder and faster, loving the fullness of his rigid cock inside her. He pulled her down flush against his chest before flipping them over. With an arm around her back and a hand squeezing her thigh, he started driving deeper into her hot core. So good, so very fucking good and she wanted more. So much more. Digging her fingernails into his back, she urged him to go deeper and he did. Oh my!

“Fuck,” Eric says as he lets his body relax over hers as the ripples of the orgasm dissipated. She was spent but yet she thrust her hips up feeling his balls against her skin. Sensing this Eric started moving slowly over her, ever so slowly his hand caressed her skin, lower still. Ella moaned as Eric squeezed and flicked her clit. She moaned more. Eric did it again. Over and over again. Ella felt a wave crash over her. Tightening her thighs, another orgasm broke through her and another. Eric started lavishing kisses around her breasts watching with keen interest as her nipples hardened where he pulled one painfully erect nipple into his mouth. Savage, she thought. Eric took more. He had become greedy. He started thrusting deep and Ella met his thrust, sensing his urgency.

Ella woke to see that she wasn’t on the couch and smelled something so feint yet so lovely. She went to the bathroom and had a warm shower instead and walked into the kitchen to see and hear Eric tell Ariel to go back to Flounder. She was no better than the algae on the bottom of his ship. To which she slapped him leaving a five finger print on his cheek.

“Ariel, if you can’t respect the people who live here then show yourself the fuck out,” Ella said in a calm yet menacing voice. Ariel went white as a ghost while Eric walked over to Ella. He probably saw what she saw this morning in the mirror. Love bites covered her neck. Ariel didn’t make a move for the door so Ella went and grabbed the barbed club she had made after she was broken into one night awhile ago. She took a step towards Ariel only to see red hair vanish through the open door and down the road. Eric looked pleased but Ella felt different. She felt protective all of a sudden and she didn’t know why. Eric took the barbed club from her hand and went to put it back in the niche in the hallway.

“Sorry about waking you like that,” Eric said. Ella shook her head telling him that it wasn’t his fault. Eric then went onto showing her his plans. He had drawn up a little flyer stating business hours and that weekends are meant to be hers and hers alone. Ella felt the life drain from her face. Last night meant nothing to Eric apparently. She couldn’t contain it. She felt everything this morning. She turned and ran down to her bedroom letting the door bang behind her, fell onto her unmade bed and cried. This morning was a doozey. She grabbed the nearest pillow and pulled it into her chest as she cried into it. Ella was too absorbed in her feelings to hear her door creak open.

“Ella?” came Eric’s voice as he entered her bedroom asking if he had done something wrong. Ella elvankent escort turned showing her back to him. She felt the bed dip and soon a hand was rubbing her back gently. He apologized that Ariel had been there.

“I’m not mad about her being here. I’m not mad at all. I’m hurt you ass. I know it was just a lonely fuck between us last night but actually saying that I get weekends for myself and myself alone was a slap through the face Eric,” Ella says softly wiping a stray tear. Eric looked amused for some reason. Ella was tempted to smack that grin off his face but before her hand connected with his face he had grabbed her hand and pulled her beneath him. Dress bunched up above her waistline and tore her panties off. Ella was taken back, she tried to pull away but he held her down. Ella wasn’t scared but she didn’t expect this from him. Barbarian. She tried to wriggle free but that made him relax his body weight over hers.

“I did not divorce that bitch for nothing Ella. Do you have any idea how much I’ve wanted you since we met years ago? No, you don’t. I married Ariel because she was the perfect gullible, stupid candidate to take over. I didn’t want it anymore. She made it clear she wanted it and would dethrone me if I got in the way. I purposefully got in the way. I did that because I wanted you Ella. So, you can wriggle as much as you like but last night was not a lonely fuck. Now, do you object to me sliding my hard cock into your wet cunt?” Eric growled looking hungrily down at Ella as he unzipped his pants.

Ella felt something change within her, she didn’t know what it was but damn. She spread her legs for him, welcoming his erection into her wet pussy but was teased with the tip of his cock. A frustrated moan left her lips and Eric laughed.

“Your body tells me more than you ever could. I love you Ella,” Eric says leaning down and kissing her. Trembling lips meet his and he begins slowly inching his erection between her folds, sliding over her clit before finally entering her now sodden cavern. Glorious. Rough but so gloriously delicious. She wrapped her arms and legs around his torso, matching his rhythm.

“I love you too Eric,” Ella said as she lay nestled within Eric’s embrace. Ella knew her daily routine flew out the window. She also knew that Eric wasn’t going anywhere. Just a few minutes, Ella thought as she closed her eyes only to wake two hours later to a plethora of voices. She grabbed a shirt and shorts and padded out to see what was happening. She stopped short when she saw Eric pulling a tray of infused doughnuts and cookies along with two pans of bread.

“Hey El, your man here sure knows his way around your kitchen. I always thought you needed a pair of helping hands,” says Maleficent while hugging her. Wishing her nothing but many happy moons with Eric. Ella was happy. She loved baking for everyone and now that Eric was in her life, she was over the moon. Ella took a cookie and wandered over to Red who was packing her basket.

“It’s so good to see that ear to ear smile. You deserve it and so does Eric. I’m glad he came to his senses but then again, we all had a lot going at that time, didn’t we?” Red says looking over Ella’s shoulder.

“You also deserve to be happy. Lumberjack is back, and he’s looking very well-groomed,” Ella suggests. Red shrugs before hugging Ella and walking off.

Ella turned to see Lumberjack standing in the corner watching the door that Red walked out of. Ella couldn’t wait to see what would happen between Red and Lumberjack.

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