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A boss fall into being a lesbian sub chapter 1

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A boss fall into being a lesbian sub chapter 1”What is going on, Mary?” Linda was sitting in her office in quite an important phone call when her 21 year old secretary had entered with a folder that she had not asked to receive.”Oh this? Nothing really important, just something you need to read through and okay before lunch, Mrs Fall.” Mary said with a soft gentle smile which concealed the true nature of the folder but she wanted to mess with the older woman, she wanted her bitch boss to get comfy and secure before it all came crashing down. Two weeks earlier Mary had found out that her boss had a very dark secret, which was that she wanted to be humiliated and used by women even though she was married and had a 18 year old daughter. This happened durring a lunch break when Linda had stormed out of her office, told Mary that she could cancel any lunch plans because she was going to fix her goddamn piece of shit computer while she Linda was out to lunch with friends. And what is a girl to do, naturally she started checking her computer for what ever problems there might be, not only hadn’t her boss defragmented her computer ever but the damn thing was littered with malware, neither of this would have been a problem if her boss had asked politely to help her but Mary had been fuming and began looking around the computer. She had found several pictures of herself, from behind with her thong showing slightly in hastily taken pictures. She had found a confirmation email to a porn site, where Linda had posted short stories about how she wanted her secretary to take over her life, both economically as well as sexually as well of several pictures of herself in very humiliating poses. And now here we are, Mary had just left the room with a smile on her face, the folder she had left had all of this information malatya escort printed out so that Linda would know that Mary knew everything. She had also left one sheet of instructions which Linda got to about ten minutes later. The 43 year old lady had been looking at the folder for several long minutes now, how could she have been so stupid. She had used her work computer for stuff like that and now here she was trapped like an wounded a****l with now way of escape. The instructions that Mary had left was very plain on that account. Hello mrs old fat slut. As you can see by the copies I have put into this lovely folder I know everything about your perverted fantasies and longings.Now, you have two options at your disposal.1, You tell me to go fuck myself, then a copy of this folder will be sent to your husband, daughter and all of the major customers of this company.2. You submit to me and agree that you belong to me, if you choice to submit you will take me out of your office, dressed only in your shoes and your coat and then you will ask me to go to lunch with you, as your treat.Ps. Your deadline is 11:59 or the emails with will sent.Linda read through the piece of paper one more time and could feel her heart sink down to the pit of her stomach in absolute dread, but also a very large portion of excitement. Hadn’t she dreamed and fantasied about this for a very long time. The chubby blond woman looked at the clock, ten minutes until the deadline that Mary had given her, she took a deep breath and took the only decision that made sense. She got to her feet and took of her suite jacket, then unbuttoned her blouse making her black full cup DD bra visible. For every garment to was taken off Linda felt more and more apprehension, what if something went wrong, mardin escort so many what ifs went through her mind..But what choice did she have really and even more so, she was completely soaking wet already. ”Mary, can I take you to lunch? My treat?” The almost completely naked year old woman asked her secretary a few minutes later, at least her coat was covering her completely when it was buttoned correctly. ”That sounds absolutely wonderful, Mrs Fall.” Mary said loudly and with a sweet little smile on her mouth. ”I just need to check the emails quickly.” She quickly put away ten emails from a timed schedule which made Linda take a breath of relief, at least Mary was true to her word. ”Lets go then, Mrs Fall.” Mary said as she put her computer on sleep before she got to her feet and grabbed the chubby older woman around the arm and began walking through the office all the way to the elevator. Mary let Linda walk inside first before she reached for the garage button, she was pleased to hear that some of the office drones was whispering. The two women was completely quiet all the way down to the garage, which suited Mary very well since she enjoyed the feeling that the older woman was afraid and insecure. As soon as they got to Linda’s car, just about when she was thinking that she was getting the hang of the feeling of almost being completely naked outside Linda stopped and cleared her throat.”Take off your coat, slut and put your hands on the back of your head.” She ordered and was pleased to see that Linda froze in mid-step then how she turned around very, very slowly. ”Wh-wha..But we are in the garage..what if someone..” Linda stammered as she was looking terrified all over the large place. ”Well then you better hurry the fuck up since no one is here, elazığ escort slut. ” Mary snapped and gave the older woman a very stern glare and it took her just a few seconds of hesitation but then she looked around again before she unbuttoned her coat and finally let it fall to the ground and put her hands behind her head.”What a good obedient fat slut you are..” Mary told her, knowing full well from the site Linda had been on that it was how the older woman wanted to be treated. The young brown haired woman slowly began massaging her bosses big heavy mounds hard.”These are a some big fat udders arn’t they?” She asked in a mocking condescending tone which made Linda shiver with humiliation as well as excitement, she could already feel herself getting more turned on then she had been in years and years. She shallowed hard and whispered throatily.”Yes..yes they are.” Her words had hardly been out of her mouth before Mary let go of Linda’s breasts and slapped her hard across the cheek.”Thats yes ma’m to you, or yes mistress Mary.” She told the much older woman in a very hash tone and locked her eyes with Linda’s. Linda whimpered, she had not dared to take her hands away from the back of her head even though her cheek was now stinging painfully.”Yes Misstress Mary, they har big udders.” She whimpered, unable to love how her secretary was treating her all of the sudden. ”Thats better, you pathetic fat slut.” Mary told her, smiling widely as she slapped her and across the face again before she then got down to her knees to inspect Linda’s crotch. ”Oh god, this is disgusting, we are going to get your completely waxed because this..this is fucking nasty!” He told the naked woman as she grabbed a hold of her thick bush and yanked a little on it. ”Yes, Ma’m..I’m sorry I am disgusting.” Linda apologised in a meek very little voice and then as Mary began spanking her hairy snatch she began whimpering and moan yet again. And then Mary got back on her feet very quickly and grab Linda by a vice like grip in her hair. ”Get down on your knees, bitch. You are going to get to lick my sweet sweet pussy.”

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