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A celebrity fantasy

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A celebrity fantasyA fantasyLike most guys, I have always preferred the idea of having a long time, one partner relationship. However, some guys enjoy a life of fun, fucking and fornication over this. So do I.I am lucky that I have a job that is well paid and allows me to see plenty of girls socially, escorts and prostitutes on a very regular basis. I have been lucky enough to have done some nice things, some dirty things and some really sordid things as well. But there are some things I haven’t been able to do, and this is a fantasy I have.My fantasy involves fucking a celebrity. Not just any TV or film celebrity but someone super famous, someone who none of us will ever get to see in any other light except maybe the occasional photo. I am not going to be specific, but the kind of celebrity is someone like Kate Middleton, like Kylie Minogue, like Maria Sharapova, like, well anyone you wanna fuck but never will. Someone who we have all seen, someone who has a aura and a way of carrying themselves that oozes sexuality but kept under a packaging that lets you know of the content but you will never see.Keeping this in mind…..I was travelling back home from a long hard project abroad, back to the UK. At the airport there was the usual commotion and confusion about checking in. Business was overbooked and, because I had some spare cash, I upgraded to first class. A nice way to travel, and on a long flight with sexy air stewardesses this was even better. Sexy ladies with long legs, blonde hair and ample cleavage taking care of almost all halkalı escort your needs is great.Settling down, I note that KM, the famous XX was onboard, just in front of my seat. The rest of the cabin was taken by a couple of old farts who fell asleep almost immediately. So it was me, KM and a couple of attendants. After takeoff we both got up and stretched our legs making our way to the bar. Once we had our drinks, stuttering, I started some half-assed conversation with her. Saying how much I loved her profile and wanting to know more.She said, calmly that she was fedup of all the BS that surrounds celebrity and wanted to be normal for a few hours. She wanted to live a little where no cameras, no paparazzi and no nosey family or neighbours were looking. She asked my what I thought and I said I could understand what she meant, but I didn’t know what to suggest except another drink. A few more drinks and it was clear that she was getting tipsy and very flirty, and the flight attendants couldn’t be bothered in dealing with us.Suddenly, she stood up, a little wobbly, and said she had to visit the restroom. Could I accompany her as she wasn’t very steady on her legs. As a gentleman I did and followed her into the cubicle, turning my back to her to keep a little privacy. I caught a glimpse of the body I has sometimes fantasised about but never seen so close. My cock instantly sprang up.She announced she had finished and asked if I could pass her a towel – which I did. She instantly nişantaşı escort noticed the large bulge in my pants and said; well now I know what we can do. Let’s fuck and join the mile high club….What can you say except, yes! She came over and we kissed – such a nice smell, such a nice taste and such a natural action. My dick throbbed and she noticed this – giving it a quick squeeze. Down on her knees, she releases it – and I receive a nice flattering compliment. It appears not all that she has seen has such a package and her current superstar boyfriend has a small cock. I am not used to such attention from a superstar, and certainly not from someone like her. After a few moments I apologise and say I cannot help but cum. Oooohhhhh good – she gasps. I empty a lot of creamy cum into her mouth which she swallows! This prima donna, a superstar and here she is in the toilet of a plane swallowing my spunk!Well, I can only apologise and she says no problem. Her boyfriends usually last a few strokes and that is it. But she wants more. She wants the honour repaid and starts to remove her flowery dress. It reveals such a tight, nice looking body and the most killer legs. She slips off her bra to reveal tose titties only seen before in photos and always covered up. Now I see them in the flesh… All she has on now are some cotton panties. She slides these off and asks me to make her cum. I put a few towels down – not much room but enough – and I start. She has a slightly trimmed şişli escort bush – some hair but not much. It is clear she hasn’t had this experience too often and after only a few moments she is wriggling and squirming as I lap, finger and excite her. Her juices start to flow and she starts to massage her perfect titties. It is clear she will not last long, and shortly her contractions around my fingers become more and more tight. Suddenly an torrent of cum flows – all over my tongue and some concealed squeals are let out.That was wonderful she says – but, looking at my cock she says – right now fuck me. Fuck me as I bend over…..but do not cum inside me. I want you to come in my mouth at the end. How can I refuse, and my cock is throbbing in anticipation. Slowly pushing my cock head into her pussy as she is bent over is a sight for really sore eyes, and the tightness of that pussy a few moments I was licking is wonderfully. Building a slow rhythm, and meeting her pushed back we both have multiple sensations over us. After a few moments, to my shame, I tell her I cannot hold back. Like a true porn actress, she turns around and, while fingering herself, wanks me off into her mouth. Cuming all in her mouth she also cums.Like all movies, there is a knock at the door asking if everyone is OK. With a broken voice she says yes, and quickly gets dressed putting on her panties and dress. She leaves first and a few moments later so do I.Back at our seats I note she is now pretending to be asleep – I guess that was the last time I will ever get to fuck someone like that. However, at the end of the flight, when we are leaving the plane, she comes over and gives me a peck on the cheek and wishes me well.Later in the immigration queue I feel something in my pocket – her used panties, warm and feeling slightly wet. Wow, what a wank I would have later, taking in that musty smell….

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