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A day in the woods

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A day in the woodsMy girl friend at the time and myself went down to the local park, seeming how it was summer and it was the summer holidays it was a really good day to be outdoors and surprisingly there was no one around the park.She lead me to a part of the park where the tree give enough shade so you don’t burn but can still get some sun. As we lay there I can feel her hand start to wonder around under my shirt, I didn’t move I just let her carry on. After a few minutes she could see me getting hard, even though I was wearing jeans. She just looks up to me and smiles and no sooner as she goes back to carrying on what she started, she just stops and gets up while tugging on my belt to come with her. I couldn’t help but not go with her while seeing that lovely 38 inch ass in her jeans. When we stop I realise we have, as you can imagine having a nice ass in front of you makes you day dream dirty thoughts like crazy. She goes back to start teasing my body with her cheeky grin all over her face, at this point I had had enough of being teased and soon grabbed her by both her arms pushing her back to the tree. Her face was priceless for a moment she had a look of shock which quickly turned to excitement. I lift up her arms and rip off her top, leaving her 36 DD breast barely contained in her bra. My hands esenyurt escort went there sprat ways, one taking care of that bra and letting her lovely large breasts hang in all there glory and the other went to start undoing her jeans.Her nipples were hard and I couldn’t help but start to lick and suck on them. All the time thinking how wet she was as I started teasing her clit. All the time looking at her and she looked like she had won the lottery gasping for breath moaning for more. Then I just stop, just to get my own back for a while for her teasing me. I lick my fingers clean, she tasted like strawberries. She knew why I stopped and soon grabbed me by the waist looking up at me with puppy dog eyes, while undoing my jeans wanting more..a lot more. I wasn’t going to say no at this point I was well beyond even thinking of stoping.I took her and laid her out on a fallen tree log, with nothing but a white pair of panties on. WIth a glorious giant wet match showing through as bright as day. They were soon off hanging on a tree with the rest of her stuff. I went back to playing with her gorgeous tits and started to finger her nice and deep. I worked my way down kissing her body, it was so smooth. I just come to her shaven pussy and lean in to give her what avrupa yakası escort she expects to get and pass it and kiss along her legs, as soon as I do her head pops up and begs me to go back. I look at her with a smile of “I know you do, but you’ll have to wait”.She gets what she expected. I couldn’t get enough of licking her clean shaven pussy, it was manner from heaven. She was flowing and gushing like there was no tomorrow. I felt my cock and balls tighten and get hard, if they got any harder and tighter I thought they would explode. Her hands wouldn’t let me leave her pussy even if I wanted too, all the time I could feel them pushing down on the back of my head.I lick up all her juice and take her hands away, with out even giving her any notice she was up sitting up trying to take my cock all the way in her mouth, she must of known I was throbbing. With the sun on my back and her taking me inch by beautiful inch, it was almost the best thing since sliced bread. As she licks around my helmet and uses one hand to stroke along my shaft and the other to rub and tease my balls. It all came naturally to her, like she was built for it. I couldn’t believe I was her first.I told her to stop, as I had something anadolu yakası escort else in mind right now. She stopped with her hand in mid stroke. Then she turns around with her lovely butt in the air, as if she could read my mind. As she was ready so was I, made sure that rubber was on in quick time.I eased my cock in, inch by inch. So, she knew what she was dealing with and what she had let herself in for. I made sure I wet balls deep and she hadn’t made a sound but I could tell she was liking it as I could feel her pussy getting tight around my cock. It felt great. I took long strokes in and out of her pussy, making sure to go balls deep each time. She soon began too moan and pretty damn loud this time. So, I put my hand around and she did the rest and started to suck on my fingers. After a few minutes she started to shake and suck on my fingers even harder, soon she couldn’t take it anymore and she came so hard it was dripping down my shaft and balls.As soon as her breath was back she had a look in her eyes like something just got unlocked. I couldn’t help but smile with such a cheeky grin. She got me to sit down on the log and got on top of me. She rode me hard and deep. I wanted to cum again like she did before I started to play with her tits and tease her ass hole, soon enough she did. This time she swung back and let off a huge stream and at this point I couldn’t take anymore and shot my load (thank god for condoms or I might be a daddy by now). When we realised how loud we had been, we quickly got ourselves looking descent and soon made tracks.That was a great summer, I could tell you.And it was the first time doing it in the woods for me, I hope it wont be my last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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