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A guest cums for a visit

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A guest cums for a visitHaving the house to ourselves meant we could take our time and explore all of our unrealized fantasies at our leisure this time. In the past our threesomes with him had been exciting and arousing but sometimes a bit more rushed than we would have liked. This time promised to be different. And instead of being in a local hotel room, this time we’d be enjoying our tryst in our marital bed.She spent most of the afternoon prepping herself for him, pedicure, manicure, had her hair done and then took a nice relaxing hot bath.He called and said he was about thirty minutes away… my heart raced as I considered what awaited.She picked out a hot pink teddy with some clear cfm heels and just looking at her as she radiated anticipation I felt my cock began to stir and that oh so familiar tingling begin to build in my loins.I saw his car pull up to the curb and I announced to her that he had arrived. In the brief moment of eye contact I had with her before I went to let our guest in it was clear how excited she was. I greeted him with a handshake and inquired about his trip. A quick glance at his crotch told the tale, a big bulge was already evident. She made her way over to him and they embraced, kissing, tongues flicking, has hands found her ass checks and he squeezed them as she purred. Her hands rubbed up and down the front of his trousers outlining his covered impressive erection and he moaned with expectation of what was to come. I suggested that maybe we’d all be more comfortable in our bedroom and we made our way in that direction. Once in our room she sat on the edge of the bed undid his pants, unzipped his fly and pulled his trousers down. His steely eight inch cock sprung forth. And she devoured it in wanton delight. Licking up and down the shaft, massaging his sack, caressing each ball and then trying to stuff as much of the entire thing in her mouth as she could. He moaned loudly reaching down to hold her boobs and tweak her nipples. Watching the scene before me was more than I could take fully dressed halkalı escort and I began removing my clothes. He suggested that maybe would could begin by doing something we had discussed beforehand. So she and I began sixty-nining while he positioned himself with his bulbous head poised to enter her growing ever wetter pussy. From my vantage point I could see him press his glans against her opening- sliding it up and down gently spreading her lips and then little by little his shaft disappeared into her. She cried out as he buried it to the hilt. He held it there momentarily balls deep in my wife’s pussy and then began thrusting it in and out. Slowly at first- and then picking up the pace. His balls at first slapped against her thighs but then began to tighten. From below I licked furiously, and she worked my cock as well as her ability to concentrate in her coital ecstasy would allow. He pulled out completely for a second teasing her and then thrust it back home. He began to moan deeply and slowly at first but then in a manner that made it clear he was getting close. He cried out “oh baby that pussy is so fucking good!”. Then thrust deeply holding it there his cock spasming and swelling as he unloaded. A few moments passed and he withdrew his still surprisingly semi erect cock from my wife’s now swollen pussy. Just above my face a big glob of pearly white cum began to ooze from her , a strong musky scent filling the air. I found myself fixated on the sight of her now well used honey pot oozing another guy’s load. I knew immediately what I needed to do. I admit never in my wildest imagination could I have pictured what happened next but in the context of this encounter it just sort of played out. Gripping my wife’s hips I buried my face in her neatly trimmed crotch my tongue lapping away at his salty spunk. I could tell from her reaction it was a tremendous turn on and she ground her pubic area down on my face in a manner to say “get it all baby”. She moaned with pleasure nişantaşı escort and I felt her torso tremble. He was kneeling off to our side rubbing what was quickly becoming an again hard erection. I felt her body tighten and she cried out in pleasure signally the first of multiple waves of orgasmic pleasure to wash over her. She slumped down on me spent and satisfied by the first of what would turn out to be many climaxes of the evening. My cock was aching now and I could think of only one way to cure my condition. I laid her back and pressed her thighs to her breasts sliding my cock into her very ready pussy in one motion. He kneeled up alongside her head and offered himself to her … apparently wanting more of her oral talents. The sensation of her already “used / pleasured / cleaned “ pussy was incredible.Holding myself up with straightened arms I gave her all I had … the rhythmic slapping sounds of our wet loins filling the room. I could feel my jizm beginning to bubble in my ball sac. The image of a shaken champagne bottle being uncorked came to mind just as I unloaded. It felt like I just kept cumming. He apparently had once again had his buttons pushed as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and positioning himself above her boobs began stroking out his second wad all over her titties.I laid across our bed in a post orgasmic daze with my softening member still twitching. He said “I’m going to jump in the shower” and she said “you need someone to wash your back?” The two of them left the room and I could hear the sounds of water running. I lingered for a few minutes and then after pulling myself together I went to catch up with them in our bathroom. Through the sliding glass shower doors I could see they had both soaped each other up and were embracing each other rubbing their lathered torsos together- mouths again pressing with their tongues flicking… They were obviously enjoying each other and having a blast.I felt that familiar tingle again emanating from şişli escort my groin area the sight of my wife being pleasure so completely by our friend re arousing me as I stood witness. He turn her in his embrace and soaped her back reaching around to cup and hold her breast, taking care to gently rub her nipples that poked out prominently like two pencil erasers. She leaned her head back and he nuzzled the nape of her neck then worked his tongue in and out of her ear. I could see he was fully erect again standing proud and swollen. In all of our encounters with us he’d always proven himself to be tremendously virile. Considering his being ten years our junior I suppose that was to expected but I think he’s also just an extraordinarily horny guy. He took the soap and rubbed in all over her back , then slid it down and pushed it up and down between her luscious buns. She pressed back in anticipation of what she suspected might be coming next. I found a seat on the top of the commode and began rubbing my once again hard cock. It was like watching a porno movie live, starring two real people that I actually knew. He pressed his swollen reddened head between her butt cheeks he slide himself up and down taking advantage of the slipperiness that the lather provided, then pulled back abit, grabbed her hips and pressed forward entering her anus. She let out a big moan and cried “ Oh yea baby that’s it … fuck my ass!”.The water rained down on them and I watched fascinated by what I saw. He buried it deeply, thrusting in and out , their wet loins slapping together. My cock swelled and throbbed in my hand. He glanced over at me and our eyes met…. He mouthed the words “she’s soooo tight”. That’s all I could handle at the point and I shot my load. Apparently the torridness of the situation also got the best of him and he gave a few additional extra deep thrusts, grunted and filled my wife’s bung with what was his third load of the evening. She purred with delight. I slid back the shower door and got in with the two of them as we rinsed off then got out and spent the next few minutes playfully drying and rubbing each other in a liberating dance of a mfm menage a trios….. We eventually made our way back to our bed slipped beneath the comforter and all slept very deeply with her sandwiched in the middle of occasional roaming hands and poking cocks until the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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