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A hard day. A harder dick.

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A hard day. A harder dick.It had been one of those days. Everything had gone the wrong way. A crappy presentation. Coffee spilling over. A long lecture from the boss. It had been a hard long day. I was driving back home as the sun set when bam my car spun out of control. I pushed the brakes hard and eventually it stopped on the side of the road. Got out and voila! A flat tyre. Cursing loudly I pulled out of my phone and called my wife.’Hey honey I’m gonna be a bit late. Tyre blew out”Oh okay, how was your day?”Hard. I’ll tell you when I get home”Okayy. Drive safe. Love you”Me too’After a good 15 minutes I finally had the spare tyre out and had it fixed. A few minutes later I tiredly pulled into my driveway. Parked the car and got in through the main door.’Hey honey I’m home!’No reply. She wasn’t in the kitchen. I climbed upstairs towards our bedroom and opened the door. And my jaw dropped. There on the bed was my sexy wife. Lying in just a pair of heels and one of my ties around her neck. Gently flicking her nipple and biting her lip. Without saying a word she crawled over towards me and kissed me hard on my lips. Then she started to move down towards my neck and pulled down my jacket.’Not a word love’ she said and she kissed my neck repeatedly and unbuttoned my shirt. She moved downwards leaving a trail of kisses all over my chest as her hands moved over my abs. She pulled escort bayan my shirt out of my pants and threw it off. She grabbed my belt and walked me to the bed. Pushing me down she got on top and started kissing my while opening my pants. She she kept kissing me deep as her hands moved over my ever increasing boner.’Hard day hubby? Looks like something else is getting hard too’ she whispered.Taking my pants down she started kissing my belly and when she reached my boxers she put the top between her teeth and peeled them down. My raging hard dick popped out and she kissed the top making me squirm. She started to lick it from the bottom up and made sure no part of it was left dry. She opened her warm mouth and started sucking it.’Unnghh! baby you’re so good at this’ I moaned.He kept sucking it while playing with my balls. She would squeeze them and knead them while er tongue flicked the top of my cock. She kept licking it and kissing it until I couldn’t take it anymore.’Not like this love, this cum belongs somewhere else’ I said as I pulled her up, and in one motion I was on top of her. All the tiredness in me, gone. I started kissing her neck as my hands moved over her sides and over her belly and finally reached her soft firm tits. I bit her neck as I moved down and kissed her collar bone. Then I licked around her boobs.’Baby suck them! I can’t take it anymore! Aaahh!’I tuzla genç escort moved my tongue over her mounds until I reached her nipple. I put the tip of my tongue and flicked it.’OMG BABY IM GETTING SO WET’I moved my hand down over her belly and her smooth shaven pussy to feel the soaking wetness.’Yes you are love’I said as I sucked on her nipple hard making er moan. At the same time I started soaking her pussy slowly.’Baby I need you! Aaahhhh GGOODDD!”All in good time love’I kept sucking her and licking her nipples while stroking her clit. I sucked both her nipples and stroked er clit till she got close to cumming. Then stopped.’Baby noooo!”Patience honey. Patience’I started kissing down her belly. Soft quick kisses. I then moved over her pussy. Kissing it very gently. I opened my mouth and let my tongue take in her taste. Taking in her wetness. I sucked her juices as my fingers pulled on her nipples and squeezed her ass. I started licking her really fast. Upwards then downwards and sideways. Making sure I hit every part of her.’OH GOODDDD AAAHHH YOURE SO GOOOD!’I sucked her clit while I was licking her pussy lips so that all of her was inside my mouth. I let my tongue invade into her as I sucked on her clit. Making her scream with pleasure.’UUUNNNHHH AAAHHHH OMG! FASTERRRRR’I kept at stroking her nipples and sucking and licking her pussy untilShe tuzla kendi evi olan escort almost came. I stopped suddenly got on top and rammed my now aching cock inside her.’AAAHHHH YEESSSSS FUCCKK MEEE! Oh baby that’s what I need! FUCK ME HARDER!’I thrust in and out of her as hard as I could slowly picking up the pace. Everytime either of us came close I slowed down. I squeezed her nipples. As my dick was deep inside her and she came. Her juices flowing over my dick.’OHHHH MYY GOODDDD AAHHHHHHG!’I pulled out. My still hard dick wet with her juices.’Babby you missed my ass. Think you could take care of that?”My pleasure love!’I flipped her on her back and rubbed some of her pussy juices on her tight asshole.I slowly squeezed my dick into her. But by bit. I could feel her muscles clenching.’UUNNNHHHH’She gritted her teeth as my cock invaded her hole.’UNNFF YOURE SO TIGHT BABE!’I moaned as I finally had my dick all the way inside her pretty little ass.’Go easy on me honey. Aahh!’Slowly but steadily I increased my pace and my pressure. I could feel her ass muscles tightening as my cock pushed through them. Wrapping my dick and trying squeeze the life out of it. I kept pushing deeper and faster until it was all I could take.’Aaahhh!’ I screamed.’Baby yeesssss cum in my ass! I want every last drop!’I pushed one last time as my dick sprayed cum in her ass. A few seconds later I moaned one last time as I collapsed on top of her. Both of us breathing heavily. Absolutely spent.’Not such a bad day now huh?’ My wife said as she kissed me.Comments/feedback appreciated. I’m new here so be nice. :pMessage me for requests for a story or something. Enjoy. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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