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A meeting from my perspective

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A meeting from my perspectiveHe was my friend, a man I had worked with for several years and then continued to see afterwardsfor drinks nights and at parties and the like. A good looking guy with a way with women I was always jealous of.Over time I began to notice a difference in the way we three – him, my Wife and myself got on socially.It was always the 3 of us making arrangements to meet others. He’d call to see if we were going outsome place and if so he said he’d meet us there. At parties for example, we three would always be together.Occasionally, he’d use his charm and leave us for a girl he’d met but mostly we’d spend our nights out together.I could tell that my Wife liked him. He was witty, made her laugh. They’d share jokes about his conquests. Sometimes quite intimate details but always in a lighthearted and fun way.My Wife and I have never had a problem sharing our thoughts about anything – that is why we are here now on Xhamster and one night in a late night chat, our tongues loose from a few drinks, we talked about our friend.The outcome of our conversation was that she admitted to being very attracted to him. Sexually I mean, we hold our Love for each other in another place. On a higher level if you like.I dont see why she cant have desires. I do. And I always knew of his ability to charm the fairer sex.I told her that if she really wanted to do something about it, then I would not mind. She thanked me for that freedom but said that she didn’t think the time or situation would ever arise.But it did.On a cold Christmas Eve, when Taxis were hard to get, we all walked to our home which was nearest and we invited him to stay over as there was no way for him to get home.After more drinks we all crashed. Us in our room and him in a spare room.Christmas Day came. We invited him to stay for Food later and made our calls to relatives.Breakfast started with a couple of beers followed by a bottle or two of Moet.She was preparing food in the kitchen and we were canlı bahis chatting in the living room.He went to get us new beers and i was flicking through the TV programs.He didn’t return with my beer. She did. Handed the beer to me and leaned down, kissed me and whispered in my ear “May I?” in a deep and so sexy voice.It didn’t surprise me much and it was not something that I could hardly object to.So with almost no hesitation I said yes.”But don’t leave, stay with me”I agreed to that as well.She returned to the Kitchen.It felt almost unreal. I caught myself asking myself if I realised what was happening?Could I sit here? Could i bare to hear it? What about looking? And most important – what exactly did she want from me? How did she think I was feeling about it?I knew something was happening. It was too quiet from the other room.My imagination was driving me crazy so I walked slowly to the kitchen preparing myself for whatever I was going to see.Her hand on his thigh was the first thing and the second was his hand on her breast inside her shirt. Third was the deep kiss.She smiled at me and he said “OK buddy?”I watched as they returned to their embrace.I was mesmorised for a while watching it happen.Their lust like they knew each other well.She was looking me in the eyes and smiling in her “Thankyou” way I know well. Usually when I say I’ll cook dinner.With an easy way about her (things i remember), her left hand unbuckled his belt, opened his fly and cradled his bulge in his pants.Another quick look at me in the eyes. She wants my approval? She did and I nodded.He looks at me and says “Thanks buddy” again.Watching your Wife’s mouth suck on another man’s cock is a weird thing. It’s like the horrorgoes and you begin to see the beauty in it. I watched like it was a dream. Wondering how much she liked it? Judging by the noises and the wetness I knew she was.She was kneeling. When did she last do that?He was leaning over her, hands on the counter and thrusting down bahis siteleri into her mouth.”She’s good man!” He says to me. She takes him out of her mouth and looks at me. Some dribble. “This is really nice babe. Are you ok?”She’s standing now, a little wobbly from too much vino, still stroking cock with her left hand, slowly but holding tight.Right hand undoing her jeans and then down they come.As she steps out of them, he holds her by her hair and bends her to his cock.She let’s him work her head on his dick. She’s gargling like I love her to.Her blue panties have the Ford emblem (Work gift)on them and his hand was inside them.His mouth was sucking on a nipple.Her legs were open to take his fingers and she had relaxed her thighs to be open.I could see and hear she was very wet.He looks at me and asks “How shall we do her first?”We? I never thought of that. How would that work? Is that what she wants?”Is that what you want?” I ask her.”Yes please” is all she said.”I’ll go first” He says”OK”She leads him by the hand to the bedroom and I follow.And this is where I realise that my friendship with this guy has changed and that he’s going to fuck my Wife and he looks like he means it.She makes a little speech. Something about she wanted us both to enjoy her as friends.My Wife likes the feeling of deep penetration and always we strive for it.And so, she presented herself doggy to him. Like she has posed for me. Both hands spreading her bum cheeks. Subservient, offering, asking, waiting.A quick glance at me and he was pushing up inside her.A yelp from her and then a long deep sigh. I swear he went balls deep into my Wife in one long hard push.And there he stayed, grinding his hips on hers and looking at her like he hated her.She on the other hand was loving it. I could see her trying to push back on it and opening up for it.Legs wider, bum higher.Then he looks at me and says “Your go”.And I’m standing looking at my Wife’s bottom lifted by her knees. Pussy wet and güvenilir bahis open, just fucked by him and waiting for me.I needed to get horny. Because I wasn’t due to suffering from shock.Moved round to her head, lifted her drooping chin with my hand and fed her my cock gently working it in her wet, very wet mouth.My friend took the opportunity to get back into her from behind again and her fanny farted a couple of times.She was looking me in the eyes as he pumped her and sucking on me. She was beautiful.You can see her loving every trust of his cock. She closes her eyes, you hear her breath change or her lip curls. You know.But she’s trying hard to get you hard as well.We swapped around and I was now fucking my Wife. In her wetness from another man. At the other end, she was taking his cock deep in her mouth.”Ride her man” says my friend. “Ride me” Says my woman.So I did. She was feeling hot on my cock. She was wet and she felt tight.I really worked her and used all the angles.Dug my nails into her bum cheeks and enjoyed.”My turn buddy”.I wanted a drink and got everyone a beer. When I returned, he was licking her anus. I say anus because I dont know- kinda shocked me.My Wife is now in her own World. Just going with the flow.That’s why I love her.He puts a wet finger in her bum and she wiggles a bit on it and opens for it.Another finger and she whimpered as it went deeper.a minute or two of getting used to it and she says “do it gently”.He licked her bum some more and pushed saliva in with his fingers. Lovely noise.And then he was pushing his hard cock slowly in her bum, backing off then pushing harder.She reached out for my hand and had a look saying help on her face.Then a deep groan of pleasure followed by panting.It was painful but sweet pleasure and she had orgasmed.After that. Wow.His face was contorting as he did her and I was happy to just rest in her hot bottom.”I want to come in her mouth man””Do you want that honey?” I’m asking.I think she nods.So we get her propped up with pillows and he’s kneeling on her shoulders fucking her mouth.And she happily took all he gave her. She did swallow it.As for me. When he eventually went home. I got to finish in her lovely wet bottom.

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