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A Morning Quickie

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That alarm clock always seems to go off to early. I am never ready for that buzzing to wake me up at 5 am. But it still goes off like clockwork five days a week. I slowly reach over and shut it off hoping that it did not wake you up since you don’t have to be up till 8 am. I roll out of bed and head for the kitchen to start the coffee maker. Before my first cup of coffee I am not a very pleasant person in the morning. I stand at the counter watching the coffee slowly drip drip drip into the pot. Hopping that it will brew faster this morning then it does every other morning, but it don’t. But it is done soon enough. I pour myself a cup of coffee taking the first welcoming drink and sigh. Knowing that now I can make it through the rest of my day. I quickly finish my coffee and pour myself a second cup and then head back upstairs to the bathroom.

Setting the coffee cup on the sink I reach in and turn the shower on to heat the water. While waiting for the shower to heat I get my cloths out and finish my coffee. Dropping the t-shirt that I wore to bed on the floor I step into the shower and moan. Letting pendik escort the water run over my body I just stand there with my eyes closed and soak up the feeling of the water. What I don’t hear is the shower door opening behind me till I feel a pair of arms curl around my waist. I gasp in surprise and a hug grin spread across my face. You step closer to me and I can feel you very hard arousal against my ass. You hand move from my waist up to caress my breast. Your fingers pull and pinch my nipples to hard little buds, causing me to moan and push my ass back towards your very hard dick.

Reaching around me you grab the bottle of body wash. You squeeze some out on my breast. I suck in a sharp breath from the feel of the cold fluid on my chest. Returning the bottle to the rack you bring you hands to my chest and start to wash my body. First you run you hands over my breast then slowly run your hands over my stomach and then finally run you hands over my pussy making sure to pay some extra attention to my clit. But too soon for me you crouch down and wash my legs. Running your hands up the back maltepe escort of my legs to my ass. You then run your hands up my back and down my arms taking a hold of my hands. You lean forward and place my hand on the wall in front of me and whisper in my ear to stay just like that. Running you hands back up my arms and down my back to my ass once again.

Slowly you run you hands over my ass squeezing it and making me moan. You slip one of your legs between mine making me widen my stance. Reaching around me again you grab the body wash . After putting some more on my ass you put the bottle back then you slowly start working the soap all over my ass. Finally you spread my ass cheeks and push one soapy finger into my puckered ass. Gasping I push back on the finger you have up my ass. You slowly pull it out and work it back in a few times before adding a second and finally a third finger. My moans keep getting loader and my breathing is coming in shorter loader burst. Removing you finger, you lean into my body so that I can feel you dick against my ass and whisper into my ear asking me if kartal escort I want you dick up my pretty little ass or not. I moan yes as I shake my head hoping that you will do it soon.

Leaning back I feel you line you dick up and slowly start to push it into my puckered ass. Moaning I push back on you to make it go in faster and harder like I like it too. But you place on of your hands on my waist stopping me from doing that. And you continue to slowly enter my body. Once you are finally all the way in you slowly start to pull back out taking more time then I would like. With just the head of you dick still in my body you stop. Placing both hands on my waist you slam you dick into me hard and fast . I scream out in pleasure and tell you not to stop. You continue to fuck my ass roughly in and out. I reach one of my hands down and start to stroke my clit knowing that you will reach your orgasm before me if I do not help myself. I stoke my clit faster as you fuck my ass faster. Oh god that feel so good to be able to rub my clit faster and faster as you slam you dick into my ass faster and harder each time. I can tell you are almost there by the change in your breathing. I pinch my clit between my thumb and forefinger sending me over the edge and you follow just a few seconds latter. Both of us stand there in the shower trying to relearn how to breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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