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A Nanny’s Secret

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A Nanny’s SecretI’d known him for a long time but he didn’t recognize me and I welcomed that. I was interviewing for a position as a nanny and housekeeper to help his wife care for his three minions. She’d been a bit overwhelmed since the youngest was born almost a year ago, it had been a difficult birth. It helped that he never really knew my real name, he knew me as Remy. We’d met just before he got married to his wife, a chat room I made nightly called Insanity. I was going through a bad breakup and welcomed people struggling with life in general. Insanity was a place of shenanigans and tomfoolery where an average night might see us discussing the ramifications of overthrowing Hell (there were none, we would run it in a way that would make the devil cry) or discussing our most secret desires. (Mine was to fuck two guys at the same time, he never really confessed his, the only one he would offer was complete the sexual submission of a pretty girl.) It was fun, lighthearted, ribbing, goading, a much needed escape from reality from everyone that participated regularly. I was 19 and had a school-girl crush on an older guy that was well on his way to getting his life together. (He was engaged, I knew he was engaged, so it remained an unannounced crush that just tore apart my heart a little more each time he talked about the upcoming wedding.) We stayed friends and we talked nearly every day for the first few years we knew each other. After a while he told me he had to cut down on talking to me because he found it easier to confide in me than his wife and that wasn’t right. I agreed, so nearly daily talking turned into maybe weekly conversation then the first k** was born and it was almost monthly conversations. It went on like that until we could easily go a year between chats, though I would often search him out on social media to see what was going on in his life as I harbored that crush well into my early 20s. I saw his posts about the two new k**s long before he ever reached out and actually told me about them. Then I saw him post a thing on social media about looking for a live-in nanny. It had been over a year since we last talked and he still didn’t know my name, but once upon a time we’d talked on the phone, so I wasn’t sure if I could keep the ruse of not knowing him up for very long. I was 25 and had just completed my Master’s in Education and Early c***dhood Development. I was already a qualified social worker, but I was working my way up to being able to specialize in research of how soon into life signs of mental illnesses could be accurately established. He lived near the college program I was going to be pursuing and used that in my cover letter as a reason for pursuing a nanny position when I was qualified for a better and higher paying job. Basically, the ability to study and commute to and from my courses without the upkeep/expense of my own apartment was appealing to me. He and his wife met me and asked me about my personal life a little more than I was comfortable with, but ultimately they were pleased with my responses and degrees, and loved that I was certified to teach as well because they were considering home schooling but didn’t know where to start. I assured them I could help with that and my only requirements was to be able to attend my program classes, from 2pm-6pm on Tuesday and Thursdays, then 6pm-10pm on Wednesdays and Fridays with one morning class on Monday from 8am-9:30am. They felt they could work around that schedule and they hired me. They would know me as Esmerelda Owens and the offspring referred to me as Miss Owens because Esmerelda came out “Melda”, “Esmy”, and a little giggle from the one year old. I loved the nicknames the 5 and 4 year old came up with, but their mom insisted I was Miss Owens to them. I moved in a few weeks after the interview, once my background check and credentials cleared basically. They were Derek Miller, 35, Tori Miller, 30, Derek Jr or DJ, 5, Clara, 4, and Marie, 1. The minions were amazing and Tori was just really overwhelmed from a rough pregnancy and complications during it. She was having a hard time with PPD and I was there to assist her as needed with the k**s, which it turned out was often at first.At the end of my first month she was doing a little bit better, the regular breaks from the k**s was letting her think and focus on herself for at least a few hours a day without feeling like she had this unclimbable mountain of tasks in front of her. I started helping her with an exercise routine and meal plan as well, which the minions enjoyed helping with and they made great little weights on the back for resistance. I liked his wife a lot and after a few months of working with them, she started taking me to my night classes and auditing them. I would discuss the lessons with her after and she seemed to really get into what the teachers were saying, it renewed her interest in being a mom. I was looking for a way to renew her zest for life, as in the five months I’d lived there they’d had sex once from what I could tell. I had caught him in his den, porn reflected on the lenses of his glasses as he quickly removed the headphones and closed his laptop when he saw me standing in the dark kitchen. I pretended I’d just come down to get a glass of water and didn’t see him as he came out of the den and watched me stand at the sink and quickly drink the water before heading back to bed. I wore a white silk tank top and pair of shorts to bed and I wore it down to the kitchen often, expecting and knowing which nights he’d likely be in the den. Sometimes it was a midnight snack, sometimes a drink, then when late August hit it was popsicles and that was the tipping point for him.He watched me stand at the sink, alternating between holding the popsicle as I ate it and fanning myself with the popsicle in my mouth. The first few times he just watched me. Then one night he left the den as I was eating the popsicle, facing the sink, so away from him, and he pressed up behind me, putting his hands on my hips and under my top and up to my breasts as he kissed the side of my neck. He played the fool well as I gasped and turned towards him. He backed off and put his hand to his mouth, “I thought you were Tori, oh my god, I’m so sorry!”I just looked at him and rinsed the rest of the popsicle down the drain and headed back up to my room, a giant smile on my face as I closed the door behind me. I was wondering if and when he would try that. An hour passed and I heard the faintest knock on my door, “Miss Owens? Can you come downstairs and speak to me please?” he said through the door. I got up and opened the door a little.“About what?” I asked. He looked down the hall towards his own bedroom, “That was an accident, you know that right? I thought…I saw you from behind and I thought you were Tori and I never would have grabbed you like that otherwise.” I looked him in the eye as I spoke, “Your wife has short blonde hair, Mr. Miller. I have long red hair.” He stuttered a little, “I…well…it was dark and your hair was up, I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again.” I smiled a little, “You knew it was me though, right?” His cheeks flushed and looked back to his own bedroom door before turning his head back to me and nodded, “I knew.” “What’s your favorite kind of popsicle, Mr. Miller?” I asked. He arched his eyebrow and skewed his face slightly in confusion, “Cherry?” the inflection at the end denoted his uncertainty and I smiled and leaned up on my tip-toes and kissed him on the lips softly, the cherry flavor lingered on my red-stained lips. His fists clenched at his sides and it took every ounce of his self control to not grab me and kiss me deeper than I was allowing.I leaned back away from him and he stood at my door, dumbfounded, “You should go to bed before Mrs. Miller catches you at my door in the middle of the night, sir.” He looked back towards his bedroom door and nodded, “Are you going to tell anyone I touched you?” he asked, his mind distracted from the kiss and thinking about being caught with the nanny by his wife. “Not unless you tell anyone I kissed you, sir,” I replied before I quickly closed my door and headed into my bathroom to brush the red dye from my teeth, tongue and lips. He was nervous for weeks after that, but finally settled into accepting that I meant what I’d said and wouldn’t tell anyone he’d touched me. Most nights when I came down at night during that time, he wasn’t in his den, but I still went to the kitchen like I was getting something before heading back to bed. Then I caught him in the den again, his laptop open and illicit images reflected on the lenses of his glasses. His eyes were closed and he was leaning back in his chair, clearly in the midst of pleasuring himself. I opened the door to his den quietly and snuck into the room behind his chair, then leaned down next to his ear and breathed softly as I spoke, “You really shouldn’t halkalı escort do that with your eyes closed…” He leaped out of his chair and grabbed me, pinning me to the bookshelf behind his desk as the sheer terror waned and he realized who I was and what I’d caught him doing. He started to tuck himself away, a bright blush spread across his cheeks and his heart beat so hard I could feel it as soon as I put my other hand to his chest. I reached my other hand down and slid it into his boxers and jeans, stroking him slowly and with purpose as he bit his lip and squinched his face up, trying to forget that it wasn’t his own hand and allowing me to continue pleasuring him, but he couldn’t do it. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me away from him, “Go back to bed, please,” he said with just a hint of sadness and regret in his voice.I licked my lips and nodded, “I’m willing to help you relieve what is obviously sexual tension if you change your mind. Your resentment for your wife is going to impact your c***dren eventually, so either speak to her and ask her for what you need, or find a way to let me help you ease that resentment without you having to resort to coping a feel while my back is turned to you, Mr. Miller.” He looked to be on the verge of tears as I left his den and headed back up to my room. I stayed awake for a while, staring at the ceiling, wondering if he would dare to sneak into my room in the middle of the night or not. He didn’t, but the creaking in the hallway suggested he at least stopped outside of my door momentarily. Things were a little awkward the next morning, but it was Monday and I was rushing out the door to get to my 8 am class after prepping breakfast for the rest of the family. I breezed through the day, my mind kept going back to the den, my hand stroking him and him fighting his enjoyment of it. He easily could have kept his eyes open and stared me down as I got him off, but he didn’t he fought the pleasure in spite of desperately wanting physical affection. Mr. Miller was waiting by my car when I left class. I unlocked the doors and he got in with me. “Isn’t this a little out in the open?” I asked. He shook his head, “I was in a car accident this morning. The car is here being fixed for half the price, so I asked you to wait until the paperwork was completed and then drove me home when you got out of school.” “Were you really in an accident?” I asked as I looked over at him. He nodded, “It wasn’t planned it just happened this morning and seemed convenient.” “Are you okay?” I asked. “I’m fine, a little shaken up maybe, but I was also extremely distracted when I left this morning because of you.” I smirked and pulled out of the parking lot, “How long do we have?” “About an hour,” he said as he unzipped his pants. I reached over and started stroking him, “Did you talk to Tori at all?”He nodded, “She,” he moaned as I stroked him slowly, “wasn’t up to it and I just need this.” I smiled and we drove down a gravel road just off campus. We stopped deep enough into the woods that headlights were needed to see, ensuring we’d see someone coming before they saw us if anyone were to travel down this way. I parked the car and looked over at him, “You know there’s no undoing this once it goes beyond just touching, right? Touching can be an accident still.” He bit his lip and nodded, his cheeks were flushed and he shifted his seat back as far as it would go, giving me room to climb over to his side of the car. I knelt on the floor in front of him and pulled his cock from his pants. The head was barely visible beneath the thick foreskin, it’s deep red hue contrasted beautifully with the pale sheath of skin. I looked up at him as I slid the foreskin back and slipped the tip of his cock between my lips. He groaned as the feel of my warm, wet tongue caressed the underside of his cock, pushing his foreskin down from his badly neglected shaft. I lowered my lips down him, slowly and with intent to bring his much sought pleasure. His hands tangled in my hair as he embraced the pleasure my mouth was bringing him. He hardened quickly and seemed almost in pain as his skin was pulled taut. My head bobbed up and down his shaft and each time I moved down to the base, I curled my tongue and licked his balls. The restraint I felt in his hands as he gripped the back of my head was intense, he wanted nothing more than to pull my head down as far as he could and just fuck the warm wet hole I’d offered him first, but he resisted and let me tease him. Then all of his restraint faded and he pulled my head from his cock and pulled me up onto his lap. A quick motion pushed my panties aside and he yanked me down onto him hard. I yelped and cringed a little, it felt like I’d been impaled by solid rock. He lifted my shirt until my bra was visible then quickly pulled the cups of my bra down, exposing my breasts to his gaze and his needy mouth. He felt absolutely starved for affection. His lips sucked on my nipples, his fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me down to meet his upward thrusts. My hands were on his shoulders, trying to balance me above his lap. What he wanted was me on my back so he could pound into me without resistance, but I sat above his lap and largely controlled the depth he could penetrate. At least, I was until his lips pulled free of my firm nipples and his hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down until my lips were pressed tightly to his. I moaned and he grunted as he swiftly shifted our positions. He got me onto my back and then I felt the hunger release from him. He bucked into me, his mouth bit at my neck as I arched and moaned, his hands grasped my ass, lifting my hips to allow him to fuck me deeper and I just whined and writhed beneath him as he fumbled with the door handle to the car.He was able to open it and half pulled me from the car, turning me over onto my stomach as he shoved his rock-like dick back into me from behind. I moaned and turned my head to look back at him and he smiled as he watched me moan and whine in pleasure as his cock pushed hard against the front wall of my vagina, rubbing and pushing against my g-spot in just the right way to make my toes curl. My body tensed up and his hands slid up my body until they grasped my hair and neck as I propped myself against the seat of the car. He had my skirt bunched up at my waist and my panties pushed messily aside, my bra and shirt moved just enough to give him access to my tits if he wanted it, but mostly I was dressed, and so was he. I let him have control as it felt like he’d explode if I denied him the deep fucking he needed to give me. He stayed so fucking hard that I didn’t even realize he’d cum twice inside of me already until I felt the sticky fluid trailing from my cunt to my thighs as he lifted my hips and fucked me with more intensity. I tried to pull myself away from him and he grasped my hips and pulled me from the car, pushing me down into the wet leaves on the roadside as he took a few more long deep strokes into me as he came again. He was panting hard, and his cock was still firm as he pulled himself free of me. I was panting and moaning, I don’t think I’d ever been fucked like that before. He rubbed my ass and pulled my pussy open, admiring his cum dripping from me as I looked back to him. Then he pressed his lips to me and made me whine as his tongue flicked back and forth across my swollen clit and pushed down into me, lapping his own cum from my cunt as he pushed me to an orgasm that caused my whole body to tremble and tense. He guided me over onto my back and pushed my legs apart, hungrily bending down to continue cleaning and pleasing my cunt as he stroked his still hard dick. He moaned as he ate me out, taking great pleasure in every whimper and gasp. He climbed up beside me and I felt his dick pushing at my cunt again, I moved slightly and let him slip into me again. He bared my breasts again and thrust into me slowly and gently as he savored the feel of my nipples against his tongue. He groped me and grasped me to hold me still so he could get his cock deeper into me. My back arched and my eyes closed as his lips descended on mine, locking me into something that was more than just a desperate and sex starved husband fucking the pretty young nanny. This was just desire for me, to taste me, to feel my tongue on his, to savor my moans against his lips. He pulled free of the wet and messy kiss and lowered his lips to my ear, “Why are you doing this for me?” he asked. I smiled and looked him over, “Are you complaining, Mr. Miller?” He pushed a little rougher into me, “Answer my question,” he grunted. His hands slid over my body until they settled back on my hips and his thrusts became rough and deep again. I leaned up and kissed him deeply, muffling a moan from each of us as he squeezed my hips. When I pulled my lips away taksim escort from his I closed my eyes and moaned, his dick was still so fucking hard and thick.“Answer me, Miss Owens,” he said with a more violent thrust that sent a tinge of pain through my midsection. I opened my eyes and studied his face, his eyes were taking in my body, “Call me Remy, please?” He was so focused on his thrusts that what I’d said didn’t really register for him. His thrusts slowed and his gaze moved from watching his cock spread me apart to looking me in the eye, “Remy?” he asked. I leaned up and whispered in his ear, “Did you ever think about fucking me, Mr. Miller? Back when you first met me, I mean?” He nodded and thrust a little harder into me. My hand rested on his chest and I could feel the poundin in his chest. “Did I live up to your fantasies?” I asked as I looked him in the eye. He nodded again and began to pull my hips to meet his thrusts, “Better than I could have imagined,” he breathed.I smiled and he grunted gently as his dick pushed as deeply as he could. His warmth radiated in my lower abdomen and he collapsed next to me on the ground, panting and trying to catch his breath. He groped my breast and caressed his hand down my chest and stomach, “Did you plan this?” he asked. I shook my head, “I hoped for it. I applied for the job because I knew it was you, but I didn’t know if you would hire me, or if you would even want me.” “The late night kitchen runs in your pajamas?” He asked. “To see if you would be interested. To see what you would do,” I said. “So, again, why do this for me?” he asked. I got up and moved down to his cock, licking and sucking the cum from his skin, still avoiding the question. He grabbed me and pinned me to the ground, “Answer me, Remy, please?” “Because I’m jealous of your wife. I don’t think it’s fair that you’re obligated to stay faithful to her when she constantly denies you your needs. I’m mad that she has this stupid claim over you and lets you just sit and stew in resentment and sexual frustration. It wasn’t for you, so much as it was me venting my anger towards your wife’s control over you while also neglecting you,” I said. “So your goal was to hurt my wife? Does that mean you’re going to tell her about this?” he asked. I shook my head, “No. I’m not going to tell her about this. I tell her and I have to leave and never see or speak to you again most likely. I don’t want that. Do you want that?” He helped me stand and I adjusted my clothes back into place, he picked leaves out of my hair then tucked himself away, zipped and buttoned his pants. He walked around to the driver’s side of the car and adjusted the seat to climb in. I didn’t argue, but I did take a nap on the way home. He woke me with a kiss after he pulled into the driveway and I smiled and stretched. I headed into the house and he lingered in the garage for a little bit. As soon as I got in, I headed upstairs to my room and quickly cleaned the dirt from my skin, but made no move to clean his cum from between my thighs, instead I just went pee then changed panties and clothes in case there were any noticeable dirt stains then tied my hair up into a thick braided bun and fixed my makeup a bit. When I got back downstairs Derek was sitting at the kitchen table and Tori was sitting across from him as the minions played in the living room, the youngest was fast asleep on a blanket with two toys clutched tightly in her hands. I didn’t listen in to their conversation, but neither one looked happy. I took to playing with the two older minions and glanced to the kitchen every now and then. Tori was crying and shaking her head and Derek just looked straight ahead, no emotion evident on his face. He noticed me looking into the kitchen and motioned me over, “Miss Owens, would you take the c***dren down to the park?” I looked at Tori and she forced a slight smile and nodded, “Please?” she asked through her teary eyes. I gathered the minions, it was a fairly warm and sunny day so it was easy enough to get their shoes on and a carrier for the littlest and we made our way out the door and down the street to a nearby park, where they played for well over an hour. I felt stressed. I didn’t know what they were talking about. I didn’t know if he was telling her everything. I didn’t know anything about what was going on in that house. A while later Tori came down to the park and sat on the bench with me as Marie slept in the carrier and DJ and Elise chased each other around the curly slide. My voice trembled as I spoke to her, “Are you okay?” I asked her. She nodded, “He told me how he got into the accident this morning. He was distracted and frustrated and was skipping work to go cheat on me with some whore.” I swallowed as she said it, wondering if he’d confessed everything to her.She continued, “But on the way to the girl’s house he didn’t see a stop light and ran right through it, the front end of the car got clipped but he was going fairly fast and it spun the car around a few times and he realized he was miserable with me. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. It didn’t feel like I was always shooting him down, it just felt like he was always asking and I already gave in more than I wanted to on it. Is it so wrong for a wife to just not be up to fucking all the time?” I shook my head, “No it’s not. This is one of the most common problems in marriages, especially when multiple littles are in tow. I can take the k**s for a weekend trip to the city, take them to the zoo, to a play and the c***dren’s museum. Or I can keep them here and you and Mr. Miller can take a weekend trip into the city, just the two of you, to reconnect.” Tori smiled sadly and shook her head, “No, He’s done and I think I’ve known it for a while now.”“So what does this mean for you two going forward?” I asked. “We split custody, hopefully you would stay on to maintain some balance and normalcy between two households? Beyond that, we would sell the house to buy two smaller houses for each of us, sell the cars to get something more maintainable. I would go back to work, which is something I’ve been contemplating since we hired you. And we move on with life I suppose.”“Mrs. Miller, do you think he knows about us?” I asked. She shook her head and squeezed my hand, “I didn’t say anything. I think if he knew what I’d done…”I pushed her hair behind her ear and smiled at her, “What you did was listen to your heart and opened yourself to an idea you never realized was an option for you. What you did was find someone to talk to who heard you and listened to you, and met your needs in a way he couldn’t. There shouldn’t be any shame in that.” We sat on the bench and watched the minions play for a bit longer as Mrs. Miller told me that Mr. Miller was packing a bag, intending to stay at a hotel for a few days until they started an official separation. When we got back home Mr. Miller was gone and the minions were all put down for naps. As soon as we left their rooms, Tori pushed me up against the wall and kissed me passionately, evoking a startled moan from my lips but I greedily returned the kiss as her hands slid under my top, the cool softness of her fingertips tickled as they slid up my sides and over my bra. She seemed especially needy as she groped and squeezed my body while her tongue firmly held mine prisoner in my own mouth. When she separated our lips she bit her lower lip and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the hallway and into her bedroom. We undressed in a flurry of clothing, I unbuttoned and slid her shirt off her shoulders and she pulled my sweater off over my head, her pants had come off just after we closed her bedroom door and my skirt found its way beneath her bed.In her bedside table were ropes that Mr. Miller never knew about. They are soft ropes dyed a pretty rainbow of colors. She pulled them from the drawer and I took them from her hands and lay them on the bed beside us. I kissed her, my hand stroking her jaw, her soft moans were encouraging. I took the rope and began the initial knot around her wrists secured firmly behind her back as she gripped her forearms with opposite hands. I was still learning the rope work, but I had gotten pretty good over the past couple of months and could now bind her upper arms to her sides and caged her upper thighs in one rope. A second rope linked through those bindings, caging her breasts in pretty diamond linked knots and bringing the rope down between her thighs, securing a knot tightly against her clit as I finished weaving the rope into the bindings on her back. Every attempt at movement rubbed the knot against her clit, evoking a moan, I took my time with her once she was bound, retrieving the toys from her bedside drawer, the drawer that Derek had never bothered to look in or ask about. I placed the blindfold over her eyes and she knelt on the bed, legs spread as I knelt down and şişli escort started kissing and licking her cunt, slowly and with purpose in making her squirm, shifting the knot repeatedly back and forth over her quickly swelling clit. I turned her wand on and pressed it just above her clit and just below her pubis. Her nipples hardened as the ropes shifted across them and her wrists tensed, pulling the knot firmly over her clit. She was sweating and breathing heavily and I licked beneath the rope knot, swirling my tongue gently back and forth and around her clit. She was squirming and whimpering softly, her pussy juices dripped easily from her hole and I slicked a small vibrator with it, pushing the little toy at her hole until she shifted and opened up to accept it freely and easily. I guided it into her as I pressed my body to hers and held her against me, her breasts rubbed against mine, her ropes tugged at my skin. I kissed her as I pushed the vibrator against her g-spot, manipulating it with slowly increasing vibrations.Her moans were muffled by my lips and my tongue danced around hers. I smiled and felt her body tensing up, her mouth was contracted in an attempt at a silent moan as she squirted on my hand as I began to move the vibrating toy up and down her front inner vaginal wall. She was panting and I watched her with glee as I brought her quickly to a second, and full body, orgasm. She held her breath in an attempt to not scream and as her body convulsed and trembled, pulling at the ropes and squirming enough to almost give herself a rope burn along her clit, I pulled the toy from her and quickly began untying her, knowing much longer and much more resistance from her and she would bruise and hurt for days. She lay back on the bed and I closed my lips over her clit, licking softly and gently to soothe the pressure and burn of the rope against such sensitive flesh. She grasped my hair tightly and rocked her hips towards my lips, encouraging me to clean her cunt of the juices she gave me, and I did, thoroughly. Her clit swelled significantly as I sucked and licked it, I pulled away and she quickly mounted me, rubbing her throbbing and swollen clit against mine. We were both wet and excited and the feel of the hard nub of flesh rubbing and teasing mine made me bite my lip. Her husband’s cum still coated my cunt and I knew if she ate me out she would taste it, and might even recognize it. We pressed our cunts together and rocked against one another rhythmically. She kissed me, I kissed her, she groped my breasts and sucked on them, and I increased the speed of our grinding, the milk from her nipples leaked slightly, it didn’t happen often as she’d stopped breast feeding a few months ago, but when she was very aroused, one or both of her nipples would leak for a few minutes. I closed my lips around her nipple and kneaded her breast as I suckled her, my tongue manipulated her nipple, releasing a bit more of the slightly bitter milk into my mouth. I moved my lips to the other nipple and relieved her of the small reserve of milk that remained. Her wand still vibrated on the bed beside us and she picked it up as I suckled the milk from her breasts. She placed it between us and we both moaned louder than we had meant to as our rhythm shifted, pushing our clits against one another then sliding up to the vibrating head of the wand and back to our slippery soft flesh touching. My stomach tensed and she pushed the wand head harder against my clit, turning it up as I grasped her shoulders and orgasmed hard. She was biting her lip and watching me intently as I writhed in ecstasy, pulling her body tighter against mine, pulling her cunt tighter against the increased vibrations of the wand until she was shivering and gasping right along with me.She liked it when I climbed over her. She liked it when I came home from school on the Monday mornings freshly fucked by some college guy I ran into. I just hoped she didn’t recognize the taste of her husband’s cum as she greedily lapped the dried cum from my cunt. The contractions of my orgasm hadn’t yet subsided and I knelt over her face, her hands on my inner thighs, spreading open the puffy lips that hid my sensitive nubs and penetrable parts. Her tongue was long and I could feel it curling deep inside of me, gathering her husband’s cum from inside of me and eating me with a need to make me cum again as I straddled her face. Her fingers played with my clit and her tongue pushed and prodded me, even sliding back to my ass and dipping in just slightly before moving back to dragging the cum from my cunt with her stiff and curled tongue. I rocked my hips against her lips and grasped my own breasts as she raked her teeth along my clit and began to let her tongue push and linger around my clit while her long slender fingers penetrated my cunt and rubbed the forward wall of my pussy. I grabbed the headboard and she quickened her movements, and cheated a little by grabbing a curved vibrator, turning it to the max setting and pushing it into my cunt, assaulting my g-spot with a sudden and quick pressure and rubbing as her tongue and lips sucked and massaged my swollen clit. I whimpered and came, my body convulsed above her. She easily picked me up and lay me back on the bed, legs shaking and body trembling as she continued moving the vibrator inside of me and used the magic wand just above my clit. It was almost overwhelming, but I knew she wanted to make me squirt, she wanted me to flood her bed with the thin slippery liquid, and she wanted to exhaust me so I would fall asleep in her bed, and she could spend the next hour or so taking candid photos of me fast asleep, thoroughly fucked.She got what she wanted and I came hard, the thin slippery liquid coated her hands and she leaned down to lap it from my ski. I was crying and my body was shivering as she turned off the toys and snuggled up to me as I fell asleep, panting in her arms. When I woke up, she wasn’t in the room. I peeked out of her bedroom door and heard her down in the living room with at least one of the minions, so I retrieved my clothes and got dressed then went down to make lunch for all of us. It was a long couple of years as I completed my Master’s degree at a rather slow pace, intentionally, and found myself spread quite thin between two households and two lovers. I kind of wish they had just spoken to each other with openness and honesty towards their interests and needs. I know they had interests that crossed over, they just refused to speak on it out of fear of judgment. Instead their fears caused their marriage to fall apart and, while Derek knew I was his old friend that Tori had forbidden him to speak to, Tori never figured it out. She did, however, become a great photographer and I loved being her muse. Derek attended the gallery of her post sex naked photos of me, and a few other young women, all over the place. I thought he might get mad, instead he pulled me into the men’s bathroom, lifted my skirt, tore off my panties and fucked me while finally figuring out that I’d been fucking his wife too. Maybe he was a little mad because he was a bit rough with me as he pinned me to the back wall of the stall and continued fucking me even when other guys came into the restroom. At one point, one guy offered to have next and for a moment I thought he might offer me up to him, but he just told the guy to get lost, came in me then pushed me down to my knees so I could clean his cock before he went back out to the gallery to pretend he didn’t know the redhead in the photos was me. I left the ripped panties on the bathroom floor and straightened my dress out before walking out of the men’s room, past a couple of guys at the urinals and back to the party like I didn’t have Derek’s cum dripping down my inner thigh. Tori saw me come out of the men’s room and smirked slightly as she approached me, “Do you even have any idea who you were with?” she asked in a hushed whisper. I shook my head and she stealthily slid her hand up my inner thigh and dipped her fingers into my cum soaked cunt. Her eyes lit up and she removed her hand and licked her fingertips, “Good girl, get nice and full at the party and I’ll clean you all up tonight at home.” I nodded and searched Derek out multiple times that night, letting him angry fuck me after I was honest and told him Tori wanted me to be full of cum so she could clean it out of me later. I’m pretty sure it was half hate fucking me for knowing his wife enjoyed eating cum from my cunt when she hated giving him blowjobs when they were together, and half fantasizing about me sitting on his wife’s face and her not knowing that it was his cum she was savoring. We recorded it, so I was able to show him the next time I was with him. He asked me if I ever did fuck random guys for her and I insisted that I hadn’t fucked any guys besides him since that day in the woods. Before that I did have a short fling with a professor.I finished my studies and Tori found a new muse, and wife, but Derek and I maintained our secret relationship until the minions were grown. Once they were out of the picture we waited a year and a half and made the relationship official. He still calls me Remy and I still swoon when he says it.

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