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A night that changed our life forever!

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Big Tits

A night that changed our life forever!Just to set the picture, my wife, Vanessa, is in her 50s but has kept her figure very well. She ran keep fit classes until well into her 40’s and has always kept herself very toned and invariably gets looks and comments from men. She has a certain way about her that attracts men like bees to a honeypot. If she is out with a group of her friends, it is always her that ends up laughing and joking with the men in the pub, especially the younger ones.Despite all of this she has never ever strayed and remains totally loyal to me. I honestly believe that the thought of playing away has never crossed her mind. Something to do perhaps with her training as a nurse. She works in the local surgery and is quite well known in our town.So, where is all this leading? Well a couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend away in Bristol. Nothing fancy, just a nice hotel, some sightseeing and the inevitable shopping. On the Saturday night we had a meal in a nearby Italian, a few drinks the pub next door and returned to the hotel. There we decided to have a nightcap in the bar.At the table next to us were another couple and, as often happens, we started chatting. They were younger than us, probably late 30s, early 40s, and fairly ordinary looking. To me he was very average (well what man really looks at another?) and she was quite pretty but a little over weight. I remember thinking what beautiful skin she had.Well after a couple of drinks we realised just how much the hotel was ripping us off. A round for the four of us cost me £30! We had a few bottles of wine in our room (always come prepared!) and Vanessa suggested that we continued our chat there. It meant nothing at the time but, looking back now, I remember seeing Tom give Anne a knowing look as they quickly agreed.Once in our room the wine was soon flowing and we were having a really nice time with our new friends. As with most hotel rooms there was a shortage of seats so I was sat on the floor, Tom on the small sofa and the women on the bed. After a while I became aware that Anne had somehow moved much closer on the bed to Vanessa, and was actually lightly rubbing shoulders with her. I expected Vanessa to move away but she seemed totally unaware of what was happening. I certainly was not and could hardly take my eyes of them. Then came the defining moment. Anne’s hand strayed onto Vanessa’s thigh and halkalı escort my wife did nothing to remove it! Staring at her I could see her eyes were open wider than normal and her breathing was decidedly faster than usual. She seemed to be staring into space but at the same time managing to carry on with the conversation. As Anne’s hand gently moved up and down on her thigh, I was aware that Tom was also staring at what was going on. From his expression he obviously knew what his wife was doing. I also became aware that I was sporting a massive erection!Suddenly Vanessa jumped up. It was as if she had been thinking long and hard about a decision and wanted to carry it through before she could change her mind. “I’m really uncomfortable in these cut-offs” she said, “I am going to get ready for bed”. And with that she grabbed her night things from the drawer and disappeared into the bathroom.There then followed what I can only describe as an uncomfortable few minutes and Tom, Anne and myself struggled to make conversation in a rather electric atmosphere. That atmosphere became even more charged when Vanessa returned to the room. I think we had all expected her to be wearing a dressing gown, but no, my darling wife had obviously decided to make her intent blatently obvious and was wearing only her short pink satin nightie!Returning to her seat on the bed, she made sure that she was really close to Anne, and almost snuggled in against her. Anne needed no second invitation and promptly returned her hand to Vanessa’s thigh. This time a totally naked thigh below a very short length of nightie. For the first time Vanessa looked at me. She then raised her eyebrows as if asking my approval. Struggling for breath I nodded back at her.With that she seemingly abandoned herself to Anne who gently pushed her back onto the bed and began fondling her right breast through the nightie. My wife, almost immediately, began breathing heavily and her face took on an expression of almost sheer lust and pleasure. I can honestly say that I have never seen her looking so sexually charged.Obviously just as turned on, Anne tore off her dress, revealing a set of rather sexy undies. Although, as I said previously, a little overweight, she looked pretty damn sexy to me! She pulled down the straps of Victoria’s nightie, exposing taksim escort her breasts and nipples which she quickly started pulling and sucking. This put my wife in a frenzy. Her nipples have always been fairly sensitive, but this was a whole new ball game! She started writhing around the bed in a way I had only seen before when she had a really good orgasm. And this was just her nipples!By this time Anne’s hand had travelled further and further up my wife’s leg and her nightie was now only a belt around her waist. Everything was exposed and Anne slowly, very slowly, allowed her fingers to slide onto Vanessa’s shaven, and very wet, fanny. My wife froze, looked long and hard at me, then, with a huge sigh, visibly relaxed and surrendered herself to Anne.Anne was obviously an expert at this. A gentle massage of Vanessa’s clit had her screaming so much I was worried about people hearing in the room next door. Then her hand slipped lower and a finger slipped inside. Now the whole hotel must have heard her as she had an almighty orgasm! All the time Anne tongue was working on her nipples which were by now standing out like the proverbial chapel hatpegs. A second finger brought about another orgasm, some unbelievable obscenities, and best of the lot, a long loving look at me. Somehow that turned me on more than ever.I had totally forgotten about Tom. Looking around I was vaguely surprised to see him with trousers around his ankles, wanking like mad. Strange to say but, until then, I hadn’t thought about taking my own cock out. However that soon changed and I was stroking like a madman.By this time Anne had four fingers in my wife and was obviously going for more. Vanessa was literally begging for it and, with a little difficulty, her new friend suddenly had her whole hand inserted. I had never managed to do this but it obviously did something for my wife as she had what I can honestly say was the biggest, noisiest orgasm in her life.Anne was now looking for a little fun of her own. She stripped completely, exposing a fanny that was almost completely shaved but with a narrow strip of hair. She lay back, pulling Vanessa onto her. My wife hesitated, then buried her face between Anne’s ample boobs. Both hands were working her nipples which turned out to be potential record breakers. I swear each one was at least an inch long, and thick şişli escort with it. Vanessa began sucking on them, and their very size seemed to turn her on even more. Her hand slipped between her legs and she started to cum all over again.Now Anne began to push my wife’s head lower and, with her hands still pulling on her nipples, Vanessa’a face was suddenly between Anne’s legs. A moments hesitation as she realised what she was about to do, another long look at me, and then my wife’s tongue was going mad on Anne’s clit. Fingers followed as Anne began the longest orgasm I have ever known. It went on and on and on. Maybe it was several with small gaps between but it was the horniest thing I have ever known.Exhausted, Vanessa rolled over onto her back to relax but Anne wasn’t finished yet. After a moment or two to recover she turned over to kiss my wife. After all that had gone before you would think this to be nothing but, my God, did that turn me on! Now Anne moved down so that she could return the favour to my wife. Her tongue was going like mad as she once again brought Vanessa to a peak and beyond. Then the icing on the cake! Her fingers moved around and starting sliding against my wife’s bum. Never had I managed to persuade her to indulge in anal sex so I expected her to resist. On the contrary she actually begged Anita to do it! Anne slowly ran her finger through my wife’s love juices and then gently pushed it deep into her bum. She then proceeded to slowly push it iin and out. The sight of my darling wife in that position, panting wildly as she came and came, will remain with me forever.Suddenly Tom was standing over the women, wanking madly. He looked at Vanessa and gasped “Please!”. My wife looked at me and said “Can I let him?”. I could only nod wildly and then watch as Tom shot his load all over her face and tits whilst she stared at me. Then it was my turn. Perhaps I should have returned the compliment by cumming all over Anne but it was Vanessa that was turning me on, and my cum followed Tom’s onto her face. And then, to cap it all, in the middle of a final orgasm, she told me that she loved me!As we tidied up Tom and Anne told us they had done this a couple of times before, although they did admit that Vanessa was their most enthusiastic conquest to date. We have arranged to meet again, although not sure when. We are still getting over the experience and it has given us several very, very good sex sessions over the last couple of weeks. I am sure we would like to do this sort of thing on a regular basis but, to be honest, have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Perhaps next time we will have to be to dominant couple and do the picking up. Not sure we can do that but we will have to wait and see.

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