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A poke for Sis

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A poke for SisAll through my high school years, I worshipped the ground my beautiful sister Karen walked on. I wasn’t the only one. Every guy in school wanted to get into her pants, but, as far as I know, all but one failed. Karen was a year younger than me and one grade behind. When I saw her in the halls between classes, I invariably got a hard-on. I don’t think she was intentionally a prick-teaser. She dressed like the other girls but she filled her clothes out better than they did. For example, her ass was absolutely mouth-watering when she wore the tight designer jeans that were popular at the time. Karen made the cheerleading team with ease, even though she wasn’t an especially good cheerleader. The coach wanted her on the sidelines to boost team morale.After graduating from high school, I went to the State University. A year later when Karen graduated, she followed. To save money, she moved into my tiny one-room apartment. We didn’t tell our parents about the arrangement. They would have been furious. It was cramped and I lost my privacy, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. Having that sweetheart around had my balls working overtime.One day after Karen went to class, I decided to take full advantage of the privacy with a nice jack off session. I stretched out naked on the bed, greased my cock, closed my eyes, and tried to picture myself fucking my sister. I was pleased with the mental image I managed to conjure up. It was the best one yet. Having her around had refreshed my memory of her tiniest features. The intense concentration needed to hold on to the mental picture must have blocked my sense of hearing. “What the hell are you doing, Marty?” I nearly jumped out of my skin. I opened my eyes and saw my beautiful sister standing at the foot of the bed.I quickly pulled a blanket over myself. I struggled to find the words I needed for a plausible explanation, but there really isn’t much one can say in a situation like that. “I’m sorry,” was the only thing I could think of to say. “I thought you had a class.” Incredibly, my cock had stayed hard and was tenting the blanket. Karen’s big blue eyes were locked to it. Then her beautiful lips turned up at the corners. “The professor didn’t show up. He’s sick. Wow, I’ve never seen a dick that big. Let me have another look.”I let out a long sigh of relief. A smile appeared on my own lips when I realized this might be an opportunity to seduce her. As I tossed the blanket aside, she moved next to the bed and grinned down at my twitching tool. “Damn, that is big! You could be in porno movies. Have you ever measured it?””The last time I checked, it was just a hair under ten inches,” I said.”You were jacking off weren’t you? That’s what you guys call it, isn’t it?””It’s a lot more fun than having wet dreams,” I joked. “You can touch it if you want to.””Maybe just one squeeze,” she said with a giggle. I thought I would faint when her soft hand encircled my cock and gave it a hard squeeze. “Please don’t stop,” bursa escort I begged. But despite my plea, she took her hand away. “Oh, no, young man. You’re just trying to get a hand job out of me. Tell you what. You can jack off for me. I’ve always wanted to watch a guy jack off.”I could hardly believe my good luck. I certainly would have preferred a hand job, but at least jacking off was a step in the right direction. She pulled a chair up next to the bed and paid close attention. I was afraid she would lose interest if I played around with it, so I decided to jack off quickly. After about a minute of vigorous pumping, cum shot all the way to my face. Karen giggled and clapped as she watched the fireworks display.I lay there with cum all over me and waited for the guilt to hit. It didn’t. “I watched Bobby cum once, but he didn’t shoot that much stuff. He usually cums inside me, I mean in the rubbers I make him wear.” I confess that I was disappointed that Karen wasn’t a virgin. That eliminated one of my fantasies – the one where I pop her cherry. “How many guys have you fucked?” She held up one finger. “Bobby Campbell nailed me on Prom Night. He fucked me maybe thirty times during the summer.” That hardly made her a slut. I was encouraged when she said, “Bobby doesn’t have the kind of equipment you have.”The incident wasn’t mentioned for several days. When I got so horny that I couldn’t stand it, I went to her and asked if I could jack off for her again. “I can’t see any harm in that, big brother. Take off your clothes and I’ll be with you as soon as I finish this paper.” I lay on the bed and stroked my cock while I watched her work.”Let’s get one thing straight,” she said as she approached the bed. “I know you have to masturbate for sexual relief and my being here has interfered with that. I feel bad about that. This is your apartment and you can jack off any time you feel like it. I don’t mind. I kind of like to watch.”Her eyes were burning holes in my greasy cock as I began to stroke. “Have you ever fucked anybody with that thing?” she asked. I told her the truth, that I was a virgin. “A good-looking guy like you? You’re k**ding. You could at least get a hooker. Maybe I’ll buy you one as a birthday present.””Karen, could I fuck you, please?” I couldn’t believe the words had slipped out of my mouth. “I’m not sure that thing would even fit, and anyway you’re my brother. Isn’t that against the law?” “Well, at least let me see your boobs.” She furrowed her brow as she thought that one over. “I guess that can’t do any harm,” she said. She took off her blouse and bra. I sucked in my breath when I saw the pear-shaped beauties. They were even more beautiful than they had been in my imagination.”Please let me shoot off on them, Karen. It would be the most exciting thing I have done in my life.””I don’t know about that. That’s a little too much like having sex, don’t you think? Well, okay, I guess it can’t do any harm. And they do say it is good for the skin. I bursa escort bayan let Bobby do it once and it felt nice.””I thought you said you never watched a guy jack off.””Oh, Bobby didn’t jack off. He forgot his rubber one night and we had to find some other way to fuck. I let him fuck between my boobies.” “Would you like me to hold them up for you?” she asked. “That would be nice,” I said. She put her hands under them and bunched them up. That was all it took to set me off and I fired a wet volley all over them. I don’t think I had ever shot a bigger load. When I was finished, she casually rubbed it into her skin.Our relationship stabilized over the next month or two. Clothing was optional and we masturbated whenever we felt the urge. The first time we masturbated together was the biggest thrill of my life. “I don’t think so, big brother,” was invariably her response to my daily requests for sex. The requests and denials became such a part of our routine that they were almost automatic.Karen’s boyfriend called every day. Whenever she was on the phone with him, my jealousy flared up. During one conversation with him, she became very excited. “He’s coming to visit me,” she said. That really pissed me off. I didn’t have anything against Bobby Campbell. He was really one of the nicest guys in our little town, but he was fucking my beautiful sister and I wasn’t.A little later that day, Karen asked a shocking question. “Would you like to watch Bobby fuck me?” You could have knocked me over with a feather. “Would he let me?” She laughed. “Hell, no, he’s probably too ashamed of his little peter. You would have to peep. I was thinking that if you watch me getting fucked it will satisfy some of your curiosity. Maybe you could imagine that you are in his place. You could masturbate while you watch. Maybe you could even cum when he does.” We agreed that I would watch from the closet.The following day was a Saturday so we didn’t have any classes. Karen and I spent the morning cleaning house to make a good impression on Bobby. I tidied up the closet to give myself ample room. Whoever had installed the door had done a poor job and had left a gap at the top. I would be able to see everything through it.When Bobby knocked on the door I made a dash for the closet. As they exchanged a long, passionate kiss, Bobby unzipped the back of her dress. I was very pleased that he wanted to get right down to some fucking. I didn’t want to have to wait around for a long time in the closet before they got to it. Sis was soon naked and stretched out on the bed. I nearly laughed out loud when I saw Bobby’s cock. It was the size of a dill pickle.Bobby got on the bed and began sucking her beautiful tits and feeling her up. Then he moved down to her pussy and began licking it. While he ate her pussy he continued toying with her tits. He stayed at it for a very long time. Karen began to squirm as she got closer to orgasm. He was really overdoing the foreplay and I was growing impatient. escort bursa I felt like a fool standing on a chair with my pants around my ankles and my big cock in my hand.”Oh, Bobby, stop, you must fuck me now,” Karen said. “You’ve made me so horny.” Bobby fumbled with the rubber but finally got it over his little cock. He mounted Karen, shoved his cock into her, and came instantly. He was so quick that I didn’t get a chance to jack off. “YOU GOT ME ALL WORKED UP FOR THAT!” Karen shouted when she realized that it was over. Bobby jumped off of the bed and grabbed his clothes. He was so embarrassed that all he wanted to do was get out of there. I felt kind of sorry for the poor guy. Bobby was out of that room in under a minute. “All right, Marty, you can come out now. You’re going to get your wish.” I damn near fell off the chair. “I’m going to get my wish? You’re going to let me fuck you.””I’ll probably regret it later, but I’m too horny to think straight right now. Get one of those rubbers on your cock and get your ass over here.” Like most guys my age, I carried a rubber in my wallet. Bobby had left two rubbers behind on the night table but I preferred my own. My hands were shaking so badly that I couldn’t even tear the foil. Karen called me over and told me to lay back. She quickly rolled the rubber down over my cock. It was only the second time she had touched it.”I think it would be best if I’m on top first. You don’t have any experience with your tool and you might injure me.” As her bushy pussy descended on my cock, I prayed that I wouldn’t shame myself the way Bobby had. I watched as the head disappeared into my sister’s tight pussy. “Oh, my God, this feels good! This really is my first fuck. What Bobby did to me wasn’t fucking. I could hardly feel it. Oh, yes!”Karen began to post up and down on my cock, slowly at first to allow her pussy to adjust to my size. Her beautiful tits were swinging in front of my face. I lifted my head and captured a nipple in my mouth. As soon as she got a taste of that, she leaned forward and mashed the tit against my face. “Oh, I think I just juiced,” she said. With her cunt better lubricated, the fucking got easier. She picked up speed until she was taking a stroke a second. My cock was sliding in and out like a piston in a cylinder. I grabbed her ass and tried to get her moving even faster.Karen clamped a hand over her mouth to hold in a scream. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she came. As she lubricated heavily, my cock slid into her more easily. “I CAN’T STOP CUMMING! I CAN’T STOP!” The confirmation that she was really cumming sent me over the edge and I shot my load into the rubber. I held tightly to her ass to keep her from moving. Once we stopped moving, she gradually returned to normal. I suppose I can’t take credit for that orgasm because Bobby had made her hot for me. I will, however, take credit for the other three orgasms I gave her that afternoon.Karen went on the pill so I could fuck her without a rubber. I will never forget how good that first one felt. She also moved from the couch to the bed. Bobby was too embarrassed to face her again. She didn’t need him because I serviced her better than he ever had.

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