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A Sex Vignette

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A Sex VignetteHe stood over her outstretched ass, studying her arching back and hour-glass shape as his stone-hard cock throbbed and quivered with burning anticipation. She was on all-fours, craning to look back at him through her long black, messy hair as she strained, stretching her lower-back down towards the floor and sticking her perfect ass up in the air. She was aching for his cock and she told him so. He paused. He took in the moment. Had he known that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her, this would have happened years ago. Now, half a decade of quiet, furious lust and suppressed passion was erupting over the two of them like a volcano. As the candles flickered on the nightstand and the dull light from the shoji lamp on her dresser cast shadows accentuating every muscular definition, every smooth curve, the realization that it was actually happening hit both of them. This night was earned, it was right, it was perfect.She wasn’t a dancer but she could be. She was tall and had strong, muscular legs and a healthy figure that showed her voluptuous curves. But even with the curves, she still managed to maintain the overall look of an athletic body. She was also very flexible. He hadn’t realized how flexible until now as he approached her inviting pussy – with her ass up, her back in a deep concave arch, and her legs spread much further apart than he anticipated. This put her smooth pussy at the perfect height for him as he stood on the floor and she awaited him at the edge of the bed; so beautiful and accessible. Her toes curled, hanging over the edge, and she shook her ass, waving her pussy for him. He waited there for a second, close, feeling the moist heat radiating off her vagina, then he grabbed the middle of his cock with his right hand and pulled the skin tight towards his body. He got harder (which he didn’t even think was possible) and the head ballooned to a fat mushroom. He softly put his left hand on the small of her back. It was a little cold which meant that his hand would be warm to her. He slowly caressed up the curve to the top of her smooth ass which made them both quiver with anticipation bakırköy escort and sigh in ecstasy. He moved his hand down her left cheek a little and then, ever so lightly, he squeezed. This moved her left ass cheek up slightly, showing her pussy even more inviting and unobstructed, opening slightly, as if beckoning for his cock. Then, with his dick still pulled tight, he very slowly and softly – almost painfully slowly – guided his cock towards her and inserted the bulging head into her hot pussy. She moaned. She was so wet, he didn’t feel his skin stretching much at all, just the smooth, sweet sliding into her warm, tight vagina. He watched as her pussy-lips spread apart and wrapped around his dick, as if embracing it with a hot, sticky hug. He held it there. It was in her just enough so that the contours of his head were touching her insides but still visible to him. It was all he had to resist thrusting his whole shaft into her. He took his hand off his cock, continuing to keep it barely inside her. Now he put his other hand on her right butt cheek and with his left had still on the left one, he squeezed both her ass cheeks with his hands, a little harder this time, taking in a loud deep breath through his teeth. Now her sweet pussy was completely exposed and he got the clearest view yet of his penetrating cock.It was just the tip but she could distinctly feel the smooth ridge of his hard, pulsing head inside of her, filling the outer rim of her vagina. It felt so good. She quivered. Her initial reaction was to bounced her ass a little, dance and grind on his cock, thrusting backwards into him to try to move his cock in deeper She resisted this reflex. This night was going to be perfect and it was going to last. The hot rush of pleasure washing over her had a lot to do with the idea that things were going to be slow yet insanely hot. She stayed still, except for her head as she whipped her long hair back around her left shoulder and looked at him over her right, with her big brown eyes. She felt both of his warm hands on her ass and he was spreading her cheeks apart, beşiktaş escort which felt good to her. She liked that he was entranced by her and that she was obviously having a certain affect on him. She watched him look at his dick inside of her and knew it probably looked as good as it felt. Now he looked up. They stared into each others eyes. He was still softly pulling her ass cheeks apart and holding steady with his cock only head-deep inside her pussy. He stared into her eyes and flexed his pc-muscle, bouncing his cock inside of her and enlarging the head. She flexed hers in response and he felt her tight pussy contract around his cock, driving him mad with pleasure. They smiled softly at each other then closed their eyes and let out deep exhales. He leaned his head back in ecstasy. When he opened his eyes he looked down again at her ass and his cock pulsing in her vagina. He stared at her perfect little ass-hole. It winking back at him as she flexed her pc-muscle again. It wasn’t typically like him to want to play with it but it was so tight and so clean he found himself even wanting to lick it – a thought that may have previously grossed him out a little – and indeed had with some previous girls. She was different. He thought about it, inching his thumbs closer to her pretty, pink hole while peeling her ass even further apart… No. Not tonight. He didn’t know how she felt about that sort of thing and he didn’t want to ruin what could potentially be the best night of his life on account of being too adventurous – some day soon, perhaps. She kept her eyes closed for a while after letting out her deep sigh. She turned her head forward and pushed up with her arms, leaning her head back, arching further, pushing out her chest, and breathing in deep. Her breasts were perky and hard and wanted to be squeezed. She opened her eyes as she exhaled with a soft moan and looked slightly to her left. She had a floor mirror on a dark mahogany stand over in the corner of her room and she could see in its reflection all of him and most of herself. It was nearly ninety-degrees to the beylikdüzü escort left so she was able to see all of his cock, except of course for the few inches or so that was throbbing in her now. Her pussy shuddered slightly and her heart pounded when she saw how much more cock she would soon be receiving. She hadn’t anticipated his size. She watched him as he studied her ass, both hands spreading her cheeks apart. She liked flexing her pc-muscle. Not only did it feel great with him inside her, but watching his reaction was fun. With every tightening of that illusive muscle he would open his mouth a little, as if not believing what he was seeing. She knew as she watched him that her ass-hole was moving with every flex and that he was probably staring right at it. She had never really thought about it much, in fact she had been pretty self conscious about it in the past, but she wanted him to touch it. She wanted him to move his thumb over her tight hole and push and prod it. She wanted him to pull out for a minute and lick her ass. For a moment she thought he was going to do exactly that, or maybe she just imagined it. She thought about telling him to do it…. Not tonight though. She wasn’t hesitant to ask him to do something he probably didn’t want to do and consequently ruin the moment and the night with a surprising kinky request like that. Tonight was all about the moment and the magic.He was overcome with excitement. He followed her spine with his right hand from her tailbone down her arching curve to the small of her back, then ascended to her upper-back where he could see a sliver of the sides of her breasts heaving up and down with her breath. He wanted to reach around her and squeeze her left breast with his right hand, but that would mean having to thrust in closer to her. Not yet. Instead, he slid his right hand down the right side of her back towards her right breast and caressed the side then slid a little further, touching her nipple lightly with his middle finger then pinching it lightly between his middle and index fingers, gripping as much of her breast as he could. Her tit was firm and her nipple was hard. The edge of her areola felt like soft brail – she was shivering with excitement. He would grab a real handful in a little bit but now he noticed that she was looking off to the left. He glanced over and saw why. Over in the corner was a mirror. He found her eyes first and they both smiled.

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