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A Twisted Transformation- Chapter 2

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Female Ejaculation

A Twisted Transformation- Chapter 2I awoke the next morning, groaning. Blinking hard, I looked around to get my bearings. I remembered more of last night, at least, and thank Heavens for that! Van had seemed to be doing okay for himself, somehow making a new life out of a destroyed old one. Hearing the toilet flush, I stood up, and then stretched, my voice grunting at the flexion of my stiff muscles. I was becoming aware of my rock-solid morning wood as the bathroom door opened.“Oh, good… You haven’t made a mess on the floor…” Van offered sardonically with a shake of his head. “Listen, I know this is all new to you, but I suppose I should start teaching you now what I have learned. First thing is not to go waving your stiffy at other guys, unless you are damn sure they will want to see it, or want to play with it. So go use the bathroom, and grab a shower and get it over with. You need to be able to concentrate today. This is my last day off work for the next five, so you are gonna’ be flying solo faster than you wanna be.“Sounds like good medical advice…” and I stumbled my way to the bathroom and got the hot water going. Letting the water start to clean me, and remove the fog over my brain, I thought about how I started this bizarre transition to this bizarre new life. Making it to my dorm was pretty easy, actually. Most people were still asleep, and the security I thought was pretty strict at the dorm was actually nearly non-existent. Van just told the front desk he was there to see his sister Courtney (that’s me), and that was it! He showed some ID and off we went. I was getting pretty pissed about that, and then had to wait and think about it. Old Courtney would be upset at the dangers of letting a strange guy into the sleeping rooms. New Courtney was one of those strange guys going into one of the sleeping rooms. I used my key on the door room door, and after opening, was stopped dead in my tracks! There was my new dorm mate, a pretty blonde girl with immense knockers and a sweet smile. She looked at me suspiciously, and asked in that killer Southern accent that drives others green with envy.“Umm, hi. Kin Ah help yew?”“Oh! Hi… I’m sorry, my name is Cort-… Corey… and I’m here to get… my sister’s stuff…” I was suddenly having to think fast and make stuff up on the fly. “My sister had to withdraw from school.”Van was behind me, trying to see in. In fact, he poked me in the ribs, so he could see! I used a hand to brush back behind me as I took in my roommate’s side of the place. Well, my ex-roommate. I looked her over and realized that she was cute as a button, and would be trailing guys all around her like flies to honey. She definitely had me beat in the looks department, and I suddenly realized I was growing jealous. She could have any guy she wanted!“Oh, way-all, thet’s a shayame. I hope evry’thin’s okay?” Again with the killer accent. I plastered on a fake smile. “Yeah, she’ll be fine. Eventually.” I had to somehow sound like the brother I never had. “She got attacked… sexually… and wanted to go back home.” I shook my head, and sounded remorseful. By now, Van had managed to squeeze in next to me, and was also looking over the woman.“Way’ll Ah hope it wusn’t here?” The girl asked.I smiled genuinely. “No, she went to a party, and things went badly. She said she’s never coming back here.” At last, a partial truth. “I’m sorry, what’s your name?” I asked.“Ah’m sorry… I din’t mean ta’ be rude. Ah’m Wendolyne. Most evr’yone calls me Wendy.” She rose and actually offered her hand, which I had to be careful to shake politely, and in a more manly grip. When she winced, I backed off a bit, realizing I was using too much strength. “I’m sorry, Wendy…” I muttered. “I hope I haven’t hurt you.”She smiled, and showed teeth that could blind welding goggles. “Naw, Ah’m fine… Buut thank pendik escort yew fer bein’ so kahnd!” She replied as we broke the shake.“I’m just going to collect the stuff she asked for, and then I’ll be out of your way…” Then a blinding flash of inspiration hit me. Or maybe it was Van’s poking me in the ribs again. “Unless maybe you would like to grab a drink or something?” I think I was blushing furiously.Her head tilted, and the long, soft waves of her hair fell down her shoulder as she considered me. She had to be thinking I was some sort of cretin for asking her out in the middle of a family member tragedy. Truth be told, I was feeling very awkward about this. Here I was telling her that I was ****d, and yet here I was, collecting my stuff, and trying to hit on a pretty girl, all the while I was still trying to figure out who in the Hell I was, or was going to be. On top of this, my directional pointer had started to show me the way it wanted to go, again. Fuck! Doesn’t this thing ever stop?I started to collect the things I wanted to take with me. My laptop, purse, backpack, the real necessities. My clothes, save for a couple of old sweatshirts and my favorite sleep shirt, all stayed behind. I reached for my pile of text books, and paused. Looking at the times… Trigonometry, history, physics, intro psych, consumer economics, I started to tear up. My hopes and dreams of a happy future were gone. I swallowed hard, and even teared up a little, stalled as I was locked up, frozen in time as the true enormity of the past 48 hours hit me full-force. Courtney the girl, with hopes and dreams to graduate, find a good man, get married and raise his three c***dren were literally gone with the swallow of a pill.I heard a chair sc****, and felt Wendy’s hand on my arm, and the other started to rub my back. Oh, how sweet of a woman she was. She practically oozed kindness.“There, there… it’ll be all-raht.- Ah’m sure yer siyster will be okahy…” she was rubbing my shoulder as she comforted me, and my nose inhaled her perfume. My direction-finder sprung to attention in less time than I thought possible. I cleared my throat and swallowed, taking a moment to rub my heavily-threatening tears away. With blushed cheeks, I looked at her. “I suppose I’ll leave these with you. Maybe you can do something with them. She won’t need them anymore.” I almost broke down hard and cried at those words.Van broke in at that point. “It’ll be okay, Bro… seriously. I’ll help in any way I can.” He then looked to Wendy. “Thank you for being so nice. You don’t have to do anything.”“Ah cain’t let somewun suffer lahke this… It tain’t fayre.” Then she leaned to my ear and whispered “Yes… Tomorra’ nahht at see-ix. Pick me uuup heahr.”Standing upright, she looked me in the eyes as I stood, too. “Yew look lahk a guud gah. Help yer sister an’ ah’ll see yah t’morrah.” Again with that awe-inspiring smile.Pulling myself together, I handed one bag to Van and took the other two. I was actually surprised how easy it was to carry everything. When I moved in, I needed a cart. I gave her a soft, almost weak smile. “Tomorrow at six. I’ll be downstairs. I look forward to it.”Leaving the key on the desk, I left behind my old life forever. I had to make Courtney be a new man, and I had to get my shit together quickly. I had my first date, with a girl I was finding to be amazingly cute!Van was silent as we made it outside, until we were well out of sight and half-way to his car. Then he exploded.“Dude! Do you know what you just did?” I felt his hearty slap on my back, which would have normally knocked me flat on my face. It just jolted me a little. “Way to play the pity card! You got yourself a date with a smokin’ hot girl, with a killer accent, and it took you less than ten minutes! Hell, kartal escort it took me three weeks to get a date, and I was practically begging for her to go out.”I looked back at him, a little sheepish. “Then why do I feel like shit?”“Because you look like shit, Court… So let’s do something that is universal to guys and girls. Let’s go shopping!”———————————-Clothes shopping had been incredibly easy. I had everything I needed, now. Cash, ATM card, credit cards. I let my cell phone battery die, and left it that way, and while we were out, got a new one. With Van’s advice, I had started burying girl-Courtney and creating boy- Courtney. Van had left me at his place to go sort out my new clothes and get my head together, while he went out. About an hour later, he returned, carrying a black plastic trash bag.“We, Sir, hit paydirt! But damn, you owe me huge for this…” Van exclaimed as he shut the door behind him. “Don’t open this.” He advised, dropping the bag near the front door.“What is it?”“It is your old clothes and hair from the party,” he spoke almost conspiratorially, “plus some of your dried up puke.”I blanched and made a grossed-out face.“What the Hell makes you so happy about this?”Van rolled his eyes, and took a seat next to me, and spoke gently.“Don’t you see? This is your exit strategy. I had to create mine… You have yours already.” Then he paused. “Courtney… to sell this, you have to end girl Courtney… end your old life. Everything you knew, everything you had, it all has to go. Friends, family, everyone. You have to do what I had to do. Kill yourself… but live through it.”That was it. Dam-busters time. The tears rolled before I knew what hit me, and in less than the time it took for a room to get dark after a burnt-out light bulb, I was bawling. Full-on, soul-clearing crying. Crying so hard that your stomach hurts, your nose runs, and you cough. Van did something that at the time I thought was a real son-of-a bitch thing to do, but instead of comforting me, he backed away. He left me alone to cry, and to feel miserable. To be forlorn and to lose hope. To cry about the destruction of my life, and the loss of my family. All my comfort, all the things I knew, loved, and trusted. All of it had to go. He was right, I realized about forty-five minutes later. When I was empty, and exhausted, and bloodshot-eyed. Old Courtney had to go. To do otherwise would confuse the authorities, and likely get me charged with my own death. But it hurt, and it sucked, and there was nothing I could do about it. The only way for me to have a life was to move on from my old one. I had to kill the girl. For months, and even years to come, there would be weak moments, where I would melt down and just lose it. Funerals were my destruction. Every time for the rest of my life, I would melt down at a funeral, even if I never knew the decedent. It would remind me of the me whom I had to lose, the me I had to kill, the me whom I loved most.So after I recovered, and Van saw it was safe to come near me, he asked if he could help me plan. I looked up to him, and feeling like shit, said “Yeah, what do you have in mind?”“This one goes simple. Girl Courtney, well, she went to a party, and got messed up on d**gs. Only she was overdosed, and killed by a sicko pervert. He then did some emotionally disturbing things to her body, and then took the body and tossed it into the old rock quarry in Hawksville. The rest he bagged and tossed into the dump in Williams County. Clean, clear, no muss, no fuss and no way to connect you to her, to them, and everything else. We’ve drained your accounts, and so you have enough to live on for a while, if you stay here.”I gave him a look that said “Don’t be stupid, of course I’m staying here!”Van then went on. “So maltepe escort night after tomorrow, we go do the deed, and old Courtney is gone and new Cortney will have the beginnings of a new life!”I have him a dubious look. “Really? Is it that easy? I mean…” my voice trailed off.Now he gave me a patronizing look. “Look, Dude…” He then stopped when he saw my expression.“Courtney, get used to it. You are a guy now, and people will be calling you dude for like forever plus twenty years. Embrace the suck, as my brother used to say.”I nodded in assent. “Alright… you were going to say?”“Let’s count up where we are. You have a new look, new clothes, and money. You have a roof over your head, and most amazing of all, a date with a screaming hot chick tomorrow night! Court, it took me almost three months to get where you are in three days!”I sat back for a long moment, and pondered this. Perhaps he was right? Maybe I was, in the worst possible scenario, still the luckiest I could hope to be?—————————-I was nervous as I walked up to Wendy’s place. I was dressed up, well, in a pair of Chinos, a sports shirt and a coat. Casual shoes and I was cleaned up. Van said I looked good enough that Vanessa would have said yes on the first date. Personally, I think he was bullshitting me, but the words helped. This was going to be new to me. I had never gone on a date before.Okay, yes, I had. But never as the guy. I was used to being pursued, to being persuaded, to being catered to. Now I was doing the pursuing, persuading and catering. Entering the dorm, I almost fell over. Maybe it was my new body, maybe it was because Wendy was actually a naturally pretty girl. But at that moment, my direction finder started to turn on. Wendy wasn’t pretty, she was drop-dead gorgeous!Like me, she had dressed up a bit for this, only she had a sense of style girl-Courtney would never have been able to match. If I had still been a girl, I would have been green with envy, and lightning mad at being upstaged even after she just woke up from bed. As they saying goes, she had it going on! She had done her hair into alight, layered and flared look, and was wearing a gold satin d****-top satin blouse and leather leggings that clung to her body like paint. Not to mention killer heels that made her look all the sexier.Speechless as I drew up to her, she giggled a little. “Am Ah ov’r-dreesed?”I had to take a deep breath to collect myself. “No, you look stunning. I am lucky to be with you tonight.” My words slipped from my tongue easily, as if I already knew the best things to say. Then it dawned on me. I DID know what to say! Who better to date a girl, than a guy with a girl’s brain? Suddenly, my whole world snapped into a clear picture. I knew how to handle the world, and it was all thanks to this traffic-stopping girl in front of me.She smiled and clung to my arm, and we went on our date. All went amazingly well, actually, as I knew things a girl would know, and was able to add some details from my world to make me be that much more intriguing. All of this was while I didn’t come off sounding condescending, arrogant, or predatory. I wasn’t looking for a one-night stand, nor was I looking to pressure the woman into a life-time commitment. Right then I wanted a new friend, and by the end of the night, I had one. I walked her to the door, and stopped here, wanting to be the gentleman I would have wanted for a date of my own. I smiled to her, and began to fumble my words, not sure how to word what I truly wanted, which was to see her again.Wendy saved me, with that killer smile and accent. “Yew knowww. Ah’m not th’ tahpe of girrl ta’ kiss onna’ ferst date, but if Ah wuz, then this is whut Ah’d dew…” She lifted her upturned face to mine and offered her perfect, red-painted lips to mine. This part I had down, and when our lips meshed, at first it was just the softest of caresses, before turning into a long, almost lewd, passionate French kiss. The kiss made time stop, and shut out the rest of the world. In that moment, there was only two of us. Wendy and Courtney, the boy. Make that Courtney the man.

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