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A Voyeur’s Frigid Wife

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A Voyeur’s Frigid WifeMy names Johnny, I’m fifty-eight married to Joan twenty years my junior. We’ve one daughter of eighteen. My wife’s father was a minister of a strict fundamentalist church. It had been drummed into her that sex is dirty unless it is done for the purpose of procreation, no other form of sexual relationships should be allowed.Also no form of contraceptive must be used, after all if sex is only for procreation there’s no problem is there? She was nineteen when I married her, pretty with what seemed a good figure as far as I could tell. I hadn’t seen her unclothed before the wedding because of her religious views.Our first honeymoon night was a non-event. Her mother had told her to keep her nighty on and the light off and not let any man even her husband see her body, as it would inflame him. She lay in the missionary position and let me have sex with her, but showed no enthusiasm. I came but it was an anticlimax, I hoped I could awaken her eventually.But it didn’t happen that way because she was soon pregnant. She wouldn’t allow me to take her during her pregnancy; it wasn’t an act of procreation was it? Nine months later she gave birth to our daughter after a rough pregnancy and decided she didn’t want to go through that again so more sex was banned.I owned a small photographic shop that did passports, portraits and weddings. But naturally I was frustrated, I looked at the brides and bridesmaids being photographed and lusted after them. I fixed up a discreetly hidden C.C.T.V. link in the ladies changing room through a two-way mirror, so I could watch more discretely. Adding a video for later viewing.Usually I just got a glimpse of bra or panties that was until our next-door neighbour’s eighteen-year-old daughter came in. She was to have her photo taken in her bridesmaids dress.I watched her undressed to bra and thong and try on the gown. She seemed to find it a bit tight and so to my great pleasure stripped completely. Taking the dress off she started to masturbate lying naked on the floor facing the mirror with her legs spread wide. I was fascinated with her perfect body big tits and long hanging pussy lips.She orgasmed shuddering as if she was having a fit for several minutes. By then I’d cum over the back of the mirror. Now I had my own really blue voyeur movie.I remembered sometimes she sunbathed in the next-door’s enclosed garden, so fixed up another C.C.T.V system covering their patio. Though I watched hopefully she didn’t come out, but her mother Jane a divorced woman of forty did.As I watched she stripped completely and lay on her back and rubbed sun tan oil on her body. She’d a similar figure to her daughters except her breasts were larger about 36DD and tantalizingly droopy, with nice big areola around long nipples.She opened her legs and spread oil on her pussy; I could see that long labia ran in the family, hers hung down a good three inches. She was completely shaved and rubbing the oil in had turned her on and this soon changed to full masturbation. She tweaked her nipples and her clit furiously and started to call out, “I need a mans cock NOW!”My knob was like a steel bar, but dare I go round? My wife was down the church again so I decided to risk it. I was through our gate and down her front path at a sprint. She was on the back patio so hadn’t seen me yet, I peered round and could see her still going strong and now shouting urgently. “I need a man NOW!”I crept up and said, “Will this man do?” She flinched on hearing me but she was so worked up she exclaimed, “Yes come on quick!” My shorts were off in a split second and I tried to stick my pole straight in. But she said, “No, do me in a sixty-nine.” Well that was better than nothing, a lot better than nothing; I buried my face in her pussy while she sucked me hard and fast.Her pussy smelt of the sun oil and glistened, I licked her clit as she sucked my cock. I was amazed to see her inner lips start to grow and protrude through her shaven slit. They were lighter pink and were opening like flower petals, while this happened her clit emerged from its hood, standing out about an inch and a half like a mini penis.Jane started to tremble and came even more violently than her daughter. She ejaculated loads of female cum all over my face, just as my own orgasm started. Without doubt I came more powerful than I’d ever done. A dozen strong steams of spunk went into her mouth and she milked me for more.When we’d recovered she said, “Lets have a shower together,” Of course I agreed. Now stiff again I attempted to fuck her properly and put my cum in her pussy. But she wouldn’t let me, instead she wanked my cock furiously until the friction hurt. Again I came fiercely this time all over her hand.We lay on her bed and she told me her problem. “I can’t have any more babies or it will kill me. But I’m extremely fertile, though I can’t use the pill or even condoms, as I’m allergic to them. So I make it a rule that I only have bareback sex with guys and then only with ones that have had bursa escort the snip. If you want to screw me you’ll have to have the op I’m afraid.” If you do I’ll want you to fuck me several times a week.I was so frustrated with my wife’s frigidity it was no contest. I contacted a doctor out of town to do it for me, so my wife wouldn’t hear about it and put two and two together. Afterwards I was sore for several days but Jane was pleased and we were soon fucking each other every time the coast was clear.It felt wonderful cuming in her pussy and though she knew it couldn’t happen now she would shout, “Give me a baby make me pregnant Johnny!” This never failed to have me shooting hard inside her cunt.Our affair went on for a whole year and I was genuinely in love with Jane and thinking of leaving my frigid wife for her when the bombshell hit. Jane said, ” I love fucking you Johnny but you’re two old to settle down with and married. I’ve found a guy of my age at my work, he’s rich has asked me to marry him and I’ve accepted. He’s being transferred abroad next month and I’m going with him.” When our daughter was eighteen she went to university in America. With her away my wife got broody and decided we should have another c***d. It shouldn’t take that long she said. Little did she know I couldn’t father c***dren any more and I daren’t tell her the reason!So we continued our boring sex, me spewing spermless ejaculations into her unresponsive pussy. But of course nothing came of it, now she was suggesting going for check ups to see what was wrong. I keep putting her off but she was getting insistent. I was worried she’d make an appointment and I’d be found out.Then we had dreadful news our daughter had been hit by a truck and badly injured. Worse still she wasn’t insured and couldn’t be brought back to England or it would kill her.Having to raise money for her treatment we sold our house and moved into a small flat above the rented photographic shop. When this money and all our savings was used up we borrowed to our limit. We were in dreadful debt and the doctors demanding money urgently!I was searching for any work to get the money. Hearing of our plight a professional colleague contacted me to see if I’d take some faked olden style photos. He knew I’d always collected old photographic equipment including several ancient plate cameras.I told the guy I could do it, but when I asked what was wanted was told sexy shots in old costumes. He particularly wanted shots of a young guy with an older woman, so it was suggestive of an i****tuous relationship.At first my wife said no way as it was against her religious beliefs. But the guy told us how much he’d pay and it was enough to keep our c***d alive for another month. So reluctantly we accepted the commission and the man gave us the money in advance. Immediately we sent it to our daughter’s doctors, now we were committed and had to do as the man said.We checked on the price of models but we were broke and couldn’t afford to pay them. I had an idea; our daughter’s previous boyfriend Charley who was also eighteen lived next door. He’d said he’d do anything to help us save our daughter. So I suggested to my wife that he pose with her.She said no and cried, but her maternal instinct over came her reluctance and she eventually agreed. However this was on condition both of them stayed clothed. I contacted Charlie and he said yes anything to save her. Charley was my size and even had similar features, in fact he was as near as possible to a more muscular teenage version of me.Before we started I fixed up more of the C.C.T.V. camera links that I had in stock. I set the angles in a way that covered the entire shoot. Then I attached them to a splitter box, this allowed the six angles to be displayed on six split screen sections of the monitor in my dark room.I’d paid a lot of money for this system before the accident. It was the latest digitised model so could be used to zoom in on any camera that I chose. Plus if one camera picked up something interesting I could put it on full screen playback. This didn’t affect the other cameras that were still constantly recording so I could check them later from the massive hard disk computerized system.On the day of the shoot I’d got them to dress in the old style clothes and took photos with the ancient plate camera. To get the effect we needed required the models to stay in one position for three minute’s. There was a timer that could be set to ping when the shutter fell.My wife changed into a dress with a low cut bodice while I watched her through the camera. She had to take her old style bra off and for the first time I saw rather than just felt her breasts. I’d always known they were a really big EE cup size, but never realized how beautiful they’d look. Sagging with their own weight they took my breath away. Joan was visibly shaking when she posed with the young man. We followed the list of instructions our paymaster had given me. She had to sit on his lap with his arms around bursa escort bayan her; Charley was a gentleman apart from staring at her bust. There were a few other not very daring poses and my wife didn’t comment on his interest in her boobs. The photos were sent off and the customer was delighted. He sent more cash, four times more than before. This was forwarded to our daughter’s doctors immediately.But then when our customer gave us the list of the type of photos he wanted for the extra money Joan was shocked. This time he required nude shots and simulated sex acts. “No chance” she said. So I phoned the man and he said send the money back. Of course we hadn’t got it anymore. Joan cried her heart out but knew there was no other way and very reluctantly agreed to do the shots.She reminded me no man had ever seen her naked not even myself her husband. Now she had to undress in front of a much younger man the same age as her daughter. She reminded me she’d never seen even seen a nude man including me her husband. But to save our c***d she was willing sacrifice her strong religious beliefs.The next day she stripped naked and came in nervously with her arms clasped across her bust and kept her legs together trying to protect what modesty she could.Charlie was nude and I saw her mouth fall open just looking sideways at his very muscular back and buttocks. When he turned round and we both saw his penis, my wife’s mouth opened in awe. Though his cock was still flaccid it was well over five inches long with truly massive balls. He wasn’t exactly like me after all; I only had five inches when my cock was hard. My first sight of Joan’s pussy was great it was absolutely lovely with its sparse blond hair covering.I told Joan the first photo was to be with Charlie leering at her bust. I set it up; although they weren’t touching they were in very close proximity. Joan looked embarrassed and they had to hold the pose for three minute’s.I rushed into the dark room and watched, zooming in on their genitals. They held the pose, and I could see her pussy getting wet. It was also noticeable Charlie’s cock had grown another inch.I took three more shots all a bit more risky each time; the third had him sucking her nipple. Joan looked shocked but allowed it hesitantly; they again had to hold the pose for the regulation three minute’s.In the darkroom watching I could see by this time Charlie’s cock was fully hard, around ten inches long and thick as a drink can. Pre cum was oozing from its red bulbous helmet. Joan’s nipples were distended and dampness was dripping from her pussy. Her labia was puffed up and swollen with lust from seeing and being close to Charlie’s massive cock. Soon I had my own cock out and was rubbing it furiously at the horney scene before me. Then my own lust gave me an idea!Joan said she had to go to the loo and taking my chance I asked Charlie if he fancied Joan. He said, “I really do, look how hard she’s made me.” I asked him, “Would you like to fuck her?” “Yes of course I would, I’ve always fancied older women!” he replied.”Well I’ve got to get real sex photos, but Joan won’t stand for it. If I get her posed in the right way will you do her for me?” I asked “Sure will” he said, “but what if I cum in her, I may make your wife pregnant?” “That’s all right” I said, “In fact I want you to impregnate her. If the idea turns you on enough I should get the expressions our paymaster wants, it’s for your old girl friend!” “I’ll do it for her! ” He said.I knew he was really doing it for himself. Who wouldn’t be excited when a lovely woman’s husband asks you a much younger man to give his own mature big-busted wife a baby!My idea would fulfil my voyeuristic goal of watching another man fuck my wife. Secondly it would put some virile sperms inside her vagina and hopefully impregnate her, as my blanks couldn’t do it.It was brilliant! If she got pregnant by him the c***d would still look quite a lot like me. Then she wouldn’t make me go for the tests and I’d have got away with having the operation and my adultery! When Joan returned I set up the next pose, it was with him performing cunnilingus on her. She balked at this “I can’t let him do that, nobodies ever done that to me it’s disgusting!” She protested. But again I reminded her it was to save our daughter.Sighing she nodded then sat on the chair spreading her legs; Charlie knelt, put out his tongue and licked her clitoris. She was trying to pretend she was ignoring it, but when I checked the C.C.T.V. I watched as her clit grew until it peeked out of its hood red and swollen.My wife was noticeably sexually exited despite her life long hang-ups. I set the next pose up with Charley on the chair with his cock sticking up and her as if she was about to drop on it. From my voyeur point in the dark room I examined her body. Both her nipples were standing out fully engorged and her labia were now swollen and dropping dampness directly on to his knob. She was excited and his cock twitched and rose until escort bursa it was touching her outer labia. She tried not to move for the picture but raised a fraction to escape his cock’s touch.This time I was back before the timer sounded and standing behind them. As it pinged she tried to rise from him. But I pretended to trip and fall, supporting my weight on her shoulders. This forced her vagina down until her slippery tube fully engulfing his rock hard penis.Pretending I wasn’t aware of what had happened I replaced the photographic plate, only pretending to set the timer. “Right” I said, “it’s my last plate, so hold that pose for three minute’s!” Then left before she could protest.This time I zoomed the cameras right up to her labia, I could see his cock fully imbedded in her vagina. Dampness was running out of her cunt like a dripping tap, I looked at her face, her expression was a mixture of fright and absolute bliss emphasized by her flushed cheeks. After all his cock was twice the length and width of mine and in her kitty as far as it would go. Both of their face’s were now pictures of rampant lust.By this time I was almost coming myself. I shouted, “Just got to pop out for a while!” Then slammed the front door so they thought I wasn’t there. But really I scuttled back to the dark room with my hard cock in my hand.As I watched Joan arched her back and shook in a massive orgasm probably her first ever. It was amazing because they hadn’t moved she’d cum just from having his massive shaft so far inside her vagina. Her tits trembled and she shuddered uncontrollably and was completely unable to stay still any longer, forgetting all about holding still for three minutes. She began frantically jumping up and down on his rod to get as much friction as possible and drag the much younger mans virile cock even deeper inside her.Then she surprised me by screaming, “Fuck me Charlie fill me with your spunk, give me your baby!” With this extra stimulus he couldn’t hold on even if he’d wanted to. He certainly didn’t and with his face contorting he shot load after load of his birthing fluid into my wife’s unprotected womb. Charlie grabbed her nipples at the same time and twisted them hard. She squealed in pure pleasure and lust dragging on his buttocks so that he went even further up her sloppy cunt. I knew it was her most fertile time of the month as she’d made me try for a baby for months on that day. This thought overpowered me and I shot my load in synchronization with his buttock clenching ejaculations.They still believed I was out and she amazed and thrilled me. My till then frigid wife bent herself forwards over the chair and told the now stiff cocked again Charlie to fuck her cunt from the back. He didn’t need to be told twice and stuffed it right up her vagina in one go. They thrust against each other like wide things until she shuddered again almost threw him off. Now she wailed like a banshee and both ordered and pleaded with him at the same time. “Fuck me hard, GIVE ME YOUR BABY CHARLIE!”Charlie’s buttocks were thrusting rhythmically as he again came hard inside my now sluty wife’s sopping cunt. He was in her so deeply I knew he must have been ejaculating his birthing fluid right into her uterus. Spraying streams of his young mans virile cum directly into her highly fertile womb. My cock was so hard again and worked up myself I genuinely hoped her impregnation request would be answered by the young mans sperm.She French kissed him then dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock and wank him at the same time. He felt for her clit and rubbed it like a maniac. Within seconds he came again in her mouth and she shuddered in a third orgasm. Was this really the frigid wife I’d married and that had hated all sexual contact?Suddenly she realized what she’d just done and started to worry, “Quickly Charley she said get your clothes on he’ll be back soon.” On cue I slammed the door again and strode into the room. “It’s about time you went home Charley” I said, and he was off still dressing. She tried to dress as well, but I stopped her. “Come on dear you said you want me to give you a baby now’s our chance.” I could see her thinking; ‘if I let him and I get pregnant he’ll think it was him.’ She replied, “Ok then do me!”I licked her puffy pussy lips and dragged some of her new young lovers sperm out of her hole with my tongue. She looked anxious in case I realized that the white goo was her lovers cream pie but relived when I made no comment.We had a long hard ‘sloppy seconds’ shagging and I added my sterile cum to his virile sperm. It was by far the best sex we’d ever had together, because she was enthusiastic instead of uninterested for the first time.Sure enough my wife got Pregnant with Charlie’s twins that first time. Despite this our marriage has changed completely for the better, now she wants me to fuck her constantly. I also know she’s fucking Charley behind my back though she hasn’t admitted it. But he phones me each time he shags her and I never fail to give her sloppy seconds. Them cuckolding me really turn’s me on, in fact I want him to make her pregnant again when the babies are born.The only problem is the money for our daughter’s treatment runs out at the end of the month!

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