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A Week in Florence

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The three of us had been assigned the long project without our knowledge, however the detail that we had a long week in Florence working with the Italian partners meant that neither of us argued with the decision.

After months of hard work we found ourselves boarding a busy flight from the UK. I had only met one of my colleagues once before, a bubbly read-head called Melanie. We sat together on the flight, chatting away about our work and home life. I soon discovered that she was a single mum in her early 40’s, separated a few years, with an interest in music, outdoors and cycling. We immediately started sharing cycle tour experiences, her bright laugh bringing a smile to my face.

The third floor apartment we had been provided with was close to the Italian offices, but was a self-catering unit due to the lack of hotels available in the tourist season. It worked well with us being able to come and go for work as needed, eating in glorious café’s and restaurants every day. The only negative was the space was quite intimate, with one room en-suite and a shared bathroom for the other two rooms. Our senior colleague took the en-suite room which was on the corridor with the bathroom, leaving Melanie and I wandering through the lounge to the shared bathroom from our rooms. It also meant that our rooms adjoined and had a stunning Italian view across an ancient street and pan tile roofs. Very much out of the main town, our very busy street was heaving with locals in the sweltering early summer heat and so we slept with windows open, but closed down the shutters through the day.

After three days of hard work we were both confident the project was going well and feeling more relaxed. Our hosts recommended a great pizzeria for the evening, and a few of our new Italian colleagues arranged to meet us there later that night. It had been the hottest day yet, and the walk home had all three of us pale brits dripping with sweat. We sat at a crowded street bar, all three of us around a small table, for a cold drink to end the day. As we settled in, Melanie had to move her chair to let other guests move to their seats. Her knee now rested against my leg, something that drew quite a response from me. I noticed her wonderful, rounded bust now more visible as she had removed the suit jacket she had been wearing before this time. Her sleeveless blouse was perfect for the heat, with a cut downwards from the top of her collar showing the top of her back.

Later that night we found ourselves squeezed into the pizzeria, drinking some more and enjoying good company. To my enjoyment Melanie was squeezed up against me somewhat on the long bench seats and we shared a laughter filled evening. Our walk back to the apartment revealed that our senior colleague was rather drunk, and so on arriving back at the apartment we had to help her upstairs and left her to sleep in her room. All evening I enjoyed the light dress Mealanie wore, revealing a lot more of her skin than her business dressing did, with thin straps and a plunging back.

“I’ve been so hot today – I am going to take a shower” announced Melanie as she walked across the lounge with a towel across her arm. She headed into the bathroom as I continued to read the days news on my phone. From the sofa I could just see the bathroom door in the corridor opposite, this I noticed as the shower sound was rather loud. Glancing up I noticed that she hadn’t closed the door fully, leaving the sounds of her shower and the harsh lighting streaming across the room at me.

By now my brain was thinking – was this deliberate or accidental? The alcohol played it’s part, leaving me with raging thoughts and an eye open to observe what I could. She stepped out the shower and I caught a brief glimpse of her pink skin, rounded bottom and freckled back reaching for the towel. I was sure her head turned to look at the door, through the lounge at me. Embarrassed I went back to my phone, head down and blushing.

“Could you help please?” Melanie asked, stood wrapped in a towel in front of me.

“I burned my back a little today on the way home. Us red-heads go from milk white to burnt in moments!” She laughed nervously.

“Of course” I replied, noticing her towel only covered down to her upper thigh and tied neatly across her chest. Indeed her shoulders were red, a clear strap mark, and then some more sun-burn across her chest and upper breasts.

She sat next to me, turned to offer her shoulders and holding over them an after sun lotion. “Can you just reach my back with this?” she quietly asked, while lifting her hair out the way.

Taking the lotion, I squirted a good amount of the cool cream into my hand. I used one hand to start smearing the cream onto the nape of her neck and back where the shape of her dress was clear in red, with an even redder section where her blouse of earlier had it’s cutout. I had misjudged and now found myself with too much cream, her back steaked white over the red and freckled skin.

“Oh sincan escort bayan my, that is too much!” I said, wondering what to now do. I put the bottle down, rubbed my palms together but to no avail – I had too much.

“Just go lower” she said, lowering the towel by untying it at the front and allowing it to slacken off. I could now see the sunburn went down her back, and as my eyes looked I could make out more of her mid and lower back down in the towel. I duly did so, sliding now both hands around her back, both where the burn was and each side to use up the cream. I felt her shoulders droop, muscles relaxing further, and as I lifted my eyes over her shoulder I had an amazing view of her upper breasts, towel and hand barely covering the lower curves. She was a rounded C-cup

“It’s still too much” I complained, holding up my hands still covered in the cream.

“Oh dear! Why don’t you put it on my shoulders and front?” She twisted around on the sofa, holding the two sides of the towel closed over her breasts, but parted to expose her thighs and tummy. My stolen glance must have been obvious, I blushed and reached to rub the cream onto the outside of her shoulders. She too reached down in an attempt to pull the corner of the towel over her lightly red pussy hair and thighs.

We were now nearly facing, knees touching, her breasts barely covered, my hands on her shoulders and eyes averted from each other. I moved my hands around to finish the last of the cream across her collar bones. She stood up quite quickly, blushing as red as her sunburn, drawing the towel around her as she did so. This gave a brief flash of the curve into her bum, further drawing a physical response from my rapidly stiffening cock.

“Night then” she said and nipped past me to her room door. I sat for a moment considering what had just happened, feeling awkward and horny at the same time. I collected my towel and went for a quick shower.

As I lay in bed shortly afterward, windows open to the cool air on my still damp skin, I had a hand around my rock-hard cock. My head was full of thoughts for Melanie and that glorious red pussy hair. I was stroking slowly, enjoying the thoughts and imagining what Melanie would be like in bed. Lost in my thoughts I barely heard the whisper from my door.

“Mike?” she asked.

I startled, quickly covering myself with a sheet despite being in the dark and behind a door. “Yes?” I quietly replied, heart beating and blushing in equal measure.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

I faltered, my boner would have been clear to see if the light was on, but the only light was against the shadows thrown by the shutters from the light below.

“Come in” I said, sitting up against my pillows, and placing my hands in my lap to cover up.

She stepped in, oddly still only in the towel. “Can I ask you another favour?” she whispered.

“Of course” I replied.

She took a step forward, closing the door behind her. “I’ve been thinking, I think your really nice. I’m not with anyone at the moment. I think you were looking at me before” I could just make out her face, intently looking at me for a response, her hand clutching that towel across her front again. She sat down, still looking at me. “Were you?” she asked.

I was working out how to answer her, she let go of the white towel exposing her ample boobs and curves to the near darkness. Her hand moved onto my leg, just about knee level under the sheet I had covered myself up with. Taken a little by surprise, I started to speak “Melanie, I…” but was cut off as her hand slid over my knee, gently squeezing.

“Just tell me if you don’t want to” she purred, leaning in and looking for a reaction. Her hand was now dangerously mid-thigh and sliding further up.

“Of course I do” I replied “You’re gorgeous”. I sat up, trying to move closer to her. Just as I moved, her hand brushed across my cock and she instinctively closed her fingers.

“My word!” she exclaimed “You do want it!” I could see her smile, and leaned in to kiss her. Both of us gently made contact, lips feeling every last moment of a lingering kiss. Her unmoving hand must have felt the involuntary twitch as we connected.

Quickly rearranging ourselves, her moving to sit further up the bed, my hands reaching for her face, we kissed more passionately, learning how each other’s lips and tongues moved. Emotions rippled through through us, breathing quickening. Her passionate embrace pulled me closer, her breasts warmly pressing against me, I could feel her warmth. We kissed some more, our heads moving and our hands starting to roam some more.

“Here” I motioned and moved, intending her to slide onto the bed with me. She half stood, and returned onto the bed, giving me a view of her naked in the darkness before me. She lay down, tucking her shoulder under mine, one arm behind my back, and one hand pulling my face back in for a kiss.

“I’m not normally like this.” she whispered. eryaman escort “I don’t sleep around. I just need…”

“I know. It’s fine. Let’s enjoy the time and each other” I replied “I’ve no expectations”.

“I need you to know. I haven’t been with anyone since my divorce. Please take it easy?”

“Of course we will, you just tell me what you want, ok?” I was looking for a response in her face, but she replied with a kiss, her head and shoulders pressing me back down onto my pillow, her leg sliding over mine. We remained kissing, but my hand was now wandering her shoulder, her flank, her hip, back up her side and finally to her soft breast. My thumb brushed the dimples of her aureole, and found her soft nipple. She sighed, encouraging me on, and within a few seconds I felt her nipple harden. It continued to stand out, pulling forward and cresting out under my fingers.

“I’m sorry, they’re like that” she whispered

“Like what?”

“They are so big when I am turned on. They have always been like that. Sorry” she muttered.

“I love that” I said “So hot”, bending down my face and cupping her boob. My tongue made contact with the end of her nipple, now a good centimetre or more proud and rigid. Her head fell back as I marvelled at what my tongue and lips felt. She was right, her nipples were huge.

He hand which had been pulling my face close now slid down my chest, over the sheet and returned to my cock.

Squeezing gently, she moved her hand up and down. “God that is hot to touch” she commented, the heat spreading through the sheet that was between her hand and my skin. “Your quite big too” she encouraged and flattered me. We took a moment as I suckled her boob while her hand gently wanked me. He breathing quickened and I could feel her leg pulling her in, grinding her pussy against my hip.

“Oh god!” she gasped “stop that, it hurts so”, pushing my head up from her boob. “I am too sensitive there. I can’t stand it for long, Sorry”.

“Please don’t apologise” I quietly said. “I just need you to tell me and show me what works for you. What turns you on?”

“I am so turned on. Since the moment I decided to come into your room, I have been turned on. And what you’re doing is lovely” she countered.

She pulled at the sheet, trying to remove the barrier between our skins. We both had to move and lift up, pulling the sheet out and pushing it down with our feet. Nothing between us now, she pulled back in for a kiss in the same position, but changed her mind and rolled up onto my thighs, astride me and kissing deeply. I could feel the heat of her sex and feel her weight as she sat down on my legs. Her kissing became intense, our lips and tongues deeply intertwined.

As she kissed me, my hands roamed around her boobs and side, down around her hips and thighs. The heat of the night meant her skin was still warm to touch. Her hand reached down to my cock again, that awkward wank of a hand in between two bodies didn’t work so well though. Her lips moved from mine to my chest, both my nipples, down across my belly. She shuffled backwards, still astride my legs, and bent her head down.

Her gentle lips found my cock, where she placed little kisses, her hand gently pulling down on my skin to reveal the head. She continued to kiss along my shaft, back up to my head, and down the shaft again. Finally, the warmth of her mouth took me in, her hand and mouth now working as one. As blow jobs go, it was intense and gentle.

She paused to speak to me “I’m not good at this, I hope it is OK?”

“It is lovely, I am so turned on you need to be careful”.

“I don’t do finishing like this” she said “I don’t like it”

I reached down and pulled her face up to mine, kissing her again as a response. “You don’t have to. But I have to return the favour…” I tried to roll her off me, so that I could re-arrange and go down on her, but she resisted.

“I’m OK. It isn’t my thing really…” She kissed me again. “Can we just do it? I am so ready.”

“Of course, hang on, I have some protection here somewhere” I leaned across to the bag I had next to the bed and rummaged for the inside pocket that had some condoms in.

“Oh, quite prepared aren’t you?” her giggle told me it was a joke as she moved back a touch to let me reach over.

I found what I was looking for, opened the packet and started to roll the condom on.

“You are quite big” she stated. “I mean, quite thick. I mean…please be gentle. Oh god, I haven’t shaved properly, I wasn’t expecting this. Oh no, I…”

“It is OK” I reassured “We don’t have to do this, we can take our time”.

“Please do, I want this. I am just, well, rather not prepared. And I am a bit, you know, well, lippy down there” she apologised.

“That’s great. I love that. You’ll be perfect.” as I spoke I moved my hand from putting the condom on the few centimetres across to her pussy. Finding her pubes in the dark, my hand slid down and met quite the nub of a clitoris etimesgut bayan escort and a very wet set of pussy lips. My fingers in the dark had to feel their way around, the newness of her pussy meant I fumbled a little, before feeling her lips open up. She leant back some more, rolling her hips and opening up further to my fingers. She was so wet, her slightly rolling hips encouraging me to keep touching, her gasps confirming the pleasure.

I had to reach back to finish putting the condom on, and in the pause she asked if it was ready. Kneeling up more, she manoeuvred up above me, one leg rocking her slightly to the side. Her hand pulled my cock upwards, feeling its resistance. With one hand she spread her lips, the other guiding me towards her pussy. Melanie took her time to settle onto my cock, her pussy taking its time to allow me in.

“Fuck, that is tight” she whispered, lifting up again, before sliding down a few more millimetres. As she took more of me in, her hand now steadied her on my shoulder. The warmth of her engulfing me was amazing, and after a few attempts she sank as deep onto me as our legs would allow. I was unable to offer much movement, with her weight keeping me in place and arm on my shoulder.

I reached up to her nipples, finding two points now both firm warm to my hands. Her hips rocked a little and she tried to move up and down, but her now flat kneeling position prevented much movement. We tried, badly, to time our movements, but both were lost in the feelings of a new body around us and not in time.

“Hang on” she said, moving off me, allowing my cock to rebound with a slap on my stomach. She lay down the other side of the bed, pulled me close and encouraged me over and into her spread legs. As soon as my cock touched her pussy, she reached down to help me in. Those long lips clearly needed some help, but as soon as I could, I pushed deep into her folds, to a gasp from her. She opened her legs wide, allowing me to move up a little and fully bottom out. I started to move more, taking slow and long thrusts, revelling in the feeling and the response I was getting from her. Her hands pulled at my shoulders, her feet behind my thighs gently encouraging each movement back in.

“Oh god that’s good” I said, breaking the silence of a few minutes.

She nodded and pushed my lower back to increase my thrust back in.

“How is that for you?” I asked “Does this bring you off?”

“Umm, its lovely. Your so nice. I like it slow.”

“Good, but that doesn’t answer my question.” I was keen to ensure she came, as I knew I was going to explode shortly. “I want to help you cum” I whispered. “What is the best way for you?”

“ummm, I’m a bit, well, not sure” she muttered. “I’ve not had anyone ask that before.”

“Well, what does then? A different position? My fingers or mouth? What?” I had stopped my movements and propped myself up, feeling her around me still.

“Well it isn’t through this” she said. A moment later she pushed back on my hips, encouraging me to withdraw. I did, and knelt up between her spread legs, barely making out her soaking pussy in the dark.

“Spoon me” she said and indicated I should lie to her side. I did, sliding in and downwards to help. She arranged a leg over me, and pulled herself in, my cock between her bum cheecks, her back slightly turned but basically on her back. I reached between us, held my cock and tried to re-enter her. She deftly helped me inside, but pressed my hand onto her pussy as she did so.

My fingers now worked gently, finding that soft but obvious clitoris. I barely thrust, just keeping myself half in and feeling her pussy give way around the bulbous head. Her pussy lips were making it hard to feel how deep I was, and hard not to cum there and then. As my fingers circled her clit, I felt her hips roll with the movement, encouraging.

“Gentle, like this?” I asked, putting hardly any pressure on her clit. “Or more like this?” and I added pressure to my fingers. She replied by covering my hand and showing me a gentle rub, with a very light pressure. We lay entwined, feeling each others response growing. My fingers moved, our hips rocking gently, feeling the soft warmth of each others sex. Soon her hips began pushing back, sliding down on my cock at an angle and slightly deeper.

Suddenly her leg over me began to shake her hips pushing into me more, she gasped loudly, throwing her head back. I could feel her pussy tighten in waves as she stopped moving. I took the opportunity to push more firmly into her, enjoying the slickness and slackness I now felt. We clung tight while I thrust a few last times, exploding in a powerful series of surges.

We lay, sweating in the darkness but comfortably wrapped around each other.

She whispered to me “that was so good. No-ones done that to me in a long time.”

“It was” I replied “That was so hot”

She giggled “I know – I am so sweaty! This heat…”

We disconnected and I stepped up to clean myself up. She lay on the bed naked, one leg slightly apart and an arm behind her head. It was a glorious sight, yet all to quickly she reached for the sheet to cover herself up.

“I think we need to do more of this” I suggested.

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