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A young woman introduced to the joys of breast bon

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A young woman introduced to the joys of breast bonLadies and Gentlemen… Especially LADIESThe following is an introduction to a young woman’s seduction into the Life of BDSM. Ladies, do you approve? Would you kill to have a guy try this with you?Guys, would you have the patience to build a woman this way??Please Let me know what you think at the end of the story!!Thanks, and happy (wet) reading!!!***************************************“What the hell?” I thought as I walked over to the young woman holding the book on bondage. She looked so young. Probably early to mid 20’s and just flat out beautiful. Probably her grandparents were from India. There were certainly a lot of features to her that screamed India. But she was taller and her golden brown skin was a shade light.“Hi, I’d like to share with you my card.” I said as I handed her a black glossy business card with red lettering. “I am not a weirdo and I have no illusions about you being young enough to be my daughter. I enjoy teaching people about the subject that book covers.” I nodded, smiled and turned and said, if you have any questions, feel free to call me.”I held my breath. If she screamed, I would just tell the store owners she had misunderstood something I asked her. Hopefully I would just get tossed out of the store.“Hey, you teach this…?” the voice called after me. I froze as the smile crept across my face.Turning I replied, “Yes, and the first thing you need to understand about bondage is that it is Not about sex. It is about trust and respecting the surrender of control that one person gives to another. Like I said, if you have questions, feel free to call me.” I smiled as she stared at me. I knew she was weighing the absurdity of it. I am a man in his late 40’s, former marine with a still hard body. The hair is long now for deployment, but short by most civilian standards. In short, I am the picture of a person you would trust. And yet….“Do you really know how to tie someone up?” she asked. Her brown eyes were flecked with gold and as the sun shone on the side of her face, it seemed she became a statue dedicated to the image of innocence.“Do you trust me?” as I stepped back up the aisle slowly toward her. “We are here in a store, hundreds of people here. If you like, I could teach you in five minutes how to safely and securely tie someone’s hands securely. But it really is not about knots. It is about, trust.”“How would you tie me up? You don’t have any rope on you,” she said. The little cocky smile spoke volumes. She bit her lip as I took another half step toward her, and stopped.“Does that mean you would like me to show you how to secure a person right here?” She gave a nervous laugh and looked around her. There were people everywhere, walking by. They all appeared oblivious to us. “Sure,” she laughed nervously and then held her hands out in front of her, crossing her wrists.“That would require a little more explanation than I want to give here, so if you would, just hold your wrists out side by side in front of you.” I fished a long tennis shoe string from my pocket, folded it in half and then smoothly wrapped her wrists, finishing with passing the loose ends through the ‘birds eye’ of the loop. Wrapping the paired string twice around her wrists, then passed the remainder of the string between her wrists and wrapped the two ends around the strands of string. The last twist locked her wrists in the security of custom cuffs. “I think you will find that secure, and yet comfortable.”She tried to pull her thin hands out and looked up at me amazed. “You did that so quickly.”“You fethiye escort can do it just as easily, would you like to try?” She looked over her shoulder. No one even noticed us. I took hold of the string and untied her in a matter of seconds. “This is not something for everyone. I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity.” I took the string and started to shove it back into my jacket pocket even as I turned to leave.“Wait. Can I try tying you?” I smiled and held out the string to her and said, of course. I trust you!” I then walked her through securing my wrists and within a little more than a minute, my wrists were bound. She beamed like she had just been awarded some great award!! I smiled at my star student and then asked her to untie me, which she did.Five minutes later we were seated in the bistro and I explained to her the fundamentals of “the Life”. Bondage and Discipline is much more than just tying knots and beating people for those that are in it for the artistic Life. It is about truly learning to trust and value the surrender of one person’s self the complete control to another. Nikki asked questions and I did my best to explain experiences to her in terms that could really not do her any justice.An hour later, I was out the door. If she called, I decided I would not answer. I would make her leave a message, requesting to meet me. I knew she would call. She was hooked.I called her back an hour after she left her message. I gave her the name of a hotel in the city restaurant district. A friend of mine manages it and rents me rooms from 1:00 – 6:00 pm if he is confident the guests will not be showing up until later in the evening. I had made arrangements with him to have such a room this Saturday and I called Nikki, told her to be there and if not, to lose my card.I arrived at 1:00 and prepared the room. At 2:00 my heart was pounding. I told her to be there at 2:00 and by 2:03 I was certain I had misjudged her and was beginning to feel quite the fool. Then there came the soft knock at the door.I welcomed her into the room and took her jacket and hung it up. She looked beautiful. Her black straight hair hung below her shoulders in waves that looked like they broke so softly upon her shoulders. Her makeup was subdued and sophisticated. She was taller than I remembered; nearly my own height, then I realized she had on three inch heels. They made her so statuesque.I seated her at a table and poured her a bottle of wine I had opened and chilled. I then covered the ground rules. “You have to trust me in order for this to work, so here is what I am proposing. First, no pictures will be taken today. No videos, no stills, no streaming no anything. Second, there will be no intercourse. No vaginal, anal or oral penetration by me on you or you on me. No cutting, no needles, no striking in a fashion that will leave any type of mark. No candles, no flames, no chains, no suspension, no breath control and no verbal attacks will be made. The key to your walk in the Life is trust, and you can trust me that these ground rules are not going to be violated. Are you good with that?”She laughed and said, “So what are you going to do, tie me up and just let me lie there? I mean, you have just told me you are not going to basically do anything to me!”I smiled and said quietly, “I am not going to do anything to you that you have ever experienced before. Which reminds me. If at any time it becomes too intense for you to handle, the word “Uncle” and everything will stop immediately.” My half-smile did not change and Nikki’s nervous escort fethiye laughter died down. Finally she said, “Okay, I am game.”“Go to the bathroom and make certain you are ready for the time of your life then.” I said, as I poured a little more wine in my glass. Nikki stared at me for a moment, and then walked to the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.That made me chuckle. She was willing to trust me completely with bondage, but was afraid to go pee with the door open!! I looked over at my small prop bag and took a long deep breath. The clock said 2:35.The second Nikki walked out the door and looked at me I wanted to throw her on the bed and attack her!! She was beautiful. “Come here,” I commanded. She walked slowly and seductively toward me. She lowered her chin to her chest and put one foot just in front of the other. I stood up and when she was just in front of me, she raised her eyes to look at me and the affect made my heart begin to pound! “Turn around,” I said with a voice choked with passion.“Take off your shirt…and the bra, “I whispered in her ear as I moved up close behind her. Her hair was fragrant with the scent of wildflowers washed into it. I watched as she undid the buttons and folded the shirt neatly and tossed it onto the seat of the chair she had sat on. She then reached behind her and with a single motion undid her bra and shrugged it down her arms.“Walk to the door, lock it and come back. Slowly.” She did and I fought to stay focused. She was a statue in the flesh. She moved like water, she slipped across the floor with grace and elegance. Her belly was taut and her breasts jutted out proudly above, with small areola and a small bump of a nipple crowning each. I knew then, I had picked the right strategy. She stood before me and I asked her to turn away from me. She still had on a pair of form fitting jeans and I was so tempted to ask her to take them off and see what lay beneath, but I resisted. “Not today, “ I told myself. I took an 8 foot length of lightweight cording and quickly had her hands bound behind her. The key to binding a person’s hands behind them is to give them four to six inches of separation from each other, so there is not as much strain on the shoulders as can be when they are tied closer together.Then I pulled out the satin sleep mask and put it around her head. Her breathing stopped and I whispered, “You need to learn to feel again. You judge far too much just at the sight of things whether you like it. Today, you trust. Today you let yourself perceive what is happening by touch!” and then I lightly kissed the back of her neck. She shuddered and I knew she was mine.I laid Nikki on her back in the bed near its center, allowing for myself to have lots of room next to her. I picked up the wine bucket and my bag and moved them to the nightstand. Lightly, I ran my fingers over her flesh, her jaw line, her neck, the hollow of the collar bone and shoulder. Down my hands moved, tracing swirls and lines over her chest and down between her breasts. Her nipples popped erect as a fingernail d**g over the rise of each darkened flesh. They responded perfectly!I leaned over and kissed her nipples lightly, to coax them harder and the soft moan that came from her throat filled me with desire to raise her to higher places. I then slapped the meaty outside of each of the breasts. She sucked in her breath at the sensation and I immediately bent back down to suck on her nipples. I did this for about five minutes.Then I popped a piece of strong spearmint flavored gum and began to chew it as I quietly fished fethiye escort bayan out an ice cube from the wine bucket. Without warning, I put the ice on her left nipple and watched as her back arched!! “Quiet now my pet,” I murmured. “You do not want to alarm the other guests.” Then I blew my spearmint laden breath across the same nipple and her shudder was accompanied with the deepest, most a****listic groan I had heard in years!! “Now that sounds delicious.”On and on it went, kisses, breaths, ice and tongue alternated over her normally sensitive flesh that now were so hard, they could have cut glass!! Then I stopped. She began to writhe, needing the touch. I let her hear me putting on the rubber gloves and she asked what I was doing, and I laughed and told her to just trust! Then I poured just a large drop of scented oil on the gloves and then began to work the warming oils into her skin.She was cooing again, as I pinched, pulled and tugged her nipples. Meanwhile my lips began to kiss down the sides of her ribs. My tongue flicked across the golden skin as if it was cinnamon and sugar delighting it! Down I moved slowly, occasionally slapping and kneading her breasts! Nikki was now rotating her hips, seeking some contact with something but finding nothing but a building firestorm of desire burning in her breasts!!When I got to her navel I reached for the wine and poured a “navel full” of wine, which I then sucked noisily up!! Her groan was absolutely fabulous!! A drop ran down her side and my tongue chased it across her flesh, lighting small flames across every inch of her!!Then I reached for my bag of toys and pulled out my roll of dental floss. Her nipples were so hard that even the smallest touch to them now was causing Nikki to thrash. So it was now or never. I pulled off the gloves and took two lengths of the dental floss and tied two slip-knot loops in them. I then pulled one nipple up after dropping the loop around it. I then pulled the string so that it caught at the base of her nipple. When it had locked in, I whipped it around the base of the nipple six quick times and Nikki gasped as the sensation of a strangled nipple hit her. Thirty seconds later, her other nipple was likewise trussed and she jumped each time I so much as touched the tip of her nipple with a feather!!Experience told me that five minutes was all the longer I needed to leave the floss in place, but as I flicked my tongue over the darkening sensitive flesh, I regretted saying I would not take pictures. She was beautiful!! Then I pulled out the fine steel wool and lightly scrubbed her breasts all over and pulled the wire across her now purpling flesh.Now if you have never been restrained this way, it may not make sense, but when a limb is deprived of nerve or blood flow, it becomes highly sensitive. But when you restore the blood flow or nerve function, the initial slam of sensation can be almost more than a person can bear. So when I loosened the string then clipped the last loops, her gasp was not completely unexpected!! But the shudder and the sudden flooding of her jeans caught me completely unprepared. I scrambled to get a towel beneath her, all the while she was moaning and shuddering!! “Success!!!” I thought to myself, as I looked at the clock and realized that an hour had gone by! I went to the bath and returned and washed her chest and belly with warm water. Then, for the finale, I bent and sucked and bit her perfect nipples for 30 more minutes, causing her to shudder to two more deep climaxes!!When I removed the mask , she stared at me with wild a****l eyes and said, “God, that is what being in the Life is like?”“No,” I replied. “That is foreplay. We will work our way up to the point where you can live through the ecstasy of the Life over the next few months!” And we have!!!

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