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Adriana running the company part 2

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Adriana running the company part 2Adriana running the companypart 2Adriana looked at him. There was fire in her eyes.She was sitting on the floor, and when she had removed her jeans and panties, she put her sneakers on again. Took the keys to the company out of the pocket, before she threw the clothing over in the corner. “I told you that you would not get free help” Baz said and burped. Then he opened his second beer. She looked at the watch, on the wall above the door to the garage. It was not yet 10 am on a Sunday morning. “But I just wanted to go out for a cigarette,” she said, “Martin don´t want me to smoke inside…”“It´s an early Sunday morning, it is in a commercial zone, stupid cunt, there is no-one around….If you want that fag, you can have it, but leave your jeans in here”She rose, took one cigarette and her lighter and walked to the door, without a word. She had emptied her beer moments ago, but she could still taste his cum. She opened the back door, lit her smoke and inhaled. He really was a creep, a bastard and idiot, but she needed him!Bad!They needed the work he could provide, but she also needed to be fucked. And fucked good and long. But he still was one of the most disgusting persons she had ever met in her entire life. He was right, though. There was no-one to be seen anywhere while she smoked. His cucumber hung like an uncooked sausage from his fly when she came back. It had not lost all stiffness. He was smoking one of her cigarettes. “You know, you look like a malatya escort real slut now”She gave him her most fake, mechanical smile. “Look, how long do you think this will take? I have a ton of thing to do…”“I told you, bitch, this will take hours…Even in its current state, his member look big and almost intimidating. There was only the one chair he was occupying, and she didn´t want to get one from the outer office. That left the floor or the table. One would show her obvious submission, the other would let him look up her pussy.“How long does that monster usually sleep?” She asked, trying to sound tough.“Depends on the bitch I´m with…”She sighed, a bit loud. He looked at her, with the beer-can a few inches from his mouth. Then he slowly put the beer down.“I do NOT like your attitude, bitch”She blinked a few. That had not been her intention. Things were really complicated enough as they were!His speed surprised her. His hand closed around one of her wrists, held it very firmly. “Hey!”“On your knees, bitch…”She knew it wouldn´t really help or even matter. No, she was not really scarred, she was just…not amused by this. She knelt. “On hands and knees..”She did that too. Still wearing the red bra and once-white sneakers and nothing else. Then he led himself slide off the chair, onto his knees next to her. “There is a reason why I always wear a tie…”Adriana made a tiny, discontent sound, but held her wrists close together, so her could tie mardin escort then together easily. When it was done, he put the end of the tie under his knee. She let out a sigh. But didn´t say anything, as he began to pull his belt free of his trousers. With her husband, she had never gotten past the gentle blindfold. Because Martin didn´t really like more than that.Baz slapped her butt with his flat hand a couple of time. She moaned loudly. Not because it hurt, it just came natural to her. But the belt hurt!“Want more, bitch?”“NO!”Out of the corner of the eye, she could see that the giant was waking up. “Are you sure, cunt?”“YES, BAZ”She was almost yelling now. There was no neighbours nearby anyway. She was a little short of breath. Why did this have to be so exiting?Well, she had always liked it, when her man was in control, but she had never really thought about doing things THIS way!Adriana had never been this submissive!She moaned. Two fingers entered her pussy.“Still dripping wet, you whore..”His giant twitched a little. It was out of her reach. She gasped for air. Was there three fingers in her pussy now?She could not really see it, but it felt like it. That pervert!He slapped her butt once, with his flat hand, just because he could. The sound was there, but after the belt, it didn´t hurt the least. On the desk, her phone began to beep, an incoming call, but she really couldn´t answer at the moment. It had to go on to the answering-service. It elazığ escort would probably be one of the drivers, asking her about their next job. Well, she was kind of working on sorting that out, at the moment, wasn´t she?Four?Four!That short, balding, sweating pig had four finger in HER pussy now!No knockle-deep, but still!“Do you want me to fuck you?”She hesitated, for just a second, no more.“Yes, Baz”“You ARE a bitch…She moaned softly. He was right. She wanted to be fucked, to be used, because she had been neglected for so long. “I am your bitch today..”There, it was out!“Wanna get fucked?”“Yes” she mumbled and nodded quickly. “Then say it, bitch!”“For fuck´s sake! Just fuck me, Baz!She went down on her elbows. “Again bitch..”“Fuck me, BAZ!”This time she yelled the last part of the sentence. God, he was mean, and good at it too. He really was playing with her.“Are you sure?”“FUCK ME; BAZ!!”if there was any-one walking by on the pavement, they would have been able to hear that. But that was not so likely, at this hour. He was behind her. Helped her knees a bit further apart. His cock, touching her, but not entering.“You can still…“JUST…FUCKIN`….FUCK ME, YOU AaaaaahhhhShe was yelling at the top of her head; she could probably be heard across the street this time. He was finally spearing her!Filling her.“You…like…Bitch?” he asked, while taking her with slow, deep thrusts. She nodded violently, was not able to speak. He was short, ugly, smelled of sweat. She did NOT like him, he was disgusting, repelling!But oh, his cock!’She was not one of those women who could come all the time. The mood had to be right, the foreplay had to be right and so on.“Gonna…cu…”No, not yet, bitch!”He slapped the side of her thigh three or four time in quick succession. She came anyway.

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