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Aliyah The Girl In Black

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Aliyah The Girl In BlackTime……It seems time always is slow when your doing something you dont want to be doing, and when something fun comes along, gone in seconds……………not with her. She made time stop, it was amazing to me that a girl could make me feel this way, so much power & control, Let me start from the beginning.It was a late Friday night, i was casually siting at my house listing to some music, jamming on the guitar, watching porn the standard.My Phone rang. “It lied there gleaming flat black vibrating, I thought to my self, do i really even really wanna fucking answer it, probably my work calling!”I gave it a glance, to my relive it was my buddy Matt. So I answered it.Me – “Yello?”Matt – “He, its uhhh.. matt.”Me – “Yeah?”Matt – “Are you going tonight?”Me – “Going where?”Matt – “Are you fucking serious dude? you fucking forgot”Me – “*Chuckles* It appears I have?”Matt – “Were going out tonight!”Me – “We are?”Matt – “Dude you have to get OVER her!”Me – “I am goddamn it…. I’m just in the process”Matt – “Oh Hells No man, I’m coming over in 5 and were going be ready ass!” *Clicks Phone”*Well that was assuring.Not sure what matt’s zodiac might have been like a Aries or something explains his pushiness! Fuck it, so I got ready, had to find a good outfit, always black, my whole life as long as i can remember I always wore black, always wore black, except when “She told me too…..ehhh…bitch made me do things that weren’t me, hated that.” anyways so I’m thinking a black casual tee something tight written on it towards the neck, so it can make a visual with a black button up long sleeve over the top……Yeah…….thats gonna get you laid…Get the fuck out of here.Alright pants…… I’m thinking just some fade black jeans….. yep nice an easy. I found some old cologne my ex-girlfriend gave me, Antonio Brandea’s Spirt….smells bomb…yep going on! Listing to music, posing, when i hear the delightful sound of a car pulling up.What a surprise its Matt.I get the door matts wearing his best……HIS best not exactly my standards. Got a white pale striped button up shit, fuck i dont even think he has an undershirt XD and some light blue “Ripped” blue jeans with a mustard stain, fucking tactical.Matt – “Are you ready to go?”Damien – “Of course, your driving by the way, no fucking way I’m planning on drinking tonight, your my designated driver!”Matt- “Fine with me but we take your car! were not cruising in my piece of shit”Damien – “That Piece of shit gets better gas mileage then my camaro matt, and besides in what world would I ever, let you drive my baby?” Matt – “It gets the BITCHES MAN! fine you know what, you drive the way there, and then when your so fucking smashed you cant find the car I’ll drive you and the sweet piece of ass your gonna find home, in that world dumbass!”Damien – “You’ve convinced me but one scratch and i will break your jaw!”Matt – “Hahahaha thats right, matt’s got your ass now huh baby, rubbing my car”We get in the car, and head to whatever crazy ass fucking destination Matt has picked out.Turns up music *A Perfect Circle – Passive* “Plays in the background”Damien – “So where the fuck are we going?”Matt – “Hearts Blvd. off aspen”Damien – “Jesus man that way the fuck out there!”Matt – “Yea I mean literally take hearts all the way to the end on fuller st. Near the beach.”Damien – “Is this like a beach party or something? at night?”Matt – “Kinda, heheheheh its a surprise you’ll see it when we get there”We Arrived At Destination.Damien – “Aint this like the old lawyers pad? looks fucking ancient XD”Matt – “Yeah it was, he bit the dust and his daughter and shit took it over”Damien – “You Know em?”Matt – “Know a gal who knows a guy so on…”Damien – “Huh….right sounds irrelevant, well there a shit load of cars here so theres defiantly a party, dont hear any music?”Matt – “Ah but be more vigilant my friend look afar on the beach”Large Bon fire on the beach with people dancing drinking & parting.Damien – “Dont talk like that, you sound like a fag.”matt laughs. Matt – “Lets go man!”As we get closer there was alot of people playing instruments, Yeah thats kinda normal on a beach, but not just guitars, Spanish guitars bongos, sitars, violins, flutes. It was a fucking band, man the shit they were playing was like out of the queen of the damned movie, it was fucking beautiful. pendik escort As i got a good look at the scene I guy ran up to me & matt.Guy – “Hello, my names is uhh paul, nice to meet you boys, would you like a drink?”*He spoke with a funny accent like he was from fucking Transylvania or something, could have been Russian fuck if i know.*He ran over & grabbed an Ice chest a big one with one fucking hand, Jesus fuck that thing must have weight a ton with all the ice in booze but didn’t stop that motherfucker, i mean he didn’t look that big? I mean im a big guy, i go to the gym 6 days a week & shit, still got conditions skill from the army & my special forces training, but that man had an aurora about him, must have been a Spetsnaz or something. Anyways, he gave me and Matt each a Corona.Damien – “Thanks man”Paul – “No Problem Friend, its the least we could do. *Creepy Smile”Paul walks away.Damien – “Well that was fucking creepy….”Matt – “I thought it was pretty nice, free fucking Beer!”Damien – “Not THE BEER! the creepy smile & the whole US thing, pretty sure he was by himself.”Matt – “Dont Trip dude”Matt takes off by the fire.I stay by the front of the shore, man the moon was fucking gleaming, Ive never seen it that fucking big before. & Low on the ocean Might cause i god damn title wave, I started staring into the Ocean, the fire seemed to glean on to the water with a mix of moonlight it was devastatingly tancefull. Then she walked up to me.She was about 5’6 trimmed black hair, baclk as the night, perfect alluring grey eyes, and a FANFUCKINGTASTIC Body. She was wearing a sort of a skirt/dress thing i had no idea what the fuck it was but it looked fucking sexy.Aliyah – “Be carefull, it may dragg you in.”Damien – “………I got quiet”Aliyah – “My Names Aliyah, its a pleasure to meet you, whats your name?”Damien – “Ermm….My name is Damien”Aliyah – “Damine……sighs…..Captivating…..*Chuckles..”Damien – “What?…..uhh whats so funny?”Aliyah – ” Oh…..just the odds”Damien – “The odds? of what?”Aliyah – ” Do you belive in destiny damien?Damien – “Hard for me to say? I dont like the idea that im not in control of my life, but at the same time it brings me peace to know that eveything will work out, rather good or bad”Aliyah – “Rather good or bad? Meaning death or living?”Damien – “Either one”Aliyah – “Thats an intresting outlook on life,” *looks at my Special forces Crest on my right forearm”Aliyah – “So you were in the millitary?”Damien – “I was”Aliyah – “The Marking?”Damien- “Its a Special forces crest, the text is latin it means to Libe….”Aliyah – “Liberate the opressed I know…..”Damien – “How did you know that?” Aliyah – “Im a Languaist =)”Damien – “You dont look latin?”Aliyah – “Im not”Damien – “What are you?”Aliyah – “Im my own breed” *smiles & glazes into my eyes…..The moonlight gleamed off of her golden Yellow eyes, I never relized how yellow they were, the were pale grey a mintune ago.She starts spinning a bit dancing, she wlak backwards toward the fire, withought talking her eyes off my will em to come over to her.Aliyah – “Lets dance, by the fire…”Damien – “I cant dance Very well *Smiles”Dance very well? You cant fucking dance at all dumb fuck! i thought to myself, but i wanst gonna do that, i did that same mistake & didnt dance when i was 16, it was a fucing disaster i was alone, not gonna happen. I gave her a sexy smile the best i could bit my lip and took her hand, her golden yellow eyes gleamed somemore, she pulled me to her close.Aliyah – “Thats better, you smell amazing love….”Damien – “Thanks? *I smiled big agian *trying not to laugh.”She begain to try and kiss me, I wasnt going to stop her shes was amazing, I coudnt stop her, Her lips were cold as ice, at the same time I felt as if mabey my warmth would take over hers, but it didnt. She was still cold much like the rest of her body. She bit my lip pulled away n bit, she gave a shudder. Looked as if she was gonna be sick.Damien – “Are you ok?”Aliyah – ” Im fine love….. your just, too much”She turned and walked away twowards the house.I sat down on the sand puzzled too a swig of my beer, looked into the fire. Matt comes running up to me.Matt – “Hey man i seen that hott peice of ass you were just dacin with HOW THE FUCK DID YOU PULL THAT? she looks like fucking Alice from kartal escort like twlight or some shit! YOU GET TO FUCK THAT!?Damien – “Uhh no i just met her dumb fuck!”Matt – “I mean like are you pursiuing!” Damien – “Well kinda, she was in control there I felt like i was…………I dont know”Matt – “Dont be a passive peach! SHE WAS PROBABLY waiting for you to make a move dumbass! Where’d she go?, GO smack her ass! tell her you wanna go fuck, be foward!”Damien – “Dose that sounds like something id fucking do?”Matt – “Who cares! what you’d normal do! DO HER! Jesus man are you gay?” Damien – “No Im just not an asshole!”Matt – “Your loss fuck face!”Matt Takes off agian.I Sit there gazing at the scene into the fire & its warm coals glow & pulse & the beautiful music keeps playing. I feel like shes still here right next to me whatcing me, comforting me. I felt like this the whole party, she kept me company some how made me feel………..warm………….good. The stars were all the way out now. The beautiful violins chours together in harmoney like no other. Poeple started leaving, I figured it was time to leave, I kept looking around for matt, withough moving thoogh i was just so comfertable where I was, very strange i felt as if i coudnt move, had no desire to, no will, encombering. About 95% of the people were gone just a select few it seemed. Most had a couple, most were kissing or talking. I coudnt find Matt anywhere ifinnally forced myself to get up and do a little scan. I coudnt see him anywhere. Something on the side blew my attention, i heard some screams from a women, beacusae of my brotherly nature, I looked right where i heard, the man seemed to be getting a litttle to frisky. With my hot blodded nature i ran over to them.Damien – “What the fucks going On here?”women screams.Damien -” Hey BUDDY!” I grab his shoulder, he swings around and looks at me! He had teeth fucking vampire teeth! and red fucking eyes! blood all over his mouth, I was like is this guy shitting me! wow a fucking poser mother fucker getting freaking at a private bach party on this chick!I grabbed his other shoulder ripped him off her, she was bleedy extensivly on her neck. But i was more focused on him. He ran at me with speed Unhuman slams me into the sand starts hitting my face, with my special forces carrer it wannst hard for me to turn this around. I Wramed my legs around him slammed my palm into his nose, broke it. Then got a choke hold. I smashed his face as hard as i could in to my chest and squezzed. Harder & Harder, Finnally I heard gargling sounds after a few seonds, I figured I probably killed this dude, but I knew once i got a good look at that chick it be alright. I let him go quickly got up. THE FUCKING GUY TURNED TO ASH HE TURNED TO FUCKING ASH! I WAS FUCKING FREAKING OUT…………That mothe fucking was REAL VAMPIRE…..and better yet i just killled that peiece of shit with my bare hands.The girl was gone that was on the ground i figured she must have ran away in the struggle. i Looked around and notcied that there were no people They were all gone EVERYONE! Not a single person on the beach, the first thing istarted doing was calling Matts name seeing if i could find the fuck, i was ready to get the fuck outta here, but i coudnt leave the poor fuck. Then i started thinking……wait a minute the eyes………..the aluureing speech the sexy lust outta of nowhere. Aliyah WAS A FUKCING VAMPIRE! holy shit, makes sense, I kinda felt stupid for not knowing. I paniced, Where the fuck is matt!?I Strated to head for my car I left my phone in there i could call matt.I was running towards My car, well where it was parked. My fucking CAR WAS GONE, Now i really freaked, DID MATT TAKE MY FUCKING CAR>>? I HAVE MY KEYS DONT I? I DIDNT! But where was my car? I walked up a bit thinking my car was tward the house maby i was mastaken or a bit buzzed, after all my heart was racing a mile a minuite at this point. Then Standing not 10 feet from me was her………I frozze.Aliyah – “You are a strong one, the army toaught you well love.”Damien – “You havent seen my car have you? I gave a gigile”Aliyah – “*Smiles* “Ever so humours, I belive your dear friend matt took it.I thought to myself, howd she know his name, wih car was mine, and now my fucking camaros GONE! In the hands of that maltepe escort BUZZED IDIOT!Damien – “Well thats a bit of a fucked scnerio”Aliyah – “Oh is it? *Sighs, well your welcome to stay at my place for a while love.”Damien – “Yeah, Im not sure if thats such a good Idea…”Aliyah – “Why not i thought we had some Chemstry love..”She bits her lip & Comes over to my at Unhuman speed, faster than i can blink.Gazes into my eyes. Thoses sexy golden eyes. Aliyah – “Make Love to me…Let me take you”I didnt awnser i just gazed into thoses eyes of hers.She pulled my hand led me into that large black house, ever so inviting.Her hand was cold as ice agiant my skin, but at the same time i loved it.Her main entrance was amazing, i was a little focsed on soemthing else, like having intercourse with a hot vampire. But it was turely beautiful a stone marble floor with a large black chandlier hovering about it, stained glass windos, old style curving left to right stiarcase. She pulled me up the stairs, like a giddly school girl into whateer bedroom was hers in this mass place.Finally we came to a door a large dubble door.She opened it up and smiled at me.Aliyah- “this is my room”It was amazingly white, with lots of light, many Books, a laptop, A VERY LARGE CALIFNORA king bed, with all black bedding, posters of various alt. rock bands. Dresser & other everyday stuff. She turned to me looked up at me.Aliyah – “Do you like it?”Damien – “I Do…”Shes gave the cutest laugh that….well i think a vampire can do…. jumped and hugged me…. then stated kissing me…Aliyah – ‘ I try very hard to get into the now, and blend into now days society.’Damien – “You lisent to these guys” I point at a Chevelle poster.Aliyah – “My fav band”Damien – “wow….thats hot…..& impressive even if you are a thousand years old (joking) i figured that rap shit got to everyone.”Aliyah – “No *shes smiles, now about what i said.Aliyah-” I got a song i want you to hear, *she grabts a CD pops it in.*Black Light Burns – Lie starts playing in the background.She grabbed me threw me to the bed, starts undressing me taking of my shirt, while geting undressed herself. We kissed passionatly, she kept bitting my lip, I felt her teeth start to grow,, i got a little nervous, hoping i was sex not lunch…..Her eyes were now glowing GOLDEN like never before now.Damien – “Your not gonna eat me are you? I mean I atually Like you…”Aliyah – “Im trying not to”Damien – “Thats reassureing”She held her breath startted kissing me agaian.Aliyah – “Something about you, ive never sensed before, where youve been how you act, i find you fasinating and very sexy.”Damien – “Id say the same thing, If i werent still concerd you were gonna eat me.”By this time were completely naked. Aliyah- “Oh Im gona eat something, * She slides down to my cock her teeth Grow out!Damien- “Oh FUCK SWEET JESUS NO DONT!!!! “Aliyah – ” Shes laughs and slides her cold mouth over my cock, starts sucking & deep throating it. Her teeth scratched me a bit but i liked the pain a little, Ive never been into femdom, but she sure dominated me. She slid her hand On my chest & scratched all the way down, not enough to bleed but…close. She kept sucking & sucking, It was cold, hiting the back of her throt each time it got deeper it got the colder. She pulled me up so i started to stand. She started rubbing her pussy. while sucking my cock, hard now, It almost hurt the power of just her lips had, Her cold dead hand on My hip, it gave my shivers. She stoped for a seond looked at me.Aliyah- ” I wanna fuck it”Damien – ” I laughed *Cold fog evaperated from my mouth i never relized how could it was in here. “By all means……”She stood up grabbed my cock with one hand then grabbed my face kissed my, smaked my cock pushed me back on the bed. She was postitioned for reverse cowgirl.She grabbed my cock, smacked the head, licked her fingers and started rubbing her pussy, my cock was already pretty………..Fuck i dont know “Cold” is that word im looking for? *wet from her sucking it. She grabed a hold of it mounted it in with her in control the whole time. We started fucking, she felt like ICE HOT, ICE BURNING & RUBBING ON MY COCK WITH SUCH force & SUCKTION It was an amazing new feeling, something I NEVER FELT BEFORE!She Moaned & rubbed her clit. Her pefect tits bouncing on her chest I had to grab one, so she grabed my balls in return, I told you she was in control. She instantly swong around, unhuman speed back to cowgirl facing me.Damien – “Fuck that felt werid!”Aliyah – “Did you like it?” Damien – “Fuck Im not sure what it was”Aliyah – “*Shes laughs….”I fucking love you” To Be Continued……..

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