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An Unexpected Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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An Unexpected Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s raining outside and i’ve left my brolly at home. When i left the house my hair was done and my make up was picture perfect but not now. Nope my hair has slapped to my head and my mascara is dripping down my face, but yet your sat staring at me through your car window. Stood at the side of the road waiting for my now 20 minute late bus. Your watching me from the other side of the road, eyes bearing through my clothe’s. Blushing I put my head down pretending I haven’t noticed. I give up waiting and start to walk up the road to my destination. Here you are pulling over to ask if i want a lift, i don’t know you, i’d be mad to get in the car but the good and naughty side of me are having an argument with each other as your words pass straight through my ears.The next i know i am in your warm car and your filling me in that i will dry in no time at all as the seats are heated. I find myself staring at your lips as you talk to me, full lucious lips mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would like to feel those caressing mine, tantalising my nipples and bang. What the !!!!!! was that, pulling over in a lay by you check the tyres, you’ve had a blow out. Not having the tools in your car and apologising repeatedly you have to phone for a recovery van to come and help. This is not the day i had planned but at least i was stuck in a lay by with a good looking halkalı escort bloke who was insistant on keeping me warm………….You get off the phone and explain to me that the recovery will be with us within 2 hrs. Oh my 2 hrs, i’m stuck with a complete stranger ( a good looking stranger) in a lay by. My naughty side starts to think about the kinky things i have thought of the past few weeks. Going for a drive to the middle of no where and getting up to allsorts in and on the car. I’m brought back to reality as, Mark (The stranger) is shouting at me. Quickly glancing at him and he’s looking at me with a very cheeky smile and i become to realise why. Here i am sat in the passenger seat with my hand firmly between my legs, rubbing myself. I had let my thoughts take hold and had not realised i was actually acting out what i was thinking. The only thing is my thoughts were of his hands rubbing me and not mine and as if he knew what i was thinking he reached over and started to feel in between my legs. I let out a gasp but before i could say anything he threw himself towards my lips and started to kiss me. Oh my, oh my, oh my those lips. so soft and tender. His tongue darting in and out of my mouth his hands searching for my wetness inside my panties. What am i doing, i must be mad letting him taksim escort do this but my body is responding very willingly to his every touch. His fingers glide in to my moist pussy as i fumble to undo my blouse, allowing my now erect nipples free. He gasps at the sight of them and teasingly licks his lips. Bending down he slowly darts his tongue across my nipple as i grind with the movement of his fingers. Moaning with pleasure with the warmth of his hands and the wetness of his tongue. I want him, i want his length in my mouth i want to suck every inch of him. As if he knew what i wanted he stands before me undoing his trousers letting them fall to the floor, revealing a very impressive hard on. Looking at him intently for a moment, memorising every inch before teasing him with the tips of my fingers. Taking my hand i start to pull his foreskin back and forth watching his face as i do, but his fingers inside me tell me everything i need to know. So with that knowledge, i start to play with my tongue tracing it up and down and round and round his japs eye, darting my tongue in and out. He likes this, as he’s now really finger fucking my pussy getting deeper and deeper swirling his fingers round and round. Fuck i could come with him just doing this, his fingers are great. I’m sucking him now tasting every inch, deep to the back of my throat şişli escort gagging swirling and twirling my mouth and tongue. His face is now in between my legs licking my pussy to the point of climax, oh god, oh yes i am going to come in his mouth he’s going to taste me……………………..He has me bent over the bonnet, legs spread apart and he’s knelt in between my thighs licking and sucking, begging me to come in his mouth again. I’m grinding, tugging at my nipples as i beg him to carry on, go on fucking lick it i beg, yes yes do it give it to me and with that i let out a cry as i release myself again cumming into his mouth.. before i have chance to catch my breath he has hold of my ass cheeks, squeezing and spanking before thrusting his hard cock into my pussy. God he knows how to work his cock, teasing me, working it side to side pulling him out and rubbing my ass before pounding my pussy again, fuck yes yes yes, i like this. Pulling out he starts to tease my ass in….out….in…..out innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh yes ‘Fuck me, fuck my ass hard show me what a naughty bitch i am’. Ragging my head back with my hair he’s pounding my ass so hard the come is just flowing out of me. He’s groaning hard now with every thrust and my legs are quivering but i want him to keep going keep fucking me hard. His hand reaches round and he’s rubbing my clit as he pounds into me, i can’t take no more. A loud moan and a loud scream ‘Yes i’m coming, go on fuck it make me squirt, make me squirt hard for you’ Right then all over his fingers i squirt and with that he spins me round. I get to my knees, open my mouth and stare at him eagerly as i wait for his thick creamy cum……………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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