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Angie’s Party

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Angie’s PartyAngie’s PartyAngie had been waiting for this party for weeks. Ever since her hubby had told her that the company was having a black tie party for some over seas investors Angie could not wait .Angie loves any chance to dress up in her expensive sexy dresses. Angie does not get to many chances to go to social functions, her husband is always working and is never around to go with her.Angie’s red dress hugs her figure snugly and stops about mid thigh. The dress is backless and the neckline certainly show off her ample breast.When Angie walks into the room every man in the room stops and watches this amazing creature enter the room.Angie’s husband is both proud and jealous at the same time. He knows that every guy in the room is undressing his wife. Angie too notices the affect she is having on the men.Angie hopes her plan to make her husband jealous is working. She so misses the way her husband would grab her and take her when he got jealous. He would make love to her like a man possessed.Now Angie’s husband had gone to get them something to drink and when her returned he could not believe the crowd of men gathered around his wife. He was also noticing that Angie seemed to be enjoying the attention and actually be flirting with them. He starts to to feel his cock get hard. The site of all those guys hitting on his ataşehir escort wife was turning him on.He also noticed that the majority of the guys were young.There were a couple of them that were running their hands up and down Angie’s back and hips. Angie did not make any effort to stop the fondling the young men were giving her. Angie’s husband decided to watch and see just how far his wife would let this go.The music started to play and the guys talked his wife into dancing. Angie was having an incredible time. Angie relished the attention all these guys were giving her and she did notice her hubby standing in the back ground watching her flirt and being fondled by all these guys. On the dance floor the guys were really taking some bold liberties with her. Angie was enjoying the feel of the guys squeezing her ass and the feel fo their hands on the soft skin of her back. Angie got carried away a little herself and with the last guys she dance with she ground her ass against his now hard cock and before she knew it she could feel her pussy juices start to run down her leg. The guy said he would meet her in the hall closet on by the kitchen. Angie told him that thanks but she only fucks her hubby but she was flattered by the offer.Angie’s husband had seen enough and could not stand it any more her had üsküdar escort to have his wife now. He went over to her and told her he was going to be in the first room on the right and that give him a couple of minutes and then come meet him.Angie was so excited she waited a couple of minutes and went to the room. It was dark and she could not see anything. As soon as she entered the room she felt her hubby’s hand grab her and pull her to him, he kisses her deeply his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. Angie’s breathing starts to grow faster and she can feel her pussy juices flowing down her legs. Her hubby pulls her dress form her shoulder and slides it off her sexy body her hips are grinding against his legs. She whispers to him please I really need your cock.He forces Angie to the ground and without a word her strips his pants and boxers off. Then he grabs Angie by the back of her hair and guides his hard cock into her mouth. The forceful way her treats her only excites her that much more. She suck his cock making obscene wet slurping sounds. His cock feels harder and bigger than she can ever remember it feeling before, this lets her know she is really having the desired affect on him.After a few minutes her pulls her to her feet and bends her over the chair next to them. Her hubby rubs his cock çekmeköy escort on her now sloppy cunt and she begs him to please don’t tease her and to please fuck her now. Without warning he rams his meat deep inside her and starts and pounds her pussy hard and fast she has never been fucked this hard by him before and she is loving every stroke. He grabs the hair on the back of head and uses it to pound her pussy even harder . Angie loves the way her hubby is taking possession of her body and using her as just a sex toy.Angie feels the orgasm build in her body and before she knows it her whole body shakes harder than it has ever before. She fells her hubby start to pump her pussy full of hot semen. Angie can feel the hot liquid splash against the walls of her sore pussy. She is still cumming and at that point she notices everything goes black. She awakens and notices her husband is not there.Angie gets dressed and goes to find him.Angie finds him at the bar. Angie gives him a passionate deep french kiss.Angie tells him thanks for the hot fuck and she cannot wait for him to get her home so he can force her to do other thing at home.He looks at her and tells her he does not know what she is talking about he waited for her and she never showed up. Angie said she went to the room on the left like he told her and he had fucked her brains out until she blacked out.It was then that she realized she had just been taken by a complete stranger. This made her pussy tingle.Angie’s hubby knew she had gone to the right room after all and enjoyed watching his hot horny wife get taken.To be continued?????????

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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