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Ashley , Alexis Ch. 07

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Over the next several weeks, Ashley continued to show Alexis how to live the slut life. The girls would hang out together, party together, and got to clubs together.

Ashley kept sleeping with guys at a clip of about one every other day during this time. For Alexis it was more like one or two a week. By early February, she finally slept with her tenth guy, and she and Ashley had a celebration. Of course, that consisted of both girls hooking up with a guy, scooping the resulting cum out of their bodies, and trading before swallowing it. It had immensely aroused Alexis to eat cum that had been inside her sister’s hole, although she could not stop thinking about how wrong it was.

By the end of february, Alexis had slept with seventeen guys and one girl, Chelsea. She even hooked up with Chelsea again. Ashley helped her sell some of her less revealing clothes online, and helped her pick out some new clothes with the money she earned. Her wardrobe transformation was not complete, but she had made decent progress.

One day, the girls agreed to meet for coffee. It was the first day of March. Alexis chose an off-shoulder cropped sweater for the occasion. About three inches of her stomach were exposed, and her bellybutton say proudly in the middle of those three inches, greeting the world. Alexis made no effort to hide it.

Ashley wore a black mini skirt and a cropped T-shirt which left about eight inches of her stomach exposed. As usual, she seemed to be covering up as little as possible. Her belly ring sparkles and caught Alexis’ eye as she sat down.

“So,” Ashley said finally, “I’ve been thinking. You’re finally starting to wear more sexy clothes. But I keep looking at that bellybutton,” she remarked.

“What about it?” Alexis asked.

“Well – I think you should get it pierced, like mine.”

“Really? Like, almost nobody does that anymore,” Alexis remarked.

“Yeah I know – ten years ago every girl had to have it done. Now it’s not as common. But I really think – I mean, a lot of guys see it as sexy, even today, and if you make guys think you are sexy, it will just make it easier for you to sleep with them.”

“Okay,” Alexis said, not convinced.

“I’m just saying – it would be a way for you to show off what you have and what you are. You’re all in on this slut transformation now, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” replied Alexis. “I really want to be the best slut I can be.”

“Then you’re getting it pierced,” Ashley said with a smile.

“But – how will I pay for that? I’m really broke right now!”

“Leave that to me. I can find a way to pay for it,” Ashley replied. “Just meet me at my apartment at two tomorrow afternoon. I know a place. Oh, and make sure you don’t wear anything that covers up your bellybutton. You’re going to want to show it off!”

Alexis agreed to meet her sister the following day. The girls finished their coffee and Alexis went back to her room to expose herself at the window, while Ashley started looking around for someone to sleep with.

The next day, Alexis met Ashley at her apartment. As usual, Ashley was wearing a top that left essentially her whole stomach exposed. Alexis wore a cute light pink top that seemed to be brought together with a drawstring all down the center of the front of the top. Directly in the center, about five inches of stomach were visible, with her bellybutton almost exactly in the middle, waiting to be adorned with a dangly, sparkly piercing. Toward her sides, only a couple inches were visible. She wore tight, mid-rise jeans with holes up and down the thigh:

“Are you ready for this?” Ashley asked.

“I think so,” Alexis said. “I watched a couple videos of girls having this done, and it doesn’t look that bad.”

“Yeah, it’s not bad,” Ashley said.

“Where are we going?”

“I told you, this place I know. Come on, let’s go.” Ashley led Alexis out the door and down the street. The girls walked about three blocks when they came to a red one-story brick building.

“This is is,” Ashley said. She opened up the door for Alexis to go inside.

“Hi there,” said a man who seemed to appear from nowhere. He was rail-thin, and wore baggy jeans with a large buckle. He was about six feet, two inches tall but probably weighed 160 pounds soaking wet. He had long hair which he kept in a pony tail, and it was mostly gray. He had a beard several inches long, which was almost completely gray. He wore a black t-short tucked into his jeans and cowboy boots.

“Oh hi, Gary!” Ashley chimed cheerfully.


“You remember me, right?” Ashley said with a wink.

“Damn, Ashley! I’m not that old! How could I forget!” Despite his comment, Gary looked every bit of his sixty-three years, which of course, was not old to him, but in comparison to the two young college girls who had wandered into his shop, he was certainly no spring chicken.

“I didn’t think you would forget, Gary,” said Ashley with a flirtatious smile. “How could you?”

Gary smiled. Alexis, watching the two of them interact, knew there had to be more of the story than she knew.

“Not a chance,” said Gary, eryaman escort bayan speaking of his chances of forgetting her. “So, what brings you girls down here today? What can I do for you?”

“Well, Gary, this is Alexis,” said Ashley, pointing at her sister. Gary’s gaze shifted over to the younger brunette, his eyes lighting on the girl’s exposed midriff before meeting her gaze. Alexis felt a little creeped out, in fact, the way he looked at her.

“Alexis, this is Gary,” Ashley continued.

“She’s my sister,” Ashley went on, speaking to Gary again.

“Wow, your sister, huh? Well it’s nice to meet you, Alexis.”

“She’s a freshman this year, so I’m just kind of – you know – showing her around,” Ashley went on.

“Well, what have you shown her?”

“Oh, you know. Restaurants, parties…” Ashley smiled at Gary as she bent her right knee slightly and laughed.

“Sounds like you’re a good big sister,” said Gary.

“Oh, thanks. Well, that’s sort of why were here.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Well, as you can see, my sister here is in desperate need of some body jewelry.”

“So what did you have in mind?” He asked, turning to Alexis.

Alexis didn’t answer immediately. Of course, she knew there were several types of body jewelry, but in the moment, she retreated a little into her shell. She could tell her sister was flirting with this man, but she was baffled as to why – after all, he was three times her age and not the least bit attractive. On top of that, he kept stealing glances at her body, and it was definitely giving her the creeps.

“Oh, um – my bellybutton,” she answered finally. Gary, in response, immediately stared at Alexis’ exposed navel. “Shit,” Alexis thought. “This old guy is a creep! I should have just said I changed my mind and left!”

“Well, you definitely have a perfect bellybutton for a piercing,” Gary said. “It’ll look really good on you.” Without realizing it, Alexis had started to fold her arms across her stomach, creeped out enough to try to cover up as well as she could.

“All you have to do is pick one out and we’ll get started.”

“Well, before we do that – I’m going to be the one paying, so I think I should get to pick it out,” Ashley interjected. She said it as much to Gary as she said it to her sister.

“Oh, um – okay,” said Alexis. She was obviously a little more nervous now than she had been when she walked in, but she wasn’t about to show it. Alexis swatted her arms away as the three people approached a case with potential navel rings on display.

“So, Ashley, obviously you know this, but – just make sure you pick something you don’t mind wearing for a while, because you can’t change it for a while once it’s done, until it heals,” Gary reminded.

Gary allowed Ashley access to the case, and Ashely began pulling a few options out and holding them up to her sister’s navel one by one.

“Here, what do you think, Gary?” Ashley asked. She was holding up a four-inch-long dangly ring that broke off into three strands like a tassel. “Won’t she look hot with this one?” Ashley could tell that Alexis was uncomfortable with Gary, and Alexis could tell just the same that Ashley was forcing her to allow Gary to ogle her body. Alexis tried not to make eye contact with Gary, looking down at the floor instead. Her apparent inattention did not last long, as she was taken back by the next comment from Gary.

“Oh, yeah, that’s perfect. Alexis, trust me, you’re going to look damn sexy with that one – well, sexier than you already do. Those college guys are going to like it, if you know what I mean – if you and your sister are anything alike.

“Thanks,” was all Alexis could say. She was clearly embarrassed by the older man commenting on her body like that.

“Yeah, they will,” Ashley agreed, placing the emphasis on the “yeah.” “Gary, that’s the one. Alexis, you know they’ll like it. I mean, there’s no point in getting a piercing like this and not showing it off, right?”

“She’s right about that,” Gary agreed.

Alexis pauses a moment and took a deep breath. “Okay,” she said finally.

“Awesome, that one is going to -” Gary started to say, about to make a price before Ashley cut him off.

“Actually, Gary, I thought we could maybe perhaps discuss other arrangements?”

“Ahhh, I was wondering when you were going to go there,” Gary said with a smile.

“Only one thing. Like I said, I’m paying. Not her.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Gary. “She’s going to watch, though. Go ahead and take her to the back room while I close up for a bit. You remember where that is, don’t you?”

“Sure?” Ashley said with a wide smile. She quickly led Alexis away. Within a few seconds, Ashley opened the door to the back room and led Alexis inside. It was a smallish room with a couch, a television, and a desk. There was a coffee table in front of the couch and a refrigerator in the far corner. Alexis barely noticed the contents of the room – she was still thinking about the conversation between Ashley and Gary that had led to her presence there.

“Ashley, are you -” Alexis began to ask as ankara escort soon as Gary was out of earshot.

“Am I what?”

“Well – what are you doing? I mean, it sounded like – ” Alexis, of course, had already pieced together what was about to occur.

“Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounded like,” Ashley said with a big grin

“So you’re actually going to fuck him?”

“Yep – why, you’ve watched me get fucked before?”

“Ashley! He’s three times your age!”

“I know,” Ashley said. Her grin only seemed to be getting bigger. Alexis looked on, astonished.

“Why would you – how could you? Ashley, that’s disgusting!”

“Exactly,” said Ashley. “But the disgustingness turns me on, like – you know – sometimes, I really like fucking people I know I’m not supposed to want to fuck – like, old guys, fat guys, nasty chicks – you know?”

“Oh my god, Ashley, why?”

“Because knowing I’m not supposed to want it – the whole taboo factor – it makes it nasty – and being nasty makes me horny.” Alexis just looked at her sister, completely shocked and disgusted by her.

“Relax,” said Ashley. “You just have to watch me be a complete whore. I’m doing it for you! After I get done you get a free belly piercing.”

“Have you – I mean, did you – “

“Do this before?”


“I mean, yeah – that’s how I got this,” Ashley said, pointing to her own pierced navel.

Just then, Gary walked into the room. “So, Ashley, I have to tell you,” he began, “I’ve had a few girls back here in my time, as you probably guessed. But you’re the only one who came back here to get some work done for somebody else.”

“So am I the biggest whore you’ve had back here?”

“I think you might be,” said Gary.

“I really hope I am,” said Ashley with a smile.

“Are you going to prove it to me?” Gary said. Ashley was already on her knees, unbuckling his belt.

“Yes,” Ashley said. “I’m a three holed slut, too, so use me however you want.”

“Ohhh, so I can fuck your ass this time?”

“My ass is wide open for you, Gary,” said Ashely. She looked up at him and smiled as she pulled his jeans to the floor.

“Are you going to swallow my cum?”

“I can’t wait to swallow your cum, Gary,” she teased. “After you fuck my ass, I want you to give me all your cum while I taste my ass on your cock. Can I do that for you Gary? Please? Can I be your dirty little cum slut?” Ashley pulled Gary’s boxers off as he took off his t-shirt.

“You’re going to have to be a dirty little cum slut if you want to earn that piercing for your sister.”

“Oh, I certainly will. I want you to use me, Gary. Force my head down on your cock. Slap me hard in the face like a worthless piece of shit whore. Degrade me. Make me feel ashamed of what I am. Don’t hold back, I like it.”

Ashley took Gary’s hardening cock into her mouth. She licked the head at first, flicking her tongue over it, before sliding her lips down his shaft until his cock touched he back of her throat.

“You really are a little whore, coming over here and sucking cock so you can get your sister’s belly button pierced. You know those only cost about forty dollars, right? Is that what you do? Sell your mouth and your cunt and your ass, all st once, to a dirty old man for forty lousy dollars?”

“No, I’d probably do it for free,” Ashley said. “So you’re the one getting the raw deal here. I hoped to make it even by letting you slap me around and degrade me and basically treat me like shit.” Ashley slid her lips over Gary’s cock, forcing her own head down over his cock until it hit the back of her throat. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

Ashley slowly sucked Gary’s cock, pulling her lips backward, down his shaft toward the head of his penis. When she reached the head, Gary took a fistful of her hair and pulled it hard with his left hand, forcing hid cock deep into her mouth.

“Is that what you want, you dirty whore?” He asked.

“Mmmhmm,” was all she could say. He turned her head slighty to the right before giving her face a light slap on her left cheek.

“Suck my cock, slut,” he said. He slapped her again, a little harder this time. “Do you realize you aren’t even getting anything out of this?” He said. “You really are a filthy little whore, aren’t you?” She didn’t answer.

Gary slapped her face hard. “Answer me when I ask you a question, cunt!” He commanded. “What are you?” He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Ashley gasped a little, for air, as he let her breathe for a moment. A string of drool connected his cock and her mouth briefly before falling to the floor. Ashley felt more humiliated than she had in some time. She knew Gary would degrade her, but he was starting harder and faster than she had expected.

“I’m a piece of shit whore,” Ashley said as she cast her gaze down toward Gary’s feet.

“Look at me when you say it!” Gary commanded. As soon as Ashley looked up, Gary grabbed her throat with his left hand. Ashley closed her eyes briefly, then opened them again. As soon as her eyes were open, Gary slapped her hard with his free hand. “What are you?” He asked sincan escort bayan her again.

“I’m a piece of shit whore.”

Gary slapped her in the face again, his hand still around her throat. Alexis, watching intently, could see that the left side of her face was already bright pink from the abuse she was taking.

“You want out, don’t you, slut?” Gary asked. “I’ll let you go right now, and you can pay forty dollars and I’ll do the piercing. Or we can keep going, but I’m not going easy on you.” He slapped her hard again, letting her know that he meant it.

“Please,” Ashley begged, “please keep going.”

“Please keep going?”

“Yes, please – please use me, slap me. Treat me like the nasty bitch I am.”

“How old are you, Ashley?”

“Twenty one.”

“You know I’m sixty four years old? You know you’re sucking off a man three times your age? I’m old enough to be your grandpa. And you’re sucking me, fucking me, taking abuse from me to save a measly forty bucks? You’re more of a whore than I thought.”

“That’s because you don’t go to school with me. Everyone there knows I’m the biggest whore on campus. And I like it when you slap me.”

Gary slapped her hard again. “You like that, slut?”

“Yes, please, don’t stop. I need this. I need to be slapped and fucked and used by a guy your age.”

“Tell me why you need it, slut. Tell me why!”

“Because I feel nasty for doing it – for wanting it – because asking for it – taking it – feeling like a dirty whore gets me off.”

“You get off on fucking men three times your age? On being slapped around?”


Gary finally let go of Ashley’s throat, only to slap her hard enough he nearly knocked her on her back. He quickly moved forward, grabbing her hair. “Keep that hole open,” he commanded.

“Use it,” said Ashley. She opened her mouth wide and he thrusted his cock inside hard. He pulled her hair, forcing her head toward his body as he thrust his cock balls deep inside Ashley’s mouth.

“Take it. Take my cock, cunt!” Gary ordered, forcing his dick inside. Ashley opened her mouth wide, allowing Gary to pound the back of her throat relentlessly. In and out, in and out he pounded her while she held onto his legs, not attempting to push him away, but merely for support. “You like that, bitch? You like it when I fuck your mouth? You like getting used by guys three times your age?”

“Mmmhmm,” Ashley said. This time, it was her who forced his cock deeper inside. She gargled and drooled as she forced her mouth over his shaft, again and again, impaling her throat on his dick. Gary slapped her again, the hardest slap he had doled out yet, and chuckled at the groveling piece of meat with his cock still in her throat. She hadn’t even budged when he slapped her, or tried to retaliate. So he did it again, to the other side of her face.

“Look at me when I slap you, whore!” Gary ordered. He grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off of his dick. She gazed into his eyes as a string of drool connecting her mouth and his cock hit the floor. As she gazed at him lovingly, her eyes begging him for more abuse, he slapped her yet again.

“Ashley!” Alexis finally blurted out. “Ashley, fuck! Holy shit! You don’t have to do this, seriously! I have forty dollars and I’ll pay him, just – this is insane!” She really was trying to look out for her big sister, and she was terrified of seeing her treated like that.

“Well, hold it right there, before you go pulling your wallet out! Why don’t we ask Ashley what she wants?” Said Gary. “Ashley, do you want your sister to pay me forty bucks, or to you want to get slapped some more, fucked, used, and she gets pierced for free?”

“I want to get slapped, fucked, and used,” Ashley practically begged. “And don’t stop again.”

“Please, I just – I can’t take seeing you – I mean you’re being basically face raped and physically abused. This isn’t worth forty dollars! I don’t know if I can,” Alexis said, trailing off as Gary spoke up again.

“Alexis, what would you do? To keep her from getting slapped?”

“I – what do you mean?” Alexis asked, puzzled.

“I see you still have your clothes on,” said Gary. “And I understand you aren’t half the slut your sister is, or you’d be down here sucking me and getting slapped yourself. So I’ll go easy on you. Just take your clothes off, throw them out that door, and I won’t slap your sister in her face again. At least, not today. Do we have a deal?

Alexis nodded gently and started pulling off her top.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Asked Ashley immediately. “I said I wanted this! I don’t want it to stop!” She quickly slapped her own face three times as her sister pulled off her top and tossed it through the door.

“Please, Ashley, I – I can’t take this – seeing you like this!” She pulled down her jeans as Ashley focused her attention back on Gary.

“You know what I like about being used by an older gentleman like Gary?” Ashley asked her sister. Alexis sneered at the idea of Gary being a gentleman. More like a creep, she thought. Ashley continued, however. “They know how to treat a dumb fuck doll like me. They know how to make me hurt. Guys our age can be such pussies. This is a real man that knows what he wants and takes it. I’m not just doing this to be a whore and save forty bucks. I’m doing this because I love the way Gary uses me.”

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