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B5 Chapter 11 Jeanne’s Wild Night – Jeanne Du

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B5 Chapter 11 Jeanne’s Wild Night – Jeanne DuChapter 11: Jeanne’s Wild Night – Jeanne Duz VeronicaBarocca and Jeanne arrived back at the hotel room later in the afternoon, on Sunday. All the rest of the girls were gathered there. Barocca gave them a rapid-fire rundown of what had gone on at the Island.”Okay, girls,” said Barocca. “I guess there’ll never be a better time than right now to get started with this. Who’s gonna be first to show Jeanne the ropes, to get her ready for the contest?””Don’t I have a say in this, Barocca?” asked Jeanne.”Well, I don’t see why not. Who did you have in mind?”Jeanne gazed about the room. Her eyes settled on an attractive brunette named Veronica. “How about you, sweet thing?””Are you sure you’re ready for this, Veronica? You haven’t been on the Island as long as most of us, you know.””I’ll be okay, Barocca. I mean, I’ve been with you and Persia, and Jeanne’s about the same size, right?””That’s right,” said Barocca. “All right, Jeanne. You can start off with Veronica, and then we’ll see where things lead from there. I just want you to take it easy with her, because she and some other girls here don’t have the experience that others do.”Jeanne acted like she hadn’t even heard Barocca. She peeled her robe off, and flung it to the side of the room.”Get over here girl. Get those lips of yours in overdrive, and show me that you know how to suck a cock.”Veronica knelt in front of Jeanne and began exploring the huge piece of meat between her legs. Veronica cupped both hands around Jeanne’s big black cockshaft, just behind the flaring slab of her cockhead. She pumped Jeanne up and down. As Veronica’s hands pushed back, Jeanne’s cock grew in length quickly, in front of everyone. Jeanne’s dark leathery shaft expanded to its full two-foot length in no time at all, and the dark cockmeat was throbbing in the air.The sight was making Veronica drool. She pushed her tongue out and licked at the tip of Jeanne’s prick. Jeanne made a moaning sound, her hips stirring. She pushed her drooling cockhead against Veronica’s tongue and lips. Veronica laved all over the thick dark wedge, lathering Jeanne’s hot cockmeat with her saliva. Veronica’s tongue tingled with the rich flavor of a shemale’s prick, and Jeanne sighed and purred with the pleasure of it.Jeanne had intended only to let Veronica lick her cock a little, to get herself excited before she decided to fuck her. But she noticed how much Veronica was savoring the taste of her cock so much that now Jeanne decided it would be lovely to shoot her first load of cum into Veronica’s mouth. Veronica had given the many of the amazons blow jobs before and knew full well what a thrill it was to have those gigantic cocks spurt cum in her mouth, to have those big balls empty their delicious slime as she sucked and swallowed. From what Barocca had told the others about Jeanne, she was very potent and Veronica knew she was capable of shooting off much more than one load. Because of that, she knew Jeanne wouldn’t take much longer to shoot her cum the second time, which meant that she could quickly enjoy a prolonged fuck on her mighty prick.Veronica’s tongue slid all over Jeanne’s cockhead and pushed right up inside her parted piss-hole. Jeanne rocked her hips, tilting her head back as she shoved her cockhead against her lips. Her ass twitched behind her, and Jeanne’s hair cascaded over her arched neck. Jeanne was quivering all through her body, and her balls swung in and out as she humped Veronica’s face.A glob of Jeanne’s precum trickled onto Veronica’s tongue. She whimpered with delight, sliding her tongue up Jeanne’s piss-hole again. Another slimy glob of jizz slid onto her lips. Veronica let the cum roll around on her taste buds for a moment, then swallowed it down.”Ummm. So good,” Veronica purred. The initial flow was making Veronica ravenous for more shemale cum. And she knew full well how much more was waiting inside Jeanne’s swollen balls. The story of the show Jeanne had put on in the auditorium, in front of the other amazons, had spread quickly indeed.One time, as a teenager, Veronica had sucked off the whole basketball team, one right after the other; and all of those athletic young men together would be hard pressed to pump as much jism into her hungry mouth as Jeanne was capable of in one titanic ejaculation.Veronica’s tongue flipped over Jeanne’s prickhead, then halkalı escort fluttered against the underside, where her fat ventral vein spread out. Her lips parted as she kissed the dripping tip of Jeanne’s cock. Then Jeanne began to slowly feed that hot, hard cockmeat into Veronica’s mouth. Her lips stretched, enveloping her huge meaty prickhead. Jeanne grunted and stood stiff, not humping now, letting Veronica suck her cock at her own pace. Veronica whimpered and pushed down, taking all of the massive cockhead into her mouth. Her lips collared around Jeanne’s shaft, pulling and twisting. Jeanne’s cockhead was so huge that it was pushing her cheeks out on both sides at once, and the seeping cocktip was pushed right back to the entrance of her throat. Slime oozed from her cockhead’s slit and trickled down Veronica’s gullet.”Oh, yeah. I’m gonna feed my cum to you girl,” Jeanne moaned. Veronica gasped, her response muffled around the giant mouthful of Jeanne’s cock. “I’m gonna fuck your mouth good. Shoot all that sweet fuck juice into your hungry mouth!”Jeanne began to hump forcefully, nudging her cockhead around in the snug confines of Veronica’s mouth. Veronica sucked on her prick. Her lips and cheeks pulled on Jeanne’s prick and her nimble tongue slid around against the underside of her cockhead.Jeanne began to lose some of her control as she got more and more excited with Veronica sucking her cock. Jeanne reached down and grabbed the back of Veronica’s head, so that she could barely move. Jeanne began forcefully fucking Veronica’s throat with her massive prick. A foot of Jeanne’s thick black meat was disappearing down Veronica’s throat with every thrust.Veronica began making moaning sounds, as the sheer volume of Jeanne’s cockmeat was more than she was prepared for at first. Veronica began pounding her fists on the bed, as she struggled to try and remain in control.Barocca and the other girls became visibly alarmed as they saw the way that Jeanne was overpowering Veronica with her cock. “Jeanne, take it easy on her, damn it!”Veronica had enough presence to raise her hand up, and signal that she was okay. But Jeanne’s thick piece of cockmeat was seriously taxing even her deep throat skills to the max.Jeanne fucked Veronica’s face and throat like this for over ten minutes. Eventually, Jeanne felt the feelings in her loins shoot past the point of no return. Her stomach muscles tensed as she felt her cock begin to throb. Thick streams of hot sticky jism begin to rocket down Veronica’s throat.”Oh yeah, girl,” moaned Jeanne. “Suck me like your life depends on it.” More jism poured from Jeanne’s prick, Veronica’s tongue was floating in the swampy stuff. She sucked and swallowed, trying to savor that delicious cum, but it was simply pouring out of Jeanne’s cock far too fast. Veronica’s eyes widened in surprise, as she felt Jeanne’s cum rushing down her throat.Jeanne was enjoying Veronica’s mouth on her cock, but what she was really yearning for was to finish creaming in her mouth, and then getting to fuck Veronica’s cunt to a frazzle.”I can see it in your eyes, girl,” said Jeanne as she looked down at Veronica. “You think I’m cumming right now, and you’re already having trouble keeping up with me. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, girl!”Jeanne began to frig her prick between her cupped hands, adding manual stimulation to her cocksucking. One hand gripped the shaft of her huge cock, the other reached down and gripped her nuts. The effect was almost instantaneous, and Veronica gasped in shock, as the flow of cum into her mouth doubled.”Get your fucking hands back on my cock now, girl!” screamed Jeanne. “Don’t you even think of letting go of me, until I tell you to. Or else I’ll turn you over and split you open like a piece of meat!”Barocca and the other girls looked at each other in shock as they heard Jeanne’s words.”Easy, wild thing. Easy! The idea’s to get you used to having sex. Not to try and hurt anybody!”As Veronica clamped her hands back on the shaft of Jeanne’s cock, her cockhead ballooned in her throat, the shaft spreading her lips even wider and clogging her cheeks. She gulped frantically as Jeanne thrust her cock further into her gullet. Jeanne’s jism was rushing down her throat even faster now.Veronica’s hands could barely span the great thickness of Jeanne’s cockshaft nişantaşı escort as she frigged her up and down, moving faster and sucking harder. Jeanne was going crazy watching Veronica on her humongous cock and longing to pump her succulent fuck juice into her even faster.”Cumming! Cumming!” Jeanne murmured, her hands moving up and down her shaft, as she jerked her b**st off into Veronica’s mouth. Jeanne stroked back down her cockstalk and her balls swung in and out, heavy with her load of cum, slapping against her thighs. Jeanne was humping harder now, watching Veronica’s head tossing around on the end of her plunging prick. Veronica’s hair cascaded over her black prick as she rocked her head back and forth, and gulped as much of Jeanne’s cockhead in her mouth as she could.Jeanne’s giant prick lurched and bucked, hammering and pounding between her hands and flaring in Veronica’s mouth. “Yeah! I’m gonna cream your fucking mouth like you’ve never had it done to you before!” she wailed.Jeanne forced more of her cockmeat into Veronica. Jeanne tilted her head and shoulders back, screaming and panting in ecstasy. Her nostrils flared wide and her neck arched and she gazed down with wild eyes at the woman who was frantically working on her prick. Veronica’s foaming saliva poured onto Jeanne’s iron-hard cockrod. More cum seeped onto her tongue and slid across her lips. Veronica sucked frantically, gulping and whimpering, trying to keep up with Jeanne’s colossal flow of jism.Jeanne bucked abruptly, her hips driving forward as her balls continued to erupt. Jeanne lunged wildly forward, and forced more of her cock down Veronica’s throat than she was ready for. Veronica squealed in pain and fear, as Jeanne’s cock was like a throbbing tentacle, being pushed down her throat.Jeanne felt her hot load coming like Niagara Falls as her cockstalk rippled between her pumping hands. Jeanne reared her head back and her cockhead flared for the final time; and then she continued unloading her hot, thick fuck juice into Veronica’s throat in spurt after foaming spurt. Veronica wailed with agony, desperately trying to drink Jeanne’s cum, gulping and gasping. Ribbons of cock cream overflowed Veronica’s lips, running onto Jeanne’s cockshaft and then streaming from her chin. Thick drops of cum splashed on her tits. Jeanne stroked her cock continuously, milking more spunk out each time her hands pumped back on her prick.Barocca had been watching the display before her with growing unease. It took a while before girls were used to handling the huge amazon cocks in their mouths and throats. And even then, care had to be exercised, or accidents could happen. Barocca immediately saw in Veronica the same signs as a drowning swimmer. Veronica had gamely taken as much of Jeanne’s cock as she could. But Jeanne was humping Veronica far too fast and hard, for her to have a chance of keeping up with her. Barocca knew she had to take action fast, before something awful happened to Veronica.Without warning, Barocca reached up and grabbed Jeanne by the shoulders. Barocca gave a powerful pull, taking Jeanne by surprise, and causing her cock to pop out of Veronica’s mouth.”Good fucking grief, Jeanne! I told you to take it easy, not to try and gag someone!”Bellowing in pleasure and surprise, Jeanne squirted her last jet of jizz out, hosing Veronica’s face and also her neck and chest. The last slippery drops of Jeanne’s cum trickled onto her heaving breasts. Veronica had swallowed frantically, but Jeanne’s cum load was enormous, overfilling her mouth and flooding out. When Veronica pulled her lips away, Jeanne’s dark cockhead popped out, coated with creamy cum. Jeanne lifted her own cock to her mouth. She used her tongue and lips to slurp up the jism that had run down her prick, licking all the way down her shaft that she could manage.Jeanne’s heavy balls had shrunk now, temporarily emptied, but her massive prick was still hard as a rock and, even as she stroked her cock, she could feel her balls slowly begin to expand again.Veronica nearly collapsed, reaching her arms out to support herself, as she fought to clear her lungs and recover from Jeanne’s onslaught. Persia and Domonique girls knelt next to Veronica, helping to make sure that she was all right.Finally drained, Jeanne stopped humping. But Jeanne kept right şişli escort on frigging her prick to make sure that she had pumped every sweet drop out of her cock and balls.”Damn it, Jeanne!” exclaimed Barocca. “I told you a hundred fucking times that you have to take it easy on girls. The same thing goes for me and the others.””I thought you said these girlfriends of yours were experienced, and could handle me,” taunted Jeanne.”You can’t fuck a girl’s mouth and throat the same way you would her pussy, Jeanne.””You’re all just jealous of the way that I turned out,” said Jeanne, as she gripped the shaft of her cock, which was still hard and throbbing. “Who’s ready to go for a ride next, girls?”The other girls in the room just stood and stared at Jeanne, with a mixture of hate and fear on their faces.”Let me have a go with little ‘Miss Show-Off’ here, Barocca.” It was Persia. Persia was a tall, attractive black girl, and was one of the other senior amazons. After Barocca herself, she had been on the Island the longest of any of the girls in the room.Yeah, and after you, I damn sure want a crack at her too!” exclaimed Domonique.”Ooh. That sounds like a challenge to me,” said Jeanne. She stood there with her hands on her hips, and her hard-on wavering in the air.”It’s no secret that if you try and force feed a cock down a girl’s throat, you’re more than likely gonna wind up gagging her with it. Especially with a hunk of meat like what most of us have between our legs. I want everyone to know that I’ve got nothing bad to say about Veronica. She gave it her best shot with you, Jeanne. But she’s the least experienced of our little group here.””So now you’re making excuses for her?””Listen up, smart ass,” said Domonique. “We all started off the same way, when we came to the Island. Including you. We’ve heard about the way Barocca put you through your paces, when she had you in her quarters, Jeanne.””That’s right girls,” said Barocca. “Jeanne squealed as loud as anyone, when I put my cock in her the first time. And I could’ve pumped my cum into her, until she couldn’t take it; but I didn’t. That’s one of the few things that Tiffany’s group and my group have agreed upon. You have to break a new girl in slowly, and get her used to the oversized cocks that we have here.””All right,” said Jeanne. “So I can’t help the way that I turned out. But you made me the way that I am Barocca. So don’t blame me, if you and your girls can’t keep up with me and my cock.””Just a damn minute!” exclaimed Domonique. “Just because you got handed your gifts on a fucking silver platter, doesn’t make you any better than the rest of us. I’ve seen what you’ve got, and it’s impressive, Jeanne. But Barocca and Persia and myself have got everything between our legs that you’ve got, and maybe a little more. And we’ve got years of experience on you.””Is there a point to this?” Jeanne retorted. “My dick’s still hard, and you’re still flapping your gums.””Hell yes, there’s a point!” shouted Persia. “Barocca, are you thinking what I’m thinking?””I sure am, girlfriend. Whatever you want, I’ve got your back.””All right Jeanne, listen up,” said Persia. “I’m gonna cut to the head of the line here. I’m gonna suck that dick of yours, the way a cock is supposed to be sucked. You got lucky, because you happened to pick Veronica for your first time, and you took her by surprise. That’s not gonna happen with me.””Another blow job?” complained Jeanne. “When am I gonna get to fuck somebody?””After I’m good and done with you, and not before,” said Persia. “If you and your damn ‘permanent hard-on’ are still raring to go after that, you can fuck me next. You’re gonna have to learn to be able to do the ‘marathon run’ anyway, for when we film videos later on.””That’s the best offer anybody’s made me all night. I’m getting horny, just thinking about bangin’ your box, Persia. You sure you’re ready for me? I don’t want any more excuses.””Listen you little slut!” shouted Domonique. “Barocca and Persia and myself were going one on one with Ebony, long before you were even brought to the Island. And she’s a damn sight bigger and more powerful than you’ll ever be!”“Hold on a second, Domonique,” said Persia. “You’re gonna get your turn with miss sassy britches here. But I want to make this really interesting.” “What’ve you got in mind, Persia?” taunted Jeanne. “Just name it!””If you can’t make me say ‘uncle’, then Barocca and Domonique and I are gonna get to work you over. You’ve only spent some time with Barocca by herself so far, before tonight. If I win, we’re gonna fuck you in ways that you’ve never been fucked before.””Bring it on, Barocca! I’ve been waiting for a real challenge, so I can finally show what I can really do.”

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