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Badminton club

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Badminton clubHopefully erotica for those who would like to be titillated.Sorry to run off early ladies, but I have to get home to put the little ones to bed. See you all next week” shouted Amanda as she ran out of the changing room. I sat on the bench in the old school changing rooms, absolutely shattered. It had turned out to be a really lovely evening, with three other mums, from my k**s school, playing badminton. I hadn’t played since I was a teenager, and I used to love the game. Sadly age, ch*****n, and workload meant that I wasn’t anywhere near as fit as I used to be, so that had been my driver when Natalie asked me if I wanted to join them to make up a game of doubles. Don’t get me wrong looking after the family and holding down a job had kept me slim and trim, but I knew I wasn’t sportingly fit and had decided to do something about it.Well it was 10 O’clock and we had just finished over an hours running around. We were the last to finish, but as Christine was the care takers wife, we were in no rush, as she accompanied Amanda to let her out, and lock the doors behind her. Funny really that in all the years that I had known this school, first as a youngster, then as a mum whilst my family were here, I never knew that the old gymnasium was also open for hire. Odd really!Christine came into the locker room with Natalie and said that she had just turned the showers on and there should be lots of hot water as nobody else had used them. “That’s great news” I said as I took off my shoes, then jokingly added “I may need help getting in there, my heartbeat is pounding like a train” then with a laugh I tried and failed to get onto my feet. Just too tired and my muscles had tightened up. I shouldn’t have sat down. “Here you go” offered Natalie and held out her hand. I took it, and she hauled me up with such a pull that we bumped together, and she had to grab hold of me to stop herself from being knocked over. “Woah there girl!” she said and quickly grabbed around my waist. Our tummies touching, and our breasts squashing together. She looked me in the eyes and smiled at me, not seeming too concerned about the close proximity. “You can’t be that tired surely? You look in too good a shape to be that unfit, and feeling your tummy and waist you look in great shape. What do you think Christine?” she asked turning. Christine, who was now naked and d****d in a towel, ready to shower, said.“She’s got much better boobs than you have” answered Christine with a laugh, “and hers didn’t cost her eight grand” she said as she set off into the now misty shower room.“Eight thousand pounds? You’ve got breast implants Natalie?” I was, a little shocked. “Oh my god yes” she said with a hoot “Can’t you feel them up against yours?” she grinned and wiggled them slightly like a gogo dancer, to make the point. Oh and I think you should me Nat, seeing as we are now bosom buddies and we giggled like schoolgirls. I stepped halkalı escort back from Nat slightly just breaking the hug that she had made around me. I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought I might, but a strange woman grabbing hold of me so intimately, and the warmth of her body against mine had started a tingle deep down in my nether regions. “Can you honestly not tell?” asked Nat, “my Gavin paid for them as he likes boobs. I didn’t want to go big like a porn star, I just wanted them to look natural like yours” she said and took the half step back into my comfort zone, taking and lifting my right hand and placing it on her left breast. The move was all ‘so matter of fact’ with her, that I just stood and held her breast as she looked deep into my eyes. “It’s ok she said, “everyone ‘cops a feel’ whenever the subject comes up you can have a squeeze if you like. They don’t hurt” and me in my naivity simply did. As I softly worked my hand on her I felt her nipple harden under my palm, as she stood there simply looking into my eyes. “You obviously don’t get the full effect through this sports bra, but you can tell that they’re not real can’t you” said Nat. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never felt a woman’s boobs before” I admitted and stood in wonderment as she lifted my left hand to her right breast, and squeezed them together with her own hands over my own. I couldn’t help but just look at my hands on her boobs as I gently lifted and massaged them together.I almost jumped, as I felt Nat’s right hand slide up my hip across my tummy and onto my own left breast, as her left hand once again pulled us together, finding the warmth of our tummy and hips touching again. I also almost jumped when she leaned in that little bit more and her soft plump lips met with mine in a kiss. A kiss that was so soft and undemanding. Unlike every other kiss that I’d had, it was a kiss which was actually giving rather than taking, just offered up and not forced, her tongue slid into my mouth and I tasted the sweetness of her mouth on mine.“Come on you too, It’ll all be cold by the time you are in here” shouted Christine from the showers and we broke the kiss softly, without making eye contact. “Hmm” she said softly “showers” and she turned away and quickly stripped off, taking a towel from her locker, and heading off to the next room. This left me looking into my locker wondering what the fuck had just happened. I was shell shocked at how I’d just groped and kissed, not just a stranger, but a female stranger. I stripped off my sports kit and decided to stay and shower as I really needed it, but it was with some trepidation and serious butterflies in my tummy, that I set off into the steam. What was I letting myself in for?The old school shower room had been re-decorated with lovely tiles and light fittings, but it was still an old school, olgun escort communal shower room with shower heads around the walls, with another inner wall, also with shower heads on to make what is basically, an alley of showers. The space in the middle had been fitted with benches and hooks for towels. I noticed that there were two towels hanging on the right had side of the alley, so I made my way quietly down the left hand side. It was so steamy with all of the shower heads on that I couldn’t see Christine and Nat anyway, so I regained some of my confidence and made my way to the best spot, in the corner, where there are four shower heads to direct at yourself, and I plunged myself in. The hot water was amazing on my tired body, and I quickly forgot myself as I enjoyed the force of the water massaging my body. I keep my hair at shoulder length and it has a natural curl, so I had tied it up. Reaching back to untie it I hung the hair band on the shower head before soaking my hair in the flow. My shower gel and shampoo were the type which hang on the pipes so I put my hand out to grope for the shampoo with my eyes closed, when a strong hand gripped my wrist, before turning it over and pouring some shampoo into the palm. “Not too much right?” asked a voice and I looked through the flow to find Nat standing there, before saying “no that’s great thank you” and rubbing the shampoo into my hair and closing my eyes tight. “Here let me help you with that” she said and I felt her hands running through my hair and massaging my scalp. Was I imagining things, blowing our encounter out of all proportion. What had she said “everyone cops a feel”. Wasn’t that it? Maybe she was just so used to it now that it only shocked me?All this time I was hiding with my eyes shut tight, I hadn’t realised just how good her hands had felt in my hair, and my body had started tingling a little. As I lifted my head to see her stoppering the shampoo bottle and hanging it back up, she said “Mmm that smells gorgeous” and I wiped the water from my face. “Please feel free to use it yourself” I said as she stood there side on to me. No threat no pressure, “Please, you have such lovely hair and it makes it so soft.” I offered,“Really?” she asked and took the smallest amount on her hands and began to rub it in. “Here” I said and taking a handful of shampoo I started to rub it into her hair and massage her scalp. Nat is about my height and as I worked on her great head of hair I realised what a wonderful shaped body she had. I would put her at around 32 years old, slim, but with a slightly curvy body. The larger breasts just enhanced how feminine she was, and she had a great all over tan, and I mean all over.I shampooed on, but didn’t realise how my arms were now lifted up higher. Natalie had slowly moved herself şişli escort into me, and had stood up so that once again we were tummy to tummy, under the heat of the shower cascade. Eventually I caught on and stopped with my hands raised allowing Nat to take my exposed breasts into her hands and softly squeeze and roll the nipples making them harden and tingle. A low moan escaped my mouth and she once again met my lips with her own. A soft gift of a kiss, with her tongue sliding into my mouth to suckle onto and no rigid cock forced against my abdomen. My arms dropped down onto her shoulders and I eased her head to me as I sucked her tongue into my mouth, her hands sliding across my breasts and making my nipples burn with the attention. The water cascaded off us and in the heady haze I became aware of Christine’s hands gently sliding up and down my waist and hips, soaping my body, moving across my tummy before plunging down towards my pussy and arousing a million nerves, her pert little breasts pushed in against my back and I felt her hardened soapy nipples sliding against me. Natalie now moved us slightly out of the flow of the shower. She lowered her mouth to take my nipple into her mouth and raked her teeth across the areola before crunching down enough to almost hurt, but fully sensitise, before turning her attention to the other one. I turned my head to Christine who had been the dark horse all night, but she now took my chin in her hand and kissed me more forcefully than Nat had, whilst her other hand held pressure on my pussy above my clitoris, but did not penetrate. I had been masterfully seduced, by two practiced lesbians and at that moment I didn’t care less. “May I touch you?” asked Christine breathily in my ear. I nodded yes, but it wasn’t enough for Christine. “You have to say, yes please Chris” she said as Natalie sucked nearly all of my breast deep into her mouth and laved the nipple with the flat of her tongue. “Oh fuck, yes please Chris” I said and closed my eyes as Nat sucked my other breast and Chris’s fingers gently opened me up and slipped gently into my sopping pussy, running up and down over my clit with long assured strokes.It didn’t take much more than this as I was so aroused. I opened myself and wrapped my arms around the two of their shoulders as my orgasm started to build to its crescendo. They in turn supported me as I lost the power to stand on my own. My legs turned to jelly and I came, on Chris’s fingers,shuddering, in a pissing trail on the shower floor, weeping like a little lost c***dIt took me the longest time to come down from my orgasm. Longer than it had ever taken before. It had been such a shock for it to have happened, and for me to abandon myself so freely that I struggled to recover to any form of normality. Natalie and Christine both held me there and continued to caress me whilst the three of us kissed and cuddled in the hot streams.I honestly don’t know how long the two of them kissed and rubbed me like, this but eventually we moved out of the showers and dried each other off, sharing in our newly found closeness with touching and kisses. We left that night with farewells of” see you next week”, and “don’t forget your raquet”, etc and anyone seeing us would have thought nothing more than friends at badminton, but we had become so much more.

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