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Before Work Whoppie Ch. 2

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As I was walking into the office after that incredible morning, my head was spinning. I was alternately going through the morning’s events in my head, asking myself how this had happened, and thinking of an alibi to explain why I was over 5 hours late for work. As I walked I think my feet were barely touching the ground. I was on a sexual high, and flying, despite the fact that I had left Jade’s apartment, and was about to start work.

I arrived at the office, stuck my head in my boss’s door, and quickly spouted off about a plumbing leak at my house, hoping she wasn’t really listening. She didn’t say much, so I made my way quickly to my desk, hoping to avoid the inevitable questions from my colleges.

As I sat at my desk, I took a small, dog eared photograph from my shirt pocket. It was a picture of Jade, probably taken at a wedding or something. She was wearing a stunning black dress that was very low cut, showing lots of cleavage, and was slit very, very high up the front. In the picture you could just make out the lacy fringe of the tops of her stockings, just inches below her pussy. Even in this small, worn, wallet sized picture, she looked incredible. I sat there, shaking my head for a moment, dumbfounded that I had just spent a morning of raw sex with this woman.

I turned the picture over and looked at the words written on the back. “Please call me. I’d love to see you again. Jade.” Below that was her number.

While I was dressing, Jade had pulled the picture from her purse, turned it over, and written on it. Rather than passing it to me, she had put it in my shirt pocket, then held her hand to my chest, and kissed me. She then took me by the hand and led me to the door. She opened the door for me, then turned me around to hug me one more time. She was still nude, and at least partially visible to anyone who happened to look our way. We broke our hug, tenderly whispered our goodbyes, and then I backed away onto her front step, enjoying one last few of her nude form. She was now totally exposed, but didn’t care. We paused there for a moment, and then she blew me a kiss and closed the door. Considering the pure sexual power that had been exuded all morning, it was a remarkably loving moment, particularly for two people who had met just hours before. You could almost see the sparks flying through the air.

As I headed down the street and passed the picture window in her living room, she came to the window and waved goodbye. I waved back, stealing one last glimpse of her magnificent breasts.

So now I sat at my desk, contemplating her picture and the message on the back, while the message light on my phone continued to blink, and the inbasket on my email said I had 25 unread messages. I was back at the office, but it obviously wasn’t going to be a very productive day. I put the picture back in my pocket and tried to get some work done. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jade, but I had enough relatively mindless tasks ahead of me that I was able to work the rest of the day without any major goofups.

I worked late to make up some of the time, then headed home at about 6:30.

I thought it might be best to play it a bit cool with Jade. Even though I really wanted to see her again, I didn’t want to seem too over eager, just in case she had some misgivings about the morning’s encounter. So I decided to walk back by a different route, so that I didn’t have to pass her apartment. I reached my car, opened the door and flopped into the seat, glad to finally be in my own space.

I was starving, but I didn’t feel like going home to my empty apartment and eating by myself, so after driving around for a while, and headed to a restaurant for dinner. By the time I finished eating it was almost 9:00, and I decided that it was time to head home and call Jade.

I arrived at my apartment, and after shedding my coat and tie, I pulled the picture from my shirt pocket. I stared at the picture for a moment, taking in Jade’s beauty, then turned it over to look at the number. I picked up the phone and dialled. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings, and no answering machine. I was about to hang up when, finally, after five rings, someone picked up the phone.


“Hi, is this Jade”


“Hi Jade, it’s Greg.”

“Oh Greg, I’m so glad you called. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I was so afraid you weren’t going to call me.”

“Why were you afraid I wouldn’t call?”

“Oh Greg, I’ve been thinking about this morning. I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like that before. It was absolutely incredible, but I was so afraid that you’d think that I was totally desperate, or just some cheap slut or something, that I really didn’t think you’d call. I though you would think more about it afterwards and get scared off.”

“Jade, I haven’t stopped thinking about you either. I spent half the afternoon staring at your picture. You look amazing in that picture. I feel like some teenage boy staring at a picture of his favorite starlet. Only I don’t have to fantasise, ankara ucuz escortlar because I’ve already gotten further than that teenage boy ever will.”

“You really like the picture?”

“God, yes. You look amazing in it. Was that taken at a wedding or something.?”

“Yes, I was my best friend’s bridesmaid last summer. I spent the whole day crying. I had broken up with my fiancé the week before. When I look at the picture all I see is my red puffy eyes.”

“Well all I see is an amazing looking woman with a fabulous figure, wearing an absolutely stunning dress.”

“Thank you, Greg. You really do know how to compliment a woman.”

“Jade… Would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Yes Greg, yes. I so hoped you would call back. Dinner would be wonderful.”

I felt so relieved hearing her say that, that I was finally able to relax my grip on the phone. I have no idea why I was so nervous. I hadn’t been that nervous calling a girl since I was about 15. After that we chatted for about 45 minutes, getting to know each other better. I started getting the picture that Jade was quite the woman, working hard to establish herself as a writer, while waitressing to keep a roof over her head.

Eventually the day’s activities started catching up with both of us, and despite our excitement to continue talking, we had both yawned on the phone a few times. Finally, I said to Jade, “I could talk to you forever, but I’m exhausted. We can talk more tomorrow night, but I think for now we should say goodbye.”

“Yes, you’re probably right. Greg, thanks again for calling. It’s been great talking to you, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow night.”

“Neither can I. I’ll pick you up at 7:00.”

“Sounds great, I am looking forward to it already.”

“Do me a favour?”


“Can you wear that dress?”

“I’d be honoured Greg. Good night.”

“Good night Jade”

After hanging up the phone, I got undressed and crawled into bed. About 10 minutes later, just as I was starting to drift off to sleep, the phone rang. I fumbled in the dark to pick it up.

“Ever have phone sex?” the voice said.

“Ah, no”

“Greg, I can’t sleep. I’m still hungry for you, and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I keep fantasising about what I want to do to you.”

At first I hadn’t realised who it was, and thought maybe it was a crank call. But now Jade had my full attention. “And just what do you want to do to me?” I replied, having decided that a little phone sex might be a great way to end the day.

“I want to curl up in front of the fire with you, naked, wrapped in a big warm blanket. With lots of candles, soft music, and a nice glass of wine. And while we cuddle, I want you to read erotic stories to me.”

“Sounds very romantic. I’d love to do that with you sometime. What kind of stories would you like me to read?”

“Some a bit mushy and romantic, some raunchy and wild.”

“Raunchy and wild, eh. Tell me more, so I can choose the right stories to read to you.”

“I like stories about couples being exhibitionists, having sex in public places, where others are watching them.”

“Like we were this morning, Jade.”

“Yesss, but even more public than that, like on the subway, or in a restaurant, or at the theatre, or how about a sports event. I also get really hot listening to stories about wild group sex, and orgies, especially outdoors, on the beach maybe, or in the water. Maybe at a pool party.”

“Sounds pretty wild to me. So what would you be doing while I was reading the stories?”

“I would start by softly stroking your entire body, starting at your feet, and working my way up, but avoiding your cock. I would finish at your nipples, stroking them and gently pinching them, then sucking on them and nibbling them gently. While I am doing that, I slowly run my hand down to your hard cock, first fondling your balls, and then your hard shaft. Once you are so turned on that you are having trouble continuing to read, I start tracing a line with my tongue, from your nipples to the tip of your cock. But before I touch my tongue to your cock, you have to promise to keep reading, or I will stop and get dressed.”

“I’ll try, but I imagine it would be hard to keep reading.”

By now my cock was hard and I stroked it gently as I imagined the scene Jade had painted in my mind. Clearly, I would have to expand my collection of erotic stories, and one day try to make this scene a reality. And I was pleased to note our similar tastes. Stories about group sex also get me very hot.

“Good,” Jade continued. “Before I start sucking on your cock I will slide off the sofa and onto my knees, so that I can rub my pussy and clit while I blow you off.”

In the background, I started hearing some slurping noises, and realised she was fingering herself while she talked.

“Are you playing with yourself?” I asked.

“Oh yes”

“Does it feel good?” I asked, deciding that it was time for me to do a little more ankara üniversiteli escortlar of the talking for a while.

“Oh yess.”

“How wet are you?”

“So wet that juices are dripping from my fingers.”

“Okay, then stick your fingers as deep into your pussy as they will go, and then fuck yourself a few times, and move the receiver down to your pussy so I can hear.”

After a moment, I could hear the slurping sounds very clearly, and it was obvious that she had put the phone right beside her cunt. In the background it could hear her moaning. Obviously, setting the scene with that little story had gotten her very worked up, and she now sounded close to orgasm.

“That’s it Jade, fuck yourself, fuck yourself” I yelled, so that she would be able to hear even though the phone was between her legs.

Her moaning became more and more intense, and I enjoyed the sounds of her pleasing herself to orgasm while I continued to stroke myself.

Then, Jade spoke to me again, still breathing hard after her orgasm.

“Fuck that was good.”

“Is your hand still wet?”


“Then lick it clean. I want to hear you lick your juices of your hand.”

I could hear her starting to lick at fingers, but then she paused for a moment and said, “Greg, you know, these are the same sorts of sounds I would make sucking you off. Sucking you off while you lay on the couch reading me wild raunchy stories. Are you hard?”


“Have you been playing with yourself?”


“Do you have moisturiser handy.”


“Squeeze a big dab on your hand, and imagine that your moist hand is actually my mouth, slowly fucking you to orgasm.”

I did as she asked, and it felt great. Not quite like a real blow job, but that, together with sound of her licking her juices from her hand, made it pretty easy to imagine her blowing me. After a couple of minutes I was getting close to coming.

“Are you getting close?” Jade asked.


“Start playing with your balls while stroking your cock. Imagine that I am playing with your balls while deep-throating your cock.”

She then resumed making the slurping sounds, and I did as she suggested.

“If you can reach, try to tickle your ass with your finger. I always do that when a man is getting close, and it never fails.”

I tried to do as she suggested, but I could quite reach. But I didn’t need to. In a moment, I started moaning and started to cum, dropping the phone as I did so.

After catching my breath, I picked up the phone.

“Wow, that was pretty good for a phone-sex ‘virgin’,” I said.

“I think I can sleep a little better now, but I can hardly wait until tomorrow,” Jade replied.

“Me neither. It’s going to be hell watching the clock on the wall at work.”

“Well, I guess we should get to sleep now.”

“Yea, my alarm clock’s going to be going off awful early tomorrow. I have to try to get in early to make up some of the time I missed today.”

“What did they say when you got to work today?”

“Not much really. I just told my boss I had a plumbing leak, then tried to avoid everyone else. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have all forgotten, and there won’t be any questions. But Jade, I won’t have forgotten. This has been one of the most incredible days of my life. Even if I never saw you again, I would never forget this day. Thank you.”

“Thank you Greg. I had a wonderful day too.”

“Good night Jade.”

“See you tomorrow. Sleep well.”

With that, we both hung up, and I fell asleep almost instantly.

Getting out of bed the next morning was hell. I must have hit the snooze alarm half a dozen times before finally crawling out of bed and stumbling to the shower. A long hot shower and an extra strong coffee later, I was ready to face the day. I got dressed and headed to the office, managing to arrive about 15 minutes ahead of my colleagues. I was pleased to note that when they arrived, they all seemed to have forgotten how late I was the day before.

I had plenty to do at work, and was busy until my lunch break. I quickly ate my lunch, then had a 45 minute power nap in the office of a colleague who was away on vacation. After the nap I felt much better. I figured I would need the energy to enjoy the evening with Jade.

I worked a little late, then finally left the office at about 5:30. I had an hour and a half to get ready for my date with Jade. As I walked to my car my heart was racing with excitement. I headed home and had a quick shower and shave, then went to my closet to select my wardrobe for the evening. Knowing how well Jade would be dressed, I picked dress pants and a shirt that I knew were suitably stylish and dressy.

Once dressed, I called to confirm our reservation at one of the finest Italian restaurants in town, and then, after one last check to make sure that all systems were go, I headed to the car. On the way to Jade’s I stopped at the local florist shop and picked ankara vip escortlar up a dozen long stemmed roses.

I arrived at Jade’s place about 5 minutes early, and with a flutter in my chest, climbed the steps to her apartment, and rang her door bell. After a brief delay, the door slowly opened, although I could not see anyone. The door closed behind me, and Jade stepped out from behind the door, wearing only thigh high stockings. HOW SEXY!!

She gave me a quick hug and a kiss and apologised for not being ready yet, then told me to make myself at home for a few minutes. She then disappeared into her bedroom, and I went into the kitchen to find a vase for the roses. ‘This,’ I thought to myself as I arranged the roses, ‘is going to be one hell of an evening.’ I decided right then and there to call my boss and leave a voice mail saying that I was going to be late the next morning because I had to wait for the plumber to come.

Just as I hung up the phone, Jade walked into the room. She was very pleased to see the roses. I was very pleased to see her. She was wearing the dress that she was wearing in the picture she had given me, as promised. And she looked even more stunning than in the picture. Walking into the kitchen, she looked as if she could be walking right off the pages of any fashion magazine or men’s magazine. The dress, I realised, was the kind the bottoms all the way up the front, so that she could be as proper or as daring as she chose. And at that moment she was pretty daring.

“Do you think I should do up more of the buttons,” she asked. At that moment she had the top 3 or 4 inches of buttons undone, so that the dress was opened almost to below her tits. As she moved, her tits could be seen moving, although they were still completely covered except for a little bit of exposed skin on the sides. As for the bottom, she had the dress unbuttoned to about 5 inches below her crotch, so that, despite the fact that the dress went to her ankles, it was almost more revealing than a mini skirt. And the dress clearly revealed her bare skin above the tops of her thigh highs. I was already starting to get hard. But, it probably was a little too revealing, at least this early in the evening.

“Well, you look fabulous,” I replied to her, “and I am probably a fool for saying this, but you should probably have a few more buttons done up, at least when we go to the restaurant.”

“What about the rest of the night?”

“Well, that depends. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, I love it just the way it is.”

She smiled at me and headed back to her room. The dress fit so tightly across her ass that I was left guessing, panties, or thong, or nothing. I was hoping for nothing, and pretty certain that I would find out soon enough.

Jade came out of her room a couple of minutes later with a few more of the top buttons undone, so the dress was open almost to her belly button, and left it very obvious that there was no bra restraining her tits.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Definitely. I’ve been looking forward to this since yesterday. So where are we going?”

“Ah, you’ll see soon enough.”

She smiled, and I took her hand and escorted her to my car. As she was about to get into the car, a teenage guy drove by on his bike, and was so taken aback by the sight of Jade that he almost ran into a parked car! We laughed, and then I opened the door to let Jade in. As she slid into the passenger seat of my car her dress rode up, but all I saw was skin. I guess I’d have to wait a little longer to see if she had panties on or not. She certainly seemed to be enjoying teasing me.

I got in the driver’s seat and we headed off. The restaurant was about half an hour away, with most of the drive being along a scenic parkway along the waterfront. As we turned on the parkway and headed west, the evening sun positively shone off her skin. She seemed to be glowing. She was obviously very aware of how sexy she looked, and as she turned to me and smiled, she gently pulled open the top of her dress until her tits were exposed almost to her nipples. She then undid more of the buttons, so that there was only a strip about 6 inches long that was still buttoned. As she moved around in her seat, her dress came open further, so that her tit closest to me was completely exposed, and the nipple of her tit furthest from me was exposed. The only mystery left unrevealed was whether or not she was wearing panties, and I think she was enjoying keeping me in suspense.

We drove along the parkway for about 15 minutes, with Jade remaining in that exposed state. Along the way she turned more than one head, as pedestrians and cyclists on pathway beside the road caught glimpses of her. I was going pretty slow, giving them ample opportunity to get a full, if brief, eyeful.

As we pulled off the parkway and into the busy downtown streets Jade casually looked around, and pulled the dress closed a bit, covering her nipples, but did not do up any of the buttons.

A couple of minutes later we pulled into the parking lot beside the restaurant. As I parked the car, Jade slowly did up all of the buttons on the top of her dress, and buttoned it down to just above her knees. In so doing, she converted herself from a sexy vixen ready for action into one very classy looking, but still very sexy lady.

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