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Best of both -the last day

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Best of both -the last dayScott awoke on what was his last full day at his parents, early tomorrow morning he will begin the long drive back to university. The past week has flown by, days a nights had been filled with sexual exploration with both his parents mainly at the same time although each parent had receive a little one on one time when the other was absent. Scott could never remember a time when he woke with his cock so hard from the dreams he’d been having. He eagerly made his way down stairs, it had come to amaze him just how much “special” motivation his father required to do the most menial of tasks, not that he was complaining, sharing his fathers manhood with his mother was the perfect start to his day. This morning was no different but his mother hadn’t waited for him to start, when he walked into the kitchen she was already on her knees with her face buried in his fathers crotch and her arse in the air. Her plump arse was sticking out of her dressing gown and Scott could see her big lips, she had not noticed him enter so the moment she felt her sons tongue enter her pussy, surprised she jumped, bashing her head on the underside of the table. Releasing her husband from her mouth “morning baby, I need a hand with you father again, he has such a busy day ahead” she said, Scott dutifully and excitedly joined her on the floor and took great joy in sucking his fathers cock, Scott licked the head whilst his mothered tackled the balls until they swapped. It was her turn this morning to get the big reward, Scott would have to make do with tasting his fathers spunk when he kissed his mother. There was something so exciting about doing this every morning, maybe it was because of where the kitchen was located and that passers by could look in completely oblivious to the dirty deeds being perform below the line of sight, Scott grew excited as his mother pumped his fist faster and the look on his fathers face told him he was close, almost to tease Scott’s mum took his fathers cock from her mouth so her could see the cum erupt over her tongue, thick white puddles coated her tongue before she thrust her tongue into her sons mouth so he could taste the canlı bahis spoils of their combined effort. Scott mother apologised as she was going out all day and his father was busy, it felt almost anti climatic after the week they had shared together, Scott spent the day packing his belonging up and loading the car ahead of tomorrow’s journey. Around 6pm his mother arrived home with bags of shopping, she had been splashing the cash, she headed upstairs to dump the bags before returning downstairs to put dinner on. Near 7pm his father returned home, just in time for something to eat. Scott was a little perplexed the last week had been a frenzied sex fest but today it was excluding breakfast a normal family day. Maybe his parents were trying to return to normality?After dinner Scott helped his mother wash up and then headed into the living room, he sat down next to his dad. He heard his mother go upstairs. “Few shocking results in the football today, Scott” his father muttered. “Yep” Scott replied. “What’s up you sound down.” “I just thought that tonight being my last night….” “You thought that we’d all be at it again” “yes” Scott responded. “Scott, we not as young as you anymore, this week has been great but exhausting and anyway, as we used to say to you years ago, don’t be greedy young man.” Scott was disappointed. The front room door opened and in walked his mother, Val was dressed in sexy flight attendant uniform, her stockings fully on show due to the short skirt. “Brian, you are terrible, telling him that we were to tired tonight”. She had a couple of party bags in her hands. “What’s in the bags Val?” Brian asked. “Just wait and see, now why don’t you boys get undressed now to save all that faffing around later. Scott and Brian both disrobed and returned to the couch. Val started to give a mock in flight safety briefing with a couple of small changes, “my entrances are here” pointing to her mouth, “here” lifting her Scott and spreading her hairy mound and turning a rounding and bending over exposing her arse, pulling her cheeks apart, “here” she finished. The boys were already beginning to grow hard, each of them moved a hand into the lap of the bahis siteleri other and they began to slowly wank the other. Scott mum began to give them a sexy dance, slowly gyrating and playing with her breasts,she unzipped the outfit and freed her large tits, squeezing her nipples as the other hand explored her pussy. Scott lowered his head into his fathers lap and took his hard shaft into his mouth, whilst maintaining his gaze at his mother. She reached into one of the bags and pulled out a new vibrator. She lay on her back and parted her legs, she teased the entrance to her wet cunt with the tip of the toy, before it entered her unopposed, Scott continued to suck his dad, as the show went further along. After a few minutes Val stood up and went back to the bags, this time she pulled out a new bigger strap on “no training wheels needed now baby” she told Scott. Without being asked Scott got off the sofa and offered his arse to his mother, his mouth returning to his fathers hard cock. The familiar chill of lubricant touched his arse before one and then two fingers entered him. Scott braced as the plastic cock stretched his arse. Val began to pound Scott, who was gagging on Brian’s cock with every thrust. Brian put his hand on the back of Scott’s head and his hips lifted, a wave of sperm crashed against Scott’s tongue, most of it going straight to the back of his throat., Scott mum, gave him the reach around, her hand worked his shaft as the plastic cock tore at his arse. Brian stood up and went to his wife, she continued to penetrate her son with the plastic cock, as she took her husbands cock in her mouth, as Brian’s cock return to its stiff state, she withdrew the cock from her son raw arsehole, “nice baby, look at his hole, I’m going to make him wait for me, take that cock off baby and ride me” Brian asked. Val unstrapped the cock and climb onto her husbands firm cock, she began to move her hips, allowing Scott’s dad deep inside. “Scott, lube your cock up, your going to take your mothers arse, she’s taken yours many times this week”, Scott grabbed the lube and lathered his cock with it. He place the tip of his cock at her puckered arsehole and güvenilir bahis pushed, she was tight, made especially tight as his dad’s fat cock filled her pussy. Inch by inch her son filled her arse. Val moaned as both her holes were stretched, Scott thrusts grew deeper as he ejaculated deep in his mother. Withdrawing his cock, cum leaked from her arse and onto the sofa. Val climbed off Brian and turned round, she sat back in the reverse cowgirl, guiding Brian into her arse and starting bouncing up and down, Scott watched as the sweaty matted thatch of hair that was her pussy when up and down repeatedly. “Baby, in the last bag” Val requested, Scott reached in and pulled out one of those wand that you see in tonnes on masturbation vids. Scott fired it up and place the tip on his mothers clit, almost instantly she cum and she came hard, Scott did not yield and kept it pressed to her clit, Scott bend down to tongue her cunt, the walls of her pussy were pushing down hard, his mother began to shake as she came, streams of clear fluid fired from her pussy flooding the carpet, this thing was causing her to orgasm hard and fast. Scott’s dad demanded he fuck his son arse to finish, scott laid on his back, a couple of cushions were placed under his arse and he felt the meaty rod of his father enter him, big deep thrusts stretched his sore arse, his mother climb onto his face, burying his down deep into her soggy pussy, she bent forward and took her son in her mouth, Brian rubbed his sons balls. Val orgasmed again as Scott fucked her with his tongue her knees clamping on the side of his head. Brian took the opportunity to grab his sons hard shaft and started pumping it hard, withdrawing his own cock, he placed both his and his sons shaft in one hand, simultaneously stroking both shafts , Brian’s balls tightened as his shot his load over Scott’s belly, joined shortly by Scott’s own load. Scott parents each took turns in licking the sticky mess from his stomach. Drained and orgasmed out, all three collapsed to the floor. This was the last major action of the week, dad still got his breakfast blow job from mother and son. Scott started his journey with the salty taste of his dad’s spunk still on his lips. It was going to be a long few months until the summer.In the weeks that followed, they had many Skype chats and exchanged pictures and videos, but Scott longed for the real action.The end

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