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Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 64

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 60). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 64 — Party at The Meadows — Pt. 1 of 3


I was at the large barbecue grill on the pool patio. Andy, Vanessa, and Anna were keeping me company and making cooking suggestions as I grilled a wide assortment of fowl and meat on the huge grill: hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, and game hens. As fast as I finished a batch, it would disappear from the buffet table.

Andy was wearing a somewhat lewd male bathing suit that seemed more like a sack for his cock and balls. I wore board shorts. Vanessa and Anna were wearing bright day-glow orange and light blue Wicked Weasel bathing suits that left little to the imagination. They were very inviting.

Vanessa’s suit was almost transparent, and while it covered her slit, it didn’t seem to cover her engorged pussy lips or hide the tuft of pubic hair she’d retained as either a decoration or invitation. Anna’s blue suit emphasized her camel toe and slit through the gossamer material, and she had the straps pulled to the sides to push her beautiful breasts together and make them even more succulent. Andy and I had hard-ons, and I was certain that when the fucking started we’d be with these two girls.

Lucas came over with a smile and briefly joined us. He had Linda Boyd, Elsa’s ICU nurse from city hospital on his arm in a string bikini. I wondered why I hadn’t paid more attention to her at the hospital when I saw how hot she looked. Linda and I kissed with some tongue in greeting. She was nice, suitably bubbly for the event, and showing a lot of boob that I truly enjoyed and that she obviously enjoyed showing. She studied with a practiced eye the two women with us and declared, “Oh, hell. I over dressed again.” We all laughed. Off to the side a minute later I heard a discussion about where to buy Wicked Weasel bathing suits.

Lucas, my head of security, had gradually relaxed and become more personable over the past year or two, for two reasons: Tanner was gone as a threat, and Elsa. Elsa worked on the tough man, gradually softening his edges. Cindy helped too, and at one time or another each of my ‘wives’ had sought him out as a lover. I couldn’t help but note how attracted he seemed to be to Linda. He was tall and handsome, and had a modest amount of graying chest hair that together with the gray at his temples gave a unique distinguished look not unlike Sean Connery’s role as James Bond. He was in top physical shape too, as I felt sure Linda would find out a little later if she hadn’t already. Lucas seemed to have stars in his eyes for the pretty lady. THAT was a huge change in him.

I asked, “Is Marcia coming too?”

Lucas nodded, “Yes. She came up from her gatehouse apartment, saw the skimpy mode of dress, and went back to change into something briefer and sexier. She’d worn a very conservative one-piece. I’ll be curious to see what she shows up in when she reappears.”

Less than a minute later, Marcia, one of my other bodyguards who often went with one of the women in my circle, appeared from inside the house. She wore a string bikini similar in coverage to Linda’s. Marcia was muscular from her tough workouts and the muscles and sinew showed, right down to the dimples in her glutes. I thought that was especially sexy. Marcia came and kissed me hello, pushing into my body in the nicest of ways. I loved having her as my bodyguard.

Marcia had moved onto the property when we made the offer of a free apartment for her. She lived in what we called the gatehouse, a new building near the main entrance to the property that was presently dedicated to full-time security staff. Lucas also had an apartment there, plus I thought that he and Marcia often connected in their off hours as fuck buddies.

Marcia also was not typically demonstrative with me. She had explained that she thought it was unprofessional of her and might impinge on her duties. I’d instructed her to get a mindset where it didn’t impinge on her duties when she was off duty. I’d made sure to have Lucas arrange for other security coverage for this party weekend so that Marcia and he could be with us as guests and playmates.

I made large platters of the various foods I’d cooked on the grill. Van and Anna carried them to the various outdoor tables we had on the patio so that people could serve themselves buffet style for dinner. The side dishes had already ankarada yeni escortlar been brought out and added to what some people had brought to supplement our potluck meal. Soon, almost fifty people were milling around serving themselves or finding spots to eat. A cluster of twenty more from the river and tent area came up and joined the throng.

I sat with Andy, Vanessa, and Anna, and several others at one of our new teak picnic tables. I liked this crowd — everyone at the party; they were happy, laughed, and didn’t react like a bunch of ass kissers and suck-ups to my wealth. To a person, they were appreciative of the party, the company of each other, and the environment we provided.

Elsa brought by two gorgeous older women who I vaguely recognized from the housewarming party. “Mark, I wanted to be sure you got to again meet Felicia Winters and Monica Layne.” Hearing their names brought back their affiliations to me. Felicia was a county commissioner, and had been married to the ex-mayor of Dillonville. Reportedly, he thought she was a trophy wife and she thought he’d be a good husband. Neither turned out to be the case. He was a philanderer and abusive. The trophy part hadn’t worked out as she had an IQ of about one-hundred-eighty and could out think and out reason the dumb fuck she’d married for some reason. Monica was an independent attorney in the region who handled trusts, estates, and often went to battle with the IRS or state government over various issues for her clients. She’d won some landmark cases that rewrote estate planning, and also put her on the map.

Hearing Monica describe a little of her work gave me pause for thought. I had done nothing to provide for any of the girls if something should happen to me. They wouldn’t starve; they all had good jobs and prospects, but nonetheless I had wealth that could be distributed to them. I made a note to talk to Monica in a more professional way sometime soon.

I got polite hugs and kisses from each woman. They were wearing conservative and colorful bikinis and I couldn’t help but notice they filled them out nicely. I wondered if they were players. Sometimes in the afternoon or early evening our friends brought others by to meet me or to see The Meadows, since it was such a showcase home and property. Elsa gave me no clue, and wandered off as I started to chat with the women and suggested they join us to eat their late lunch.

I wish I’d timed the interval between when Felicia and Monica sat down and when they zeroed in on the careers of Vanessa and Anna — porn actresses. Van and Anna were dressed the part and signaling something about blatant sex. The latter two had enjoyed several margaritas and were buzzing a bit, so they didn’t sugar coat their responses to the polite ‘What do you do?’ question.

Vanessa slurred slightly, “Well, I’m a bit in transition. I have a photographic studio, but I still do a little porn; not as much as I used to do, but a few videos each year.”

Anna chimed in, “I do websites for people and companies, but I still do porn too. We’re good at it.”

I thought Felicia would choke on her dinner. For a second, I reminded myself of the steps to give CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Monica laughed at her friend’s reaction, but was blushing in her own way at the revelations.

Felicia got her act together, “Tell me about your porn careers?” She looked back and forth at the two women across the table from her. “Come on; I’m really interested.”

Vanessa sized up the society woman, no doubt sensing a streak of conservative and conventional thinking that would frown in a large way on a porn star. I saw her eyes squint slightly. She said cautiously, “I’m not sure I want to open myself to being judged.”

Felicia frowned, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Van said, “Look at me — and Anna. We’re dressed like sluts. We know we’re going to be fucking a lot of men the rest of the weekend, and further, we like that and our boyfriends don’t mind, because they’ll be getting other pussy. You are dressed well and expensively. You are not sluts, but society women with important positions and friends we would never be acceptable to.” Her tone was matter of fact.

Felicia nodded. She understood the concern and said, “Let me tell you a little fantasy of mine, and it’s not one I’m making up on the spur of the moment. I’ll start with the history of how it came about.”

She looked from Vanessa to Anna. “When I was Eighteen, I finally landed a hot boyfriend. He was a football player, a year older, and a fun guy to be with. I knew that to be his girlfriend meant that I had to be having sex with him, but it was an important social step to take, and so I took it. I gave him my virginity.

“But more than that, I wanted to be the hottest and sexiest girlfriend he could have. I didn’t want to lose him. I discovered a triple-X adult bookstore on the other side of town. They’re gone now; the Internet put them out of business. bayan escort ankara I went there three days a week. I’d park my car behind the place so no one would see it. The girl at the counter listened to my story and sympathized with me. She’d set me up with a video on each visit I made — a VHS tape in those days. I’d watch the whole thing, focusing on the technique that the girl or girls used with the guys to make them happy.

“I learned how to give a great blowjob, how to fuck in a couple of hundred different positions, about anal sex, how to be DPed or made air tight, how to eat cum or have it blown out all over my face, and how to behave in a gangbang. I watched the expressions of those other girls, and I got turned on. I watched girl-on-girl sex, and got turned on. It all turned me on.

“So, I brought all my knowledge to my boyfriend and we fucked like minks, and I fucked his friends, and became known as a wild girl on campus. He went off to college and I never really saw him again, but by then I was a member of the ‘in’ crowd, and that pleased me, so I kept honing my skills. I became addicted to porn for a while, I think. I loved watching those videos.

“Do you know a few times, I even filled in for the gal behind the counter at that adult store. I almost went in the rooms to suck cocks that came through the glory holes too, but I resisted that. I wish now that I done it.

Felicia tapped the table in front of her and in front of Vanessa and Anna, “And, lastly, I developed a fantasy that I’d still like to realize, although I’m probably a little over the hill for it, but it was to be in the porn business for a while: to get fucked by big fat cocks while I suck on another or eat someone else’s drippy cunt; to have a dozen guys cum all over me after each of them fucked me silly; and — lastly — to be one of the sluts in an orgy that gets filmed.”

She paused and looked at each of us. “THAT’s why I asked you some details about your careers. I really would like to be doing what you’re doing.”

Monica said in a quiet voice, “I’m where she is without such a dramatic background in wanting sex. I’d like to be doing it too. Now, please talk to us about your careers in that business. What’s it really like?”


The July party was the largest gathering we’d had at which sex was on the agenda. Besides our original crew, I’d found a number of others who expressed a serious interest in a raw sex party when I had to call around and apologize for their names and pictures being dragged into the media after a news article came out shortly after our housewarming. Of course, I verified each person’s interest over a lunch or glass of wine, and I got them to sign an NDA — non-disclosure agreement. No one complained, and a few said they felt better about attending because of the NDA; everyone would keep their mouths shut, and everyone I spoke with couldn’t wait for the party.

In addition to those nice folks, there was also the nurse who had given me constant and special care after I’d been shot: Linda Boyd. She was past forty, but hot and she’d admitted she was bisexual and given me a wink. I think she would have done me in the hospital if I’d asked. Mark liked her too, especially after meeting her and hearing from me about her interest in coming to our adult parties.

By my count we had about twenty-one new faces above and beyond our normal contingent of about thirty-six or so intimate friends. The sexual balance had been preserved too, and we now had a pretty diverse group in age.

In addition to the nearly seventy partiers by the time dinnertime rolled around, Cindy also went overboard and worked through Chloe and Zoé to find ten more sexy girls to work on our food and drink service. Each understood that the job ultimately required nudity and probably groping by members of both sexes. Those extra girls started the day with many giggles in sexy little maid’s uniforms, and as we got through dinner they segued into fewer and fewer clothes until shortly after dusk when they were beautifully naked except for dark stockings and fuck-me shoes. They were told they didn’t have to do anything beyond give a good show through dinner, but I hinted at the sexual festivities that would occur afterwards. I think Zoé and Chloe had given them the real low down on how much fun the parties were.

Of the ten, three initially worked in the kitchen on the food prep and keeping the dinner food stocked until after the meal. Three worked a large bar on the patio near the pool and also kept an eye on the buffet table, and two worked a smaller bar down at the river cabana. The other two circulated in the house and on the patio with hors d’oeuvres or wine bottles to top off people’s glasses.

I’d told my temp workers they could leave about nine o’clock because after that the real party would get in full swing. I also told them they could stay and fend for themselves. No one left, and that added ten more women to the circle escort bayan ankara of females who were hot to trot. I have to say; the new men and women were delectable additions to our circle of orgy lovers. I wanted my tongue in everyone’s slit and devouring every male’s cock.

I hovered around being sure everything was going well. I became the queen bee for the party, and the chief organizer. Melanie and Sheila thankfully wanted to be in charge of everything going on at the cabana and our adjacent tent city. They were eager to see people try out the tents, as well as to orchestrate a lot of skinny-dipping after dinner.

Melanie and Sheila had worked taking the mats from the exercise and martial arts rooms down by the water. They had them spread out on the ground inside the circle of tents and cabana, and right near the river. They declared them as one large bed on which a lot of couples and groups could do sexy things and work on their exhibitionist tendencies. They called them fuck mats.

They’d also put up in various trees and on some of the shrubbery about thirty strands of small white lights that we normally see at Christmas time. Thus, the area was lit just well enough to see what was going on, and it wasn’t like having a giant spot light on the scene.

The interior house lights were all on dimmers, so we could set about any mood we wanted. The exterior lights on the patio were mostly sconces on dimmers, and then a couple of dozen gas tiki torches to add a slightly South Pacific atmosphere by the pool after the sunset.

By the time dinner was finished, the sun was setting. We had a beautiful sunset with red and oranges highlighted against the dark blue sky and gray clouds. The temperature was right around eighty, so it invited swimming, and swimming invited skinny-dipping in either pool or river, or both; and for some strange reason at our parties skinny-dipping invited sex.

I saw two of my new arrivals, Felicia and Monica with Mark, Andy, Vanessa, and Anna, as they shed their suits and waded into the pool. I thought how hot all those female bodies must look to Mark. I felt glad he appreciated women the way he did. My sisters and I all felt worshipped by him, and we rewarded him well with oodles of sex, which if you’re hot for the female body I guess is exactly what you want.

After I hit every corner of the party a dozen times, I realized that having the party spread out over several acres of land was vastly different than contained in a penthouse condominium. I liked what we were doing, but the ‘spread’ needed more managing to keep things humming along.

Some of our new guests immediately got in the spirit of sexually sharing soon after dinner. I’d driven a golf cart down to the cabana to see how the bar was holding up. I guess it was holding up well. One of the young bar maids was being fucked on a bar stool with great abandon by a guy named Ben. She was a stunning dark haired girl, possibly Indian, plus she had a manicured bush that highlighted the scene as she lay back against the bar and held her legs up so he could stand between them and pump a generous cock into her pussy.

The couple had a small audience of others who were fondling and petting with obvious intent to go further. I saw several wives trade around with others near them so I knew some swapping had started taking place. I found Sheila; she’d been blowing a guy she introduced as Roger. I asked her if anybody had used the tents.

Sheila said, “Yes, even before dinner a couple of them got christened. Right now, I think everybody is out here on the fuck mats or on the bar stools. We have a bunch of exhibitionists with us, for sure.” She nodded in the direction of the waitress and her hunky friends.

“Where’s Melanie?”

“Over there, starting to fuck with David,” she pointed. “He’s nice. Big cock. I sucked on him a bit with her just to get the ice broken down here. One of the bar maids helped too. She’s hot. I want to get his cum from her pussy when they’re through.” She gestured towards a darker corner on the mats where a young couple was petting and making out.

After a walk around the area, I scooted back up the rise to the house in the golf cart. When I got out at the far end of the pool, I realized I was still dressed and just about everybody else had fully dispensed with clothes. I remedied that situation, by stripping and leaving my clothes in the basket on the back of the golf cart. I hadn’t showered since I was working in prep for the party either, so a dip in the pool solved that problem, plus a quick outside shower to get rid of the chlorine.

Lucas suddenly appeared beside me, coming out of the shadows with a towel. He scared me and I jumped about three feet in the air and went on defense before I figured out it was my bodyguard before I walloped him. He didn’t blink an eye, and just enfolded me in his strong arms, pulled me to his muscular body, and brought me into a lip lock that curled my pubic hair in the best of ways. I kissed back.

I saw Alice head off towards the house from the same area Lucas had come from. I suspected that the two of them had recently enjoyed some kind of assignation. I felt glad for both of them since it meant their icicles were gone.

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