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BoundThe man decided to finally make a picture of his first conquest on his iPad.A little memento to remember her by.Little did they know, this was actually the very first conquest he made a picture of.It would grow out to become a big collection.The girl opened her eyes and gasped, but there was no sound because her mouth had some tape over it.And her legs and feet were tied!She looked at her surroundings.Laura discovered she was on the floor in a bathroom with a naked man who had just taken a picture.She watched as he put the iPad away and came closer.”Well, dear Laura, are you ready for your first bondage experience?”She couldn’t answer him, just look up at him.”Well?” he asked her.What did he expect her to do?Oh right, she could still nod or shake her head.So she nodded.”Excellent, baby.” Jan said as he came closer and got on his knees right in front of her… only to rip her shirt off and pull her panties down!Full ripe breasts and a perfect pussy greeted him which made his cock throb.”Mmm, you’re perfect, Laura, anything a man could ever want.” the man said with a smirk as he looked at her.He slid a finger inside her folds while he took a moment to cop a feel of her delicious breasts with his other hand.”So delicious baby…” Jan locked eyes with her when that hand’s fingers tugged on her nipple.Had she not been ductaped Laura would have cried out for sure, but Jan saw the reaction it had on her.Her face turned a rosey shade of pink.Then he exchanged his hand for his lips and gaziantep escort bayan tongue.His fingers that were still touching her folds began to feel moist.Jan touched her nipple with his teeth and gently bit down on it.Laura moaned against the tape as her eyelids fluttered open and closed again and again.The pleasure was just too much for her to bear.She needed more.She wanted more.Laura tried to talk through her tape.Her eyes turned into longing ones.Only then did his fingers leave her now wet folds and took hold of both breasts to only caress softly when their eyes met.In one yank he ripped off her tape.”Owww! That hurt you asshole!!” Laura cursed Jan.His lips were on hers in an instant as his cock had taken up the place where his fingers of that one hand had been, but he wasn’t inside her yet.”I love you too, Laura.” Jan whispered against her lips.”Please Jan… I want him.” Laura begged.”You’re a dirty slut, do you know that, Laura Vandervoort?””I do…” she smirked.”But I am your dirty slut, Jan.””That’s what I want to hear, sweetie.” Jan said as he kissed her lips again, and then kissed down her body.”Ahh yeah, baby, I want it so bad. But do I want your mouth on my wet folds, stimulating me with your tongue or do I want your big bad cock in my mouth… I can’t decide, sweetheart, please help your slutty girlfriend out?”He snapped one of the ropes that bound her so her pussy would be better visible.”Don’t worry, honey, your hot boyfriend will decide for you.” Jan said as he caressed her hair while looking up at her.”Good…. oh yeah, right there baby!!” Laura cried out then when her lover’s tongue connected with her wet folds.”Suck my pussy, mmm yeah, like that, Jan.””Now bite it…”And then she screamed out loud.”You asshole!!” Laura yelled at him.”You said you wanted me to bite your pussy, so I did.”Then he grabbed her hair and stood to his full height while his towering gaze looked down on her.”I recall you wanting to have this big bad boy, correct?””It… it would make me very happy.” Laura told him.”Then open wide, my love.”She took him in as deep as she could.Making moaning sounds as she sucked him off.Sometimes he pulled her hair back and yanked on her hard, forward and backward.When it was forward it would seem like his girlfriend was choking on his thick big dick but he would always pull back before she could actually do that.Sometimes he stabbed her mouth with his cock.”Coming yet?” Laura asked as a thick glob of cum slipped from the tip and she licked her tongue over it.”Just pre-cum, darling.””So, mouth, hey, maybe face or pussy?””How pathetic… can’t decide how you will come this time? And to think I am your girlfriend. Maybe I should just leave you.”That made Jan wrap his arms around her and sink his cock deep inside her pussy.”Do you want me to cry out now? We always do this position, sweetie.” Laura told him while faking her ohhhhs and ahhhhs.”Try something new.”He slipped out of her pussy and grabbed her chin.”You ungrateful bitch. Be lucky I still love you and start my album with you!””Who else would get so far as to play this game with you, hmm?”Then he pushed her back to the bathroom tiled wall and stroked his cock as fast as he could while close to her face.”Are you gonna give me a cumshot on my face, baby?””Huh, are you?” Laura pressed him.Her lips sank around his cock for a second, only to have his cock plop out from between those lips.”Let me help you.””Ahhhh!””Oh Goddess!!!”That wasn’t Laura, but Jan who ahhhed and oh Goddessed.She plopped his cock out of her lips again.”Give it all, baby. Every sticky glob of your cum, darling. Don’t forget a drop, sweetheart. Everything you got, honey.” Laura moaned as she grinned at him.”Pour your sweet milk all over…. hhmmmmmm!!!”Right in the middle of her sentence Jan cried out as glob after glob of white cum shot against her face, again and again.”Ahhhhh Laura!!!!” Jan cried out as he shot the sticky white creamy substance from his cock, careful not to have it shot into his girlfriend’s eyes.He stood there, his hands supporting the railing of the sink for balance.”Ah yeah…” Laura whispered as she licked her boyfriend’s cum from her face as best she could. “That was great, baby.” Laura said as she slipped out of the rest of her bonds and wiped her fingers over her face to catch the cum and slip it into her mouth.A bit of his cum she even smeared all over his chest as she watched their reflections in the mirror.”That was perversed perfection, just what I wanted you to do to me.” Laura said as she wrapped her arms around her lover.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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