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bus station

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bus stationI went to college in western Ohio but was raised in Pennsylvania; about 300 miles away. For Thanksgiving, I decided to go home by bus. Late November can be cold and it was with snowing. As the bus traveled east, the snow became heavier and heavier. We had a scheduled stop in Columbus at the Greyhound station. The bus stopped and the announcement said we would be staying in Columbus until the snow lessened. I went to the snack bar and was pleased to find beer was available. I ordered a pint and sat down at a table with one eye on the TV and the other people watching. I was a fit lad of 19 with time to kill. I did notice there were a lot of men in the station also drinking beer. As my first beer was getting low, two men approached and asked if I would like another beer. A college student with limited funds, I said “Sure”. Another frosty one arrived and they asked if they could join me; I again said “Sure”. Talk of football, weather, college and other local subjects came easily. No word on departure so more beers were ordered. Talk then switched to sex and whether I had a girlfriend. I did not but this was the 70’s so girlfriends weren’t necessary for sex; just consensual discovery between youth. Great times. The men wanted details and at this point my tongue was willing to oblige. I had about three casual sex episodes that fall and was freely describing them to strangers who did not know me or who I would ever see again. The men glanced at each other and asked “Ever been with a man?” Well, I had had some thoughts of it but was raised definitely heterosexual; it was the 70’s and HETEROSEXUAL sex was tolerated; same sex was no where near that openness. I admitted istanbul escort never. Another beer and the men were now sharing they were bisexual and the bus station was a good place to meet people that might have a little time to kill; like tonight. Being a very sexually driven 19 year old, if some lass had come by who knows what I would have done. But I was stuck in the Columbus station with no place to go for the foreseeable future. The men suggested they knew some ladies and they would be happy to introduce one to me; as long as they could watch. One more beer and I called home, said the bus was delayed until tomorrow and would call them when the bus departed in the morning. We finished up our beers and left for one of the men’s apartment. There the alcohol switched to rum; I was 19; what did I care. After about 45 minutes and the start of the second rum, there was a knock on the door. There was a petite black woman; very slender. Short skirt with nice legs. Good butt. Uhh oh; she was for me. Reality started to creep in that I was to perform with this woman for the men. My mind was racing but so was the alcohol. The men fixed Cassandra a drink which she finished quickly getting to know me. Cassandra got a second rum and sat very closely to me in an arm chair. She smelled delicious. Soon she was lightly pawing at me. Rubbing my arm, touching me. Then her hand on my thigh. Game on. Was I to go through with this? At this point, I had no where else to go so I returned the affection. I kissed her cheek and was quickly under her with a full tongue in my mouth. Her hands were searching me and avcılar escort I returned the favor. Very small tits but a full butt. Off came her blouse and I sucked her nipple like titties. She was rubbing the crutch of my jeans to feel my full hard on. I was kneading her ample buttocks when she started to unbuckle my belt, unzip the jeans and work down my body towards my cock. At this moment, I was immersed in pleasure and never thought about the two men watching. Soon her head was bobbing on my cock and my head was back in the chair enjoying every instant. Eyes closed, I didn’t realize the men had joined in with Cassandra, rubbing her body and undressing her. I heard something that made me open my eyes. The men were rubbing naked Cassandra all over. She seemed a little annoyed at the men prompting her to stand and push them back while admonishing them to leave us alone. Now naked, I could see the long, thick, black cock Cassandra had been keeping under her skirt. A shock. What now? Stand up, pull up my pants and bolt from the apartment? No where to go on a cold night in a foreign town. Not proceed and make a large protest? But Cassandra’s mouth was pure heaven on my cock. I wanted more of that. Maybe I could have sex and never touch that magnificent black hammer she had between her legs. The men retreated form Cassandra’s admonishment. She approached me naked, fully erect with eyes swimming in love for cock. She got back in the big chair and we started kissing on the mouth again. Her hand made its way to my cock while I went to buttocks again. That’s when she gently grabbed my hand, held it firm and turned her body so şirinevler escort as to rub my hand with her cock. I had never touched someone’s else’s penis before. Her’s was big, hard and exciting. I started jacking the cock; slow at first but Cassandra’s reaction made me quickly speed up. She stood there with petite body arched back as I jacked that delicious cock. She moved a little closer and now the cock was right in front of my face. Oh my, what to do? I was really enjoying touching her cock. In an instant, she placed her cock on my lips. Rubbing it back forth on my lips. My mouth started to part and soon the tip of the cock head was inside my mouth. The smell was magnificent. I licked the head and felt Cassandra’s balls. My mouth opened and Cassandra slowly rocked her hips to get her cock going in and out of my mouth. I eagerly offered all my mouth and Cassandra was fucking my mouth. I was in a trance and have no idea how long this went on, where the men were or what to happen next. Cassandra was talking now telling me how good this was for her. She might have said something about finishing but I was still in the trance of having that giant cock in my mouth. Cassandra’s breathing had changed and she was moving faster and faster when she stepped back and started jacking her cock very fast. I watched, mesmerized. Just then she stepped forward, my mouth still open and let her large load of spunk went into my mouth. It filled my mouth and overflowed down on to my chin. This was when reality started to return and I could focus again. I had sucked Cassandra dry and the two men were sucking each other’s cocks in the corner of the room. Soon there was more cum from them and I was left with a hard on. Cassandra quickly dressed, yelled at the men for joining in with her, helped me dress and took me home to her place. Lets just say by morning, I was no longer fully hard with a large amount of cum built up. The next day I arrived home for a Thanksgiving meal, but the most delicious thing I had on the trip was Cassandra.

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