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Chastity blog day 5

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Chastity blog day 5Day 3:By Wednesday, I found that I’d got not only got used to wearing the cage but was really starting to enjoy it. I love the feeling of weight pulling down as I walk around and knowing the my wife has the ultimate control over my genitals is a real turn on.Work that day was mainly in the office, so I had to be in a suit which meant there was a little bit more room for things to move than in jeans.Unfortunately, the material is also thinner and less absorbent and a couple of times I found the rapidly building levels of cum in my balls leaking a little with the feeling of pleasure coming from down below and this was far easier to see than it would have been in jeans. I think I’m going to have to find excuses to work in dark jeans as much as possible.Watching a couple of hours of vids on xhamster that night left me feeling quite frustrated, but also very horny as the pressure slowly builds up!Day4:Yesterday was, I knew in advance, going to be difficult. I was on the road pretty much the whole day and the one thing I’m finding uncomfortable is sitting in one position for any reasonable length of time. Even worse, for a couple of hours I’d have a colleague in the car with me.By now, the morning and night shower routine is well established and I can get the cage and contents nice and clean quickly, so I wasn’t worried about hygiene. What worried me was that when sitting down, the cage sticks up and it looks like I’ve got a permanent semi stiffy. Worse of all, the person I was going to be working with is a married woman of about 50!Into my car at about 9 and an hour or so drive to meet her and by the end of it my bollocks were really feeling the sarıyer escort discomfort of having the ring digging into them while I drove. I met her at her house and asked if she didn’t mind me using the toilet before we left. She said that was OK and upstairs I went. I’d been in there before, but never in the past was I so relieved to get my trousers down and my nuts out. I didn’t really need to go, I just wanted everything hanging free for a minute or so.Tucking myself back into my trousers (a loose pair, not a suit but not jeans either) I went back downstairs before she would think I was up there too long. I noticed her look at me a little strangely as I came down the stairs and realised I was walking awkwardly and tried to walk normally.On the drive to Birmingham, I told her I had had a bad nights sleep and managed to get her to drive. That meant I could move about a bit in my seat and that made things more comfortable. Unfortunately, that also made the metal bulge in my trousers more visible and I’m pretty sure I caught her looking down suspiciously a couple of times. Oh well, as long as she doesn’t think she was giving me a stiffy then I don’t mind. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great looking woman for her age, but work and pleasure just shouldn’t be mixed. As they say “don’t shit where you eat”!By the time we got there I was more than happy to stand up and the feeling of pins and needles in my balls confirmed that the ring was cutting the circulation off to them when I was sat down. I’ll need to be careful about that!A couple of hours in a boring meeting, where at least I could move around esenyurt escort in my seat and get up to grab a coffee, then back into the car. Luckily, my colleague was staying there so the car was all mine on the way back. Unluckily, I drove past a hotel where I’d spent a couple of hours with a very sexy Asian TS once and the whole way home I kept thinking about the things we had done that day. The thought of us both licking, sucking and fucking each other was giving me quite a stiffy that the cage was restricting and I was leaking bucketloads of pre cum. By the time I got home, not only were my trousers stained, but so was the car seat!I grabbed a curry near to home and sat and watched Matador on DVD while eating it. Watching Assumpta Serna getting it from Antonio Banderas got my thoughts going again and I went to bed with a very restricted hardon that even a cool shower couldn’t get rid of.Day 5:Woke up this morning after a load of strange dreams. Some sexual, some not and one where I was being tortured in some strange military camp.I also woke up to find that I’d cum in the night!Work today was a little bit of everything, so jeans would be OK and I have to say the freedom of not having to worry about the bulge showing too much or of there being too much leaking was a weight off my mind.The only thing that was out of the ordinary today was at lunchtime. I went to a local sandwich shop to grab lunch and while I was waiting for my order to be made a young woman from one of the local offices came in to get some food too. We’ve chatted a few times and she seems quite pleasant. The fact that she’s in her mid 20’s with a great avrupa yakası escort body and always wears skin tight jeans makes seeing her some days a much better experience. Even better today, she was wearing a pair of brown knee length boots. Personally, I much prefer black high heeled boots, but brown boots with big soles are more than I’m getting to see at home at the moment so I wasn’t going to complain.We chatted for a couple of minutes and there was nothing in our conversation that stood out from the normal ones we’ve ever had in the past. But, as I went over to take my food from the woman behind the counter, the girl looked slowly from my face to my groin and stared there for a second or two. Certainly long enough to make me know it was a deliberate look and not one of those quick glances we all do and can’t do anything about. I’m pretty sure I instantly went as red as a beetroot, my face sure felt that was, and I said I’d better get back to the office. As I left, she said (exactly) “it must be hard when your wife’s away for so long” and smiled.I’ve never mentioned this to her before, plus she doesn’t work in the same company as me, so I’m not sure why she would have said this. Either she’s been talking to one of the girls from work or (as it occurred to me a little while ago) she’s a member on xhamster and somehow has realised who I am.The Afternoon was spent with me doing various jobs and trying to work out what exactly the girl had meant. Was it a bit of a come on knowing I’m at home on my own? Did it look like the sight of her had given me an erection? Or did she know about my steel equipment?Anyway, I’m home again at the moment and after finishing this I’m going to have a very good look through the members here and see if I can find someone who may be her. If I do find her (or if it’s you and you want to contact me now we both know what’s going on – please do!!!), then I’m very tempted to see if she’s interested in playing with my wife and me at some time in the future.

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