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Craig’s List

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Craig’s ListI’d put on ad on Craig’s List, I’d recently split up from my boyfriend and wanted some random fun. We’d been emailing for the past few weeks before deciding to bite the bullet meet up.I pick you up at the train station, it’s a bit awkward at first neither knowing how to “handle” the situation, what to say etc. We walk down to the car park and the more we talk we start to relax. Monies tight, so before we meet we agree on the “free” option. We drive out of the town and head towards the country lanes, before we come across a little pub and park the car. We start to head out towards the open fields, before deciding this is “the” spot. We hoop the wall and head towards the group of trees in the distance. We start slow, the faint kiss here and there as we speak, before a switch is flicked, the tempo’s upped and tongues collide, hands wander and grope what they find. As we pick it up, I raise a hand to your chest and push you back, forcing you to lay on the ground. I throw a leg over to straddle you, I keep you forced on the ground as I lean up and over to continue the assault on your mouth. I start to lower the kisses, start off by kissing behind your ear, to move down and nip across your jaw, down to lick the hollow of your throat. You rise up to help my take off your jacket, but then I shove you back down. I start to lift your tee off, you start to help, but I stop you, I leave it half cover so it covers your head, to add to the excitement, you don’t know what’s coming next and it turns you on as you thrust your hips up so smack off mine. I can feel your excitement through your jeans and drop to grind against you, up and down, round and round. I kiss down your chest, suck and nip your nipples, slow licking and kissing my way down to your jeans. I slowly pop a button at a time, sliding your jeans lower until you impressively “spring” free. You groan as the cold hits you and I lift off to pull your jeans down to your ankles. “Don’t Move” I instruct as I force your arms down by your side. I lean forward and lightly kiss your tip and watch as you twitch. I then start at the base and lick up the underside of your cock, unexpectedly you spurt a little pre-cum, I take you in my hand and lift your cock, keeping a hand wrapping around the base before licking your head, “Umm” as I lap up your pre-cum before wrapping my lips and taking you in “Fuck” you say as you thrust into my mouth. I lean forward, using my upper body to hold you down, as I use my other hand to start mimicking my mouth, up and down, up and down. As I start to pick up rhythm you move your arms, one lifts your shirt so you can watch, leaning up on one arm, you grab my hair, with your raised upper body, it gives you the angle so as I lower you thrust up. You start to groan and keep saying over and over “Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop”. We pick up rhythm, up down, up down, up down “I’m coming, I’m coming” you quickly say so I release you with a pop and bostancı escort holding myself up with one hand I use the other to wrap around you keeping up the rhythm until you shoot your load spraying over your abs. With your hands still in my hair, you tug me to you and you shove your tongue down my throat, flipping us, hands flying we managed to take off my jacket before you shove down on the ground. You see I’m wearing a tie belt, so you pull it off and lift my arms over my head, before using my belt to tie my wrists together and then around the nearest tree. Once satisfied you lean back, pulling my ankle to make sure it’s tight and I’m stretched out in front of you. You lean forward to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to make you scream my name” before taking my lope in your mouth and biting down, already causing me to groan. You start to kiss lower, before focusing on one particular spot on my neck; kissing before biting down and smoothing it off with your tongue, “No hickeys” I moan so you continue your descent. You’re thankfully I’m wearing a shirt, and as you undo each button you open up the shirt and kiss the exposed skin before moving onto the next button. Once my shirt lies open you go to reach around me to try and find my bra fastener, “front fasten” I tell you before you roughly pop it open. My nipples instantly harden as the cold hits them. You sit down on my hips, using your hands you grope each breast, tweaking my nipples, rolling them between your thumb and forefinger. “Umm” I moan trying to move, but with you on my hips and my arms tied I can’t move. You lean forward and take one nipple in your mouth. You start your assault, sucking and licking, with the occasionally nipple bite, before moving onto the next. You move down to my jeans, and pop the button. Standing you rip off my shoes and then tug off my jeans striping my lower half bare. You grab each upper leg, forcing my legs apart to take a look. It starts to rain but neither of us take any notice.You kneel in between my legs and run your tongue down my inner thigh, before biting down and smoothing it over with your tongue. Then you start…. You run your tongue straight down, “Umm” we both say at the same time. Using your hands you split my lips and take a look. You see my clit but leave it for now and run your tongue up and down again “God you taste so sweet” you moan at me, your voice against me there makes me jerk. Then you start, you run your tongue up and down, side to side and then suck on my clit. You continue this for a while causing me to wrestle against you and moan aloud, you start sucking on my pussy lips before continue again, and then you tongue fuck me “Oh fuck” I shout out and start to thrust against your tongue. The only noises you can hear is the rain hitting the ground, mingled in with my heaving breathing and the sound of you lapping up my juices. “I’m coming, stop, I’m coming” I say but you sancaktepe escort ignore me to continue, you can leave me twitching and increase the tempo “Fuck Chris” I shout as I lean forward to fist your hair, keeping you right there and then it hits and you greedily lap me up. I’m still coming down from my high, while you lean up and kiss me, making me taste myself. Leaving me for a minute, you remove you jeans and untie my arms. I take off my shirt while you open the pack of condoms you brought with you. I tie my hair up while you cover up. “You want me on top?” I ask and you just shake your head before pushing me back, grabbing a breast in your mouth as I move. “Ready” you asked “Yeah”, “You sure you wanna do this” you asked, but I reach between us and position you at my entrance. Taking that as a Yes you slowly thrust forward, I feel your head enter me “Slowly” I say, pushing against your chest, you pause and then slowly continue in, once you’re fully in you pause, giving me chance to adjust to your size. “God you’re tight” you say as you lean forward and place a kiss on my lips. You lean up and slowly pull out before pushing back in, we keep a slow pace until I lift to meet your thrusts and we quicken the tempo. The rain falls heavier and it starts running down our naked bodies, but it’s just adding to the senses already on fire. I wrap my legs around you, taking you even deeper, the air and filled with the slapping of your balls against my ass. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull myself up, forcing you into a position that has you sat upright on your feet. Gripping your neck I take control, lifting myself up and down before leaning back, placing my arms behind me to hold up my upper body, you grab hold of my hips and start to lift them up and down as you meet the lifting with your thrusting. Your grip is strong, it’s going to bruise but as the tempo increases I can feel it coming, and at that moment I couldn’t give a shit if you bruised me or not. “I’m coming” I moaning out and you shove me back on the ground, lean over my and repeat the hammering as soon as you’re out you slamming back in, our breathing is heavy hot as we breathe over each other, we sloppy kiss and continue heavy breathing, “Harder” I say, you grit your teeth and try to fuck even harder before I cum and collapse back. As I come down from my high, you continue to move in and out of me but slow the tempo. I grip the back of your head, and drag you down for a kiss. Forcing my tongue in your mouth distracts you and lets me flip us. “Sneaky” you say as I laugh. I place my hands on your chest and start to lift up and down, as we hear the slap of wet skin on wet skin, I pick up the tempo keeping it quick, hard and fast, dirty fucking just the way I like it, leaning forward I place my hands either side of your head. I lean down and we match the tempo of me riding you with our tongues. I arch my back zeytinburnu escort and try and quicken the pace even more as you grab my hips, you see the rain, run down my chest and dip off my nipples so you lean forward and start licking it up. You grip my hips in place and rapidly thrusting in and out “Jesus” I moan as I drop my head to your chest. “Get off” you say as you shove me back. “Let me fuck you like a dog”. I get on all fours as you easily slip in and then you set the tempo. You started with a fierce grip on my hips before leaning forward, covering my back with your chest reaching around my grab my bouncing tits as you pound me. We stay like this for a while before you push me forward, so my fronts on the ground and you stay chest to back. I try to meet your thrusts and it causes us to start to slipping on the dirt and wet leaves. You suddenly pull out, and change position; you sit on me before slipping back in making it look like your fucking my ass. I let you set the pace and it isn’t’ long until you say “Fuck I’m coming” and continue to fuck the hell out of me, your orgasms about to hit and with the clenching of my inner muscles as I’m about to cum, brings you on quicker “ Fuck” I say as my orgasm explodes within me, you pull out and flip me over while ripping off the condom, you start to use your hand to climax, but I knock you out the way and I do it, I take you in my mouth and set a quick pace, you vice grip my hair help my bobbling, I can feel you twitch even more and release you with a pop while I continue with my hand before you say “Shit” and you explode, shooting your load down my chest.We look at each and laugh. We’re both truly fucked, both have flushed red cheeks, chests heaving, hair all over the place caused by hands and rain it’s stuck in some very interesting positions, mud covering some very interesting body parts, while your cums dribbles down my chest. We stand and look at each other, “goodbye fuck?” you suggest with a grin, you push me forward so I’m hugging the tree and you go to take me from behind. I’m so turned on I forget about my golden rule, “No glove, no love”Without any notice, you take me from behind and slam into me fully with one thrust “Fuck” we both say, “Quick and hard?” I ask and fuck do you take me quick and hard, it feels so good without a condom, skin on skin so it’s not long before I’ve cum. You push me even closer to the tree, holding me up to continue the pounding as you don’t stop till you’re done, you continue to slam into me quicken the already fast pace, even thrust taking you deeper and I can feel you repeating hitting my cervix, before you explode in me, I can feel every shot of cum hitting me deep inside. We quickly dress in our soaking clothes and hop the wall, trying to walk as normal as possible which isn’t easy when muscles in certain areas are letting you know they’ve still alive, while I can feel your cum dripping out of me. We decide to grab a hot drink in the pub before heading back to the station, “Two coffees please?” I asked the old lady behind the counter “God, look at you two, you look like droned rats, the storm take you by surprise?” We both look at each and grin “Yeah something like that” knowing it wasn’t the only thing that surprised us that day.

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