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Daddies Daughter

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Daddies DaughterThey say Daddy is the most important man in the World, in the mind of his daughter, so much so, that they marry men who have a resemblance to them, and as if to reinforce this bonding, the boy who marries his daughter, has a tough job convincing daddy, to release his girl into their control.This special bonding has more significance if the daughter grows into a replica of his wife in her younger days, especially, if the wife is no longer with him, through divorce or death.I first noticed this when we went back to Ulrika’s place and met her father, Daniel.I noticed how is eyes followed her everywhere, not as loving as father would normally look towards a daughter, but more lecherous, more like a man viewing a sexual object, becoming alien to her, as she developed and started to formulate her own mind and thoughts, pushing her daddy into the background, he was losing that all important influence over her, and becoming distant, something in her had altered her affections, and that something was her current boyfriend, a guy 20 years her senior.Ulrika’s sense of dress bordered on the sleazy, high-cut broad mesh nets, high heels, and short skirts, and thongs. She never wore a brassier, as her breasts were firm and jiggly, but her nipples were very prominent, she knew it and loved the attention they drew to her, including her current boyfriend.I sat in the kitchen that day, as he gave me the look-over, and as if to confirm my suspicions, suggested, he wished his daughter would dress more conservatively, like myself, I remember thinking, God if he only knew who he was talking to, keeping my legs tightly crossed, in case he saw I was going commando.He opened another beer and sat across the table just as Ulrika walked-in. I had a little difficulty in trying to associate this fifteen year old with the apparition standing before her father.She stood before him, her jutting nipples at eye level, and he just sat there staring straight at them, and as he spoke he remained focused, so much so, she said, ‘Daddy stop staring at my nipples, you make them harder’, and he laughed.He then put his hands around her bottom and pulled her in close to him, and clamped his mouth onto her breast and bit her on the nipple, pulling it and the surrounding material with his teeth, as she screamed out in mocked pain.’Daddy that hurts, stop it’, and daddy released the now more prominent sensitive tissue, and as she leaned back, I could see his hands were fondling her buttocks, kneading her flesh, his fingers under her short hemline.What surprised me even more was her presenting her other nipple to be suckled in similar fashion, ‘Daddy you made them uneven’, and let him take it between his teeth in similar fashion, only this time he bit down halkalı escort harder and pulled her buttocks in closer.I honestly thought they were going to fuck in front of me.But he released her and she went straight to the fridge and took a carton of white wine out and poured two glasses, one for me and the other for herself.As she did this he stood up and his erection pushed hard against the straining material of his pants, he faced his daughter and said, ‘Look what you did to your daddy’, and she looked up and said, ‘Just wank it daddy, like you always do’, and with that he looked at me, with a half pleading look as if to suggest I do something about it, and Ulrika said, ‘Daddy Mariel is my friend, and she is a virgin’, to which he shrugged his shoulder turned and walked out.Ulrika handed me the drink and said, ‘He is fucking horny, always does it when he grabs me’, and took a deep draw on the glassful of wine.My head reeled with questions, ‘Have you had sex with him’? She looked at me for a minute before answering, the shook her head, ‘When Mummy left I was his sole mate and slept in his bed, but we never had sex, I just comforted him, so now we are close and open, just as you saw’, and I in my innocence and mixture of wine, nodded an acceptance of her reasoning.We had another wine and we were both tipsy as we rose to head off to meet her current boyfriend. ‘Daddy we are off now’, she called out, as she opened the front door, and he called back, ‘Be good darling’ and we walked out.’Where is he’, I asked her as we walked down the street to the bus stop, ‘He’s having a wank’, and circled her forefinger and thumb and gave the wanking motion we all associate with that male pleasurable past-time. I was drunk, I had been drinking hard spirits, Vodka mostly, and as I stood propping up the supporting wall, I was backed onto, I listened to Ulrika and her boyfriend as she performed an oral act on him, a little turned-off at the noises he was making, as Ulrika milked him to fruition.She came out wiping her mouth, indicating she had had a mouthful, and e knowing I was there listening or watching, came out with his penis still in view, and faced me while Ulrika, decided to puke up his testicular contents behind the wall.’Too much cum I think’, he boasted, and reached in and eased his balls out for me to have a good look, ‘You know Mariel, this cock could do you a favour’, and he started to wank it to get it hard as I looked at it.drunkenly and rather stupidly, I lifted my skirt, showing just how nude I was, ‘Take a look’, I said, ‘Thats as near as you will get’, I continued, as Ulrika emerged, looking first at me, then him, me with my skirt up and showing my pussy olgun escort and him with his cock hard again, ‘You two gonna fuck’, she asked and continued to push past me, as I said. ‘No fucking way’, dropped my skirt and followed after her, as she waved down a taxi, and we went back to her house.We never spoke until we arrived at her house, ‘I’m finished with him’, is all she said and got out of the cab and went inside, as I paid the cab driver, who appeared to be keen to keep chatting to me, I guess he was thinking about sex and was just trying his luck.I eventually got inside and Ulrika had undressed standing in the kitchen with the milk carton raised to her mouth and spilt milk running down her chin and onto her bare breasts.She was clad in high cut nets and a black tiny thong, and six inch heels, a vision right out of a Swedish heyday Porn, milk dripping from her nipple and forming a puddle on the floor.I sat down on the seat I had vacated five hours ago, put my head on the cool surface and dosed off.I awoke not sure why, as the light was still on and the milk carton was lying on the table top, but the fridge was beeping, Ulrika had walked out and left the door open, I guess thats what woke me up.Putting the milk back in I closed the door, after pressing the button to stop the alarm, and as I walked towards the door, I looked at the clock, I had only slept for 45 minutes.As I put my hand on the door I heard them for the first time, their voices mumbled, then silence, then a smack, more silence and another smack, a little harder than before, followed by a slight protestation, from Ulrike, still undiscernable and mumbling, another smack, more louder and cracking.I turned the kitchen light out and eased the door open enough to see what was going on.Ulrika was across his lap, her thong like panties were down on the thighs and he was administering a smacking on her bared bottom.He sat in a dressing gown, all opened to reveal his nakedness, and as he smacked her reddening bottom, he caressed it lovingly in a short circular motion, watching her buttocks move under his caresses, pulling her cheeks apart to expose her sex organ and anus, and licking his fingers inserted them into her, before smacking more violently, than before.I stood in the darkness trembling as I watched, I was frightened and sexually aroused as I watched, so unashamedly, I started to masturbate, as he became more abusive to his prostate daughter.He eased her from his lap and positioned her onto the settee, in a kneeling position, standing up and taking off his dressing gown, to reveal a huge erection, then dropping to his knees behind her, şişli escort put his cock into her and started humping.I thought thankfully that Ulrika had passed-out, but as he started to move in and out of her, she started to respond and humped with him, crying in a sobbing manner, ‘Oh! Daddy, Daddy, harder daddy please dont stop’ and as I witnessed this daddy-daughter interaction, I realised just how natural an act this could be and together in our own little sphere of influence, them fucking and me masturbating, we all had sex simultaneously.Ulrika came first and she violently convulsed on the end of his cock, her body jerking as she gasped in full orgasm, daddy looking down on his loving daughters convulsing, proud to be pleasuring her in the ultimate act of full intercourse.When her convulsing stopped, he remained static, not moving he waited as she fell into a deep sleep, still impaled on daddies cock.He stood up and his penis popped out still erect and rigid hard and he turned in my direction, I was suddenly aware I was his next target so I ran back to my seat and pretended sleep.When he turned on the light I continued to feign sleep, losing my chance to confront him as he approached, but admitting perhaps it would be nice just to let him into me and do the same for me as he did his daughter, so I stayed still as he pulled my dress up exposing my naked flanks and wet pussy between my legs.He felt me and inserted his finger, lining my vagina with his cock as he pushed into me, and fucked me as I sat on the stool.I like Ulrika lost all control as he fucked me, it felt so warm and fulfilling, felt so normal that I like Ulrika started humping him in return, now I was no longer pretending to sleep, I was turning to look him in the eyes and beg to be fucked.It was in this position that Ulrika walked into and found us humping. She cast a glance in our direction and went to the fridge and took that carton of damn milk out and started drinking as she watched her daddy shag my tiny pussy.Putting the carton down she walked over behind daddy and stroked his bare sweating back, dropping her fingers down to his buttocks and cupped his balls, mouthing something that shocked me, ‘Good Daddy, didn’t I tell you she would do it’, to which he responded by thrusting harder into my tightness as in a vain attempt to loosen me up, but my muscles, honed by years of horse-riding, enveloped him like a live condom, clinging to every inch of throbbing cock, I was fucking now as if a separate entity, this girl was wanting to orgasm and my pussy was on a one track focused on achieving that for me, her mistress.Ulrika realising that her daddy was in the throes of one of his best fucks, dropped to her knees and started to thrust her smallish tongue into her daddies backside, licking and lapping, cleaning every millimetre of sensitive flesh, daddy exploded, trapping her tongue tip as he came she squeezed and twisted his balls as his hot sperm travelled the length of his cock and deposited it deep inside my fertile cunt, helping to augment my own orgasm and cement many future years of the three of us sharing the same bed and enjoying each others company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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