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Double Penetration

daddyMY HOT DADMy dad was an ex army man and body builder and I was a scrawny 90 lb sissy, which I constantly heard from my dad. He hated the fact that I was terrible at sports, was in the band, and had only girls for friends. I knew I was gay and I started sneaking off to the adult bookstore and hanging out in the parking lot. This is how I got into older men. I would give them head and they would get me porno in return.Truthfully, I had never thought about my father sexually until one night in particular. He always went through the same routine every friday night. He would get home from work and eat. Then he would go down to the basement and work out for a couple hours. Then he would come up and take a shower. After that he would grab a couple 6 packs and drink in front of the TV until he passed out.One night I came home from band practice early. I snuck in the house so he wouldn’t hear me, so I could sneak back out and go the book store. When I got to the top of the stairs, I saw the bathroom door was open. My father fethiye escort was standing in front of the mirror playing with himself. I had never seen my father completely naked before. I realized he was a hot 37 year old man! He has a great body from working out and his pecs and biceps are huge. What really got me going was his cock. He was slowly stroking it and it had to be 7 in soft with golf ball size balls.I popped a boner instantly and I couldn’t believe I was standing there drooling over my dad. I was zoning and didn’t realize he had turned and was staring at me.He yelled at me, “What the hell are you doing home and what the hell are you looking at?”I stuttered, “I got out of band early and I wasn’t looking at nothing.”So he said, “Well, get about your business then.”I was so embarrassed I ran to my bedroom. I stayed in there all night. About 10:00 I finally got up enough nerve to go out. I went downstairs and heard snoring from the living room. Sure enough, there was my dad sprawled out on the couch in just his escort fethiye boxers. God, he looked so hot and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I called Dad about 5 times but he just laid there.I went over to the couch and gently tapped his shoulder but he was out cold. I just stood there looking at his hairy pecs. I wanted to touch them so bad. I reached out and brushed my fingers across his chest. He didn’t move. My dick was so hard that I couldn’t stop. I started to slowly rub his pecs and slid my hands down to his hard stomach. He moaned and shifted but didn’t wake up. I could see the head of his dick sticking out of his boxers, so I decided to go for it.I slowly slid his dick out. It was so heavy in my hand. I slowly stroked it and it started to thicken. I slid his boxers down and he still didn’t move. I cupped his huge hairy balls in my hand and started to kiss them. They tasted like heaven. I could smell his manhood. His dick kept growing and I reached up and kissed the head. I stretched my lips around the fethiye escort bayan big head and started sucking. His dick was rock hard now and had to be at least 9 in long. I tried to take it all in my mouth but could only get about 3/4 of it in.I started slowly sliding up and down the shaft and playing with his balls. I heard my dad let out some small moans but I couldn’t stop. I started sucking harder and jacking his dick. All of a sudden I felt his body stiffen and I knew he was gonna cum. I sucked on the head and took my dads hot load down my throat. When I had swallowed it all, I licked every inch of his dick clean.I looked up and my dads eyes were open. I thought I was dead. But then he just closed his eyes again. I gave his dick one last kiss, put it back in his boxers, and ran up to my bedroom. I couldn’t believe I had just given my dad a blow job.I beat off 4 times that night. In the morning, he looked at me as if nothing had happened. I sucked my dad off at least 3 times a week, while he was “asleep”, until I went to college. After that it never happened again. To this day we have never discussed what happened between us.Please take the time to rate the story and dont forget to visit our sponsor – They are keeping the site free for everyone!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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