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dinner with Martha

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dinner with Marthaofficer who worked the city. worked a predominately black area for few years. had dinner at local church and from there had invites to homes. I would visit the homes as invited at dinner time. One such invite was Martha. She was widow woman who had c***dren older than me. But she cooked good food and just tired of no one to cook for. Martha and I talked about her life and mine. I looked at pictures I thought was her daughter, NO that’s me. I was 26 and had 2 c***dren by that time. She still looked good but well hidden by the dresses she wore. Song came on the radio and she ask me if I would dance with her. Sure, I had removed my gun belt and more So we belly rubbed and she looked up after. my reaction was kissing her. She got weak in my arms and wrapped her arm around halkalı escort my neck. It went from this to me guiding her into the living room. She pulled her skirt off and panties down. stuck my hand in her hairy pussy and started humping my hand. With in a few seconds she had bused her first one. You need to put something in me, damn I need it bad. She unzipped my pants and pulled out a hard cock. laid back and spread her legs. I saw mostly grey hair but nice pussy lips. Mounted her and pulled her leg on the back of the sofa and pushed it in. She laid her head back and moaned. Slow please, damn that feels good. UMMMSo for 15 min we fucked, pure fucking. She would orgasm and start yelling thank you Jesus. Don’t stop please, Kept pumping her and she worked şişli escort her ass up and her pussy inside. Could feel her working hard to give me good feeling back. Heard knock at the door, we were like k**s ran up on by parents. Got my pants fixed and she got dressed. Sit to the table, I will get ride of her. Well she did not, was her neighbor asking/ I see the police are you ok. You look shook up, has someone beat you up? No was just dancing with the officer I am having for dinner. Let me see, went on to her coming in and before she left I had a call. I found a parking lot close by and next time I parked the car. walked to Martha’s house. We fucked like young k**s and we fucked slow and hard both. When I changed to midnight shift sarıyer escort I had a key to her home. Would let my self in and climb in bed with her. Had to stop when I had her moaning and grinding. She had no idea buy her daughter thought something was wrong. turned the light on and found me mounted her mom. Lord, turn that light off and close the door. I started to get up, where you going? lets finish this. She’s grown and knows what its all about. I left and her daughter snickered as I went by her. You like my mom? sure, you moving in? No, just stopping by for a visit. Said, I watched you doing mama, you sure last long time. You did her good. She opened her robe and showed me her chest. very cark skin girl with dark brown nipples. And yes I enjoyed her at a later time and location. The memories of Martha will be with me. I did visit others in the area, but Martha was the most enjoyment and much better than her younger daughter. Martha called me her white pleasure. Told I was her first and the best sex of her life time. first man who actually lasted long enough to get what she got.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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