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DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM… Chapter 3My first session with Master was over. Having sex while handcuffed wasn’t new or exciting to me, only uncomfortable and mildly painful. deleted I was still rubbing to lessen the marks on my wrists as I exited the hotel. I just hoped there wouldn’t be bruises. They’d be pretty hard to explain to my mom. She had the eyes of an eagle and saw everything. I’d wear a long sleeved shirt at the dinner table tonight.Master might become a new, once-a-month regular if I agreed. I wasn’t really excited about BDSM after a few experiences I’d had while working for Marla. I had the feeling Master was pretty new to the lifestyle. Probably had had fantasies while growing up, reading stories and watching porn movies. Now he was finally successful enough to have the money to satisfy the itch. I could help scratch a lot of itches and, well, the tip he’d slipped into my bra cup would cover a lot of bruises.Rubbing my wrists again in the taxi taking me to my apartment, I decided a little more BDSM wouldn’t be bad as long as Master agreed to wider, leather manacles. Turning my phone back on I checked and found one text from Marla. (((Do U Know? 8am?))) I Texted back (((Know what? 8am ok)))One of the first rules Marla had explained to me was to never talk business over the phone. You could never be sure who was listening. Not sure why I denied knowing about Tim. I wanted nothing to do with that or the police that would inevitably be involved. By the time I arrived at Marla’s office at 8am I’d make up my mind whether or not to tell her the truth. Back at my apartment I had time for a cup of tea after my shower. I still had an hour before catching the train for home.  deletedI didn’t want to think about Tim or the file or even the money. I’d barely had time to come back to my apartment to change and get ready for my time with Master. I’d put the money and the file at the head of my bed and covered it all with a pillow. Tim and his problems were the last things I wanted to think about! Instead, I began wondering if it was time to quit. I was almost twenty. In a few months I will have been a whore for two years. I had my health (Not a single STD.), looks and money. Most importantly, my parents didn’t have a clue to what I’ve been doing in the city to earn my money.Money… I was way ahead of even my wildest dreams when it came to money. I had more than enough for a free, four year ride at any state university I choose. Of course I’ll be in a sorority, I thought smiling. Parties and frat guys… Maybe find the love of my life. Only trouble was, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a carreer after college. I’d never given much thought to a carreer. Since accepting Marla’s offer of a job my life has been all about sex and money…***************************I thought about Marla’s offer for almost two weeks before calling her. After her assuring me that she remembered who I was pendik escort I asked if the offer was still open.”It certainly is, Olivia.””And, ah, I’d be able to find work every day?”Marla laughed and answered, “For someone with your looks and body? I can find you work seven days a week if that’s what you want. Is it?””No! I mean, I wouldn’t be able to explain my trips into the city on the weekends.””Well, as I said before, with just a little luck as far as scheduling goes, I’m certain you can have two jobs a day very soon if you want that much money.”But, that’s enough over the phone. Never can be sure who might be listening in. If you’re serious about wanting to work, then be in my office tomorrow at 9am. We can talk details then,” Marla said and disconnected.The next morning I left for work at my usual time. I called the temp agency from the train and told them I was sick and wouldn’t be in today. I sat in a coffee house drinking decaf trying to calm my nerves until it was time.In her office Marla wasted no time in coming to the point. “First rule, you never, ever!, mention money to any of my clients. I handle all of that. Second rule, you stay for the full two hours if the client wishes. Many of the daytime clients won’t have two hours to spare. If they do, you stay. If they ask, it’s entirely up to you if you want to stay longer than two hours. It’s more money if you stay but it’s your decision. Third rule, you do whatever the client wishes as long as there is no threat of arrest or bodily harm. No public sex where you can get arrested and if a guy gets too physical and you feel unsafe, do whatever it takes to get away. We can discuss it later when you are safe! The important thing is to get somewhere you feel safe and talk later. All of my clients know these rules, too.””Does that happen often,” I asked hesitantly. I didn’t want to get beaten up.”Never for the girls who work days and very rarely for ladies who have a weekend or a night they’d like a job. I try to weed out the wacko’s and my clients during the day just want sex. To relieve stress or build their self-esteem or just to put a smile on their face… Who knows?”My fourth rule is for your protection, also. Never give a client your real name or phone number. I handle all the scheduling here. No reason for them to call you. Absolutely no reason for some idiot who’s decided he can’t live without you to phone 24/7 or suddenly show up at your house. I doubt your parents would understand.”Within the hour we’d decided on my new name and, after I’d said yes, Marla called someone and I had my first appointment with a client scheduled for that same afternoon.Marla made me memorize the client’s name and address and then added, “If you chicken out, which has happened before, no hard feelings, just never come to me again. You’re very intelligent and you have the face and figure to make a lot of money.” Marla looked at her watch escort pendik and concluded, “You have three hours and fifteen minutes to decide if you have the courage to follow through with what it takes to get that money!”I was unsure I had the courage. Very, very unsure. But, three hours and fifteen minutes later I was in a stranger’s office as he expressed his delight, “Damn, Marla said she was sending someone who was perfect. Now I believe her. You are everything I hoped for, Viv.”I don’t have much time. I wasn’t expecting Marla’s call back saying she’d found a girl. Get undressed. Get undressed,” he commanded me as he took off his coat and tie.”When he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto a chair, I unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it. When his pants hit the floor so, too, did my skirt. Underwear and panties dropped at the same time. I still had my bra on but he reached around behind me to unhook it. In less than a minute we were both naked and he had my boobs in his hands, telling me how perfect they were.Leading me to a short couch against a wall, he laid me down and wasted no time mounting me. I was dry and his eager thrusts pulled and stretched me enough to cause me to grimace and softly cry out. It didn’t take long before his thrusting between my legs caused my vagina to moisten. Moaning at how tight I was, soon he was fucking me hard. Hard enough to push my head to the edge of his couch before he stiffened and pushed deep with short, hard jabs as he came deep.deletedRaising my head I looked down to watch while his cock still moved inside me. It didn’t seem possible that in so short a time I’d gone from being a ‘good girl’ to becoming a whore. If there was any doubt in my mind, my client soon dispelled them. Pulling his cock out and tossing me my panties. Telling me to put them on quickly.”I don’t want you to leak cum on my couch and carpet,” he said. As soon as I’d done what I’d been told he came to stand beside the couch where I’d raised up to sit on the edge. There was no uncertainty of what he wanted. Remebering I was to do anything a client wanted, I got on my knees beside the couch and opened my mouth to take him. Cleaning his still hard cock of our sex was a first for me. The taste wasn’t what I’d expected. Not as bad as I’d feared when I’d refused to do the same with boyfriends from my past.deletedAfter getting dressed as quickly as we’d undressed, he pulled out his wallet and counted out bills then, with a shrug of his shoulders, he counted out more and pressed them into my hand with further instructions.”Get better clothes before you come back. Something that will say you belong here if a partner sees you. You look like a teenager who wandered in to use the bathroom. And get a Brazilian Wax. I don’t like hairy pussies. Reminds me of my wife. Next appointment I hope I won’t be so pressed for time so I can really enjoy you for longer. But for now, go… go… go…, pendik escort bayan I have another meeting to get to.”On the elevator ride to the lobby I was sure people would look at me differently. But they didn’t. I was sure I wasn’t the only one to smell the sex that was wetting the crotch of my panties. But no one seemed to. I may have been new at being a whore but I wasn’t new to going home after sex. Mom and Dad never suspected how many times I’d come home from a date with cum wetting my pussy and the crotch of my panties. I used the lessons I’d learned then to good effect now after getting directions to a ladies room from a guard in the lobby. Standing in a stall I used tissue to wipe the smeared cum from between my legs.deletedWhile I was the only one in the bathroom, I rinsed the thick cum from the crotch of my panties. Twirling them quickly to spin as much water as I could out of the fabric, I stopped from putting them on and put them in my purse instead. An emergency tampon from my purse to keep more cum from leaking and after one last swipe of my pussy lips with damp tissue I left the building. Bright sunlight and a warm breeze cleared my head as I began looking for a taxi to flag down.This time when I entered Marla’s office she came from around her desk to give me a hug. “The client called and said he was very pleased with you.””I’m not sure why? It all happened so fast I don’t see how he could have enjoyed it.””One minute or two hours, it all pays the same,” Marla replied with a shrug as she leaned against the edge of her desk. “He did say he wanted you to dress more like a professional before next time. Should I schedule you for a next time? Wait, wait, before you answer, here,” Marla said as picked up an envelope from her desk and handed it to me. “You haven’t given me an account I can deposit your pay in so that’s it in cash this time. Now, tell me, do you want there to be a next time?”I opened the envelope and looked at the money, then mentally added it to the tip I’d counted out while in the taxi coming here. It was more money than I’d ever had in my hands at one time. It far exceeded my weekly paycheck from the temp agency. All for undressing and spreading my legs for ten minutes.”Hell, yes, I want there to be a next time!”After making plans to meet again in the morning, I left Marla’s office and wandered the city streets to kill the time before my train left. I spent them window shopping. I would have bought a couple of the beautiful dresses on display but I had no way to explain to my mom how I’d had the kind’a money to buy them. I would have also gotten a very disapproving glare and stern words about saving my money for college.I’d only turned eighteen a couple of weeks before graduation. Legally I’m an adult and can do what I want, I pouted while looking at one dress I’d kill for! Yea, well, two months of being a legal adult didn’t wipe out eighteen years of being my mom’s daughter. I sighed one last time in longing over the dress then called the agency and told them I quit on the walk to the train. I may not be able to buy the dress I wanted but I could work at the job I wanted…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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