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Episode 11 – Male version masturbator

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Episode 11 – Male version masturbatorMale versionOne hospital A&E department had to ring Mike the inventor when an enthusiastic experimenter stuck both probes of his sister’s mk4 up his arse with the chain wrapped around prick. The probes became entangled and could not be removed without castrating himself.Mike put a suitable Health Warning on the web-site and set about designing a male version, by removing the ‘C’ probe and extended the chain into a tight loop. Becki called in to the workshop for a chat and took away a few early samples of what was to become the PtoA masturbator. Who better to try it out – Becki set out to find Samantha the T-girl at the club she visited with Molly and Gemma in the last episode.At the FlatShe calls into the flat using her door key and delighted to see Kurt, Kit and Gemma asleep naked on huge bed in middle of the lounge. Kit is sleeping on Kurt’s chest, with Gemma curled up at his side, holding onto his semi-erect prick. Becki strips off and snuggles up behind Gemma, reaching over to stroke Kit’s bottom who wakes up and giggles. Kurt slowly awakes, sees Becki and says “Hello, you must be Becki the bi-sexual, heard a lot about you”. Looking down at his flaccid prick in Gemma’s tiny hand she replies “you must be Kurt, I’d love some of that”. Gemma wakes up, snogs Becki while jacking off Kurt and takes Kit off for a feed.Becki pulls out her mk4 masturbator, rubs her cunt over Kurt’s tongue then tries to suck him.”Are you sure you can take it?” asks Kurt fondling her tits.”Only one way to find out” and Becki flips around lowering her moistening cunt onto the head of his huge prick “Oh my….mmmm”.Kurt lays perfectly still until he is at least halfway up Becki, then gently presses down on her shoulders, thrusting his hips upwards at the same time. Becki screams as her cunt contracts around the enormous violation, and Kurt pulls a few inches out, before slamming it back in with so much force Becki’s tits continue bouncing for several seconds.Gemma comes back from the kitchen and cannot believe Kurt has his entire penis in Becki’s snatch, so licks his balls and her arse just to be sure. Becki is being flung up and down like a rag doll, climaxing almost continuously until at the last moment Kurt pulls out and sprays spunk up her belly to chin level.In the ParkGemma and Becki take Kit for a walk in the park. A group of young joggers run past – all wearing tight shiny shorts, bare navels and joggling tits. Becki wolf-whistles them and they return holding hands and playing with their bracelets, obviously with mk4 masturbators fitted. “Oooh, can I hold baby Kit” looking into the pram, asks one runner instantly recognising Becki and Gemma from their videos. “Just how old are you?” asks Gemma suspiciously.“Hold old do you need to be?” asks one, stroking her breasts through a tight tee-shirt.“Well it’s sixteen for lesbians” replies Becki.“And it’s sixteen for all the other ghastly forms” adds Gemma.“So we must all be sixteen” shrieks the boldest little girl, “cause we all love chewing cunt, and I regularly fuck my two brothers”.“You’re joking, and I doubt you’re even f******n” says Becki lifting the girl’s tee-shirt, and checking out her padded bra.“OK you guessed right; big brother was up my arse on Saturday when little brother walked in – what can you do? So I sucked him off”Becki hands over the brand new mk4-male masturbator in its PtoA box.“Can I have another one for my little brother?” asks the girl cheekily.“No, we think you just made him up” replies Gemma “Bye now, have fun”.All this time a pretty blonde has been doing star-jumps istanbul escort on the grass, knowing that bringing the bracelets together quickly makes the cuntal vibrator convulse, and when the anklets touch it sends a shock into the anal probe. Eventually she is forced to lie down as a string of climaxes overcome her, and trickles down her bare thighs.A gorgeous West African girl adds “Back home in Burkino Faso its thirteen for all sex, so I’m almost legal now” and slides her hand up Becki’s skirt “hey no masturbator?”.”No sorry luv” replies Becki “Kurt had me for breakfast and it keeps falling out”.”oh you poor thing” coos Gemma, rubbing Becki’s sore pussy “He’s longest in the mornings”.Becki licks the sweat trickling off the girl’s tiny nipples, pats her bottom and invite them all to the flat for lunch, before some run off.Back at the flatAs soon as the 2 joggers are through the door they strip off and head for the shower, and return after 15 minutes of giggling in just red ‘junior porn club’ thongs they found drying. They both see Kurt at the same time, shriek and try to hide their pretty bare breasts. “Just how old are you two really?” booms Kurt. “Er, much too young for that” replies one watching Kurt’s prick rising out of his shorts “OK what’s for lunch?”Becki “well we have strawberries, cucumbers, bananas..”The girls look puzzled, then slowly the blonde catches on “oh my god, we are the lunch” pulls her thong to one side and starts masturbating with a banana.Gemma attacks banana-girl’s breasts with jam sandwiches and pushes a thin courgette up her bum, but then notices her hairy thatch and drags her off to the bathroom. Meanwhile Kurt has gently stripped the other girl and pushes strawberries one by one into her cunt, followed by a good drizzle of cream, then licks them all out; she climaxes violently.Deflowering?Sitting on the edge of the huge sunken bath banana-girl spreads her legs either side of Gemma squatting in the bath. Gemma sprays the blonde’s pubes with hot water then applies loads of shaving foam before carefully wielding a razor around her lips to achieve a beautifully smooth bare pussy. Just as she has both thumbs into the cunt and is trying to push the clitoris back under its hood using her tongue, Kurt walks in and rests his rigid prick on the blonde’s shoulder. Naturally she turns her head to that side and opening her mouth to talk, it slips effortlessly between her lips and with a small suck down her throat.Strawberry-girl then walks into the bathroom, with red goo oozing out of her cunt and slithering down her pretty black thighs.Gemma “You didn’t?” she accuses Kurt.”No, no” says strawberry-girl, pushing a finger into her cunt and offering it to Gemma to lick “it’s strawberries… you didn’t think it was my virginity?”. “I lost that years ago at the stables””Riding lessons can be tricky” laughed Becki entering the room “all those tight jodhpurs and bouncing up and down on a horse””No the horses were fine” she chuckles “it was the stable-boy who shagged me after each lesson” Everyone piles into the bath and finally watch anxiously as Kurt at last gets to gently fuck Becki’s arse, almost underwater.After lunch Kurt explains his plans for the evening – that Becki should collect her friend ‘Samantha’ and choose 2 other T-girls, as Kurt has 4 important client to entertain at the club. Gemma counts 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 on Kit’s fingers – “that’s the pricks” and then sucks each finger on her other hand “1 and 2 – that’s the cunts” and “3 and 4 and 5 – that’s the bum-holes”. avcılar escort Kit gurgles knowingly. The Club on Tuesday (trans-sexual night)Becki is pleased that she is dressed in a highly padded push-up bikini top to compete with the crush of silicone-enhanced chests around her. She gets past security guard by wearing a Feeldoe strap-less strap-on, under a pair of matching very tight blue shorts. The butch guard eyes her suspiciously, not entirely convinced by the feel of the squidgy prick in her shorts; pushes a hand firmly down the back of Becki’s shorts looking for the dildo straps. Her enormous hand slips between the firm bum cheeks and finds the silicon bulb. “Butt plug” lies Becki in a convincing boys voice. Amongst the crush of false boobs, wigs and outrageous outfits she easily gets admitted “Good luck with the boys”. Becki eventually finds Samantha at the bar and fondles his arse –but being short realises that the bulge in her shorts will barely reach and asks “take those high heels off, I can’t get it up from here”. Instead a person at the bar of indeterminate gender fetches a box for Becki to stand on; licks her bum and exclaims “hey you’re a real girl – cunt and everything – can I fuck it? “Lay off” growls Samantha “she’s mine” as Becki now being several inches higher can now slide the blue dildo into his arse.”How did you get in anyway – its Tuesday?” asks Samantha confused.”Old joke – Anal lubricant” laughs Becki pushing Samantha’s face down into his drink. They laugh around, drink and fuck for an age before Samantha decides it’s time to introduce Becki to some of his friends. Becki reluctantly pulls out the slippery Feeldoe and props it up on the bar asking the bar-man to look after it. Becki shows Samantha how to fit the PtoA masturbator – not too difficult really: loop the chain around prick and push the ‘A’ probe up the arse. The hard-on is instantaneous and whacks against Becki’s chin before she manages to get it down her throat. The ‘A’ probe of the PtoA works by expanding rapidly once past the sphincter, to provide a strong anchor point for the chain which automatically lengthens and shortens around the base of the prick to provide the masturbation. Suitably moistened Samantha lays across a large table and pushes into Becki’s bum leaving her lovely young body fully exposed to the gathering friends. As the PtoA kicks in she can barely accommodate his pulsating prick in her arse, and her cunt starts to get very creamy. The friends all join in the bukkake contest, seeing who can deposit the most spunk on her now writhing body. The hot sticky sperm covers her eyes, mouth, ears, neck, breasts, tummy and thighs. One T-girl bends down to lick up cum from her tits and then chews on Becki’s clit until she climaxes. This puts so much pressure on Samantha’s prick buried in Becki’s arse that he can barely find room for all the juice he squirts into her.Games in the VIP SuiteBecki picks two of the best looking T-girls and with Samantha goes upstairs to the VIP room, which appears to be in darkness. “Come right on in” booms Kurt from under a spotlight in the middle of the room. Remembering her double fucking from this morning Becki nervously pushes the 3 T-girls towards Kurt and his four ‘clients’ who are sitting naked on a circle of outward-facing chairs. Gemma joins them wearing a shocking pink party dress and long boots. The first game is a variant of musical chairs, except girls only leave the circle when they can’t stand up any more. Becki, Gemma and the 3 T-girls walk slowly round the outside şirinevler escort of the circle until the music stops, when each quickly sits down on the nearest prick. The T-girls taking it up the arse; the girls having a choice, and generally alternate between back and front bottoms; all clients forced to put on a clean condom at each swap. Gemma looks intently at her client whilst sliding up and down on his modest package “aren’t you my member….?””Of Parliament, yes” laughed her local MP “Fucking tasty cunt you have there my girl”.”Better watch yourself, or Kurt will have you de-selected or disembowelled or something nasty” said Gemma rubbing her clit hard.Ten minutes later the music started again and everyone swapped places. Samantha ended up impaled on Kurt “wow you must have had some action up there” and filled his arse with spunk.The next ‘game’ had Gemma double fucked, standing up, by the two pale T-girls, fitted with PtoA masturbators, making a delicious looking dark meat sandwich full of squidgy breasts. Whenever the two pricks came within an inch or so the chains detected each other and applied a simultaneous surge to their arses, causing Gemma to squirt uncontrollably. The MP and another client, who turned out to be a Barrister or Lawyer, copied the action more gently on Becki giving her a very soothing slow build to climax. Samantha single-handedly jacked off the remaining 2 clients while Kurt bounced baby Kit on his knee, fondling her bare bottom.After a good amount of alcohol was consumed the final game was Kurt’s favourite – ‘guess my arse’. Kurt and the 4 clients knelt in a line; bums raised with the lights almost off. The 3 T-girls, and Becki and Gemma with strap-ons fucked them for no more than 2 minutes each. The men had to guess whether the prick up their arse was real or plastic; there was of course only one winner – Kurt.Client RequestsThe Lawyer bloke wanted to know if a T-girl with a strap-on could double penetrate a girl; so Becki and Samantha had great fun trying a variety of sweaty positions, aided by Gemma rubbing anything that took her fancy. Eventually they found a halfway workable arrangement with Becki laying legs spread, flat on her front and Samantha fucking downwards into her cunt with his own prick, and into her bottom with a short stubby strap-on. Becki could barely walk afterwards, but loved the video. One of the clients was a fashion (and porn) photographer and requested a Fisting Photo session. Becki and Gemma lay side by side face up wearing just bras and very short skirts, while each T-girl and then each client attempted to stuff the greatest number of well-lubricated fingers into their cunts. Becki loved the game, writhing around as each fist rubbed her tender g-spot. Not surprisingly Gemma won with two entire fists, having had her cunt over stretched by birthing Kit. Kurt jacked off over their faces to add porn video authenticity.The fourth, very quiet, client announced he was into bondage and wanted to tie the girls up. He led the way to an enormous four-poster bed in the corner of the room, equipped with straps, whips, dildos, overhead lighting and an expensive camera on a tripod. He dressed Becki in a clingy basque, long boots and an enormous strap-on dildo. Samantha was shackled to the bed face-down and Becki encouraged to sit astride his bum and fuck it. Gemma lifted his head and forced him to chew her cunt, while the two T-girls gently whipped upwards between Becki’s thighs, after refitting her mk4 masturbator. With the bracelets wrapped around the whip handles, Becki received a double internal jolt each time a whip came close. The bondage-lover, wearing handcuffs and a hood, tried to suck off the 2 T-girls together, but their prick chains became entangled and he received a face-full of spunk rather than just a mouthful. He was delighted with the close up shots of Becki’s whipped bum and dripping pussy as she fucked down into Samantha’s arse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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