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Everything For Female Boss

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Everything For Female BossDaniel knew that his gorgeous female boss sometimes locked her private office door and got herself off to watching wicked man-on-man porn on her computer, whenever there was a happy lull in the workday. And she knew that he knew. He was the only one she would have trusted with that dirty little secret.She held one of Daniel’s secrets as well – that he was an active bisexual, playing with both men and women at will, sometimes even in groups. That little detail, in this company, could have had some less than stellar consequences with their narrow-minded asshole of an uber-boss.Daniel would often visit her on coffee breaks from time to time, when he had tales of his latest dirty orgiastic deeds with another man or couple to share. He knew that the moment he left her office, she’d be scrolling through hot pics and fingering herself to a panty-soaking, muffled O or three.One time, she was already dripping from some cummy manlove porn, and he entered with that “cat that ate the canary’s dick” look on his face. Without another word, he knelt behind her and whispered closely into her ear the filthy play-by-play of his latest pounding man-ass fuck, while she closed her eyes, letting her mind fly as she listened and toyed with her needy cunt under her pretty skirt, bringing herself right there to a lip-biting climax. And when he asked politely, she did let him taste her from her glistening fingers.After that day, all bets were off for good behavior. One day, when she was in excruciating need, he locked her door, told her to keep looking at porn, then he knelt, tugged her to the edge of her chair, and gave her the most eloquent and brilliant pussy-licking of her life so buca escort far.She kissed him afterward, tasting her own sex on his face, and when she could put a sentence together finally, she whispered, “I’ll bet you suck cock just as brilliantly.”He smiled wickedly and replied,”So I’ve been told…””UNF!! I so wanna watch.” She said dreamily, then swiftly told him to clean up in her bathroom before returning to his desk.Fast forward to her next birthday, and she hated that she had to work that day. She got one of those “pings” on her work calender that had Daniel’s name and a request for a half-hour scheduled “product demo”. She “accepted” said appointment, wondered about it for a second, then gave it no other thought.At the appropriate time, Daniel knocked and entered, but not alone. He had another man with him, nicely dressed, fit and handsome. Once the door was locked, Daniel made the introductions, hugged and kissed her with heartfelt Happy Birthday wishes, and whispered, “I wanted to bring you a special present today… for being a fucking amazing, ummm, boss lady.”He walked to the curtains and closed them, tugged a throw from a bag and tossed it over her office couch, and came back to her and sat her down in her office chair.”It’s your birthday, so you can do whatever you like – watch, join, direct, demand, taste, fuck yourself; whatever the birthday princess wishes. Hell, you could pee all over us if you’d like, but I know that it would be hard to explain away the stains in the carpet later.She laughed that off with him, as she wondered secretly if it was just a joke, or if he’d been prying into some dark corner of her filthy mind. She still wasn’t sure what was escort buca about to occur, but her hungry insides seemed to be salivating already.Daniel leaned in to kiss her once more, and whispered “Happy Moaning Birthday, Boss Babe”.He moved to the other man, pressed him to the wall and shoved his tongue deep into his friend’s mouth as he quickly undressed this hot accompanying male with the obvious intent to fuck him… wildly.Her jaw dropped, her cunt gushed, and she was two-handing her lush body, one on her bared nipples, one digging into both drooling holes betwixt her thighs.She came once as she watched Daniel suck this man’s beautiful cock near to eruption, at one point taking the impressive length into his open throat. He made sure she got a little taste of the stranger’s precum from Daniel’s own lips, before he stood to fuck his friend’s more than willing face, but again, only to near-orgasm. He meant to save the seed-spray for the ass ride. And with the half hour clock ticking, he wasted no time.Before her very eyes, he had his mate on all fours, lubed and drove his sturdy thickness hard inside, and began slam-fucking his companion from behind while his voyeuring boss hottie hit another peak or three. It seems the trio all knew to keep sound to an absolute minimum, even though the bigwigs were in a meeting far enough down the hall.After Daniel gave his man a good back-door pummeling, while keeping control on his own edge-riding, he then flipped his counterpart over and slowly lowered his lovely spread ass ring onto his friend’s swollen cock.She would watch Daniel tease-ride this man as he stroked himself, and when the bottom boy finally clutched and arched to buca escort bayan empty himself into Daniel’s fully-breached rear embrace, Daniel ramped up his strokes and sprayed his manfuck’s face with everything he had stored up, and then some.His half-naked boss was in the throws of a string of peaks, her panties down on one ankle, her thighs spread for full fist-access, and her breasts and nipples red and hard and screaming in bliss.She moaned sweet half-choked obscenities as Daniel lapped up his own cum from the other man’s face, then lifted his ass from that exploded cock and let her watch the lewd cream trickle out.He whispered to the other guy to dress quickly and go, then once it was just the boss and her co-hort, Daniel began to get things together to clean her couch area and himself up.She still could not extract her hand from between her swollen sopping cunt lips as she caught flashes of that stream of man-cum trickling down his thighs, and that luscious cock of his glistening with ass and lube and droplets of his own lust.He gathered his things, and before slipping into her private bathroom, he knelt, pulled her fingers from her pussy’s pool and sucked them clean, while softly singing a little “Happy Birthday” tune.”Oh my fucking god, Daniel. I can’t think of another gift that will ever top this.” She leaned in and sucked some of his own cum from his face and lips, the cum that he’d lapped up from his manlover.”You have no idea how much I needed that”, she Unf’d. “Now, if we weren’t at work….” Her eyes rolled back as she imagined.She snapped out of it to the sound of a phone ringing. “Go, clean up and pretend you’re not as dirty as I am, Daniel.” They both laughed.And as his ass wiggled away, and the cum river streamed down his inner thighs, she said,”You need to invite me over to join you two sometime. I have this giant girlcock that needs breaking in…”.Daniel had just given her a gift that would definitely keep her cumming…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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