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Ex and friend

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Ex and friendThe wife and I had a thing where sometimes when one of us would come home from work or wherever that the other one would be standing there naked or just ready to go. Sometimes I would come home and she would be fully naked, wet and on all fours, or be in a sexy outfit. One day she came home and she didn’t tell me that a friend was with her. She unlocked the door and walked in with me standing there fully clothed but with my cock in my hand stroking it, then her friend walked in behind her. Her friend gasped as she was not expecting to see this sight. “Oh, umm, we have a thing that when one of us comes home sometimes the other will be ready for some sexual activities” she told her friend”Well, I’ve already seen it so let’s not waste this opportunity” her friend told her. I was still standing there stroking my cock. The ex was not one who would ever do a bursa escort threesome but since they walked in and saw me and with her friend saying what she just said she didn’t have much of a choice, so they both walked over to me.My wife started to kiss me while her friend grabbed my chest and massaged my shoulder and gently kissed my left ear. The wife then reached down and grabbed my hard dick “You’re ready for sure” she said as she dropped to her kneesHer friend also dropped to her knees and just watched as my wife sucked my dick and did it very well. I just stood there, grabbing her head from time to time to control her. She didn’t like her head getting grabbed often so I was careful as to not do it too much but she knew that when I did that that she was doing a great job. “ok I want to suck it now” her friend said. The wife looked up at me as in asking if she should. bursa escort bayan I gave her a small shrug as in saying why not. Her friend grabbed my dick and just started sucking, grabbing my balls as well. Wife stood up and started kissing me more and I grabbed her tits through her clothes, none of us took anything off. Just 2 fully clothed good looking women and a clothed man with his dick out. We both looked down at her friend as she continued sucking my cock, her friend not even looking up, just focusing on her job. Then the wife went back to her knees and they both started to lick the head of my dick. I let out some moans and gently touched both of their faces, the wife knew I was starting to get close as that was my sign to her that I was close. “Ok he’s getting close” wife told her friendThey just continued to lick and suck and stroke me.”Where is he escort bursa cumming?” friend asked”He never says, he just does, could be in our mouths, face, chest, who knows, and I like when it’s a surprise” she repliedThey continued and I let out more moans. Then I was ready to explode.Seconds before I came I grabbed my dick and the first shot landed on my wife’s face, on her nose, left cheek and chin. I then quickly turned to her friend and shot 3 big strings of thick cum on her face, covering her nose, forehead, lips and right eye. The next 2 I shot on my wife covering her left eye, left cheek, lips and a string in her hair. She had her mouth open but not much went into it. The next few I divided between them. It wasn’t the biggest load I ever had but was a good size. Her friend’s face was covered with only her left eye not covered. She sat on her knees thinking “holy shit”, then they both kissed each other which was hot. 2 beautiful women, cum covered faces kissing? Hot! They both stood up, went to the kitchen sink and washed their faces off. We then made dinner and just hung out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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