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Factory Girl

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Factory Girl“Ha ha” she thought as she flounced out of the office, that showed that little weed that he can’t haul me into there and tell me off. She loved to feel in control and in control she was! The two security guards had been listening at the door and had heard her sucking off their boss. They had looked at each other with glee! We can have a bit of this, they thought, she is ripe for the picking. They followed her down the corridor as she wiggled her arse like the little tart she was. “Hey you” one of them called “the boss wants to see you back in the office”. He wants an action replay she thought and turned on her heels. As she pushed between them one of them grabbed her arm forcefully, “hey” she yelled. “We don’t like the way you humiliated the boss” the guard said “ you need to be taught a lesson”, and they dragged her through a door into a storeroom, where they knew they wouldn’t be disturbed. They flung her down onto a pile of boxes and turned and locked the door. Strangely she felt scared but excited too, she could feel her juices halkalı escort beginning to flow as they came towards her. The first one came and grabbed her hair as he unzipped his jeans and took out his erect cock. Without hesitation he shoved it in her mouth so far it went to the back of her throat. He thrust her face onto his cock over and over as she glanced up towards him, he knew he had the upper hand and his face contorted into a smirk of pleasure. His mate had already undressed and was stood behind her. He yanked her legs up and stood behind her, he parted her legs slightly and entered her from behind so hard she gasped. As he thrust inside her, he felt her hips beginning to buck back. His hand found his way around the front where he rubbed her clit. He heard her moan as his pal came all over her face, it nearly choked her and she fell coughing to the floor. “Oh God” he thought “have we gone too far?”. He looked at the other guard and signaled with his head, let’s go. They quickly pulled on their clothes şişli escort and set to leave. “wait” she muttered from the floor “don’t leave”. Jesus, she is gagging for it! How wrong could they be. They came back and stood in front of her, within seconds she had their jeans down and was wanking two cocks in front of her. She alternated between sucking and wanking and their knees almost buckled with pleasure. She turned and went back to the pile of boxes where she laid back and opened her legs, “well?” she drawled “whose first?”. They clambered over the boxes and took turns to fuck her moist fanny, they couldn’t believe their luck, and she groaned with ecstasy. One of the men grabbed her hips and spun her over onto her front, fucking her from behind til she came again and again. He thrust faster and faster and came all over her back, he slapped her arse as he pulled up his jeans and stood back and watched his mate have a go. His friend kneeled down in front of her and pulled her legs over sarıyer escort his shoulders so his face met her fanny. Her juices were flowing and he licked up and down, flicking his tongue inside her fanny til she quivered with excitement. She grabbed his hair and thrust herself onto his face harder and harder, her body shook as she reached orgasm, then she pushed his face away. He grabbed her legs and pushed his cock into her, as her feet rested on his shoulders. Faster and faster, he rammed it into her and his eyes closed as he came at last. She was panting like a dog wanting more as she rose to her feet. Wow, what next, they thought as she indicated for them to sit to the floor. “Down there” she pointed “ on your knees”. They did as they were told in anticipation, she grabbed some rope from the back of the door. “I want to tie you up, so I can give you the best blow jobs of your lives” she exclaimed. Almost at once, they obliged, they couldn’t wait for this, it was what fantasies were made of! Side by side they were on the floor, she bound their hands and feet together and pulled down their jeans. They gave each other a knowing sidewards glance! She stood up and walked to the door, “now you know your place” she laughed “no one gets the better of me….ever!” and she flounced out of the door, she smiled to herself all the way down the corridor.

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