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Father Fucks Wife and Son

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Father Fucks Wife and SonFather Fucks Wife and Son———-Another Thursday night, and I was again taking out the trash to the alleyway. Ever since I had been old enough to ask for an allowance, Dad told me that if the trash were carried outside to the container, I would be paid an allowance. I do not even remember how much it was and did not really care anyways. It was the perfect getaway, a reason to get outside in the evenings and just enjoy myself.It was always dark when I deposited the trash in the container. The lights of the surrounding apartments and condominiums glowed leaving eerie shadows up and down the alleyway. I walked along the fences and peered into the curtained windows catching glimpses of all the neighbors’ private lives. Being a bit brazen and knowing it was dark enough that no one could really see me outside; I usually took my blouse off and let the wind blow across my breasts as I peeked in the windows. Somehow, this excited me, exposing myself as I stepped from shadow to shadow. My nipples stiffened as I touched them and my crotch was always afire when my fingers diddled my pussy.This started out as a typical trash night, the windows and lights blinked enticingly as I walked. I knew everyone on the block, all the families and offspring, shopped at the same places, ate in the same restaurants and basically lived similar lives. Tonight I saw all the same things until I neared the end of the block. A new family had arrived a few weeks ago and their son was in a few of my classes in school. He was well dressed and fit but seemingly was very shy around people, staying aloof between classes and in the lunchroom.I could see their dining room table, and beyond it was their living room. I saw some movement, so I stopped and slipped into the shadows to observe. There sitting on the end of the couch was the boys father, naked with his cock in his hand, slowly jerking himself off. I was puzzled when suddenly the mother and son danced into view, both also naked. The son’s head was buried in her cleavage, his mouth was licking and suckling on her breast with one of her hands guiding his mouth, and the other was down between his legs gripping his cock. They continued to dance around in front of his father as he worked his manhood in his own hands.Wanting to get a closer look, I slipped between the fence and their house, creeping up to the window in the darkness. The boy’s cock was huge; the woman’s hand firmly holding him and at least another hand’s length of it was protruding beyond her hand. Even the father’s much older cock was not nearly as big as the son’s was. I am sure my face must have shown my interest as my tongue licked at my lips watching the three inside the room. From my vantage point, looking alsancak escort up from under their dining room table, I felt sure that no one inside could see me as I rested my hands on the windowsill. I felt the coldness of the glass on my nipples as I pressed closer watching.The woman forced the boy to his knees between her legs and she spread them wide, pulling her pussy open with her fingers and directing the boys tongue to her womanhood. She seemed to hump his face with her rump, her breasts bouncing up and down, with her movements. The boys cock was still standing straight out between his knees easily visible. My eyes were glued on its size as my mind imagined what it would feel like to have that inside my mouth. I watched the woman kneel down in front of her son, take his manhood in her hands, and begin kissing on the tip of it, caressing it, licking the shaft with her tongue until her mouth and lips parted and she started sucking on his cock. So enraptured by the sight before me, I had not noticed, the boy’s father had gotten up from the couch and disappeared out of sight. I felt a pair of hands grab my breasts and lips gently kissed my neck.”Ah, you like what you see young lady?” a soft manly voice whispered in my ears. I was so shocked, that I had not moved an inch, and his hands continued to cup and massage my breasts. My eyes closed at the delicate kisses on my neck, feeling his warm breath on my ear, I tilted my head back and murmured ‘Yes’ to his question.”I saw you in the shadows with your breasts pressed against my window. I know you did not think you could be seen, but my eyes are keen,” one of his hands dropped down and slipped inside my shorts, rubbing deftly on my pussy, feeling the wetness thru my panties. I moaned at the touch and opened my eyes. The woman had now laid back and pulled her son on top of her, was guiding his huge cock into her pussy, her legs and knees pulled up alongside his body, opened widely, and I watched the giant cock slip into her.”I know what you want you little slut…” his body pressed me against the window, flattening my breasts out completely against the glass, and his hands yanked my shorts and panties down around my ankles. I felt his cock pressing on the backsides of my thighs and his hands pulled my asscheeks open exposing my pussy from behind. Within seconds, I felt his tip rubbing my wetness, lubing it with my own juices, and the tip of it pierced my pussy.”Watch my son fuck my wife while I fuck you cunt. Imagine that my son’s huge cock is going into you instead of into my wife.” He groaned as he pushed deeper inside me sinking his cock fully inside me, he started pumping and humping at my ass. My eyes were glued on the boy’s cock escort alsancak as it rammed into his mother’s pussy and felt him humping me in my mind. My body started quavering and I had an immense climax and felt the father’s cock spurt his cum inside me with several good jams. The sperm started running down my inner thighs as he pulled out. He pulled my away from the window and forced me onto my knees in front of him and stuck his cock in my mouth and started face fucking me with vigor. He watched inside the window, seeing his son doing the nasty to his wife and seemed to be taking it out on me and my mouth.”There now slut, they did not see you and do not know you were out here. You run along now and get to your fucking home. If you come back here and I catch you again….well, you can imagine what is going to happen to you next time,” he laughed evilly and pushed me thru the fence into the alleyway tossing my shorts over the fence as his cum continued to drip out of me. “See you soon Bitch, I’ll be waiting.”Grabbing my shorts, I ran down the alleyway towards home finally stopping next to our trash containers, I squatted and forced the remnants of his cum from my pussy. Using my fingers, I dredged the sticky mess out and wiped my hands on the container. Using my panties to wipe the last remains off me, I pulled my shorts back on and tossed the panties into the container.At school the next day, I ran into the shy boy just before one of my classes, smiled, and spoke to him for a moment or two, asking if he would like to have lunch with me. He kept his eyes down and agreed to meet me for lunch. I saw him sitting at a table all by himself as I walked up and touched his shoulder lightly. He grimaced in pain and turned to face me with a look of fear in his eyes. I was shocked by the reaction as I sat next to him watching him closely.”Are you Ok?” I asked, “I did not mean to startle you.””It is… fine,” he timidly spoke, again keeping his eyes down looking at the table.We sat and quietly ate our lunches, barely 10 words spoken between us the whole time we were there together. As the hour ended, he quickly gathered his things, made a waving gesture to me, and disappeared into the hallway. I caught only fleeting glimpses of him the rest of the day, as he seemed to be avoiding me entirely.That night I slipped out of the house after bedtime and headed down the alley to the boy’s house. This time, I remained in the alleyway, completely out of sight, and watched the open curtain window of their dinning room. As I looked, again, the whole family was naked with the husband parading around the room, appearing to be shouting and waving something in his hands. There on the floor in front of him was his wife alsancak escort bayan and son, both had their hands tied behind them, blindfolded and gagged.Suddenly I realized that the man was wielding a cat-o-nine-tails whip, and he was striking out at both his wife and son, lashing them severely on their backs and buttocks. His cock was dangling out in front of him and I realized that he was not that much smaller than his son, perhaps only an inch or so shorter in length, and much wider. He yanked his wife’s hair, pulling her face next to her son’s face. I faintly heard him telling them to kiss and lick on his cock and watched as both, mother and son, began to do as he instructed. Their lips, one on either side, were moving up and down his length, tongues lashing out as he stood there striking at their backsides when they did not perform as he wished well enough.He pushed his wife back onto haunches, spread his ass wide, and told her to lick his ass. She complied and began tonguing his anus while he lifted his son’s chin up and put his cock deep into his mouth. I could see him gagging as the cock went into his throat; he grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper down and started humping his mouth with vigor as he had mine the previous night. I could see the deep red marks of the whip all over the boy and mother’s backs and realized that I must have touched the boy in a tender spot at lunch that day.He turned and knelt down between the two, forcing his son’s mouth onto his ass as he started biting on his wife’s tits. It was now that I realized her breasts were completely covered with clothespins clamped to every inch of skin. He bit her nipples, she winced in pain, and the boy licked his ass and started sucking his balls into his mouth. His cock was rampantly hard. He pushed her onto her back and stuffed his cock into her pussy in one stroke. Pumping her for several minutes, he pulled out and now forced the son to forward on all fours to lick his mother’s pussy.The man moved behind his son, spread his asscheeks, and pushed his fat cock into his anus. The boy winced in pain but continued to lick his mother as he was told to as the father used the whip on the mother’s breasts and stomach and the boys back. The welts continued to rise up, ugly and red, on their bodies, and he seemed to relish this. He was like a cowboy riding a bronco, one hand in the air, his cock deeply impaling his son’s ass; he fucked and fucked him, until he shot his sperm deep in the boys ass. He pulled out, grabbed them both again and forced them to suck and lick his cock clean.He left them laying on the floor still tied in a heap and disappeared from view. I immediately became concerned for my own safety, and quickly darted back down the alleyway to home.While my mind told me that what I had seen was indeed a very taboo thing, as I thought back of the looks on the faces of the wife and son, the faint smiles of pleasure that had seemed to overtake them, made me realize that it was indeed true, different strokes for different folks.

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