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FİKRET BEY’S STORYSince Fikret Bey had moved to his small house in the forest three years had passed. As a sixty-four-years-old man who had never been married, he was quite used to his loneliness. He would be caught up in his books in his library and the records he played on his turntable, watching the forest through his window and forgetting how time had passed. Some days if he was bored and the weather was nice, he would take short walks in the forest, listen to the sounds of birds, the babling of the nearby creek and the hum of the trees. He was a man who had no telephone or television at home because he didn’t need them anymore. He thought that these were all inventions of time thieves, and he had given up using both of them after he had been retired and lost his only relative in life. Like his older sister, who had not accepted a marriage proposal, he believed that he would remain alone for life and die alone. His sister had been a mother to Fikret Bey since they lost their mother years ago. He didn’t even know his father, and from what he had heard from his sister, he had died of an illness he caught while working abroad. Her sister did not marry because she thought that maybe she could not take care of her brother properly and her husband might not want him. Therefore, Fikret Bey used to blame himself. He believed that women needed to marry more than men because he had seen what difficulties her sister had to suffer from in order to lead an honest life alone as a woman. He was not interested in any woman so much, he never thought of getting married. He was a handsome man. He had female friends, of course, but never had a sensual association with any of them. Even though there were strange thoughts that came into his mind from time to time, he would be busy with something else that would distract him from these. It took him a long time to admit that he could never get rid of those strange thoughts. This lifelong struggle led him to become a lonely man.The first days of summer came with sudden heat, the weather suddenly became hot. As long as the sun shone in the sky, Fikret Bey used to go for an afternoon walk every day, going down to the nearby creek and then returning from a different path. That day, as usual, while doing his daily stroll, he realized that there was something lying on the path that he always passed from afar. He regretted not having changed his glasses for a long time, he had been postponing this work. He couldn’t understand what he was seeing because his eyes weren’t seeing as well as they used to, but since he knew that a wounded a****l could be dangerous, he found a piece of twig and held it tightly in his hand and walked over there. As he approached, he realized that the figure lying on the ground belonged to a young man. The young man was stark naked and his body was covered with dried blood. Fikret Bey thought that the young man was a dead body thrown into the forest for unknown reasons. He gently nudged the young man’s body with the twig, there was no movement. Suddenly, it came to Fikret Bey’s mind that those who threw this corpse could still be around, thus he ducked with fear. As far as he could see, he looked away and tried to listen to the surroundings, but nothing unusual was heard. At this moment the young man lying on the floor moved and groaned and said, “Give me some water…”. Fikret Bey, gave the young man the water flask that he carried with him. “Thanks, uncle”, the young man said after drinking some water. “Are you injured? What’s wrong? “, Fikret asked, scanning the naked body of the young man. “No, no, I have nothing …”, the young man tried hardly to stand up. Fikret Bey then saw the bleeding wound deep in the young man’s chest. At this point, the young man collapsed again.It was impossible for Fikret Bey to carry the young man to his house, he was no longer so strong, but he could bring the first aid kit from the house, at least stay with the young man until he regained consciousness. As he covered his young naked body with his wind jacket, he started to walk home quickly. Twenty minutes had passed by the time he got home, he had tried to be as quick as he could, but now he admitted that he was old. It took him a long time to find bandages, oxygenated water, and ointments. It must have been about an hour before he got back to where he found him. Immediately he cleaned the wound on the young man’s chest with oxygenated water, something metallic silvery shining in the middle of the wound caught his eye. Using tweezers in the first aid kit, he pulled it out, it was like a bullet but it had lost its shape. He put an ointment on the wound and wrapped it in a bandage and waited for the young man to awaken. From time to time Fikret Bey was looking at the muscular body of a young man, resembling Greek sculptures, and trying to repel the bad thoughts that came to his mind. The old man thought he had never seen such a beautiful being before … As the shadows began to fall towards the evening, the young man opened his eyes. His eyes were blue and shone like jewels. He sat up and touched his chest, wrapped in a gauze, and then turned to the old man waiting for him: “I owe you my life, uncle, how can I repay you?”. “It’s enough for me that you are still alive,” said Fikret Bey as he extended the clothes he brought for the young man, “These clothes may be a little tight for you, but they will be okay at least until you get back to your home.” He tried not to look at him while he was getting dressed, but he wanted to esenyurt escort see the boy naked one more time.After hesitating for a while, Fikret Bey asked the young man, “Are you running from someone? And then regretted asking this question. “No, I’m not running …”, the young man just said calmly. “I’m sorry, son, it’s not my duty, but I wanted to make sure you were safe”, he said as he rubbed his grizzly beard and straightened his glasses. The young man smiled. “Don’t worry, I can take care of myself, I’m better now”. Fikret Bey invited him to his house to eat and drink, saying that his house was very close, but the young man refused, “I’m so sorry, I really would like to, but it might be another time,” he said, sniffing the air and looking at the environment. “The darkness is falling so you better return home. That’s what I’m going to do … “, he added. When Fikret Bey leaned over to get his first aid kit, he saw the bloody bandage wrapped around the chest by the young man on the floor. “It would be better if you didn’t take this off right away”, he would say when he looked up to see the young man’s bare chest from the top of his open shirt, there were no scars at all. It was like a miracle. He could not make any sense what he saw but he did not say anything. “Well, young man, my name is Fikret, I am a retired literature teacher. My invitation is always open, if you want to chat some time. I live alone, I can host you whenever you want”, he reached out his hand for a shake. Then he got angry at himself for saying, “I live alone.” Smiling with his perfect white teeth, the young man shook his hand and said, “My name is Murat. I promise, I will come to see you at a convenient time”. While Fikret Bey was walking towards the house, the boy was walking into the young forest. “Where is his house?”, Fikret Bey muttered, “How curious I am…”Weeks had passed, but Murat did not show up. Although Fikret Bey had been worried that something had happened to him, he completely lost his hope that he would see the boy again after a while. He could go to the nearby village and ask someone if he knew his last name, but he didn’t know anything about this young man. Some nights, while reading a book on the couch in front of the window, he heard rustling from the bushes around the house, raised his head, shadows in the dark woods stood out, Murat came to his mind, but then he gave himself back to read his book again. Some nights he woke up feeling like he was nearby, even inside the house, but that made no sense to him … One night when he heard a sound coming from the immediate vicinity of the house and opened the door to look out, a rather large four-legged shadow ran behind the bushes and disappeared. Fikret Bey was not afraid of a****ls, he was more afraid of humans. As far as Fikret Bey knew, there was no big predator around, but the first thing that came to his mind was wild boars. Sometimes they would topple the trash can and s**tter the contents. As he closed the door, thinking that he still had to be careful, a pair of bluish lights shone like lightning between the leaves. Fikret Bey knew fireflies, but they did not emit such a light. Believing this to be an illusion of eye, he closed the door and locked it firmly. He went to bed, and as he was about to fall asleep, the door to the house began to be punched hard. Fikret Bey fearfully jumped out of bed and took the long iron tongs standing next to the stove and went to the door. “Who are you? What do you want at this late hour?”, he asked. “Fikret Bey, I am the reeve of the nearby Meşeler village, Mehmet Aydın. The people next to me are our villagers. I’m sorry, sir. Open the door, let’s talk,” he said with a loud voice from outside the door.When Fikret Bey opened the door, he met a group of men with guns and dogs. At this time of night he could not make sense of what he saw, and said, “What’s going on here?” The reeve of the village said, “Sir, I don’t know if you have heard of it in the news, but a strange creature has been seen around here lately. It takes away our cattle and sheep one by one and we find them ripped apart all over the land. We have never seen or heard such a thing before. We would say that if there was a long winter, a predator descended from the heights. If we say it was a bear, a bear never comes down here, and if we say it’s a wolf, it can’t be because its prints are huge. The only man from our village who saw this b**st hasn’t returned his home today. His name is Nevzat Kara, a hunter. We’ve been looking for him in the forest since his wife reported him as missing. While tracing Nevzat’s trail, the hunters’ dogs brought us up to your door. We thought maybe Nevzat took refuge in your house … “, he said. “I don’t know anything about this, I don’t even have a phone in my house,” said Fikret Bey, but the big shadow he saw in his garden came to his mind, “I didn’t see anything, I don’t know this Nevzat Kara …”. He really didn’t see it. At that time, an announcement was heard on the radio, the gendarme had reached Nevzat’s body. Fikret Bey said, “I offer you my condolences …”. One of the armed men said, “Teacher, a few weeks ago, Nevzat Kara had hot this b**st, he told us. After getting shot, it had run away bleeding, and Nevzat had followed. But after a while he had lost his trail, he couldn’t find it. So it wasn’t dead, just wounded…”Although Fikret Bey remembered how he had found Murat lying on the floor covered in the blood, he did not want avrupa yakası escort to tell them. “Be careful, teacher Fikret”, said the man asking, “Do you have a rifle, pistol or something in your house?”. “No, I don’t use any of those, I do not need something like that,” Fikret Bey said, “Do not worry, I will be careful, good night …”After sending them off Fikret Bey closed the door. He waited for the men’s voices to be heard from far away. As he turned off the lights and headed for the bedroom, he suddenly noticed a pair of blue eyes flashing in the dark corridor. He couldn’t see what it was in the darkness, but he knew from his snarling that it was a big a****l. The old man crouched down in fear and closed his eyes with his hands. “Please get out of here”, he whispered to the b**st, “Please. Get out of the way you came in…”. At the same time, he was sure it was the last moments of his life. Blue-eyed shadow that was breathing heavily approached Fikret Bey. A big warm tongue licked his hands, a furry mouth and pointed teeth touching his skin. Fikret Bey lost consciousness with the panic he experienced … He was in his bed when he woke up the next day at noon. As soon as he took his glasses over the nightstand at the head of his bed, he saw Murat sitting with a blanket wrapped around on the armchair by the window. “Murat ?! What are you doing here?”, said Fikret Bey. “I promised you I would come, didn’t I, sir?”, said the young man. “What about that monster? Where is it now?” Murat got up from the armchair and walked towards Fikret Bey, he had been stripped off the blanket as it fell to the ground. Murat held the old man’s hand and placed it right on the chest, where his healed wound had once been. “That monster is here, teacher Fikret”, said Murat. According to Fikret Bey, Murat looked so handsome and innocent. Fikret Bey could feel the beating of the young man’s heart right under his hand.”Murat, I don’t think I can fully understand what’s going on here, could you please tell me what’s going on?”, said Fikret Bey. Murat took the man’s face between his long fingers covered with dried blood and kissed him on the lips. At that moment, Fikret Bey felt the desires that he had felt for years but refused to give in. With his lips docked onto the young man’s and Murat’s warm tongue filling his mouth, Fikret Bey caressed the young man’s perfect body. Suddenly, his hand grasped Murat’s hardened, curved up cock. Murat was standing on his knees in the arms of Fikret Bey offering him this magnificent looking penis. Without a second thought, Fikret Bey eagerly took Murat’s cock head in his mouth. It felt as though all of this had happened in a dream. Mr. Fikret was living something he wanted to live for many years and it was too late to stop or give up. Feeling the heartbeat of the young man between his lips now, Fikret Bey let Murat go in and out of his mouth. Then the young man leaned over and kissed him on the lips again, slowly entered the bed and hugged Fikret Bey from behind. Fikret Bey began to moan with pleasure as he felt Murat’s manhood on his hips. With the sticky wetness spread in between his buttocks, the young man’s cock was rubbing on Fikret’s bey hole, it was an incredible pleasure for the old man. Then Murat pushed his cock into Fikret Bey’s hole and entered quickly. Fikret Bey felt an amazing amount of pleasure with the pain. When he turned and looked into the young man’s eyes, he felt as if his heart evaporated with admiration. He understood that he had been waiting for Murat all his life.As Murat went in and out, Fikret moaned with pleasure and pain, but not even for a second he did not even think of stopping this madness. It was an incredible feeling for Fikret Bey to feel all the curves of his penis on his ass lips and letting the boy possess his hole. Murat was holding him between his muscular arms, licking his neck, kissing his shoulders and his back, almost becoming one with him. Murat groaned and pulled his penis out of Fikret Bey’s hole, “Get over me and on my lap …”, he said, reaching out on his back. Fikret had felt a different kind of pleasure of the young man’s giving him such orders. He immediately rose and climbed onto Murat’s lap and slowly sat down on his now fully hardened penis. Fikret Bey was going mad over feeling Murat’s penis slide easily into his hole and all the way down. His whole body was trembling with pleasure as if it was electrified. He was caressing Murat’s magnificent muscular body with one hand and playing with the plump and big balls hanging from under the young man’s cock with the other hand. Murat licked his lips by grabbing and rubbing Fikret Bey’s hairy chest and continued to moan with pleasure as he jumped on his lap. Murat pulled the old man with his arms towards himself and laid him on his chest. Murat was kissing Fikret Bey and licking his lips. Suddenly, he turned Fikret Bey on his back and went back and forth in between his legs and continued to suck on his nipples. Fikret Bey closed his eyes while his nipples were bitten, but suddenly torn apart a****l corpses came before his eyes, they were pieces of meat hanging from Murat’s bloody mouth …When he opened his eyes in fear, he saw Murat’s handsome innocent face again. “Calm down”, Murat said softly. Actually, he had told him everything without saying a word, every single thing … “Now I want you to kiss my body going down …”, Murat said. Fikret anadolu yakası escort Bey stood up from the lap of the young man and started with kissing Murat’s lips first. He kissed his chin and neck, then went down to his chest, then to his belly and then to his cock. Murat grasped his penis and pushed it into Fikret Bey’s mouth. “You will swallow …”, he said, “If you want to be mine, you will swallow it all.” Fikret Bey understood that he was about to cum. When Murat’s penis swollen head was in his mouth, he kept on looking into the eyes of the young man. As Murat stroked the old man’s white hair and bearded face, he said, “I’m coming … Ahhhhhhh!”, suddenly closing his eyes. Fikret Bey’s mouth began to fill with his warm spurting seed. It was a bit strange for Fikret Bey because he had never done this before, but he certainly did not feel disgust … “Swallow, if you want to be mine, you must swallow!” The sperm gushed out of Murat’s penis many times, Fikret Bey’s mouth filled with sperm began to leak from the edges of his lips. Murat almost begged with an innocent look in his eyes, “Please swallow. If you don’t swallow, you may never see me again …”. When Fikret Bey heard this, he swallowed a mouthful of sperm with a great desire, looking into his eyes.The twilight of the evening had collapsed again. Fikret Bey was lying between Murat’s arms, his head resting on his chest. “This was something I had never dreamed of living in my life, Murat, I am grateful to you. But unfortunately I am a very unhealthy man who has come to the end of my life… Only if I had a chance, I would love to be together for many years to come but even if I die now I’d just be a happy dead.” Murat smiled, kissing Fikret Bey on the forehead, “You saved my life, and I saved yours. You will see, you won’t die soon. We will live together for many years”. Fikret Bey felt compelled to ask an important question that distracted him: “That Nevzat man … Did you kill him, Murat?” “Yes, but not for food”, Murat said. “I don’t know if this should comfort me now …”, said Fikret Bey. “It’s a relief because I’m not like the others, my teacher, it’s an important choice not to eat human flesh. If I had eaten human flesh before, I could have eaten you too last night” Fikret Bey asked curiously, “You said others … are there others like you?”, He asked . “Unfortunately, there is …”, Murat said, “But … Don’t think about them right now”. They kissed. “I have to go”, said the young man, his beautiful blue eyes filled with joy. “Don’t go …”, said Fikret Bey, “I’m so scared I’ll never see you again. Those guys will find you eventually and maybe kill you, Murat.” Murat held Fikret Bey’s hands tight and said, “I promise, nothing will happen to either of us. You will find me long before they do.” The young man got out of bed, sniffed the air first, stood naked out the door and then disappeared into the forest …Fikret Bey always waited to see Murat that night and the following nights, but the young man was never coming back even after weeks. He disappeared like he came. Fikret Bey was still hopeful because Murat had made a promise to him and he was sure that he would surely keep his promise … He wondered where and how he lived, how long he had lived this way and why. But all of this was like details that were not so important anymore. All he wanted was to find this man he’d been waiting for all his life. He hadn’t even changed the bed sheets, he could smell the wild b**stly smell of Murat and he liked to sleep in it. When Murat was sweating while they were making love, the dried blood marks on him were all smeared on the bed too, and it wasn’t something that Fikret Bey cared anymore that they belonged to a man who had already been dead. Fikret Bey felt much more fearless and careless now. Some days he walked through the woods until the darkness fell, and in the darkness he found the way back to his home only by following the scents. His eyes could see better than before, and they were seeing much better in the dark. For a long time he had not come down to the village to buy food, he could smell delicious food all the time, but when he went to the kitchen he could not find the taste he was looking for after eating one or two bites. In the last week, he hadn’t put anything in his mouth except for a drink.On his last night at his home, Fikret Bey took a copy of Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando, a Life Story” from his library, sat down on his armchair by the window and began to turn the pages of the book, while he heard the whistling of teapot boiling from the kitchen. When he prepared a cup of sage for himself and sat back in his seat, he noticed that there was something magical glowing in the cup in his hand. He looked carefully. A reflection of a round silver moon was fallen on the surface of the water in the cup from the open window. He watched for a while as if mesmerized. Then he took a little sip from the cup. And then he dropped it on the carpet on the floor. Fikret Bey fell from the armchair in a twisted way. Foams spilled out of his mouth, and his whole body was shaking violently. He shouted in pain and this voice gradually turned into a howl … After a moment of silence, a giant shadow skillfully jumped out of the window into the garden. This was a very large white wolf, smelling the air and turning his nose up into a full moon shining in the sky. He happily jumped out of sight into the bushes as if he had suddenly found the place where he needed to go … No one had seen Fikret Bey ever after. The people of the village of Meşeler searched the body of the retired teacher for a long time al over the land, but neither the body nor any trace of it was found. Oddly enough, this strange monster, hunting the a****ls of the village for months, also disappeared with Fikret Bey. And this story was forgotten over time, like all other strange stories that happened before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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