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First Time with a Transgender

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First Time with a TransgenderJust got divorced from my wife in 2002 I was 39 I went out drinking one night feeling down horny just a mix bag emotions I was that night. As I was sitting at the bar having a few drinking I seen this tall women with black hair  walk in with big tits and really nice ass she stood at 6’1 me I’m 5’9 she sat across the bar from me I kept looking at her and every time she look at me I would look away but she new I was looking at her. She came over and sat down beside me and said how come I keep looking away I was lost for words and just said sorry she laughed and said don’t be it’s cute I’m shy which I’m not. She introduce herself as Amanda I did notice she had a little deep of a voice in a sexy way. So I bought her a drink and we talk about the shit in my head and what was going on and the subject of the convo switch to about her she started to open up to me about her problems and I told her how could a beautiful women like you have problem she laughed and ask me if I’m open minded I said yes which I am. She leaned into me and said I’m a tuzla escort transgender and most men hate me and make fun of me and put me down. I told her the truth that I’m proud you are being who you are and there just haters who hate them self cause they can’t be who they are and there the ones living a lie. Amanda got teary eyed and I could see she was fighting the tears back. The Bartender yelled last call and Amanda ask me if I wanted a night cap at her house I said yes she was just a beautiful person inside and on the outside plus the conversation was great we had. As I walk in her apartment there was cloths everywhere she said make yourself at home as I sat on the couch I pick up her underwear and just had to smell it all I can say BUSTED smelling her underwear. Amanda said how do they smell and to be honest they smelled good she smiled as she sat on my lap and I couldn’t help myself I had to kiss her out lips touch and our tongues met I got this warm feeling I did not wanna stop kissing her there was passion there she look in my eyes and said you sure you wanna tuzla escort bayan do this I told her you feel so right I was rock hard just like her she said let go in her bedroom and grab me by hand. Now I have a good size cock 8 inches and it felt like 9 it was just rock hard. As I took of her shirts these massive 36 D titts with brown nipples in my face I was sucking hard on them she was moaning and grinding her cock against mine. We undress each other until both our bodies were touching and sweating on each other. Amanda work her way down my chest to my stomach kissing and licking me she grab my cock and she told I have a nice looking cock and I told her it’s all your now she started working the tip the shaft and sucking it hard. We got into a 69 and I was eating her sexy ass my tongue was digging for gold she was moan and groaning she start screaming fuck me please fuck me I stood up role her on her back placed her legs of my shoulder and started push my massive rock hard cock in her. Amanda was looking in my eyes and said fuck me fuck me hard I push my cock all escort tuzla the way in her tight ass she grab my hipps and was helping me push in and out of her she was grabbing my ass telling me I feel so good and I told her ass is mine now she take it make it yours I could feel my ball get fill and tight she new I was ready to cum she wrap her legs around me so I couldn’t pull out and said cum in me please I pushed so deep in her my cock must have been in her stomach as I blew the biggest load fill her up our lips were lock. She look at me and said that was amazing. I look at her and said now it’s your turn to cum I work my way over her tits sucking on them as my hands were jerking off her 8 inch cock she was oozing precum I start kissing her stomach she placed her hands in my head and said suck it now please suck it now as I insert her cock in my mouth she started fucking my mouth hold my head screaming let me cum please I wasn’t gonna stop suck she then gave one push and this salty flavor full my mouth I keep swallowing as she keep pushing her load in my mouth. She stop pushing and we layed beside each other and kiss she want the taste of her cum to mix in our mouth. I woke up the next morning to Amanda sucking my cock and I will tell you the rest in later on hope you enjoyed

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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