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Fleshlight Fun at the Gloryhole

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Fleshlight Fun at the GloryholeI’m a young 23 year old and as you can imagine I do tend to get excruciatingly horny pretty much on a daily basis. I’m currently single to so it drives me insane, having to sneak off for a secret wank while in work, while watching TV, riding on the the bus. Well not really on the bus, it’s not that bad yet. OK, OK I did do it on a bus once when I was younger and still in school and that was through my sweatpants but anyway I digress. Due to being so unbelievably horny all the time there is an Adult bookstore that I go to sometimes that has gloryholes in the back. I’m straight so most of the time I end up just jerking myself off but quite a few times there has been a women on the other side of the wall, either alone, or with her husband.The last time I went was 2 days ago I got lucky again, a woman went into the other booth a couple minutes after I did. I had the movie playing, my cock nice and hard with my hand wrapped round it and a bead of precum glistening on the head when I had a feeling that someone was watching, turning my head to the hole on the right I saw a beautiful set of red lips being licked by a luscious tongue. She fingered the hole to tell me to come over, I was still unsure if this was a woman yet or not but those worries were dispelled almost immediately as she unbuttoned her shirt and flashed me her tits quickly. Then got up turned around, bent over, lifted her skirt (she looked about 35-40ish and it was clear she had just left the office) and pulled her panties to one side and gave me a long look at her gorgeous pussy and ass, spreading her cheeks wide. She put her panties back in place, turned round and demanded my cock.After seeing that I could have easily created a new hole in that wall but I slid my cock through the pre-made one and she grabbed it unbelievably tight and I started to panic, til I felt her tongue gently lick the precum from the tip of my cock, followed by “mmmmmmmmm”. She started licking it all up and down, tongue lapping all over my cock teasing me, starting at the base and working her way up to the head. She then slid the head completely into her mouth and teased me some more, with her tongue dancing around the tip of my cock. Without warning she went for a sudden plunge and took each and every inch of me deep into her mouth and throat. The teasing done I thought I was in for the blowjob of a lifetime, her holding there for anadolu yakası escort a second cock deep in her throat, till she then pulled away as fast as she went down. My cock dancing, twitching on the other side of the wall craving more then I heard her knock on the wall. I was confused so pulled out the hole went to look, she said she had just bought a new sex toy for her hubby and showed it to me, it was one of those rubber pussys they make for us guys that looks like a flashlight, so aptly named, Fleshlight. It was brand new, she was just taking it out of the packaging and asked me if I wanted to be the first to try it out.Still confused as I had never seen one out of it’s tin let alone used one before (I always by passed the toys in the store and headed straight for the booths at the back) but with my cock screaming for more I thought, fuck it why not. I pulled a condom out my wallet and was about to put it on, cause well you know… I thought she would want it clean for her hubby but she said he likes getting sloppy seconds and wanted a nice fresh creamy load in it for his first use of it. She spat in the fleshlight and finger fucked it to get it nice and slippery on the inside and said “give me your cock”.I put my throbbing cock back in the gloryhole again, she gave me a sexy little lick and suck again then with one hand grabbing the base of my cock I felt her rubbing the pussy opening of the toy on the head of my dick then lined me up with the opening slid it all the way down my cock, up and down very slowly and I have to be honest it felt amazing, FAR superior to your hand. She done that for about a minute nice and slowly with little twists then pulled it off me and knocked the wall again. So much teasing, if she just kept going another 30 seconds to a minute I would have filled it right up.I pulled a cock hard enough to cut diamonds out and went to speak to her at the hole again. She asked how it felt and I told her how good it was but was a little cold, which did make it feel a bit “alien”. She then stood up, lifted her skirt to show me her panties again and she pulled a little sachet of lube out of them and said she was getting it warm for me, she turned around again, bent over and slowly took her panties off, handed them to me and ordered me to smell them and lick them as she fucks my cock with the fake pussy. I took ataşehir escort them in my hand, held them to my face and inhaled deeply as I stared her in the eyes as her panties literally soaked my nose and lips, she smelled divine, tasted it too. That beautiful warm sweet musky smell of a woman who’s been sitting down all day imagining dirty thoughts as her panties get progressively wetter as the day goes on. She ripped the top of the sachet of warm lube and demanded my cock to be put back through the hole again.My cock was in the hole for about a min, dancing and twitching in front of her face again as I smelled and licked her dirty panties without a care in the world as she lubed up the fleshlight. Then I felt her grab my cock again,I don’t know why but every time this woman grabbed my cock I was instantly filled with fear (she was definitely a dominant woman, maybe ever dominatrix to her husband) but I immediately eased up as I felt her lick it again and suckle the head. It felt like my cock would explode it was so hard, then I heard her say “make sure your smelling my panties”Then I felt the fleshlight push against my cock again, the pussy opening of it felt fantastic now all nice and warmly lubed up. Her hand wrapped firmly round the base of my cock again she directed me to the opening and slid it down every inch of me so VERRRY VERRRY slowly as I inhaled her panties deeply. She held it there deep and moved my cock slightly side to side. It was a hundred times better with the warm lube, very different to the first time and far more realistic. She began to move her hand so slowly all the way up and all the way back down my throbbing cock again. Each time I was fully back deep in the sex toy, I swear I could feel her tighten her grip around it. Through the wall I could hear her moaning “mmmmmm yeah fuck that fake pussy”, as she began to speed up her stroke “smell my panties, imagine it’s my wet pussy your fucking” and started pounding my cock with it so much the wall was moving and banging. A minute later, with the gusset of her panties on my tongue I felt myself say “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum baby”, I held the gusset firmly to my nose inhaling her scent deep. I heard her “imagine it’s my pussy baby, fuck my pussy, shoot your cum deep in my pussy baby” as I explosively shot 7-8 thick white ropes of cum deep inside, completely filling the fleshlight.It was ümraniye escort fucking fantastic, she held it tight against the gloryhole and I probably stayed in it for a minute afterwards with the afterglow it was that good. I slowly pulled my cock out which is when I got a faint whiff of pussy and thought it must just be the panties, my cock glistening covered in lube I bent down to the hole and sure enough staring me right in the face, her pussy. “what the fuck” She heard me say and turned round laughing and asked how I liked the fleshlight. Shocked all I could say was “Are you on the pill?”She joked and laughed about her tricking me but I told her I always play safe and didn’t want to catch ANYTHING. She said “that’s why I didn’t tell you, you were gonna wear a condom for a FAKE pussy let alone a REAL one. I like it bare Honey. Ain’t nothing better than getting a young mans cream shot deep inside you” She thanked me for the filling and told me how much her hubby was going to enjoy it when she got home. He must’ve enjoyed it because I came like crazy inside her. I passed her panties through and she took them grabbed my cock again and used her panties to clean/dry it, gave it a little kiss and let me watch as she put them on. A bit of my cum leaking out of her as she pulled them up. Catching it with her fingers and licking them.I had to ask again though if she was on birth control, “that doesn’t matter Honey, they’re will be none left by the time my Husband’s done with me” she said as she fixed her skirt and grabbed her bag (which I could see the fleshlight tin was in). She went for the door, paused, lifted her skirt and said “my god, you really did Fill me Honey, the panties make me look like I’ve had an accident”. The thought of my cum leaking out of her into her panties, my cock started to twitch again getting harder I looked down, back up and she was gone. I got up, tucked my semi erect cock into jeans, buttoned them and went out to see if I could see her but… nothing. She had vanished as quick as she had appeared. Standing there in the street, with her nowhere to be seen all I could think of was that she didn’t give me an actual answer on whether see uses ANY birth control at all. As my mind began to wander down this line of thought a realization came over me, did I just get ****d? She came into the other booth, teased me beyond belief, led me to believe She was fucking me with a sex toy and then fled with her pussy full of my sperm. Absconded with my cum. Inside her and most definitely still inside her as I think this, she stole my spunk.Ah fuck it, if only that happened everyday I thought as I turned around and headed straight back into the book store with a throbbing in my pants that HAD to be dealt with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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