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Frankie dogging

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Frankie doggingMonday came round before Frankie realised and after having a late night the previous night with quite a lot of booze consumed she didn’t feel her best.She struggled to get showered and dressed and her make up sunk straight in as she applied it, she was annoyed with herself for drinking so much the previous night but couldn’t do anything about it so took a couple of paracetamols and hoped she would feel better before Bob arrived.She had taken care in dressing, though she struggled with it, as she found another pair of red knickers, she pulled on her denim skirt, her short denim skirt, her legs looked good if nothing else, she had shaved them and coloured them carefully till the colour was perfect, she hadn’t shaved her pussy today though as it was still a little sore from the previous playing, so she left it with a little fluff on it.She fastened her red bra and tucked her tits neatly into the cups either side and pulled on a low cut white top which flashed the top of her bra, she knew it looked tarty but Bob had already said before he would love to see her in a white top with a coloured bra showing, so this was for him, though it did make her feel horny as she brushed her hands over her nipples just so they would be protruding when he arrived.The tablets had taken hold as she rushed to open the door to him, tweaking her nipples one last time for effect, the effect was there for her to see as she stood back all he could say was my god you look so horny I could take you right now.She licked her lips seductively and replied, no not here, we are going somewhere quiet, as she shut the door behind her, Bob opened the car door for her and as she bent to get into the luxurious feeling car he slapped her bottom hard, making her jump and practically fall in head first. She righted herself just in time to feel the leather seat on her knicker clad ass as her skirt had risen already.Bob got in his side of the car and kissed her full on tonguing her throat and squeezing her pussy at the same time as breathing I want you into her mouth.By the time Bob had turned out of the street she had her hand on his bulge, which felt bigger than the last time, yes she had made him horny, she lazily stroked his cock as he drove, his face getting redder and redder, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. As they drove along chatting about nothing in particular but feeling comfortable all the same they were approaching a notorious dogging area, Frankie looked at Bob and by the twinkle in his eye she knew straight away they were heading straight for there.Frankie had never been in one of these places before and on enquiry Bob hadn’t either he just wanted to be in her knickers so it was the most convenient place to stop. As they pulled in there were two cars already parked halkalı escort up and what looked like two men not far from the cars with their cocks out, every part of Frankie wanted to say, no, turn the car round we will find somewhere else, but a small part wanted to see what would happen.Bob stopped the car a short distance from the others, removed his seat belt and in one movement had her seat back and his head buried in her pussy, Frankie moved her legs outwards on the dashboard so he could gain easier access and lost herself completely in his insistent tongue licking of her pussy, laid back eyes closed, she felt her orgasm building and so did Bob as he seemed to know the right time to thrust his fingers inside her she bit down on his back as she came all over the leather seats, her skirt soaking wet, while she tried to bounce out of his mouth he held on to her clit with his teeth and forced her to stay where she was demanding before she moved that she came again for him, once again his tongue licked her and brought her close to orgasm but this time he knew she was close and pulled away, she pulled his head back towards her aching pussy but he wasn’t having it as he turned to kiss her full tongue with her juices all over his face, his face was dripping as much as her pussy was.Without warning he moved down to her bra and slipped her tits out one by one feasting on her nipples, biting each one in turn as he had done before, sending shivers of pain down her back but shivers of pleasure too, suddenly he plunged his two fingers straight in her and banged her until she came once more, Frankie thought once again, how amazing his fingers where and they got her off so quickly just with force.Suddenly from nowhere came a great roar as cum splashed down her window, Frankie jumped up to see what was happening and the two men who had been stood near the other two cars had moved and jerked off all over the car window, Frankie laughed out loud when she looked and saw them both stood their holding their rapidly shrinking cocks and just staring at them.Bob looked at her with a worried look on his face and asked if she was ok? Frankie replied yes she just thought it was funny that they have both got off watching them and leaned over Bob, saying shall we give them another show? Frankie grinned and kissed Bob before quickly undoing his trousers, his cock was protruding upwards and she sank her mouth down on him in one go, Bob wasn’t the biggest cock she had seen, in fact far from it, but it was a perfect size for giving head as she could take him to the hilt without gagging.She let Bob move towards her fucking her face as her tongue slid up and down his shaft, she knew from yesterday that taksim escort he wasn’t far off as she felt the pressure building in his shaft, but wanted it, she wanted it all, wanted to feel his cum hit the back of her throat, so really didn’t want him to pull out like he had last time, Bob was moaning now as she carried on receiving his cock in her mouth pleading with him though not verbally to leave her to have it all, no sooner had she thought he is going to pull away then she felt him tense up as she swallowed quickly she waited for the assault on the back of her throat to come and cum it did, down her throat, but she knew she had an audience so it would only be fair for them to see a little of it still in her mouth.She lifted her mouth from Bob’s cock and swirled his cum on her tongue letting it drip onto her chin so she could lick it up for the audience, as she closed her eyes she knew they were still watching she let Bob’s cum run down her chin and scooped it up with her finger and lapped at it. As she put her hand back on Bob’s cock she found he was almost hard again and moaning at what he was witnessing her doing.Bob almost growled when he said I want to fuck you hard now, as he pushed her back onto the seat, he once again pushed his fingers straight in her pussy, her pussy grabbed at his fingers and rode them and he moved above her, just at that moment he pressed the button for the window so the onlookers could see closer or even smell the sex in the car, as the window started to move downwards one of the men asked if he could fuck Frankie, Bob responded very quickly with no mate but you are welcome to watch while I fuck her. With one movement his fingers clamped over Frankie nipple and he buried himself straight in her pussy, she lifted her legs higher so the onlookers could see his cock riding in and out of her pussy while he played with her clit with his fingers and bit her nipples one after the other.Frankie could feel herself close to orgasm again as she made a request she didn’t know how it would be received, so she pulled at Bob’s cock until it pulled out of her, she looked at his face, disappointment all over it, she was sure she even heard a sigh from the onlookers too.She pushed Bob back into his seat and knelt on all fours, “wet your finger with my pussy juice and work it into my ass” she requested, Bob thought all his Christmas’s had come at once as he grinned realising she was giving him permission to fuck her ass even though she hadn’t said the words.He eagerly did as requested and dipped his fingers in her pussy giving her g-spot a tweak just for the hell of it and was greeted with more pussy juice then he would ever need, he very gently prised at the entrance of her ass as she felt şişli escort herself relax his finger slipped in easily, as the same time he slipped a finger in her pussy and rubbed them both together through her pussy walls, she pushed back against him feeling incredibly turned on knowing that the two men were still stood there and now she could hear their breathing and their moaning, she took the chance to look up and there was not two but four cocks hammering away in front of their side window.Suddenly she felt something harder and wider then a finger pushing at her asshole very gently while a finger pushed in and out of her pussy taking the juice and rubbing along his shaft Bob proceeded to push his cock in her, slowly at first but as she relaxed she felt all of him inside her, he didn’t move at first just feeling about to make sure she was ok with it, when he started to move he moved slowly and Frankie heard one of the onlookers shout can I fuck her pussy while you’re doing that, Frankie and Bob just laughed and carried on as they were, Bob gently fucking her ass and Frankie now playing with her own pussy, once Bob had a rhythm he started to move in and out faster and harder as Frankie fucked her pussy with her own fingers she felt Bob tense up and shoot his cum straight into her ass as she came all over her own fingers.Bob collapsed on her back as his cock deflated inside her, he pulled out and Frankie pushed Bob’s cum out of her ass for the onlookers to see. As she turned round the side of the window was covered in cum from all four cocks that had been watching.As Frankie moved to sit back in her seat, Bob did the same, Bob had a beautiful car a top of the range Jaguar and laughing Frankie turned to him and said look what they have done to your beautiful car, he grinned back at her saying it will clean, but I wouldn’t change how you have made me feel today for the world so fuck the car.Frankie tried in vain to pull her sopping wet denim skirt back down after abandoning her soaking knickers and turned to him saying, can I have a break please from fucking I will fuck the car later.Bob pulled himself back together and suggested they both needed to go home for a shower they couldn’t go anywhere else today, Frankie agreed but suggested they pulled in a little further up to try and get at least some of the cum off the car before they went home. Frankie always wondered what a seagull was at a dogging site, today she had found out big time, there was cum from four cocks once and two cocks once all down the side of the car.As they pulled in a proper lay by Frankie got the baby wipes out and tried to clean the worst of it off, it was actually making her squeamish though cleaning all that cum up, Bob’s was different she would lick and taste his cum everyday but not the cum of any of the onlookers thanks very much.She managed to get most of it off and cleaned her hands with gel, she always carried it with in case she went in what she called a dodgy toilet.Feeling a little cleaner she got back in the car, kissed Bob full on, her tongue exploring his mouth and said let’s go and shower and fuck again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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