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Full fuck day

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Full fuck dayFull Fuck Day – Gay Sex in Public PlacesI recently met here at xhamster a man who has become a great friend, we have immense tastes, fetishes and fantasies in common. And a great friend is not just for talking, the perfect friend is about giving pleasure. And that was what we did to each other in our first meeting, a meeting that ended in sharing feedings, fluids, and above all fantasies in common, that told live gain another magnitude in the lust they provide. One of them, cruising, or dogging, or hitch, whatever you want to call it. I proposed that one day we would leave the house early and drive around, trying to fuck as much as possible, between ourselves and with others. A day dedicated to carnal pleasure. That day happened yesterday.Selected destination: Lisbon. We left the central zone on the A1, the highway of choice for those looking for males full of spurts to give, from personal experience, I know that this way, from the many times I make this trip to the South. After the service areas of Pombal and Leiria (where nothing really happens), we arrived at the rest area of ??Fátima. It was a Sunday morning, and as I imagined, most of the cars that stopped were from families with the idea of ??resting from their travels. As we had all the time in the world, we decided to wait a bit, hoping to fuck someone interesting. In the meantime we were talking, sucking each other’s cock, seeing pictures and videos here of Xhamster, pre-ejaculatory milk gushing from our dicks, such was the desire to fuck. In vain. Until a mother and son arrive to provide for his needs, he is quite appetizing, young, fat. Without realizing that people were in our car, he decided to send a piss right there, outside the bathroom, against a tree right in front of us. What a delicious delight !! Although we like mature people much more, personally I am delighted with fat people of any age, and this vision was the culmination of incredible excitement. The boy with open pants, stick out and a string of piss coming out of that new and beautiful tool. I wouldn’t have minded taking all that piss with my mouth, and then licking that dick until exhaustion, giving him the pleasure of a brooch made by a male, the best there is. Unfortunately, it all stayed in my mind. They abandoned. We were so horny with everything, that we got out of the car, there was no way to play more intensely. Alone in the area, we went to the sanitary facilities of the place, where there is a water cooler, and even there I fell on my knees sucking my friend, who had an angle of vision to control the arrival of cars. Until I spilled all over, milk that never ran out. Just in time, because immediately afterwards another car arrived, we got into ours and went on our way.Stop at the Aveiras service station. The glorious outdoor bathrooms are still closed, and maybe forever, because that has been the case since August 2018 at least. I have been fucking very well in those bathrooms over the past 15 years at least. There was always someone available to play. whoever stopped at the end of the afternoon, if he did a brief analysis of the space, found that the sperm was everywhere in those urinals, walls and floor of the cubicles. And I think that was the problem. It never hurts to be careful and keep everything clean, I know it’s funny to send a piggy-back, but then, on account of that, they close these fantastic places. There was no better place to fuck with truck drivers and the like. After telling some personal stories to my friend, great fucks and feedings I gave there, we decided to get on the road again.When we arrived in Lisbon, we went to lunch at Parque das sNações, with a purpose, because before I decided to show my friend the amazing bathroom at Gare do Oriente. Over the years I have left some milk in this bathroom too, it is a joint masturbation den especially. But anyway, those sarıyer escort are other memories that I will share at another time. The atmosphere in the bathroom was quiet, only one guy would jerk off a urinal, far from our kind, I watched a lot but soon we abandoned it.Having lunch, we decided to return to the same bathroom, and what a difference that hour made. The bathroom was full of fuckers, suckers and wankers. The atmosphere was one of perversion. Almost all urinals occupied and zero piss sound, we were all there for the same, love for cock and balls full of milk. I placed myself next to a quota in my perfect understanding, at the end of the row of urinals, beside us a row of 8 people hitting hands, looking at each other’s sticks, an incredible sight and almost impossible to believe. But it is even so in that bathroom! “My” male must have been 45 years old, strong looking, with a dark skin tone, similar to that of our Prime Minister. He was hairy, handsome, with a prominent and well-defined belly, a well-defined tail and also in good shape, good for spanking. He winked at me. I started to jerk off while trying to see his dick. And my goodness, when he walked away from the urinal, I saw a stick and tomatoes that lived up to the rest of the package, ideal size of 15cm or so, very thick, very fat cock, with a beautiful head, very red and shiny, full of veins , and even better, large balls of male covering, as I like !! I have rarely been passive in my life, but with a male like that it would be again, in my imagination that balls of oxen hitting mine while eating me with that fantastic stick. I went crazy! We were jerking off looking at each other, he made gestures and expressions of pleasure that were almost making me come, this male was very naughty. He was dead for putting that cock in his mouth, he would have been a slave to that stick in another situation, but it all ended with the arrival of a security guard. Given the circumstance, I decided to leave with my friend, who shortly before the arrival of the security guard, had left one of the toilet cubicles. I had even forgotten about him though, obscured by the sight of that male who could make me want him so perfectly. We left the bathroom and he told me, my friend, that he had closed himself in that cubicle with a quota he liked. She had been spanked with him. For a beginner in this art of whoring, I had been luckier than me. With the problem of the appearance of that security guard, I lost a lot of ideas, and now I confess to being very upset with myself, for not waiting outside for that magnificent man. I’ll never suck that male! I can’t get enough of repeating that it was perfect, that cock and balls will stay forever in my memory. Whenever I return there I will be hoping to see this guy again. We could have exchanged contacts, I didn’t remember that.And so we decided to abandon it for our next play destination, we still hadn’t got what we wanted, to play with the other two together.Mata de Queluz, better known as Matinha, is located in this area, right next to the Second Circular, a large forest, with labyrinthine paths where everything can be done at will. Sometimes there are couples walking and people exercising, but 95% of the public is gay looking for a party. Upon arrival, we found a full car park. We walked a lot of time on the main paths of the forest. No luck. Because we didn’t like those that interested us, and most of us didn’t like us. Until, finally, I saw a handsome fat man in his 50’s, he was interested in playing with three, he was fat, not very handsome, but he seemed naughty as us and I really like that. And there we went looking for a more hidden place. The volume was big inside his pants, I touched it with taste, and curiosity, to know what was hiding there. After a few deep flounders, esenyurt escort palpitations everywhere, I really liked his big, hard belly, hand strokes across breasts and nipples, it was time to take the cocks out. And how good it was, not with the perfection of the bathroom-type paint, but just as fascinating. It did not have a long cock, about 14 cm, but it was of an extraordinary thickness, and full of veins, an appetizing head, already full of liquids, waiting to be used. I fell out of my mouth, suckled a little, my friend joined me and we sucked that fat rod for a little bit, because I was pulled up for a change of tongue. He liked to be busy on both sides, I was alternated with my friend. What a fragrant cock, of a rough male, a certain smell of sweat that I really like. Gushing ejaculatory liquid, how horny! We then alternated between the cock and his mouth, one on each side, in turn. In the meantime, there was another guy who just wanted to see us fucking, a mirone, owner of a huge 20cm cock, who was masturbating very quickly, delighted with the show we let him watch. While it was my turn to suck this male, he threatened to spur it out, I felt he was close and I prepared myself. I would have taken it with that milk in my mouth willingly, but I walked away, I was there on my knees, hitting a quick wank while I admired that ox tucking his thick cock up, eager to pour out his delicious milk. And what a lady, a source of white, thick cum. Jets after jets of cum, even a lot, would have choked on all that milk. I love it when these fat males spur like that, with 8 or 9 large jets of milk, squirting at an incredible distance. I almost had to spur myself, too, imagining myself taking a bath with all that milk. A waste of protein! The true mating male, grunting loud and clear, as he emptied himself, that final shake for the last seed tastes to be released, a satisfied stick, a few more empty balls. What a wonderful sight. Meanwhile, I look to the side and the other type of long stick was also spreading, a few drops, nothing more than that, a weak mirone. Despite the fascination of such a moment, I decided to save my production for another occasion, I much more like to come while taking care of another body, be it kissing, suckling or screwing, and the game was closed.So we all left the place. Me and my friend still full of balls. A few more laps around Matinha, but with no luck. We got back to the car and not even 5 minutes later two interesting types arrived. One went straight into the woods, and the second, the best of the two, stayed around, wandered around the car park for a while and then stopped at the entrance to the woods. It was beautiful, fat as I like it, a possible good fuck. I was full of the desire to spur myself and there I went, this time alone. When I passed him, I gave him a sign of approval, went into the woods and waited. Two minutes and he joined me. Tongue kisses given, hugs and body recognition, a few licks on the nipples. And fucking out! His very small, about 8cm, but thick and with a beautiful head. Size doesn’t matter to me, as long as the cock is beautiful and with a foreskin, I love it! Was I finally going to cum again? No. After a few licks on that stick, and a quick wank, the guy came right away, two or 3 jets of milk that I picked up with my hand, dared me to taste a little and shared it with him in my mouth, in a sweet sole . Quickly that was this guy, I didn’t spur on again.We couldn’t stay there any longer, it was already late and it was time to go home. And there we went, without stopping, until we reached the rest area of ??Fátima again. There were some cars parked. We stayed in the car waiting, while we talked, we masturbated each other, slowly, sharing what we experienced throughout the day. Two or three types appeared interested in playing, we can see immediately, avrupa yakası escort but we didn’t like it, a new and skinny, another new and too effeminate. No thank you! Each one is like each other, but I like males seriously, with a masculine air, with the same lust as me to fuck.At night it was just us and a truck driver in the service area, he didn’t want to be a joke, a pussy lover certainly, and it wasn’t anything special either. Until a very appetizing quota arrived, in his 50s and many years, a good belly, very good looking, a good male! I told my friend to join us in a few minutes and there I went to recognize the terrain. It was immediately obvious that he was there to play. Each one in his urinal, he just pissed and started to play with the cock that was getting hard. Mine was already in that state of the car, and I showed it with pleasure. Staywe spend some time on the wank, looking at each other. I approached him, he stepped in so that he would suck him while he watched the bathroom entrance. A normal stick, 15cm, nothing special, but with very good balls, fat and full of milk. After that piss, there was that smell of urine, along with the characteristic smell of a cock, without exaggeration, a lust! I sucked a little and then we changed, the guy sucked very well, and willingly. It was the second mouth that sucked me that day, the ideal situation, giving and receiving pleasure. When it was time to change again, we heard noise, pants pulled up to avoid getting caught, risky situations that add pleasure to the act. It was the truck driver who filled a bottle of water in the water fountain next to the bathroom. We stopped and got out next to the cars, talked about the big intention to fuck. The guy was friendly and affable, I like people like that, in these wanderings, those who come in mute and leave quietly accumulate. Fuck, if we’re ready to fuck, what’s the matter with talking? At this time my friend came to us, but the joke was no longer effective because the truck driver spoils it. I thought !! The other guy was even more horny than us, and he didn’t want to go home full of tomatoes. Once the truck driver was away, we decided to enter the bathroom again and restart the good fuck we had already started. And how good it was! I got on my knees to suck this male again, he gestured for my friend to bend down too. I couldn’t believe it, this guy was a naughty guy with good ideas. And there we were, doing something we really wanted: to suck a good cock together. I love that sharing, languages, saliva and a super stiff cock in between. Feel the texture, the flowing liquids. Both along the whole cock, or one on the mast and one on the tomatoes. My friend got so excited that he had to get up to spur himself on the urinal next door. I heard his groans of satisfaction, and it made me even crazier. I continued my feed, willingly. Our male asked if it could come in my mouth, to which I answered affirmatively. I love to feel a cock swelling ready to explode, I took care of the feed, accelerating the movements. I like feeling jets of cum in my mouth, immense, a good-flavored, sweet sperm from a real male. “Oh, good! I’m going to cum myself! Drink that milk!” There was too much milk and some fell to the floor, I couldn’t take it all in my mouth. “Fuck, how nice, suck this milk, suck all this cock!”. Last drops coming out of that cock and I got up from the floor, and I couldn’t resist, I shared that whole jizz with my friend, in a deep flounder, while hitting an accelerated wank. Our unknown male’s milk consumed, and I was ready to drop my dose! And what a dose! Second blow of a crazy day, you can only imagine the milk that I threw to the floor of that place. 4 or 5 jets of abundant cum. “Now, I’m going home well! What a great fuck” said our male. Everyone’s laughter, some uncomplicated conversation, I wiped my milk off the floor and we all left.What a good way to end the day. Empty balls of cum, stomachs full of milk. A good day of fucking and bitching with this new friend of mine, who I hope will be the first of many. And I will be here to share with you.I hope you enjoyed. Comment what you read, and if you know of good places to fuck, share it. 🙂

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