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Gently Used Pt. 02

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Adam had never seen Mara cum so hard and marveled that Nick was able to make her cum so many times. Adam realized that he’d only ever been concerned with getting himself off and had used Mara as a means to an end. He was starting to see her in a different light, but worried that after tonight, she may prefer Nick.

When Mara calmed down, Nick suggested a shower to clean up and cool off. Mara readily agreed. Nick held out his hand and helped Mara get up off the bed. Adam scooted aside and asked if the cock cage could be removed now. Nick scoffed and said Adam hadn’t been able to make Mara cum without help yet, so it would remain in place until he was man enough to satisfy her alone.

Adam followed Nick and Mara into the bathroom protesting. Mara was sympathetic and asked Nick to let her remove it while the three of them showered. Nick reluctantly agreed, secretly frustrated that Mara was still considering Adam’s interests despite all she’d told him of Adam’s cruelty and neglect of hers.

Nick took control immediately, in the shower. He instructed Mara on how to remove the cock cage for Adam, and when she finished, he pulled her to himself under the warm shower head – leaving Adam outside the stream, an onlooker only. Nick kissed Mara, long and hard, under the warm cascade. He probed her mouth with his tongue, deepening the kiss and enjoying her soft mouth. He was determined that this kiss would make Mara forget about Adam standing behind her, and as she melted into him, he was sure he’d succeeded.

Nick picked up Mara’s loofah and body wash, lilac scented, and began lathering her all over with the soapy suds. First her arms, underarms, back, neck, chest – he enjoyed seeing the bubbles left behind as he washed her. He moved the loofah to her breasts, stomach, ass, back of her legs, and then worked his way up the front of her legs to her pussy. Once she was fully soaped up, he discarded the loofah to massage her with his hands. He glanced back at Adam and saw he was idly stroking his cock as he watched them. Adam started to move forward, reaching toward Mara’s back but hesitated when he saw Nick watching him. Nick glared and shook his head. Adam stepped back.

Nick turned Mara to face Adam, as he reached around and grabbed her breasts from behind. They were firm and supple. Her nipples were erect as he brushed his finger in gentle circles around them. She gasped and leaned back into him when he pinched her hard nips, rolling them between his fingers. Mara reached up and held Nick’s head as he nuzzled into her neck, kissing and sucking on her sensitive nape while playing with her breasts. Nick took Mara’s free hand and moved it to her breast – encouraging her to play with herself as his hands moved down her stomach, to her sides, and then to the warmth of her most private area. He rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. She moaned her pleasure and leaned further back into him. Nick noted that she hadn’t even looked at Adam. Adam noticed too. As he stroked his cock, he worried that she wasn’t even aware of his presence. Nick was pleased to see the troubled look on Adam’s face.

Nick drew Mara’s attention to Adam. “Seems Adam can’t please anyone tonight, Mara. He couldn’t make you cum without my assistance, and now, he can’t even make himself cum. He’s been rubbing his cock since we got in here – and nothing…” Adam glared at Nick, but Nick kept going. “Why don’t we give him a hand, Mara?” He told Mara to kneel behind Adam and play with his dangling balls. Mara obediently moved behind Adam and knelt down. She reached between his legs to grab a hold of his sack. Nick directed her to lick Adam’s ass crack as she fondled him. Nick grabbed a hold of Adam’s cock himself and began stroking as he continued to give Mara instructions. When she pressed her tongue into his hole, Nick squeezed Adam’s cock a little harder. After she tongued him a bit and got his hole nice and wet, Nick suggested she replace her tongue with her finger. As Mara complied, and Adam stiffened, Nick sped up his stroking. Mara increased her pace as well, pushing Adam over the edge. He grunted as he spurted his cum on the shower floor.

Nick ignored Adam and invited ankara moldovyalı escortlar Mara to his side again. Kissing her and telling her how great she did, Nick then demanded that Adam thank them for their help and for allowing him to finish. Ashamed, Adam thanked them and hung his head.

Nick pulled Mara under the flowing shower one last time to rinse off before exiting the shower. He told Adam to stay behind and clean up before returning to the bedroom, and demanded he give him his cell phone password. Adam was about to refuse but saw the look on Nick’s face and thought better of it. He gave Nick the four-digit passcode. Nick escorted Mara back to the bedroom, leaving Adam in the shower to wonder what Nick was planning with his cell phone.

Nick had Mara bring Adam’s phone to him. He laid on the bed and beckoned her to join him. Mara rested her head on his shoulder and watched as he unlocked the phone and went to the photo gallery. Nick found the album of Mara’s pictures and deleted them from the phone. Relief washed over Mara, as she realized that Adam no longer had leverage to threaten exposing her. Nick went ahead and deleted all the photos on Adam’s phone, but not before Mara noticed that there were nudes of several other women on there.

Next, Nick went through Adam’s apps – looking at his social media and texting apps. As he skimmed through the conversations, he realized that Adam was talking with several women. He asked Mara if she recognized any of the names. The only name that stood out to Mara was Christine. She explained to Nick that Christine had been Adam’s fiancé, before he’d met Mara. Adam broke it off when he discovered that Christine had been cheating on him. He was devastated, Mara knew, because Christine had two young daughters that Adam had grown to love as his own. Christine’s betrayal left him bitter and hateful. Mara suspects the hurt she saw in eyes when he’d told her about his former fiancé is what caused her to make so many excuses for the way he treated her. Maybe, if she was patient and loving enough, Adam could heal and love Mara the way he’d once loved Christine. She didn’t know that he was talking to Christine again – he’d only ever had anger in his voice when he talked about her.

Nick started to read some of the dialogue between Adam and Christine aloud. It had started out innocent enough, inquiring about Christine’s girls. Then Nick began complaining about Mara to Christine – she worked too much, she didn’t have enough time for him, he didn’t like her cooking, she didn’t clean the house often enough, she wasn’t sexually adventurous, etc. He then told Christine how much he missed her, her laugh, her cooking, her daughters. It pained Mara to hear how Adam talked about her to someone she had believed he’d hated.

Nick continued to read conversations that Adam was having with other women. He told them how beautiful they were, how their pictures made him stop in his tracks, how much he enjoyed eating pussy and couldn’t waste to taste theirs. Despite her hurt, Mara laughed out loud at that. Adam was not a fan of cunnilingus. In the three years they’d been together, he’d only gone down on her a few times. Adam was a selfish lover, only ensuring his own pleasure most of the time. The reality of his phone activities was setting in for Mara.

Nick kept going. Adam had three different dating apps on his phone. Mara was disappointed to see he was active and engaging in several conversations on those sites as well. She was starting to realize that she was never going to be enough for Adam. The affection and defensiveness she’d once felt for him was being replaced with disgust.

Looking at Mara, Nick saw a mix of anger and defiance on her face. He’s known many guys like Adam and was pleased to see that Mara was finally seeing Adam for who he was, not who she wanted him to be. Sensing that his job was nearly done, he felt a little sad. He was enjoying his time with her.

Adam warily made his way back into the bedroom after finishing his shower. He wasn’t sure what was coming next and was a little worried. He saw Nick and Mara laying on the bed, her head resting on his shoulder as they looked sincan ukraynalı escortlar at his phone. He was a little jealous, remembering how comforting it was to have Mara by his side. He suddenly realized he’d been pushing her away.

Nick noticed Adam standing there. He said it was getting late and that the three of them should get some sleep. Adam was disappointed to hear that Nick was planning to spend the night. He was hoping he’d get a chance to talk with Mara alone. As Adam moved toward the bed, Nick stopped him. “Dogs sleep on the floor.” Adam looked to Mara, hoping she’d speak up for him but noticed the disgust in her eyes. He feared he was losing her. Adam somberly grabbed a blanket from the closet and settled on the floor.

Nick threw Adam’s phone onto the floor and turned to face Mara. She turned as well, not wanting him to see the mix of emotions she was sure were plastered on her face. Embarrassment from staying with a man who clearly didn’t respect her; anger at his unfaithfulness; grief over losing what she now realized was never there. She didn’t want to talk about it with Nick. Sensing that Mara needed time to process her feelings, Nick just put his arm around her and held her to him.

Feeling Nick’s arm around her as he spooned her comforted Mara. She appreciated that he was leaving her alone to her thoughts. She leaned back into him and sighed, hoping to convey her appreciation without words. Nick gently squeezed her.

Mara thought about Adam on the floor and Nick’s comforting presence beside her. Suddenly, she didn’t want to think anymore. She turned to face Nick and kissed him deeply. Surprised, but pleased, Nick kissed her back. She moved her hands to his chest and thrilled at his solid, strong physique. How had she not noticed or touched him sooner? She let her hands roam over his chest and abs. Gradually, they made their way south, and she found his erection expectantly waiting for her. Mara’s hand wrapped around his manhood. Nick was thick and long. She gave him a few pumps but wanted to taste him. She pushed Nick onto his back and moved between his legs.

Mara’s eyes widened at Nick’s cock towering in front of her. She looked up at him and licked her lips when she noticed he was watching her. She started with his tip, sucking on it as she watched his face for reaction. He closed his eyes and seemed to melt into the bed a little, enjoying the sensation. She opened her mouth wider to take him in further. Her tongue danced around the tip and then the shaft. She started bobbing up and down, taking him in a little more each time she went down. Nick started raising his hips, encouraging her to take him in fully. Mara relaxed her throat and went for it, surprising herself when her nose touched his abdomen. She waited a moment and feigned swallowing before coming back up for air. Mara sucked on his tip a little harder and then released his cock from her mouth with a “pop.”

Seeing his cock so hard in front of her, Mara couldn’t wait any longer; she wanted to feel him inside of her. She straddled his legs and positioned herself over his swollen dick and lowered herself slowly. She gasped as she felt the tip entering her, delighting in the sensation as his girth spread her lips. When she’d taken him completely inside of her, she stopped moving, enjoying the fullness. Nick watched her face, seeing the pleasure in her expression. He moved his hands to her hips, encouraging her to move. She rotated her hips slowly before lifting up. She couldn’t keep the slow pace, and soon began riding his cock eagerly, bouncing up and down. Nick loved watching her breasts as they bounced with her. He reached his hands up and squeezed her tits as she rode him.

Adam was becoming increasingly aroused, listening to the two lovers above him. His feelings of insecurity forgotten as his cock hardened. He climbed onto the bed behind Mara and gently pushed her forward to allow him access to her other hole. He grabbed the lube from the drawer beside the bed and slathered it all over his shaft and then poured a little on her crack. He used his finger to spread it and press it into her taint. He fingered her a few moments to ensure the elvankent minyon tipli escortlar lube made its way inside, and then positioned his cock at her hole. Mara stopped bouncing on Nick, momentarily, to allow Adam entrance. She pressed back a little, encouraging him to penetrate her. She moaned as he slowly filled her second hole, amazed that she could feel so full with two cocks inside of her. The discomfort she expected abated quickly, and she began to rock forward and backward, feeling both cocks sliding in sync with her movements. She leaned down and kissed Nick, pausing her movements enough for Adam to take over. He began thrusting into her faster. Mara moaned her pleasure. Nick, enjoying the tightness that came with her ass being filled lay still allowing Mara’s and Adam’s movements to please him. He reached up and rolled her nipples between his fingers as his tongue explored her mouth.

Adam kept up his fast pace and as he approached his orgasm, he reached around Mara to rub her clit. The new sensation of her still sensitive clit being touched pushed her over; her pussy contracted, squeezing Nick’s large cock, and the three of them came together collapsing in a heap on the bed.

Exhausted and satisfied, Mara fell asleep first; Nick and Adam soon followed.

It was a fitful night of sleep for Adam. He thought about the past three years with Mara. It was great in the beginning – when they were first getting to know each other and learning about their pasts, envisioning their future. Mara was kind, compassionate, and eager to please – a natural caregiver. He enjoyed being taken care of. He smiled as he thought of their first night together. Mara was still a virgin and wasn’t ready to give that up yet. He was determined to convince her, though. He remembered a technique he’d learned in his psychology of persuasion class – provide an extreme option so that what you really want doesn’t seem so bad and the person is more likely to agree. He suggested that if Mara wasn’t ready to lose her virginity, despite the time they’d spent together and love she claimed to feel for him, that they could have ease into it, starting with anal sex. To his surprise, she agreed. He enjoyed awakening her sexuality and persuading her to do and try more things. She often hesitated, but in the end he knew he could convince her to do whatever he wanted – such was her nature, avoid confrontation and people please. Adam was starting to wonder if he’d taken for granted that she’d always succumb to his will. Did he even know what she wanted anymore?

Mara too, had a restless night. She’d thought that Adam loved her, in his way. Though now, she was starting to think that she was just someone to pass the time with until he found what he really wanted. She wasn’t even sure what that was – but it was becoming clearer that it wasn’t her. She thought about the compliments he’d given the women in his texts. He never complimented her like that. She’d assumed he was just awkward and laughed it off when he’d “accidentally” insult her with his compliments. It seems that he is capable of real compliments, and perhaps his backhanded compliments to her were intentional? Was he intentionally putting her down to make her feel bad about herself? Did it make her stay with him out of fear that she wasn’t good enough to find anyone else? Is that why she so vehemently defended his treatment of her to Beth? Mara didn’t want to believe that Adam was capable of manipulating her so callously, but it was getting harder to see any other explanation. She felt foolish for allowing it for so long.

Nick was the first to wake up. He’d slept like a baby and didn’t want to leave, but he knew that he needed to let Mara and Adam talk things out. He quietly got up and collected his things. He wrote a quick note for Mara that he’d welcome her call next time she wanted to get together and that he hoped last night was what she’d hoped it would be. He really hoped she’d call him again.

Mara woke up a short time later. She found Nick’s note and was sad that he’d left without waking her. She put his note in her drawer. She packed a weekend bag, and wrote a note of her own for Adam:

“I’ll be spending the weekend at Beth’s. Please pack your bags and be gone before I return.”

Tearfully, she left. She didn’t know if she wanted Adam to try and convince her to give him another chance, or if she wanted him to accept it and leave without saying anything. She just knew that things couldn’t continue as they had; she deserved better.

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