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Getting Hoodwinked by two Girls

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Big Dicks

Getting Hoodwinked by two GirlsGetting hoodwinked and sodomisedhaving my innocence brutally taken from meThere was nothing really untoward or special about the rainy Saturday evening in question, it started like many other before it, but ended like no other since!I was out for an evening on the town, specifically looking to find a nice young woman and to get laid before the end of the night. I was sitting in a night club surveying the “talent” when I noticed not one but two lovely specimens looking over to me and then whispering to each other on the opposite side of the bar.I was still contemplating my next move (as it all seemed a bit surreal) when not one but both them came over to me and asked me if I was into a slightly “kinky” experience for the evening and whether I would mind accompanying them to their place which was close by?Now me being in my mid-forties at the time and the both of them not being more than twenty five or so seemed like a dream come true! So obviously I agreed then and there. The three of us finished our drinks and we left for their place on foot as it was close by. Upon arrival I noticed that the place was an old apartment building in dire need of a coat of paint and some serious cleaning, however I was not there to inspect the building or its occupants.We walked up to the third floor as the elevator was not in service due to lack of repair. All through the journey to their place the two girls were quite explicit in what they wanted from me and were feeling me up and rubbing my dick through my pants as well as planting little kisses on my cheek and neck. They were also ‘making out” with each other as we were walking.When we arrived at their apartment and entered, I noticed that it was sparsely furnished and that most of their furniture looked like it had been purchased at a second store very cheaply. As I was not there to admire the decor I turned my mind to more urgent matters (getting them naked and spread) but the girls had other ideas….They asked bursa escort me if I was into something completely different and new? I asked them what they meant by this as I was twice their age and they certainly could not have anything “New” for me to experienceat their tender age?They giggled and asked me if I had ever smoked some marijuana before? I said I had as a teenager but not since and they promptly produced a well rolled joint from one of their Bra`s and lit it up. each one took a couple of hits on the reefer and then passed it to me. I inhaled deeply and was mildly surprised by the immediate effect it seemed to have on me, I started to giggle after the third hit as it took full effect on me, then the girls started undressing each other and fondling each other magnificent breasts. I was mesmerized and just sat staring at them in disbelief as they went on to kiss each other passionately on the lips and rub each other’s pussy`s and II got hornier by the minute.after about ten minutes of them fondling each other, they suggested that I too get naked and come join them on the “bed”. I needed no further invitation and was naked and next to them on the “bed” in a flash. After slithering over me with their naked nubile bodies and rubbing my dick and kissing my neck, they suggested that we take things to the next level. I for one was ready for anything at this point in time and quickly agreed.The girls then told me that they were going to give me an experience that I would never forget and promised that it was something that I had never experienced before, intrigued by all of this I asked what was required of me for this experience? They said that we were going to explore each other’s bodies and that they were going to have the first turn to “explore” my body. They further stated that I should firstly have another couple of hits of their joint to get my mind “purified” for the experience of a lifetime!At this point I was so horny that I would agree to anything without giving it a second bursa escort bayan thought and promptly took another couple of hits from the reefer after which I felt extremely high and horny. The girls then suggested that they wanted to handcuff me to the “bed” which incidentally was not a real bed but more of a massage table with a hole in it.They instructed me to lie down on my stomach with my dick sticking through the “hole” in the Massage table, they even placed a nice firm pillow beneath my groin area to elevate my buttocks (they said that this was necessary for them to give me the ultimate sexual experience they were talking about earlier), I thus conceded and did as I was instructed.They then handcuffed both my arms and ankles to some brackets they had fitted to the massage table, this left me “spread eagled” and feeling slightly vulnerable. The one girl the suggested that I be blindfolded as this would “heighten” the experience further and she promptly continued to place a blindfold over my eyes. I next felt that somebody was rubbing some sort of oil on my back and buttocks as well as between my thighs. Then I felt somebody softly start sucking my dick from beneath the table in their warm wet mouths! This made me extremely horny, then I felt somebodyrubbing and massaging between my buttocks sliding their finger over the entrance to my anus…. this together with the sucking from below was making me hornier than I had ever been in my life.I was not sure what was more erotic, the blowjob or the finger tracing circles around my anus opening? I was also not certain whether I should “Thrust” my groin into the warm wet mouth or whether I should “Lift” my anus to the fingers in expectation of them sliding into my ever hungry opening?The next moment I heard the apartment door opening and a harsh deep male voice ask whether his new fuck mate was warmed up for him? The girls replied in union ‘Yes master, he is warmed up, trussed and ready for you as promised”. at that moment I escort bursa knew that I was the “fuck buddy” they were referring to, I also knew that I had no means of escaping this ordeal as I was the proverbial “lamb being led to slaughter”, without another word being spoken I felt as the massage table creaked beneath me with somebody of considerable weight, the next moment I felt a very large and hard Cock pressing against my anus.What happened next almost caused me to cry as the man on top of me forced his Huge cock all the way into my anus without any preparation and fucked me like a man possessed! My virgin arse was on fire as he tore into me, it felt as if somebody was shoving and un-lubed baseball bat into my arse, the pain was unbearable and I lost consciousness for a couple of seconds but the continuous thrusting into me soon had me wide awake and feeling every stroke of his huge member going through my sphincter…I swear I could feel the thick veins in his cock as he repeatedly fucked me from behind without saying another word.The next thing I felt, was one of the girls had resumed sucking my dick and rubbing my balls, as I was being brutally sodomised from above the table and within minutes of this all beginning and my arse burning like mad, everything seemed to subside and I actually started to feel relaxed, I even started to seemingly want this random stranger to fuck me harder! My own dick was throbbing in the warm wet mouth beneath the table and the huge pole sliding rhythmically in out of my arse felt strangely good? The owner of the huge dick started grunting and then started to buck wildly as he fucked me with gusto, I felt my orgasm reach heights I had never experienced, it felt as if I had one continuous stream of sperm spurting out me, as I heard him roar that he was CUMMING, then I felt his hot sperm enter the deepest cavities of my bowels as he shot load after load into me.They left me spread eagled on the massage table to be found the following morning by the “caretaker” of the building, who seemingly had an arrangement with these “tenants” as he to first took a turn in using my well stretched anus and Cumming deep within its cavities before setting me free of my constraints!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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