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Glorious Serendiptity!!!

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Glorious Serendiptity!!!This is my 1st story, So here goes ….I Went to the store to get some ice cold beer, Decided to get a bite to eat on the way home. I stopped off at a local place to get a sandwich. The place was empty at the time, So I placed my order and waited. The waitress said “Your orders ready sir”. I brought it back to a table in the corner and sat down. I realy couldn`t believe my eyes as I was looking out the window. A gorgeous blonde was making her way in. My eyes were glued to her super sexy form!! She had everything I liked, Tight blue Jeans, That framed a very sexy ass!! I was entranced by curves that went on forever!! I totaly devoured her with my eyes!! What happened next totaly shocked me!! She took her order, And walked my way. I looked down, The shy person that I am, And didnt want her to know I was lusting over her!! She stopped at my halkalı escort table and said … “Hey, Is this seat taken?” I uttered Ummmmmmm No No its not. She then said … ” Mind if I join you?” I replied, Please do, Go right ahead … My heart was racing, As I could not believe she wanted to sit next to me. She said “Hey youre kinda cute, Why are you here alone??” I said, Well, I was just on my way home, Thought I`d get something to eat on the way … What happened next, Completely took me by surprise!! She smiled coyly at me, And under the table, Reached up with her foot, And started massaging my allready growing bulge!! She smiled again, And said, “Do you have any plans tonite?” I was mesmerized!! She then said, Cmon, Lets go back to my place, My parents are out for the evening, And winked at me.I asked here what taksim escort her name was, And she said Amy. She wanted to know if I ever got it on with a 17 year old? I said, No I havent, And that Im 46 years old. My cock bulged wildly at the thought of getting it on with this super sexy young babe. Her tits were medium sized, And her nipples were poking thru her shirt. She had long dirty blonde hair, And her jeans were skintight!! She told me to sit down on the sofa, And get comfortable. She went over to her cd player, And turned on some very sexy music, And began to do a very sexy striptease. Amy asked me If I liked what I saw?? She lowered her eyes to my crotch, Giggled, And said, Wow!! I can see that you do!!After she sensuosly took off her clothes, She came over to the couch, And started massaging my aching cock, And unzipped şişli escort me. She lowered her head, And began to suck, And lick my cock like an ice cream cone. She used her other hand to sweetly massage my cum filled balls. Then she broke off from blowing me, And asked me to fuck her. I slipped my rock hard swollen shaft deep into her pussy, And fucked her doggie stlyle!! Hearing her moans of pleasure brought me to the brink of climax!! But I did everything to hold back so she could cum 1st. I reached down and massaged her sweet sexy tits, As I continued fucking her sexy 17 year old pussy!! What a pleasure to hear her let go her release, And soak my cock and balls with her love juice. I told her that I was sooooooooooooooo close to cumming. She looked back at me and smiled, Reached bewtween her legs, And fondled my balls as she cooed to me. I groaned, Pulled out my steel bar stiff cock, And spurted my hot load all over her sweet ass, And up her back!! She wanted to taste my sperm, So I scooped up the cum off of her back, And fed it to her. She licked my fingers clean of all that hot sticky load!! I cant wait until the next time Amy and I get it on!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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