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GRANNY GAMESHOW 2 (MY FANTASY)It had been 10 years since Johnny and Beverly were on the very first every Granny Gameshow. Beverly was upset because she felt like Johnny purposely lost on the show so he could get a chance to fuck her, and it was true. But ever since then, for the past 10 years, Johnny has only fucked Beverly twice and that was 8 years ago. Beverly is now 71 years old white blondish long hair, saggy double DD’s thin frame with wide saggy ass but very fuckable.No one has heard from the other contestants Maggie and Adam or anyone else since then. One day Johnny saw video on social media about the Granny Gameshow he was on 10 years ago. There was an advertisement for a 2nd show and possibly a spin off that would continue on for 2 seasons or so.Johnny called Granny Beverly to share the news. He told her we have a chance to win this time and she was totally excited about it. Johnny told her he’ll reach out to get them registered for the show and get the details of the game.When the producers heard it was Johnny, the original contestant, they were all stoked! Johnny was now 29, a bit more mature and ready for the game. The producers told Johnny they hadn’t decided on the rules yet but the prize would be $75,000 for each winning contestant and told Johnny since he’s returning to the show they would like him to create the rules. The show wasn’t going to be recorded until 2 months from now so they had time to figure pendik escort it out, but they need the rules back in a week to make sure all the other contestants were in agreement.So, Johnny headed over to Granny Beverly’s house, it was about 7 p.m. Friday to share the news. Johnny only told Beverly about $75,000 prize money for each winner. He didn’t tell her that he was in charge of making up the rules of the game.Johnny brought over 4 bottles of wine with him this evening. He and Beverly went and sat on porch both with a glass of wine sitting next to each other when Johnny says, “Granny” Don’t you think we should practice before going on the show? Beverly looks at him and smiles.. “Is that why your brought so much wine” giggling. I looked her and said, well, it has been a while. They did say something about possible anal sex. Granny’s eyebrows went up. She looked over at me and said “it’s going to take more than this wine for you to fuck me in my ass”.I looked at Granny Beverly and asked? “Like what?” Well! she said, since you purposely lost the last show and we have 2 months to prepare, give me $300.00 a week and you can fuck me in my ass everyday until the show. I figured since I was writing the rules of the game, there’s no way I could lose! Why not! Agreed! I told Granny Bev.Ok, let’s do this she said. We drank the rest of the wine and went into Granny Beverly’s bedroom. She stripped down kağıthane escort naked as soon as she entered her bedroom, and there I was right behind her, dropping my pants to the floor, shoes off, taking off my underwear ready to fuck.She laid on the bed, I started eating her pussy, I made sure to make it very juicy, so I could start sliding my fingers up Granny Beverly’s asshole. She squirmed a little, as I put my fingers up her ass…I turned her over and started fucking her in the ass… In my mind, I’m now making up the rules of the game to distract me.With my dick going in and out of Beverly’s ass.. I’m like so.. Ok there wont be all those questions like last time.Rule 1 – Four Sets of Contestants Rule 2 Age Gap of 45 years Rule 3 must be willing to participate in gameI’m still stroking that ass.. We’ll spin a wheel that will say Keep or Swap That will mean you’ll either fuck the granny you came with or swap with another contestant, next wheel would be sex type with 2 categories Anal/VaginaAs I’m fucking I say ok make up the rest of the rules later and get your fuck on.. I get on my back and let Beverly get on top of me. Pussy juicy and just as good as I remembered. I turn Beverly over and burst all up inside her. I finished the rules later that week and sent them over to the producers. Meanwhile me and Granny Beverly getting to know each other maltepe escort very well. I moved in with her while waiting to be on the show. Every day we fucked, she’d suck my dick every morning and I had her in every room of the house.So the producers agreed on the rules. They’ve registered all the contestants and the game is set. We have about 3 weeks to go. Turned out that were able to reach Maggie and Adam. The other contestants weren’t named yet we would have to wait until the day of the show. The producers gave me Adams number for me to reach out before the show. I called Adam to invite him and Maggie over to see Beverly and myself. He agreed to come when Maggie comes back to town 4 days before the show.Maggie and Adam make their way to Beverly’s house. Maggie is now 81 years old all white hair long super saggy tits and a nice plump figure. Adam is now 30. They come in notice the chemistry between Johnny and Beverly.Adam asked if they were still fucking and Johnny replied we only started back since we got on the show. Adam, looked and Maggie and said, that’s a good idea, what do you think Granny? Maggie smile and said im ready.. I’ve been waiting for you. Beverly offered Adam and Maggie to stay the night in the guest room.Adam couldn’t wait to fuck Maggie, he took her straight to the room and went at it. Sucking on her milky jugs and squeezing her ass, Adam laid Maggie on the bed, kissing her and fucking her. Johnny and Beverly came into the room. With no words said, they were having a foursome. Beverly got up and took Adam into her room. Johnny watched her lead him out as her turns Maggie over to get on top of her. Johnny fucks Maggie in the ass. Adam fucks Beverly in the ass. This goes on for 3 days.Game Day!to be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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