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Hail to Hayley

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Hail to HayleyIt was my senior year at highschool and I was desperate to have sex. Every day was like fresh torture as i saw the girls in my class, and imagined stripping them, and fucking them. I was a virgin, and desperate to get off the mark. Sure I’d had the odd girlfriend, but I only ever seemed to date the “good” girls, and was starting to think that a good night snog was as far as I would ever get. Then one day a new family moved into the house next to mine.In the firdt few days I saw the parents and a couple of young daughters, but one day on my way home I saw a 15/16 year old girl going into the house. She was tall, blonde, fit and I was in lust. That night my dad told me he had met the family next door. There were 3 daughters living there and their son was away at college. He told me the girls’ names, and that night I drifted off to sleep with thoughts about Hayley.A few days later I finally got a chance to talk to her, and we got on okay. I invited her over to use the pool halkalı escort in our yard, and she came over later that day. My parents had gone out and i was home alone, and when I saw her in her swimsuit my eyes were popping. I had to turn my back straight away to adjust bulge in my shorts. I jumped in the water fast, and she got in along with me. We swam and goofed around with each other. Then she grabbed me and started to tickle me. I was flailing my arms around trying to get her off, and my hand accidntally brushed against her tit. It was totally innocent, but we both froze. Something instinctively told me to risk it, and i bent my head to kiss her. Her lips pressed against mine, and we started to kiss, our bodies moving together in the water. My hands moved up and down he back, feeeling her lovely ass. My heart was racing as I brought my hand up between our bodies, and gently squeezed Hayley’s şişli escort tits. the nipples got hard as my fingers rubbed them, the cool water making them stand out further. I broke off our kiss, and climbed out of the pool, and made my way towards the house. Looking back I saw Hayley looking confused. “Did I do something wrong?” she asked. I shook my head at her. “Not at all” I answered. “I just thought we should continue somewhere a little more private.”Hayley smiled and clambered out of the pool, and followed me into the house. I threw her a towel and watched the way her body moved as she dried herself off. I was rock hard from what was happening, but when Hayley saw this she just smiled at me. We walked through to my bedoom and resumed our kiss. my hands were running across her body, and moved back to her tits. I felt her breath getting heavy in my mouth as we kissed, and I was trying to hold her close without pushing my hard sarıyer escort on against her. Hayley solved my dilemna by reaching her hand to the front of my shorts, and taking hold of my cock. I pulled at the straps on her swimsuit but in my nervousness I couldn’t get it off. Again Hayley came to my rescue and losened the swimsuit before stepping out of it. Her naked body was in front of. She looked amazing, and my cock felt as though it was going to burst. I let out a soft whistle and Hayley smiled at me. “Not fair. You can see me, and you’re still covered” she said to me. It took a moment for me to understand what she mean, I was in a dreamlike trance at time. But my hands went waistband of my shoirts, and pulled them down freeing my cock to Hayley’s sight. She put out her hand to touch it, and slowly slid her hand up and down it. It felt so good, but I wanted more. i gently steered her to the bed and knelt bewteen her legs. I could barley believe what was happening. I pushed my cock against her pussy, and managed to get it inside. It felt like heaven, as I started to move in and out. All to soon I realsied what i was doing, and could feel my balls starting to tighten, before I shot my load up inside her. I was spent, but it felt amazing. Finally I had fucked someone. But that was just the start of my adventures with Hayley……..

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